Saturday, August 29, 2009


from raleigh,north carolina,is this trio,one of my favorite submissions to sluggisha.the (fake?)titles sound like a tribute to killdozer,the music and vocals sound like the melvins,killdozer,butthole surfers,flipper,and more.first few tracks embody all those bands mentioned.great fake interview segment where the singer goes off on the mrr reporter,very funny.the track after that is jazzy hardcore,the last is tard rap-metal core? in my humble opinion,the most interesting and best band out of north carolina since the antiseen!trippin'and funny headphone moments,samples of deliverance and tom araya,plodding/hardcore/heavy moments,make this a backwoods punk classic!their band before this is tub of noise which is above in a split with make it stop,and features one swapped out new member.really,really cool.i suggest you download it now ,and thank me later in the comments.


chuck said...

YES! One of my all-time favorites. Was going to go to the trouble of taping this into my computer but then I found it here. When they sent it to me they put on the other side a mix tape that had Tub Of Noise, Breadwinner, Geezer Lake, Shiny Beast, and Boil on it. I have another tape of them where the first few tracks are the same as this one but with shittier sound, then the rest is all different stuff including a live recording. I'll eventually get around to putting it up on my site.

Charles Hoffman said...

Hmm, so the first 6 tracks of this are pretty much the same thing that's on my copy, but the 7th track you have here is actually part of a Boredoms tune. My copy has just the tail ending of some Boredoms track here (possibly the same one?) followed by some more Make It Stop stuff.