Tuesday, March 29, 2016

W.G.O.D. ALL NEW PODCAST! 3/25/2016

Yay! G O D is back!! After a 2 year hiatus ,the world's favorite dj brings to you a G O Dcast of music you will hear nowhere else!! Since the last new podcast,Sluggisha Tapes celebrated their 25th anniversary and the 7th year on the web! And this podcast features music from the past 2 years of Sluggisha and friends and friend's labels Here is what we got on this 3 hour tour!!!

SMASHED STATE - Arms Race (BGK cover) bonus track not on comp.
TOTAL SHIT PROJECT - Arms Race (BGK cover)
BAR-B-QUE'D COPS - So Much Hate (S.C.U.M. cover)
YOBEL WEENEL WITH FOOD FORTUNATA - Peace Officer (The White Lie cover)
HOT LZ - Peace Officer (The White Lie cover) bonus track not on comp
DICK PANTHERS - An Uneasy Peace (Proletariat cover)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Viejo Pateticos (Los Violadores cover) bonus track not on comp
COMPARED MEATS - Viejo Pateticos (Los Violadores cover)
BEAVERBAG - Black Magic (Slayer cover)
GEFILTE FIST - Emblazoned By The Lore Of Vomit
HELL GARBAGE - Grim Nocturnal Palm Tree Forest
BREATHILIZOR - Miskatonic Of U (Live!!)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - Bathing In My Victim's Blood (Severed Vein cover)
YBORATIT - I Become A Pirate In The Moonlight
LORD OF DEPRESSION - Genocide For Satan
JAY COUNCE - Today Your Love,Tomorrow The World (Ramones cover) (Jay Counce/Chisel Chimp Ramones tribute split)
NOISEKILLR - Pizza Steve On Edge (from Gorgonized Dorks/Noisekillr split)
NACHO KNEES - music for Jake Joyce to sing on from the upcoming "Porno Elevator" cd
BEAVERBAG - Fuck Face (from the upcoming 5-way split cassette on You're Not Normal records)
STINKY CRUCIFIX - Birds and Pigs (from the upcoming debut cd)
BLOOD RED OSCARS - Die When You Die With A Doohickey In Your Hand (from the upcoming Blood Red Oscars/Chainsaw Abortion split cassette on You're Not Normal records)
ELDERLY YOUTH - music for Noah Lyon to sing on from their upcoming 2nd cd
JOHN VANCE - Opinion/Reaction No.3 (from the upcoming "Sluggisha Sound Magazine Vol.1")
PINEAPPLE AND YOYO HOUSE BAND - Theme #1 (Han Solo Died) from their 1st podcast
BABCIA - Last Day Of The Month -(from their s/t debut cd)
CAROUSEL OF VOMIT - Earrings In My Poop (from the "We're Not Too Smart-A-Thon" cd on Fish Move Productions)
BARKERS OF THE WRONG TREE - Conciousness Of Rocks (Fork and Spoon Records)
NOISEKILLR - Moon (from the Crippling Pain Records release "Crippling Pain"
TOUGHSKINS - Oi! Sweatshirt (from the Rumble Stilts Skin cassette)
THE GOLDEN THROWN - 3 Ring Girl (Orange Claw Hammer cover from  "Majestik,Rejected"cd)
BLOOD RED OSCARS - Stalagtite Of Shit (from the "Satan Peabody Goes To HELL" cd
BLOOD RED OSCARS - A Mars Bar Covered In Strawberry Nerds (You Got Lupus)(from the split cd with Sideshow Bob)
SIDESHOW BOB - Arnold Wants The Mutiilation Guy To Shut Up (from the split cd with Blood Red Oscars)
LINUS'S DILEMMA - Luahine U (Old Woman's Breasts) From the split with Noisekillr on Shepherd Boy Records)
FOSSIL FUEL - Real Reggae Isn't Real Reggae (from "The Incident At Ape Canyon"cd)
SEXBOY - Danny's Meatball Sub (from the Brown Bear Records release ,"Brown Bear At The Diner")
UNCUT - R.I.P.P.D. (from the online "1000 Walls" compilation)
JOEL NOBODY and SLUGGISHA - Planet Earth (Duran Duran cover from their upcoming cd)
DRUNKS WITH SWORDS - Get Everything High
TWATT - Jailbait (semi-Thin Lizzy cover)
ANCIENT SPIDER CULT - Spiders On Your Butt!
DRUNKS WITH SWORDS - Needle Up My Cock (GG Allin cover)
JVSS - Side August (part 1)
TOPPED WITH OUR OWN FLAVORFUL MEAT SAUCE - (promo clip from debut cd)
THE CRUMBS - Pill City,USA (from the "Gator Kicks" release)
REAL REGULAR - I Am Handsome (from the "Real Regular" lp)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - The Wine Of Youth (from the s/t cd)
KILL THE HIPPIES - Audible Ping (from the "Short Shorts 7" compilation)
ZITSQUATCH - Why My Face? (from the "Short Shorts 7" compilation)
MR.CALIFORNIA AND THE MR. CALIFORNIA BAND - You Bum Me Out,Dude (from the "Short Shorts 7" compilation)
POOPY NECROPONDE - Destroy The Two Party System
SYNTHETIC LOUT - Late Night Losers (rough mix)
BEND SINISTER - All Right (from "Bend Sinister ,Tape 1")
THE BENDS - Hate Rake (from the "Impatiens" release)
THE WHALE FUCKERS - Fucked A Mermaid (from the 100 Percent Zero soundcloud page)
SCHOOL OF DICKS - Better Tomorrow (from "The Worst Person On Earth" cd 100 Percent Zero)
ASS - False Dilemma (from the 100 Percent Zero soundcloud page)
J ROC - It Could Happen To You,Because It Happened To Me (from the Trailer Park Boys show)
FOSSIL FUEL - Sludgesicle Mike (from "Funeral For A Fiend ,The Mike Sludgesicle Tribute" Brown Bear Records and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records)
BLOOD RED OSCARS - Police State Riot (Stick Your Finger In Your Butt And Smell It cover) (from "Funeral For A Fiend ,The Mike Sludgesicle Tribute" ,Brown Bear Records and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records)
POKING A DEAD FISH WITH NOT A DEAD FISH - Sludgesicle Records Replaces Epitaph As The Favorite Label Of Maurice Sendak) (from "Funeral For A Fiend ,The Mike Sludgesicle Tribute" ,Brown Bear Records and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records)

That's All folks!!! Join me again soon ,for more MUSIC YOU WON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Yobel Weenel ,from Florida ,turn in a half dozen of their hypnotic,dull-thud ,zombie-rock styled instrumentals,while New Jersey's, Helene Goldberg Project ,pulls off a dozen and a half, of the craziest,most hilarious crank phone calls ever! Great release from 2 insane factions.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

THE HERETIC'S FEAST - A 6 band split

4 solo artists and 2 bands play 15 pieces of fine modern classical music. HFR is distended,extended harsh noise,HG follows suit.Yobel Weenel turns in their usual Flipper/Butts-like rumble,Toaster Cunt is hardcore punk from NJ, Noisekillr with a history lesson,and HGP makes retarded and hilarious prank calls on a phone card! Great mix of eclectic artists!

4 Way Pre - INC split

 3 solo artists and one band ,lay down the blueprints for the International Noise Conference of 2014.The art is from old voodoo prints,and the sounds are a voodoo of a different color! Human Fluid Rot is my pal Robert over on the east coast of Florida,Hell Garbage is Dylan Houser,Yobel Weenel is ,BBD ,LD and ASSLD ,and Noisekillr as himself.Weird experimental noise.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The Bitch Crickets is a one-man band,made up of Mr. Food Fortunata,and consists of 8 songs of merriment and mirth ,filtered thru weird vocal and musical styles.Sha Ma Mo does one 24 minute number ,based around early Syd Barrett era,Pink Floyd ,titled "The Barrett Side Of The Waters ,(The Greg Ginn In The Sky) " , a lesson in brain-damaged psychotic rock.

SHA MA MO - The Greg Ginn /Li'l Wayne Power Hour

There is a video on youtube for the first song on here ,"Italian Giraffes". This is their second release from 2012 ,the first album is on soundcloud.G O D ,Dylan Houser ,and the Katter ,lay down psych/punk/noise/skronk ,with long layered jams and a couple shorter pieces.A trio to be reckoned with,to be feared,to be crowned kings (and queens) of weird rock.Art by Gray Meatballs.One great number (Birds and Squirrels are Invading our World) ,involving turntablist twisting,went unrecorded ,as the equipment malfunctioned.

Monday, March 21, 2016

NOISEKILLR / HELL GARBAGE - split/collaboration for SPNF 6

2 of the greatest Florida noise acts,got together for this. They do 2 collaborative pieces,then each does a solo set. The NOISEKILLR  track here (track 3) is the studio version of the live set from SPNF 6 ,which is a bonus track on NOISEKILLR's "Unholy Midnite" release,found on the post ,just below this one.Dylan Houser (Hell Garbage,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated),has done many other projects,some found on this blog.

NOISEKILLR - Unholy Midnite

a little promo cd made for sale at SPNF ,which also includes an unlisted bonus track of a live set from SPNF6.This is a good-selling release,inventive and experimental sounds,in the eclectic NOISEKILLR  style. File size is 66.6 mb ,coincidentally!

Friday, March 18, 2016


So ,like ,this weirdness cassette from 1998 ,on Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records ,and requested by Helene Goldberg Project. I ,mean,total tardcore craziness ,strange musical stylings, with long samples from an old movie throughout.You just need to listen to this ,it's quite strange,comes highly recommended by me!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


So ,here's a super duo of myself and John of Kaagootaabaa ,amongst other things,He's in North Carolina and sent me some guitar lines to which I added bass,drums,keys,and vocals. I,further south in Florida, sent him music tracks to sing on,as well,and we came up with this in 2012.Grimy,grungy,punk rock weirdness with covers of  Question Mark and the Mysterians,Mentors,GG Allin,Tommy James and the Shondells,Johnny Thunders,Black Flag ,and Antiseen!!! Psych-tard rockin' fun. Hard copy cds still available!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

68 Minutes of Bullshit - A 4 band compilation

a 4 way split from 2014 ,Yobel Weenel turns in a fine Flipper-like rumble ,Helene Goldberg Project is crank calls that make the Jerky Boys look like Mr. Rogers,Noisekillr's piece is outstanding,and Hell Garbage does an untitled number to close it out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BLOOD RED OSCARS / Sideshow Bob split cd

Hey hey! I'm back ,Been re-upping this here blog ,little by little (all posts with archive links are active! any mediafire links are dead! soon to be reuploaded!send me your  requests in any comments box ,I will get to your request sooner!!),My goal is to get the whole blog re-upped and active by the end of 2016. More on that soon.....
 This is a split ,from opposite corners of the USA ,Newcomer ,from Washington state is Sideshow Bob a/k/a Damion Wolf ,with a lo-fi ,drug-fueled ,weirdness take on traditional tardcore,and from Florida ,Satan Peabody and his Blood Red Oscars ,back with more stupidity than usual,and kind of a tribute to Sockeye,Food ,and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men ,as they are all mentioned several times throughout (first few tracks are a little garbled,tape problems on the master,but the kinks work out quickly into the 3rd song! ,sorry!).This is from 2015.BRO also released a full length,just after this ,and appeared on a few xmas comps for 2015.Look for him on a split cassette (with Chainsaw Butchery), coming out on You're Not Normal Records ,from Sean Lambert in NY.Damion Wolf has a youtube channel ,and has done more Sideshow Bob Recordings,including some stuff with Food Fortunata,look for that soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

THE PINEAPPLE AND YOYO SHOW #1 -01/25/2016 podcast

An all-new podcast to the scene,this is the world debut of THE PINEAPPLE AND YOYO SHOW!!!!!!! me and a buddy from work jammed some music for the show(as THE PINEAPPLE & YOYO HOUSE BAND!),and added live vocals,on air!,we talk about junk and spin some tunes,new,old,unreleased,and some exclusive to this show mixes.Stoned and Funny would also be a suitable name for this show.Our next podcast will depend upon how many of you out there like this one.Let us know!! Broken into 5 parts,the songs played in each section are listed here:

PINEAPPLE & YOYO HOUSE BAND - Theme #1(live in studio vocals on air)
NOISEKILLR - Bring The Noise (from the "Harsh Public Enemy Wall" cd)
THE NEVER-WILL-BE'S - I'll Make You Pay (from their self-titled tape)
1.5 TIP - I'm The One (with live remix in the middle)
BEAVERBAG - I'm My Own Best Homie                   {both tracks from an upcoming 5-way
                                                                                           cassette split }
BEAVERBAG- Driving My Car Thru The Car Wash
STINKY CRUCIFIX - Stinky Crucifix Theme Song (from the upcoming debut cd)
ANGELA BOWIE -reading from her book ,"Backstage Passes" about David Bowie
THE MAD SHITTER - 2 Tubas & A Chicken Leg (both tracks from the "Sluggisha Presents :100       MRAZ THE SPAZ - I Want A Dollar (edit)               Bands -Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore comp.")
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Lady Sniff (from "Psychic...Powerless...Another Man's Sac lp)
PINEAPPLE & YOYO HOUSE BAND - Wonderbread (Theme #2) (live on-air vocals)
YOUNG JIT - live in studio freestyle rap ,the world debut of YOUNG JIT.!!
SEXBOY - How Much More (Go-Go's cover)
ASSEATER - Invisible World
HICKBOY - C'mon Line Dance With Me (from their self-titled release)
BONESHAKER? - Tiger In Yr Garden

So enjoy it! Call in for free prizes! Chug a beer every time we say "PINEAPPLE AND YOYO" ,you will be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning,guaranteed!huh huh huh!



Friday, December 18, 2015


Wow! I guess this has never been posted? I always thought this was uploaded as part of the ONE FELL SWOOP  canon! So for the first time anywhere ,here is the band,featuring three quarters of the revolutionary ,underground band ,CAT MACHINE,with their xmas release ,Ed,Joel,and Chris recorded at Gramps  (a/k/a Cat Machine House) in December of 1991.    24 years ago!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015


One of the best compilations yet!! guaranteed to bring some xmas cheer and boos (booze?)!!Cover art by Food Fortunata (front cover,duh!) and Gray Meatballs (back cover layout) & Frank Oblak (Sluggisha cat logo). There's punk,noise,parodies,experimental,tardcore,and so much more! A couple of compadres from South America,2 factions of the Canadian Chachi On Acid faction(and more kanucks as well!),some of the Seasonal Men's Wear/Brown Bear Records dudes,a radio dj from Sorrysota,I mean from Florida,to Washington,From New Jersey to Brazil,From the Great White North to the Mid-West,we're all over the map here,as are the music styles! Punk goes xmas with covers of bands like:The Sex Pistols,Flipper,Fang,The Smiths(okay,not punk),The world debut of Grob as Frank Sinatra(kinda punk)The Tijuana Brass(definitely not punk),Wall Of Voodoo (kinda new-wave),and also classic xmas carols barely recognizable,and new carols for the future generations ,such as the 6-pack of new xmas ditties from the tardcore super-duo ,Z.A.T.H.!! The noise scene chimes in with Noisekillr,Baconaisse,Curd,Menso Noise,Waste Of Tape,Chochos Y Moscas,& Pee In Eye.Hopefully to be played on Russ's "Olde Tyme Dricore Show" on WCSB in Cleveland,Ohio,as in the past ,and I have done a cover of "Mexican Radio" ,as "Christmastime Radio" ,(by WALL OF GIFTS) ,with a mention of Dricore in the lyrics!! Download now and experience the best xmas comp this year since Jake Joyce's "NOLLAIG III" was released last week! Enjoi! and Xmas and stuff.
 DOWNLOAD HERE::    https://archive.org/download/SluggishasXmastravaganza7-2015/SluggishasXmastravaganza7-2015.zip 

Saturday, November 14, 2015


wow! 7 years on this blog! congratulate me and wish me a happy birthday! It's also our 25th year as a label! Lots of good stuff is forthcoming! Stay with me for all new music and art coming constantly!Become a follower today! Don't miss any more music you won't hear anywhere else!Thanks to all who follow and soon will follow! Always remember to have FUN!!


That's right! The Sluggisha Tapes label is 25 years old today!! I started out as a mail order catalog in 1990,thru 1997 ,then moved operations to the Sluggisha blogspot in 2008 (our 7th birthday on the web is today ,too!!),uploading almost the full catalog ,for free downloads! After a mediafire fight a few years back the blog was deleted,but is slowly coming back to life (thanks to James Von Springspinnen!).Any links with the archive.org links are valid. The mediafire links are all dead! But ,back to the subject at hand! Please wish us a happy 25th anniversary ,and stay tuned for a special 25th anniversary online release,featuring some of the best moments from the past 25 years!! Thanks to all who follow or will be following soon!!Find us all over the web,just google ,"sluggisha" ,we are on bandcamp,youtube,soundcloud,freewebstore.com,archive.org,here on this blog ,and other places ,too!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I am currently looking for 7 more artists renditions of the SLUGGISHA TAPES  cat mascot! This Saturday is the 25th anniversary of SLUGGISHA TAPES  as a label and the 7th year of this here blog as well!!If you can draw a cat head you are in!! the first 7 will be accepted .any after that will be used on future releases,artworks,etc.! I currently have 18 cat heads!!You will be credited!There will be a 5x5 grid of cat heads with the original by Steve Reed in the dead center. The 25 cat head pic will be used on a 25th anniversary release and possible t shirt,if there is interest.The drawings will also be used on future releases! Please join today! I want these works by this weekend!!!Thanks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


55 band ,2 cd set ,a total tribute to the 1984 double vinyl lp on R RADICAL Records ,the inprint of MDC'S  David Dictor!! spots are still available ,and we need pre-orders and contributions to make it real!!! pleas give now!!        http://www.gofundme.com/tvs7y29h

Monday, May 11, 2015

THE GOLDEN THROWN - Majestick,Rejected

My pal ,Tony Rizzo,co-founder of Cat Machine,and member of many Sluggisha bands,with his latest project! I'll let him elaborate further!

Picking up where The Phantom Third left off, we find Tony Rizzo (founding member of The Mighty Cat Machine, and veteran of countless Sluggisha bands) in Chicago, where he answers an ad for a band to share the bill at a local bar, and gets selected based on the decade old demos of TP3.
  Hustling to get a band together, he recruits co-workers Alex Insco and Jason Sneed, on drums and bass respectively. Crash course in learning a sets' worth of songs. 
   After that one gig, the rhythm section decided it wasn't their cup of tea...despite the fact that other gigs were on the horizon. SO, he brought in Jamie Kallend (who could often be spotted outside of gigs, scouring the gutter for cigarette butts) on bass, and Jason Dolan took over the drum stool. (having never really played in a BAND, before)
   On the eve of a gig set to open for Mugen Hoso, from Tokyo, Jamie says he has class, and we should just not take the gig, if we can't all be there. Tony and Jason say to hell with that nonsense, and played the show as a POWERDUO, and stayed that way, playing several shows in and around Chicago, til Jason moved to New Mexico.
   TGT became totally cohesive, and after one failed attempt at recruiting a bassist (he played well, but annoyed the HELL out of them), never looked back. Sadly, the best recordings they had are trapped on an mp3 player that refuses to respond to, or recognize ANY computer. Also, the display on it got jacked up, so hard to even pinpoint where the best material is.
   Known to cover REM (mainly Monster-era deep cuts), Adam & the Ants,Stooges, and AC/DC (once had a full bar crowd shouting the OI! OI! OI! part on 'TNT'!!!)
 Also culled tracks from several Sluggisha acts, like Myopia, OrangeClawHammer, and Boneshaker.
   Always recorded live, whether to cassette, phone, or MP3--The Golden Thrown were loose, loud, raw and ROCK. or, as Tony dubbed it: dirtypopartpunkfuzzrock

CLICK HERE:https://archive.org/download/TheGoldenThrown-Majestickrejected/TheGoldenThrown-Majestickrejected.zip

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

W.G.O.D. # 49.22 - 12/31/1993 - 01/01/1994 New Year's Edition!!!

Originally broadcast 21 years ago today!!! It's a New Years Eve and Day celebration ,playing then current music ,and a bunch of classics! Something for everyone!! Please enjoy! Happy New Year!!!! 1993!!

SOCKEYE - maureen
THE DWARVES - reputation
CRUCIAL YOUTH - those who curse
KRAUT - zombies
ROYAL TRUX - sometimes
OLD SKULL - pizza man
CHICKENHEAD - born to lose
STRAIGHT YOUTH - x on my hand
ASTROZOMBIES - old gin mill
SUICIDE - rocket u.s.a. (live)
PAVEMENT - box elder
ASSUCK - thousand mile stare
SHONEN KNIFE - antonio baka guy
BLATZ - fuck shit up
BRIAN CONNOLLY - ballroom blitz (bootleg)
T.REX - life's a gas
BLACK FLAG - revenge (live)

AUGUST SPIES - tell me how
THE MOSHHAWKS - bogus death
ED WOOD - red letter day
ASSEATER - christian heresy
FUCK - got drunk and sold my soul to satan
TURD THERMOS - super mario ,go 'head
DIM STARS - baby huey
JOHN COLTRANE - countdown
PUSSY GALORE - pretty fuck look
JOY DIVISION - shadowplay (live bootleg)
SONIC YOUTH - star power (live bootleg)
ROLLINS BAND - low self opinion (live bootleg)
THE BEATLES - shakin' like the leaves on a tree (live bootleg)
BIRTHDAY PARTY - sometimes pleasure heads must burn (live bootleg)
MY DOG POPPER - rockstars are assholes

SOCKEYE - fight for change
BURL IVES - old dan tucker
THE AVENGERS - i believe in me
MAD SOCIETY - riot squad
THE WRECKS - punk is an attitude
NORMAN BATES & THE SHOWERHEADS - marlboro man (live)
FLIPPER - exist or else
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - dog inside body
PLASMATICS - monkey suit
FLAMING MIDGET - pure hate
THE DAMNED - i fall
MARILYN MONROE - do it again
FRANK SINATRA - all the way
FRANK SINATRA and BONO - got you under my skin
KISS - getaway
SKOUNDRELZ - jimmy closet

AUGUST SPIES - unity song
WHORESHACK - not come down
GODBOX - 86 whitey
REAL MEAT - junkfood pothead
CANDY BUTCHERS - crummy turkey
THE MOSHHAWKS - black leather fart machine
BONESHAKER - texture coated cornflake
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - hell destruction america
REDD KROSS - how much more
THE ADVERTS - we who wait
NO MEANS NO - forward to death
ADRENALIN O.D. - new year's eve
GARLAND JEFFRIES - wild in the streets 
BOB CREWE - music to watch girls by / something stupid

SOCKEYE - introducing
THE FALL - live at the witch trials / future past
NANCY SINATRA - lightning's girl
FRANK SINATRA - saturday night is the loneliest night of the week
BLACK SABBATH - fairies wear boots (live bootleg)
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY - we gotta get outta this place
THE MENTORS - golden showers
CHURCH POLICE - the oven is my friend
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - the space age is upon us (live in studio!)
AUGUST SPIES - i'm a bum
TOEGAZER - i'm gonna kill you
THE MOSHHAWKS - premature recreation
ORANGE CLAW HAMMER - three ring girl
GAG - penthouse
MYOPIA - yr. ass is grass

GG ALLIN - die when you die
REAGAN YOUTH - degenerated
WEEN - you fucked up
THE VANDALS - phone machine
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - ain't it fun (bootleg)
GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - out in the street
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - woe is uh me bop
THE WEIRDOS - teenage
ROLLINS BAND - hard (live)
NAKED CITY - sack of shit
PAINKILLER - one eye pessary
UNREST - click click fuck like a man
MC5 - call me animal
DEAD KENNEDYS - a boy and his lawnmower
ISOCRACY - confederate flags
IGNITION - non verbum
D I - obnoxious
THE THROWN UPS - my love is simple
THE VIBRATORS - she's bringing me down
THE CURE - hello,i love you

Happy New Year 2015!!! Enjoy!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

W.G.O.D. # 49.21 - 12/30/1993

A classic broadcast made into a podcast from the early 1990's ,playing some then current music as well as the classicas ,with a little somethin' for everyone ,and a SLUGGISHA TAPES  artists set ,as usual.Stay tuned to this here blog for the NEW YEAR'S EVE  party at the W.G.O.D. studios ,also back in 1993!  You have 4 and a half hours of New Year's Eve broadcast to look forward to! But as for this "pre" new year's surprise,here's the list:

THE ADVERTS - no time to be 21
GG ALLIN - dead flowers (live!)
THE DWARVES - down by the river
REDD KROSS - dumb angel
THE LOLLIPOP SHOPPE - you must be a witch
HUSKER DU - from the gut
THE LIVELY ONES - surf rider
THE UNDEAD - life of our own (live!)
TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS - crown of thorns/red alert (live!)
THE GERMS - our way (live!)
JACK WEBB - try a little tenderness
SOCKEYE - your city sucks/pave the earth
LEGENDARY LUNCH - johnny sunshine
STRAIGHT YOUTH - hard alertness
SHEEP SQUEEZE - suck my ass
CHICKENHEAD - burn it down
QUINCY PUNX - fuck p.c.
CAT MACHINE - ship of hine
MOSHHAWKS - it came from outer space
ASSEATER - more to life
DATE RAPERS - bar slut
TEENAGE FLESH - good for you
ONE FELL SWOOP - smells like beans near it
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - tranquility base
SUPERSUCKERS - drink & complain
JOHN TRUBEE - a blind man's penis
FRANK SINATRA - you're gonna hear from me
45 GRAVE - evil
LUBRICATED GOAT - jason the unpopular
FLIPPER - get away
KISS - goin' blind
DRUNKS WITH GUNS - beautiful happiness
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY - c'mon get happy

enjoy! CLICK HERE: https://archive.org/download/W.g.o.d.49.21-12301993/Wgod49.21-12-30-1993.zip

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Another one of those xmas compilations you've all come to love and expect.Last year's comp was featured on the Olde Thyme Dricore Show on WCSB 89.3 out of Cleveland,Ohio, on Christmas morning! Hopefully this one will make it to the airwaves as well I had a whopping 4 people contribute 5 of these songs. Then i cheated and added one from my old pal Unicorn Hole's xmas album. I did the rest of the songs solo.Please send in songs for next years Xmastravaganza comp. thanks
CLICK HERE: https://archive.org/download/SluggishasXmastravaganza62014/SluggishasXmastravaganza6-2014.zip