Friday, December 9, 2022


Back again!! after 2 shitty fucking years without an XMASTRAVAGANZA,we have returned to form,with another fantastic compilation of Xmas tunes! 14 artist/bands ,came together to create 22 new and used Christmas carols of the future!! Your kids will hear this,and their kids,and so on,and the aliens,the ones in the ufos in outer space,have been fans for years!!So the future looks bright and merry for those who want to hear fresh,new xmas carols,or remakes of the boring ,old,stuffy ones,to make holiday family memories with! This is on SLUGGISHA'S XMASTRAVAGANZA bandcamp page ,along with all the past XMASTRAVAGANZA  compilations,as well as other SLUGGISHA TAPES Christmas releases ,from many bands.I will also provide a link to the Z.A.T.H.  bandcamp page ,as they have 4 of their own Xmas musci releases there! I hope you enjoy what we've put together this year,and look forward to next year's XMASTRAVAGANZA!!! Thanks to all who participated,and to my son Eric who helped me record for the first time ever on the computer! 

also here is a cool video produced by GREY MEATBALLS for YOUNG JIT OG -"It's Eggnog"

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