Tuesday, November 14, 2023



Yup,33 years ago today,I started my mailorder cassette catalog of bands I was in,and bands of my friends.A lot of that music is now available on this blog,(I know lots of links are dead,I am trying to get everything back to normal),I have begun to put most stuff onto bandcamp ,found here: https://sluggishatapes.bandcamp.com/  .I have also added more videos to the Sluggisha youtube found here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmgC9elXBKwxPHQw_PUkTw . The newest Z.A.T.H. cd " Zap All Those Humans" will be released sometime in the near future by T.E.D. Records a/k/a Thee Epileptic Dragonfly Records ,from France.They also released Karen Greenlee Army- KGA - "Cooking With Friends" cd,and Noisekillr ,"The 7 Walls Of Elite Darkness" cd,as well as a bunch more swell stuff! Z.A.T.H.  has a bandcamp too,with every release so far,and even a few preview tracks from the upcoming,aforementioned new release! Z.A.T.H.  can be found here : https://zath2.bandcamp.com/ . I have also ,this year,been working on the debut LP of Young Jit OG,a few tracks in the can,a bunch on the board,all my bars are in my head an on some papers,there's even a couple remixes already brewin'! Also coming up,and what I am currently working on is Sluggisha's Xmastravaganza # 13 ,slated for an early December release date! All of the past Xmastravaganza's .as well as other Sluggisha Christmas releases ,are documented on their own bandcamp,found here: https://sluggishasxmastravaganza.bandcamp.com/music 

It's also the 15th year of Sluggisha Tapes prescence on the internet. If you put "Sluggisha" or "Sluggisha Tapes" into any search engine,you will be greatly rewarded with multitudes of "Music You Will Hear Nowhere Else"  ,which is G O D's catchphrase ,from his WGOD Godcasts,of music from all over the spectrum,from Sluggisha's roster of artists thru the years,to exotica,grindcore,punk rock,metal,rockabilly,jazz,black metal,kraut rock,avant garde,death metal ,and many other genres and sub genres of musics.If you've never heard it before,YOU NEED TO! In other terms,"If you know,you know" This blog will continue to remain active indefinitely into infinity,perhaps.Or it could all end today,due to an untimely death. You ,the reader of this here blog,are the ultimate decision-maker,as to what the fate of Sluggisha is to be.Let me know,in the comment,your favorite Sluggisha release,what you want to see re uploaded ,(ultimately,all will be re-upped),how you feel about the future of music,and if you will join me for this year's Sluggisha's Xmastravaganza #13 (facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550701630567 ),either as an artist,musician,or a spectator/listener,these things I would like to know. There is so much in the works,I hesitate to speak of,as many things never reach fruition for years! Thanks for so many years of great fandom and followers! Keep going! 

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