Sunday, December 21, 2008

MYOPIA-live at ashey's-11/28/91-thanksgiving day

Here they are once again,back to bring you no hope whatsoever,the darlings of the Lee County underground,MYOPIA! Live at Ashey's on Thanksgiving 1991.Ashey sings on "Up All Nite" ,the classic Antiseen song!.Tune into Ashey's radio show,"The Late Riser's Club"on Mondays at 10 a.m.0n WMBR 88.1,Cambridge,Mass.He plays classic punk and h.c.and lots more.He's played Sluggisha stuff before on air and says he'll be playing more.
Click for link on these words:
then click on archives,look for late riser's club,and click on any monday show.Ashey is anarchy.
thanks G O D . p.s. Ashey is really Chris Macdonald. p.s.s.the pic is from "Live at the Hardback"in Gainesville,FL.

RE-UPPED 1/20/2012 FOR MIN!!!!

W.G.O.D. godcast #4-49.44 part 2-5/13/94

hey part 2 is before GOD will give you all the pertinent information as to artists and songs.just download now.don't miss it. all sluggisha artists from ft.myers and around the u.s.
this is godcast #4.just do it. G O D . CLICK HERE FOR LINK: w.g.o.d. godcast#4 -49.44 all sluggisha artists- part 2 5-13-94.wma

Saturday, December 20, 2008


A rather dubious collection of tunes ,sound quality varies greatly track to track,but all in all still Myopia.Kinda rare,I got tons of stuff saved up I'm putting on here.Just great tunes from this power trio.CAUTION:this is a lo-fi to no-fi need to crank it up but not so much you get any tape noise.Still worth hearing this important document of the American underground.I got live at Ashey's lined up next ,with Ashey on vox on the great Antiseen number"Up All Nite".wait till ya hear that!!Til next trip , G O D 

GODCAST # 3 W.G.O.D 49.44 PART 1

an all sluggisha artists volume of which this is part 1.this time features some non local but still sluggisha artists.good songs all round and just a general good time and good feel.if you like underground music you need this god w.g.o.d. 49.44 all sluggisha artists 5-13-94.wmacast. it's all me you bastards! G O D

Friday, December 19, 2008

CAT MACHINE - poolside yuletide

hey friends, here from 12/18/90 , is the world famous cat machine, with poolside yuletide,the xmas album.recorded near the green channel in joels room at gramp's house(cat machine house),from which sluggisha sprang was me,joel and tony rizzo with special guests sean sommers,brian "snax" siders (RIP),and frank sinatra.i cut out the frank stuff cuz it was kinda just sittin around singin along kinda sloppy .idid include a brief snippet on "a fuck you xmas with frank".i'll put up the best of cat machine next week or soon and give you more history.believe me we sound better than this xmas deal.this was for fun.the most demented sounding gang of cretins you ever did's almost frightening how scary this sounds,but it was the machine and it was 18 years ago.seems like yesterday,damn i miss jammin with you guys.thanks tony for the request.

Friday, December 12, 2008


PIZZA is a solo project from me in March of 99.Just brief instrumentals,till the second half where it gets downright brain twinging.Kinda punky then kinda avant garde,then dubby,and psychy,and you'll love it.Just good jams and freak-out spasmodic,herky-jerky,twists and turns.Don't miss PIZZA.You know you love PIZZA,so just go ahead and download some hot PIZZA right now!Imagine that ,PIZZA thru the internet,Yummmm. GOD .


Well, once upon a time at mumsy's house we had this really cool keyboard so we made a tape.a movement in one piece,about 30 minutes in length.bombastic,satanic,orchestral,touching,weird,atonal,beautiful,mind melting,ear splitting/soothing,eye binding,colorful,astounding,mournful,joyous,scary,spooky,transcendent,are all words which describe what you will hear.then you'll have your own adjectives to describe the sounds.There is a traditional bass/guitar/drum jam ,a breakdown,really,in the center of this soundtrack-like musical piece.Come take an Anal Vacation with the BURDGE DRAKEWOOD ORCHESTRA.Then when we got done with the master tape and mixed down we put the master on top of the t.v.and it got this is the only copy existing.Starring Vance Burdge,Billy Drake,and Ed Wood,hence the name ...recorded 5/7/94.Listen now, this is not classical music or maybe it is to us. GOD              

the BILLY DRAKE band

That's right,you heard it here first,I said the BILLY DRAKE BAND.Actually one night at 5455 we,the 6th Street Muntus were recording.after the first song,Billy stumbled in and started singing,yes Billy started singing,I mean being known as a virtuoso guitarist (mainly known for his work in Myopia and FUCK) and he sings ,man..he rules.he shoulda sung on more stuff cause he's just got that somethin'.You know what I'm sayin'?Anyways check this cool rockin' set from 4/20-21/96.dig it. GOD.


One of the greatest American "The Fall" cover bands,they existed for only a few months,and even then,only in a live context.These recordings were done at the world famous "Draft House"and included such local luminaries in it's ranks as, Joel Rizzo,( as Mark Smith),Ed Wood (me),Vance Burdge,Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown,Hippie Sean,Billy Drake,Mike Brophy,Eric Triglet, and more.

Since Joel is the biggest Fall fan in the U.S ,forming this band was a natural.All                              
 members practiced alone at home and then performed as a group on the evenings of our shows.dude we had people goin off in the draft house.we ruled for a few months and then faded out to obscurity.

thanks to gary,the owner of said bar,and the great and receptive audience.we once again make our mark (smith),ha ha. see ya soon, GOD.

w.g.o.d. godcast #2

hey here's part 2 of the show below ,all locals IV,w.g.o.d.

click HERE: w.g.o.d. godcast#2 49 13-14 ths all locals IV.wma,,GOD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

W. G. O. D.godcast

hey it's a blast from the past on 10/14/93 .god tells you what's playing so you dont need track listings.vol.49 and 13/14THS PART 1.ALL LOCALS,ALL SLUGGISHA.GUYS YOU NEED THIS .PT.2 TOMORROW! THANKS,GOD. click HERE: W.G.O.D GODCAST-ALL LOCALS IV 49 13-14 PART 110-14-93.wma

the FORDS OF CHAOS - Dr. Wu - The one song single

Where are The Fords Of Chaos.The greatest band of brothers playing the best Minutemen covers ever.Only one track here(Dr.Wu = Minutemen via Steely Dan!),no drums but it rules despite that.Tell the Fords to get in touch on my blog .we need more Fords!! (recorded live! at Sluggisha studios in Lehigh Acres ,FL)

M Y O P I A ! Live At Gramps' a/k/a Dude,That's Penis!

Yes boys and girls, Myopia one of the greatest unheard bands ever,before grunge rock hit it's stride these guys were bashin out tunes you need to hear before you die.Tony Rizzo on bass vocals and writing ,Billy Drake on guitars and Shane Carwile on drums.Just young guys ,teens in fact at their induction.this is "Live At Gramps's" a/k/a "Dude,That's Penis! " a rehearsal for a gig with Cat Machine at Visions, a rather dubious club near the tracks at Martin Luther King (since demolished,me thinks)but just feel the power in these twee psych gems. These guys shoulda had a record deal I'm convinced, and so will you be after downloading.Thanks goes to the Sluggisha crew and Tony for the request.also included is some studio type demos ,the last five tracks,I got more, keep 'em comin',till then see ya, G O D 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

those meddling kids

scooby doo is on a mission....from god.. not me the real one .crazy ass christians what will they think of next.c'mon kids hop in the mission machine we gots prayin to do. i cant believe tricking kids to church,whatever dudes.silly x-tians kill em all.burn the churches,now there's a mission,burzum-like as it is.i'm out,GOD

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is it ! The amazingly good sounding recording made at Joel's in Crime Manor. 5455 was the place to be on this particular evening.The rehearsal for the debut and sadly last ever gig .Me on vocals and lyrics plus keys,Vance Burdge on bass,Joel Rizzo on guitar ,and Mike Smith on drums.Aunt Christy was there in attendance.  The show the next night was a rousing success.We were the oldest people in the place and we played this exact set and it ruled!!I have a video of the show I may put up eventually.Lotsa kids pogoin' and havin' a good time.How many straight-edge guys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?None they don't screw.A joke from said gig.Hey comment on or review this shit cmon I'm'lookin for a response from someone out there.Requests?Please gimme somethin.see ya soon,GOD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PAUL STANLEY - let me get this off my chest

Paul"Star Child"Stanley(Eisen), with some of the most hee-larious on- stage talk ever.This almost trumps thee Venom 7"!! I've been guilty many times of doing a pretty good Paul Stanley impersonation from time to time on stage and on tape and just in public in general.I saw another blog that asked, "why does a nice jewish boy sound like an old black woman from the south?" Keep that in mind while you eat some good bbq ribs and hear ol' Paul out. en-joy,GOD 

V E N O M- thee 7 inch -Live at City Gardens

Here it is boys, the pinnacle of hilarity, the rare and great thing that is this Venom 7".If you heard it ,hear it again,if you never did then here's your chance.Best Venom record-EVER!I think Thurston put it out on his label first but I dont know where to get it now .Anyways wait till you hear my full 80 minute cd of Paul Stanley from Kiss and his stage raps, coming soon stay tuned.GOD
 Click here you devil worshipper!:

Slayer Talks - Tom Araya stage banter

Tommy boy gettin' the crowd worked up between songs. It's once again good but can't touch Venom the almighty gods of black metal.Still like with King Diamond ,worth a chuckle(or a ju-jubee,if possible!)Araya-n!

The King - King Diamond stage banter

Yes the King ,speaking in all his glory,no not Elvis dummy,I'm talkin' classic stage banter and between song patter from King Diamond ,himself.Not quite as good as Venom(coming soon!)but still worthy of a chuckle.Check it,I'm out.Thanks.GOD.
click here for the anti-Elvis: 

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yeah I'm always thinking like what will be next to change music .Ya know we had rock n roll, punk, rap, now music is so boring it just makes me wanna puke.The top 20 is a buncha no talent
nobodies who came outta nowhere to sing someone else's song thru a modulator. A monkey could do that. Well I want you to hear the future of music now.SALEM CURBING's second album,"WE ARE SCIENCE TITS or THE BEAT CLAM GOES TO THE MEATBALL SOCIAL",is what I think is the beginning of change to the face and ear of music.It's me solo but that matters not.Just 2 long tracks with plenty of futuristic goodness,there's actual realized songs mixed and blended into swarms of pop culture references,samples,noises,and general cultural overload.Its like everything and at the same time,nothing you've ever heard but it must be heard in it's entirety to be believed.Please do you and your pals a favor and download this gem today .You will not be disappointed.WARNING::This is a life changing experience,so if you don't wanna change don't listen .More listenings = more changing , I hope you have a nice life

we nail magazines to the wall

merry early xmas,
just in time to annoy every one you know it's sluggisha's tardcore xmas featuring 3
fledgling's really me solo. yes i play and sing all ,but fred(formerly jeff mcdonald not of redd kross)sings all the fun sluts.lots more stuff from all these bands to come plus more xmas stuff coming up soon too.hope youse enjoy.dont get none on ya,your pal,GOD
p.s. sorry all the songs are on one track but i haven't learned how to split tracks yet but i will see ya.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


it's cold outside

christmas vacation
07 Track 7.wma


santa is a fun slut

put your present in my arm

reindeer blews

jesus has a bag

green xmas

frosty the dopeman

i'll have a fun slut xmas

a holiday for the jews

the first noel

satan vs. santa

+ SEXBOY-all i want for xmas
05 Track 5.wma


poisoning my family at xmas

jingle fuck

frosty the scumbag

the grinch is cool

santa is a tard

we wish you a shitty xmas

santa only comes once a year

i want an xmas tree that smells like a girl


tardcore xmas

the dead dog weener's xmas gift
01 Track 1.wma

Friday, November 14, 2008

god is back,and he's in the vault

hello my faithful minions sluggisha will soon be posting tunes from the vault will hear many many otherwise unheard and unreleased bands from the ft myers fl. area from about 1985-1997.also lots of rare and boots from around the musical globe.i'd love to get the unseen film "pissing out the poison"(wine,wine,wine) with lots of local talent.also reviews,concert scene, hopefully band videos,live shows etc.possibly some "mad asshole digest" and "rodent cake"magazines,and some friends who will help me keep the site going.till later