Saturday, October 31, 2009


wilmer plays more of his collection of fab tunes from various bands in the alt rock world and more.part 2 starts out with a live in the studio mini concert of,"the wilmer moseby/philbert ze chocolat clown experience"a never heard band ,on the sluggisha roster.philbert also is on hand for the entirety of this podcast.great stuff here! 


wilmer moseby is the only other d.j. who ever hosted a show on w.g.o.d. ,besides GOD.he plays an eclectic variety of selections on this podcast.on part 2 he plays a set of unreleased centrifuge,and somewhere else on part one he plays some unknown song/artist during a sluggisha set.other than that,he pulls from his exstensive collection of music and knowledge to bring you one of the greatest radio programs ever!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


here is part 6 of the continuing series of uncut recordings.psycho,vinyl wrecking,zombie goes to town on the turntable,with more of that record skipping sound you've all come to know and love.brief appearances by past uncut "stars",shauna grant,the fire chief,fat boys,and hip-hop breakdance has a set here,and some old 40's-50's vocal group is singing the praises of homemade wine,and doo dah days.somebody bet on the bay!there's also some fine double tracked and 4-track stuff,most notably civil rights(plus a few more)a swell addition to the uncut canon(or cannon,if you wish!)split into 2 files download both HERE:


found it!this was out of sequence as we skipped from 5 to's the in -between tape, age madness,sounds as if attack is imminent on this space ship!soundtrack to an alien drive-in movie.very disorienting,and bizzarro!sounds of robots,space travel,new languages,emergency broadcasts,and outer space in general.some titles are earthbound,but the sounds are not of this,industrial,dance music for mechanical man.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

JULIE CAMDEN-gratest hits 66-69

Chris Haraway (of Adolf Olliver Nipple fame) pretended he was a girl and wrote letters to Sluggisha,to name a band after her. So we did. This is it.
Kinda Southwestern/spanish/mexican/tardcore/punk.with a cover of an Elvis tune.Weird fuckin' shit man!A coupla dead people are on this.Jan. of 1995.


KILL THE HIPPIES-You Have A Date With.......

more tardcore madness from wheelchair and co.this time in the form of a great 77 punk/anarchist/crusty band.lyrically and musically,this is the shit.if you like punk at all,this is some of the best you may ever is on drums and some vox(there's a sockeye cover)tho' matt and melissa are the core,still playing today!i prefer this early stuff more than what followed.not saying it'a bad,just not as good as this!punk as fuck!


TALKING HEADS-live in seattle,wa.-9/8/78

a live document of early heads.leave comments!thanks leo!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


a rare 7" from a tampa,fl. band,i think it's their second single.rockin' and punkin'out!


a hopelessly rare(300 pressed)single from ca.3 bands,BP,THE NEW VILLAGE VANGUARD,and,BIZZARO FACTION,each turn in a decent and different,thanks joel


i don't think this has a cover,just a 7" in a white sleeve,from ca. weird punk/new wave,rare!


this is i believe their first single from 1978.from california.great tunes,and attitude.if you don't know it,hear it now!thanks joel!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

PROJEK PIMPS-definitely cat machine!

this is a re-union of sorts.recorded a year after cat machine had disbanded,this is the core group of me,joel,and tony.sounds like classic cat machine,we even cover a trio of classic hits from the era of the mighty cat machine.weird recording technique,using a seperate mic for each channel.sounds good on headphones,as the sounds travel back and forth and round and round like a smokestack blowing thru your brain!a couple of trilogies are included,and lots of great tuneage.thanks to gangsta pat for inspiration.there is one more reunion after this,"the last newest one"which can be found elsewhere on this blog,as well as post 100,being the cat machine history(10 files,whoa!),as well as the xmas album,"poolside yuletide"and more.this is pimpdom at it's finest!broken into 2 files,make sure to get both for the full stereophonic pleasure!


more tardcore from food and wheelchair.if you love elvis,or not,this is an expose on the man.his parallels with jesus are explored,there's,"phone call from durante",which actually sounds like a phone call from jimmy stewart!elvis created everything,even punk rock,the sex pistols,and crass!the band here is daniel ash,kevin haskins,and david j,of bauhaus and love and rockets fame.snatch mchenry on vocals.for a change of pace there is a cover of nena's 99 red balloons(tho' it sounds as if they learned it from the 7 seconds version!)for elvis completists and fans of elvis and tardcore!funnier than america's funniest home videos!elvis presley lives!


VOLKSWHALE-borschta e.p.

long out of print from wheelchair,this is an early volkswhale release.hard to find,check archive .org( for another release.(while you're there search ,"sluggisha",for a number of pop-out players you can listen to on your browser,as well as download!)kinda weird tardcore,3 letter word song titles,food and co. strike again!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

HININ BURAKU-urusai wane

this goes out especially to my pal mike smith.if you enjoy the guitar noise of such masters as keiji haino or k k null,or the newer up-and-comers like kido natsuki or jojo hiroshige,this should be right up your alley.a new ,as yet unreleased artist,hinin buraku(non-human outcast)a/k/a torishi yoshitsune,from japan,unleashes a whole new take on the noise birthed by the aforementioned artists.this album,urusai wane(you're noisy)represents a compilation of stuff done over the past few 23,hinin is the youngest as well as the newest noise guitarist on the scene.virtually unknown(he sent me a cd-r to post here)here or in his homeland,this is the world premiere of the latest thing to come down the pike.grab it now before he becomes a household name,and everyone is listening to him.9 tracks in japanese(titles are translated,as well as original japanese titles)if you were looking for something different,well you found it!CAUTION:IT'S NOISY!(as it well should be!)

TURD THERMOS-juvenile jerk-offs

It began as a tale of school days.The little kids had to line up their lunchboxes outside their classroom door ,along the wall in the hallway.I found a humongus turd floating in the bowl,took it out,found a thermos full of milk (in the hallway lunchbox parade),and jammed the turd into the thermos of milk.Wish I had a picture of the kid's face when he opened his milk at lunch!Me,Vance,Billy,and Mike,at the bakery.Vocals thru a voice modulator,to sound like a little kid.A cover of ,"Jimmy Had A Nickel",from an old Little Rascals short.Songs of Super Mario,big brothers,vengeance on dad,no homework,20,000 school lunches,knife poopy,sour milk,skateboarding,and more.Pretty dumb tardcore,Old Skull ,bite this! Cover art by Steve Reed


a g.g.allin/mentors-like band consisting of: f.u.anus on vocals,mr.sticky jizz on guitar,capt. poopfuck on bass,and jock bukkake on drums.violent and gory imagery is brought to the fore on these 4 short songs,this 7" was released in 1989,in a limited issue of 5o singles(numbered,1st 25 on red,25 on black).very rare and collectible.many may be upset with this band's lyrics and name,but it's all in fun,i think?rape rock or scum punk? you decide

Friday, October 16, 2009

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38-alien towers

This is Noisekillr and Mr.497,in a 48 minute trip thru their living complex(Alien Towers)and the denizens who frequent the place.this whole soundtrack is from planet A,23rd sector,and this is what it sounds like 24/ living in an otherworldly Las Vegas,though this planet is all living quarters.Planet B,38th sector,where they were originally from,is a vast industrial wasteland,holding only ancient bot and microchip facilities,and the squatters(yes they're still around in the next millenium)who reside there.Not fit for living,which is why we moved.anyway this excursion may have some familiar sounds,but it is just the sound of a forgotten culture,that you have not heard yet!Please do have fun while listening to this.loosen up and let the belt guide you.This is the future.The pic above is our building. 

WHORESHACK-the zipper

this is the 6th album from the mostly instrumental band, and billy on guitars,mike smith on drums.this outing,the zipper,explores the sights and sounds of the carnival.there are some great instros here,including a small group of anal cunt-like beatblasts of sound,in the middle.always recorded in an empty bakery,where the walls and roof stretched for a mile,vibing the acoustics.a few tapes have vance on them(he played drums at the only live show),and steve reed played guitar once.this is a document of midnight madness,enjoy!and don't forget,funnel cakes are grease and dough!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


the latest from electronics specialist,michael illustrious musical career has led here.singing for miasma,vitreous humor,schmutzigmuzik,and doing his own little solo things,this is power electronics like you've never heard!the songs are all titled,"!",so don't be alarmed at no track list.the last track,the longest of this tape is titled,"$",for a change-up in titles.michael has titles, which he prefers you didn't know!his earlier solo stuff as well as the aforementioned bands are all on this blog,elsewhere.a fine effort from a veteran of the ft. myers's a link to his myspace page:


this trio of me,vance,and tony,only ever recorded these two tracks.vance and i duet on vox on the first song,tony sings on the second track.the name of the band fits with the lyrical content as well as the sound.very scary if you don't know us,if i heard someone playing this live ,i'd be looking for the nearest door!kinda rubs elbows with a few other sluggisha bands,but retains it's own identity.pretty nice little single!



this is tardcore by sheer virtue of acid addled brain damage.richard martin on vox,brian reed drums,dave on bass,dug boone guitar,and steve reed guitar.they all play everything and switch up on vocals sometimes.i also hear keys and harmonica at points.most of this sounds like the recording style of the original old black bluesmen,and some lyrics and tunes have that downtrodden bluesy feel.richard is quite a character.some of his vocals are reminiscent of g.g.allin or sam kinison.and according to the song ,"richard's lament","he looks like sam kinison ,on a bad day,without his make-up on".features the worst covers you'll ever hear of u2's"sunday bloody sunday",and ac/dc's"highway to hell".funnier than hell!the longest ,and final track"we're orcs!",is uncharacteristic of the rest of the tape,and should be a college rock hit!there are some instrumental jams sprinkled in,and these guys thank the grateful dead and phish and hendrix in their liner notes.kinda like a tardcore mix of those artists.broken into 2 files ,as it was long.punks who became deadheads,this is punk!vive le' tardcore!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

THE 6TH STREET payola buttons!

i had to put this up to show another example of the muntus.funny thing,i was listening to side one of this the other day at work,pretty loudly,and there happened to be a crew of surveyors there.the grungiest and roughest looking of them(the woman),asked what kind of music it was.i said,"electronic".she said hmmph! i guess she never heard music before(like this anyway).me.joel,and vance take side 1,(tracks one thru six)which i have figured out to be" einsterzende neubauten meets throbbing gristle".very electronic,industrial,mechanical,machinery music.i use a few uncuts,especially to great effect with an 80's synth vibe mashed up with tony bennett,on"the bennett bop".very crazy and cool.side 2(tracks 7 thru 12) is me,joel,jason(i think a one-eyed boy i worked with)from track 8 onwards(he does vox,the only one's here, on track 11)and mike smith joins us on the final two tracks.this side is like "martin denny vs. the royal trux",i shit you not.recorded partially in an aviary(birds gone wild!)with more electronic underpinnings.there is guitar on some of this too,but mostly power electronics.if you don't listen to this,you are a fool.this could change the way you hear music,and your poor taste in music!please listen or something!bye!



this trio,produced here by sean burch,is rodney rivadeneira on drums,mike skold on guitars,and tom lawson on bass and vocals.kind of a grunge/alt./slacker sound,lazy vocals,and poor would have benefitted with a straight mix.instead sean pans the sound back and forth,channel to channel,almost to the point of distraction,but is saved by samples of the movie "the trip"with bruce dern,peter fonda,and dennis hopper,written by jack nicholson.these guys were after our reign,i know they played live,i never saw them ,and i don't think i know any of them.i have a second tape,"amphora",by them, if they contact me with more info,or someone requests it.till then here they are,subversives.



a various artists sampler from spectral arts productions.this is volume 1 from 2002,and no vol.2 in sight.this features some little known black metal bands,and some well-known ones as well.kult of azazel is here ,representing ft.lauderdale,fl. 13 bands,almost psych/black on some numbers.spooky,chilling,scary music.more info and track list in zip.i haven't seen this one listed anywhere!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


this little combo sprang up from joel,and i believe(joel correct me if i'm wrong)frank t.,tall ray,mike mezaros(mcschwuggles),someone else i can't recall,and later ,chipmunk.kinda alternative /psych/grunge/schwag ,with keys,guitar, bass,drums,and some vocals,where i think everyone gets a turn or two in some cases.really introspective,real life situationists,who could jam a carrot or a hat box,if no actual instruments were readily available.a cover of "wipe out" is included,kinda velvet/sonic/butts sound goin' down,i'm sure joel could add some commentary in the comments box below.check that for more info!for now,just slip this on and relax!


okay,now,imagine if you had skynyrd,the outlaws,38 special,dixie dreggs,and molly hatchet.then you added some tardcore sprinkled booze,and had a hoe-down bbq.then everyone in the aforementioned bands got totally wasted and squaredanced all night.then when they woke up covered in pee and crusty vomit,they stumbled to their instruments and pushed record,and had a real down home southern rock festival,it would sound something like this recording of the metric system.probably the only southern rock style tardcore band ever!food and friends kick up quite a stench with these ditties,and you shall be amazed(or even stupider)for having heard this!one of my favorite wheelchair releases.


more fun from food and the boys at wheelchair,the vocals are like that of a squirrel,songs about justine bateman,and peter,paul,and mary,and other dumb stuff.pretty funny,if you like sockeye,the oscars,i.e.,tardcore!,then you will enjoy,boy-eee!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


a loose knit congregation of folks,who change line-ups and styles on every tape.2 sessions here,the first with me,joel,and mike,the second with me,joel,billy,dana(keys on 1 track)and fred and rob hoke,on the song,"if 2 idiots joined".experimental and trippy,musical and flippy!some real pop song gems are in here,most notably,"since last year",and"the grass don't grow".neat-o lots more to come,kinda like a junior league LCXME.



As promised,another instrumental band,with me guitar,Vance bass,Mike drums,similar to Killersville,in that it sounds like Fuel-TV,surf/skate/snowboard rock,you would hear at the X-Games.the first three tracks are quite experimental as they were later overdubbed with:a 40's child's record,a partial porn soundtrack,and a Radio Shack 60 in one electronics kit,in that order.After that it's pretty standard straight ahead instros in many styles.Very cool,and more to come.Check it out,it's thinking man's music,like Rush without the "no genitals" vocals.the pic above from my library ,shows how we got our name!


this is a(mostly) instrumental trio of me,mike smith,and doug boone.i would compare it to music you hear on fuel tv,on skate/surf/snowboard videos and shows.just good rockin' stuff,i'm on bass,doug guitar,mike drum.there is much more of this,so stay tuned.the songs that do have vocals,are pretty bizzare and funny.another band,done in tandem with this one,"the new left class"(me,mike,vance) is very similar,i'll post some of that next.dig it,play this at the next x-games!thanks.


on this occasion the band was me,joel,billy,mike smith,and trig sings one song towards the end.this whole session had particularly cohesive,and tuneful songs,which is why i posted it in it's entirety.there are a bunch of buzz workshop tapes,all with varying styles,members,and sounds.we will get to them all ,eventually.for now,crank this!


this is chuck and chris(peegsly) connell,brothers in rock!chuck is on bass and git,chris on percussion,this sounds exactly as their name implies.kinda trippy acid/whippet rock.mellow interludes lead to raucous jamming and these little cut-ups,0r time warps,if you will,where you pause the recording as you're playing,so the music becomes disoriented.really cool,just 4 long instrumentals,i named the band and the songs ,upon delivery,and first hearing of this masterpiece!

Friday, October 9, 2009

SUCKDOG-little flowers dying

man,i never realized how hard it is to find some lisa carver on the web!i found the first lp(drugs are nice)and some costes and another earlier project from lisa(psycodrama),but this,probably her most coherent album,is to be found nowhere but here!spooky,haunting,and beautiful,much like lisa herself.great songs of despair and depression.fuck,flowers of darkness,and asseater all covered songs from this album,found on the suckdog tribute,"generation xl" ,found elsewhere on this of her shining moments,i commend thee!if you never heard this don't be put off by the name,some great stuff that folks should be hearing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


this is hickboy,the countrified brother band of sexboy.this is just jed on vox,lap steel, and drums,and jay-bob on guitar.basically country versions of sexboy songs,with some lyrical changes.a fine version of the misfits,"angelfuck",and a re-worked version of the germs,"sexboy"(re-titled "hickboy").the pic above is full band at the sole show we did at indigo room.we're fuckin' florida hicks ,man!

ASSEATER-back from the bowels of HELL!

yes,the boys are back from hell,on this their second full length.a bit slower,more doomy,yet still has grindcore blasts,and the black/death metal thing going.almost like psych/black/death/doom/grind!the tune,"hellbeast" ,features iggy,the dog.49 songs whizz by in no time,tho the first track is lengthy,at 2:06,the last track is 2:25,and the only track longer is clocked at 2:42.everything else is less than 2 minutes usually between 1 second and 1 minute.the vocals are so deep it's like a bass rumble.makes the singer from mortician sound like liza minelli.don't get mad,i love mortician,i'm just saying,archdemon's vocals are l-o-o-o-w-w-w!
the 1st lp is right below this and the 3rd and i feel,most accomplished tape is elsewhere on this blog,find it now!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ASSEATER-hurling souls thru hell

the debut of asseater,black/grindcore/death metal,with a firm tongue in cheek.a sense of humor invades the last few tracks,most is deadly serious and real.covers of pretty woman and louie,louie,and great lyrics(in zip,original handwritten)the band is archdemon,blood drinker,and blackened scum,who was not on the 3rd and final tape(found on this blog)and he is on the second tape which takes more of a black doom/death turn.i'll post that next.for now hail satan and have a beer!

L C X M E-lee county experimental music ensemble-live at the 5455 jazz fest july 2-4,1995

this is but one session(really 2)recorded on july 2nd (first 2 tracks),and july 4th,,joel,mike smith and vance are the combo.kinda free jazz/punk,mostly guitars(phased)sometimes replacing horns,drums,and samples.(some uncuts are in there,a little sax,some sitar,and unconventional instruments like an electric blender,various utensils,and more.)we were denied an art grant for this group,but we carried on anyway thru several tapes.this is live at the 5455 jazz fest,on the green,in front of a crowd of thousands.we did a few gigs at different jazz/blues clubs,and a few more festivals,all of which will be posted,eventually!calling on the spirits of sun ra,charles mingus,john coltrane,archie shepp,pharoh sanders,albert ayler,and rashied ali(there is an ode to him here),among other jazz greats,and trying to be similar to the chicago free jazz movement,or one of our faves,ensemble muntu(who we played with once!)there's more to come from this exciting free jazz/punk combo!bet you can't wait!

Monday, October 5, 2009


this is more old ft.myers,fl punk,2 live shows,2 line-ups.first show is at edison community college,5 songs(well,one spoken piece)with mike griffin,dave roth,nathan adams,randy stack and peter kreutlein,from 1985.second show is 7 songs(including a fine cover of the 13th floor elevators,"you're gonna miss me) with mike,dave,shane pringle,tony rizzo,and peter on keys,at 4 freedoms park in cape coral,from 1986.these fellas have great songs like,"noisemaker","the axe","20 minutes","tommorow now!",and more.sounding much like early pere ubu,d.a.f.,cabaret voltaire,and more synthy electronic bands from the 80's.very rockin' and highly enjoyable.mike said he would send some newer stuff to be posted,that would be great as it is more of his noise/power electronics stuff,so yipee!


after miasma,this band formed from the wreckage.mike griffin,dave roth,and john bevins,evolved a little here from their earlier hardcore punk roots.this is kinda alternative before it was.a horrible version of smoke on the water(very punk!)and some great sing-a-longs like dave's"tell me what you do for me".a synth number from michael,and lots more great early(1981-82)punk from the ft.myers scene.some of this was recorded at sound check studios,some in mike's bedroom.


this is from way before sluggisha,the first wave of ft. myers ,fl. punk,1977-1981.michael griffin is on vox,johnny bevins on guitar,also joe hunnicut,robert fontaine,dave roth,julie roth,and brandy.most of this is hardcore,before there was such thing.some intros to songs sound like the fall,and at least one track sounds like an outtake from teenage jesus and the jerks(lydia lunch)lots of early u.k. punk influences as well.almost flipper in spots.only 11 tracks,some lyrics by dee dee taylor.recorded in mike's bedroom,these 11 tracks spawned the first wave scene,locally.great old school punk,from the hood!anymore info anyone?pics,stories,etc.,send 'em in!thanks,G O D

Saturday, October 3, 2009


this is an all sockeye edition of w.g.o.d.,and features totally rare radio spots that food fortunata,singer of sockeye,made for w.g.o.d.'ve never heard them if you're not a fan of w.g.o.d.,that's the only place they've ever been played.broke up this godcast into several sections so as to add the announcements by food in to the equation.mostly early singles are played,nothing new,if you are into sockeye,except the earlier mentioned ads for w.g.o.d. bt food himself.this should be a wheelchair approved compilation!has some kindergarten terror at the end,as a palate cleanser.


this is a seventh godcast from god at w.g.o.d.,focusing once again on the local scene.lots of good stuff here,much of which has never been posted anywhere before.god will tell you what you're hearing,all one track,45 minutes or so,a fine radio program,so dig it! G O D.


NULL AND VOID-hell to pay

hard rock/metal with a ft.myers/tampa axis,reminds me of a combo of black sabbath,hawkwind,and voivod.don't ask me why i hear that,i just do,you may hear something totally different.recorded at apple studios in tampa,this is a whirlwind production with cool samples interspersed.seen them live once and they could'nt match the sound on this release.they were heavier and these songs were nearly unrecognizable.if you like rock and metal,this should be fun for you!


QUAALUDE--another lude

once again the slowest doom band ever,period,end of story!this version of quaalude is me,joel,chipmunk,billy,shane,and sean sommers,and is all on one speaker,sorry,we did'nt even know the tape was recording so fast,so in playback it was super mega slow,so how were we to know it would only record on one speaker?we did'nt.some fine trumpet playing by shane on."lower east mexico,ft.myers" and some scary vocals on the 4th and final track.this was actually recorded minutes before the other quaalude tape(look on this blog for it!) and has shorter songs.pretty industrial and spooky.check it out.baroque dub by tardly friends


Friday, October 2, 2009

BLOOD RED OSCARS-ketchup hot dog

Another collection of the funniest shit you'll ever hear in your life.A cover of Ace Frehley and Kiss,some rare lost tracks,and some of the worst stuff that was left off the first three albums(posted elsewhere on this very blog!).Sped up voices,punk instrumentation,super tardcore!Satan Peabody is a nympho stud!And he challenges everyone to be stupider than him!If you think you are more tardcore,send a tape of you or your band in and we'll post it!And you shall find no one is dumber than the Blood Red Oscars,except possibly Sockeye(hi Food!).Enjoy this,there's still more to come!If you're not sure you can hear this(very un-p.c.)you probably should!