Saturday, April 24, 2010

SEXBOY-live wire (motley crue)

the last song from our final show,this time at samskull's offbeat records on the patio deleon,opening for nil8.we usually ended with this song as a joke,but i think we all generally liked the crue.i screw up the ending badly,which is weird,cuz we played it a buncha times,oh well!

Friday, April 23, 2010

CAULIFLOWER ASS AND BOB-ruinin' yore songs

this is from food at wcfoom,and is all covers of mostly punk bands,done in the drunken cauliflower ass and bob style.acoustic guitar,trumpet,drunken ramblings,general looniness.rudimentary peni,gism,zappa,septic death,devo,kansanturvamusiikikommissia,the cramps,poopy necroponde,captain beefheart,fang,butthole surfers,tom waits,the dull,the lewd,bbq,t.rex,bad posture,vaginal discharge,minor threat,fear,and sockeye are all covered.this is fun stuff,thanks and hails to food!

BUZZ WORKSHOP-crackers got ill

from 3/31/96,live at 5455,this is me,joel,and tall ray,makin the music you've come to love.mike smith showed up and left before we recorded,as he was ill.we had dubbed him"crackers"on this day,i think he may have been munching saltines when he arrived,so we named this session after him.jonathan richman and the modern lovers are covered here,with "roadrunner",a trip thru ft. myers,by car!also a great blues/rock rave-up,"sweet black hoggy",and a bunch of other cool tunes.listen to this now!it's good! art by eric and me.


from wcfoom,my pal food sends in this mess of noise!wunderbarf does one long number,kinda sounds like somone getting the crap beat outta them in a factory of some sort.quite a ruckus is raised.asthenia on the other hand,sounds like backwards tapes run with forwards sound distortions,on the fore.pretty cool stuff to listen to when you're trying to squeeze that last bit of excrement from your back door,or just while thinking.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EPHEDRINE SYMPHONY-live at the draft house tavern,1/13/93

Hey,it's these guys 4th gig ever,before delving into the full-fledged Fall worship,tho' a Fall song is covered here,at least lyrically.Also ,"The Draft House Theme",the last track here,is based on a Tim Buckley number,and is great!Kinda free-jazz,beat-poet,beatnik punk,that you can really wrap your head around.Check it out,we play at midnite!.Get the other 2 live sets ,previously posted,where we really get down and dirty with a bunch of The Fall tunes(and a Burl Ives song!).This is really cool,I think you shall dig!Me on keys,Joel (as Mark E. Smith)on vocals,Vance bass,Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown on sax,Sean Burch percussion.


this is the 4th release from WHORESHACK!.recorded live in the bakery,this time on a four track recorder,and with special guest,on bass,vance billy,and mike,do our thing,and vance adds another dimension to the proceedings.there should be four songs on here so it could be titled thusly:"WHORESHACK FOUR TRACK FOUR-TRACK",but alas,only 3 tracks here,but indeed recorded on a 4-track machine.instrumentals touching on some key people and places in the kotter series.3-27-93 is the date,and i can smell the stale bread from here! the picture is ,"whoreshack four-track rorschach",ha,ha.

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38-retarded citizens

this is the 2nd transmission from mr.497 and noisekillr,from their studio in alien towers.the first 2 pieces are from3/31/92.the second 2 pieces are from 4/14/92.there are also a few remixes of the first 2 tracks,which will appear later on,down the line,when i do a remix compilation.a quote from noisekillr:"this recording explores the retarded citizens of earth as regular people.where we come from,any genetic defects are terminated in the womb.there is no allowance for any weakness or handicap.we found the mentally challenged earth folk very interesting,as we had never had the pleasure of making the aquaintance of any retards back home.they are god's right hand,and strong as 10 bulls.we pay tribute and homage to them by recording music and words given to us by these dumb angels,on a brief sojourn to your planet.give them lsd,then you can unbend their minds!"

Monday, April 19, 2010


hey this is one fell swoop live at the draft house,ft.myers ,florida.we were the first band to play the draft house,and get a live music scene started downtown.this is our cover of a syd barrett chestnut.we dust it off,and rock it out!also part one of episode one(11 parts in all)where i teach you how to make the best new york cheesecake in the world!with some comical moments.see the whole 11 parts at youtube,search under sluggisha~!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


2 more from the cat machine reunion jam,sexboy at the county fair,and ed wood waxes prophetic!

Friday, April 16, 2010

BUZZ POOPYEAR-to the toilet bowl...and beyond!

this is eddie and eric(my kids)11 and 9,their cousins,scott and josh,12 and 8,i helped out,and granma jane sings on the last song.the drum machine beats,overrule a few tracks,but it's mostly good time fun!noisy,incompetent songs,some very funny moments,and just wacky name is used to taunt and tease the youngest cousin,4,who loves buzz light year.this is in no way affiliated with buzz workshop,besides being on this blog.more than likely this is not the last you'll hear from this up-and-coming band of wild kids!

the 6TH STREET MUNTUS-tie the dog loose!

3/29-30/96 is the date,5455 is the place,the muntus are in full effect!me,joel,and vance start it out,vance leaves after 3 songs,and jessica steps into his place,for the remaining 5 always,very experimental,and different from the other muntu tapes,every session we ever did had it's own sound.this has a lot of sampling,electronics,as well as your standard bass,guitar,drum thing,the meaning of life is on here,and i think the last track utilizes a few toy saxophones.really trippin' stuff,definitely a desert island band,lots more to come from these greats!

SEXBOY-mumsy demos

this was a short-lived line-up(one day,in fact)of sexboy vocals,vance guitar,tony rizzo bass,and mike smith wasn't really tony's thing,tho and for some reason,mike didn't seem to like it either,it's just out and out punk-rock to the max!. cool session,8 songs,all live staples,except one curiosity."wreck of me" is here,the only time played by a full at vance's mom's living room,in cape coral,hence the title.pic is from a show with deep red.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


this time round we have a rare cat machine at 5455 vid,ephedrine symphony at draft house,sexboy at pyramids,and the peglegs at lee civic center.drink it in!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38-abandon mission and return immediately!

This was recorded on our journey from planet B of the 38th sector to our living quarters at Alien Towers.Our ruler,Premier Blak Quasar(pictured above),ordered us back,not knowing we had planted a wormhole in his throne room,and he was sucked into oblivion,never to be heard from again.The 38th sector also suffered,and was reduced to the wasteland it is now.we realized that we were destroying our home,but the politics of the Premier were on the level of Idi Amin!We knew we had to go,and this was recorded as a celebratory number,as we made our way to Alien Towers.You can hear the transmitter in the backround,calling us back to B-38!Not an actual release,more like a private tape for Noisekillr and Mr.497.This is on par with Chrome,Hawkwind,and other earthly space combos,and should be heard on headphones for the full effect.Welcome back Mr.497!!!!!!! This goes out to you,buddy!


the kings of late nite gigging,ephedrine symphony here with a reading of a tesco vee piece.ed wood reads a one fell swoop lyric

Friday, April 9, 2010

SUPER MEGA-VIDEO POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a whole slew of videos below,from sexboy,the motherfuckers,drone,industrial belt b-38,buzz workshop,deep red,and a few short films from sean fleck.please enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


this is a one-off project,and these 2 videos comprise all of their recorded out put.i filmed at 5455,and the boys raged on.really cool stuff,shoulda kept it going.joel,tony,vance,and hippie gare.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is drunken classic rock styled,wastoid punk.Most of the tape is spent singing to and ridiculing a guy named Dave,who none of us knew,who was passed out drunk on the couch in Club Black Nerd.Lots of songs are covered,semi-covered,and there are originals as well.The finale is a 15 minute or so medley of original songs,and classic punk and rock tunes.Kinda like the band that played at a school dance in 1985,after drinking all the everclear laced punch.Very funny,as well as rockin'.direct from a 4-track master,thru a y-plug. Art by Steve Reed

D B S -did you ever see a whale?

a young brother and sister band,much like the carpenters,if they grew up listening to throbbing gristle and g.g.allin.some great singing here,and the music is otherwordly,when it's not grating on your last nerve.there is one lengthy ambient piece,which is way out there,man.they were probably 5 and 7 here,quite a release for kids so young.rare and unheard by all but song featured here,"down by the bay",has made it on a few various artists comps.


This is a mystery band.It may be me,Vance,and his son Christian,but I can't be sure.Just a few tracks,in the studio,lots of noise,flutes,bass,drums,and more.Pretty weird stuff.The tape that had this band name on it,wasn't this at all.This was on an unmarked tape,and the name I believe was never used for a band.Wish I had that car in the pic,Shit while driving!

Friday, April 2, 2010

KILLERSVILLE-120 minutes with....

this is me,mike,and dug,thoroughly thrashing on mtv's 120 minutes,hosted by matt pinfield,on 9/2/96.some of the worst music is heard in the backround,and we had to see the videos that go along with that crappy music.we review each entry,rag on them till they change to the next video victim.a real comedy act,i did this sort of thing in my magazine rodent cake a few times,but this is audio,you are there!really funny and fun,not a full 120 minutes(well it actually is ,compressed)cuz the tape was recorded slower,so on playback,we sound like helium fiends.making it even funnier!everyone should get toasted tonite,and put this on,crank it up,and throw in your own comments,i'm sure you will!

MOSHHICKS-the moonshine sessions(1987) and live at rob's (11-11-89)

this is the moshhawks in country boy mode.some electric numbers start it off,then all acoustic.original version of mosh of the dead,with jug on vocals.jed plays guitar ,and vocalizes,and jug also blows some harp.original version of scalded dog with big gavoon on vocals.all recorded with the aid of some moonshine.the live at rob's,was a live show we played as the moshhawks out in a backyard at 10:00 at night,the cops shut us down(after a nice 30 minutes plus set),and we moved inside for some acoustic moshhicks.much the way sexboy morphed into hickboy,is the way this went.funny crowd comments,in a living room party of people.this is drunken ,rowdy fun.cowboy up(your ass!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

MYOPIA-live at the draft house-the final show

I finally got a RCA Y-plug to upload this.All the sound was on one side,now in glorious fake stereo.Don't know where this show was mic'ed at,but sometimes the drums and vox are the loudest.Tony,Billy,Shane,and (as Pat Smear joining Nirvana)Ron Bohn.This was a historic event,if you were there,you are lucky to have witnessed Myopia live!As always very rare stuff,this is the only known copy.covers of Big Black,Angry Samoans,and almost The Fall(at which point the tape ran out,damn!),as well as that trademarked Myopia groove.Tony ,please fill us in with more info,I don't know the date,was there a flyer?