Friday, June 27, 2014


On June 27th ,I turn 50 ,5-0 ,book 'em Danno ,I'm fiddy! Ed J. is my name ,but I've been known as :G.O.D. ,Sexboy,Satan Peabody,Eddie Machete,MoshEddie,Ed Wood,Mix Master Toilet Wig, and dozens of other names. I've played in hundreds of bands and solo projects since i was 15 . I wanted to make a compilation ,picking 50 of my favorite bands I've been in,but at first pick ,the total was 64 (the year i was born) ,I tried to pick some songs to remove from the list,but could only find maybe 2,so i decided to go ahaead and rack up to 100 bands.That pick ended up at 124 bands ,and once again ,I was hard pressed to find any material i wanted to delete,so I tried again ,for the magical 150 bands,and ended up at 151 !! Almost 8 and a half hours  of me ,doing all styles of music. Sluggisha Tapes was spawned from my 1990 band CAT MACHINE ,with my friends Tony & Joel Rizzo and Chris Parfitt.i started a mail-order cassette catalog ,so the world could be exposed to our Ft. Myers ,Florida scene.In 2008 ,i started this blog,and filled it with most of what was listed in my catalog.Some bands lasted from the 90's to the present,and some only did one song,or one tape,as that was as long as the inspiration for that project lasted.Some bands did multiple releases ,while others had a small out put,sometimes only one song.I put the bands in alphabetical order,rather than chronologically. Iplanned on doing a huge post ,and writing a little about each band,but found out I had not enough time to make such an elaborate posting.If anyone out there wants to know more,or wishes to hear the full release of the bands on this compilation ,feel free to ask me.Download this and you will be greatly rewarded with some of the best music written over the past 35 years!!