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W.G.O.D. 49.25 - 01/01/1994 PODCAST!!

I have a lot of shit going on right now ,so I leave you this weekend ,with a classic W.G.O.D. podcast from the 90's. Playing music that was current at the time ,as well as some classics ,and a small locals set.This is prior to having my liners and drops and studio identification ,as recorded by my pal ,Doug Shannon ,oldies dj extrordinaire. Clocking in at a scant 90 minutes (which is usually par for any W.G.O.D. podcast) ,but packing a mean punch ,this is the kind of music that dreams are made of. Let me just give you the track list ,so you can see what I mean ,and what you'll hear on this episode.

HAWKWIND - Master Of The Universe (In The Beginning ,live bootleg cd)
ALICE COOPER - Levity Ball (Live At The Whiskey 1969)
FEAR - Let's Have A War (Live For The Record)
MDC - Corporate Death Burger (Millions Of Dead Cops)
EMBRACE - The End Of The Year (Embrace s/t debut)
D.I. - Little Land (Horse Bites,Dog Cries)
UNSANE - HLL (s/t debut)
X - Riding With Mary (Under The Big Black Sun)
SECRET SYDE - I See Through Your Mind (Hidden Secrets)
EATER - Room For One (Eater:The Album)
PAVEMENT - Maybe,Maybe (Slay Tracks 1933-1969)
SWEET - No You Don't (Live At The Marquee bootleg)
DAG NASTY - Justification (Can I Say)
JEFF DAHL/POISON IDEA - Flamethrower Love (Dead Boy - A Tribute To Stiv)
AUGUST SPIES - Punk Car (early demo)
MALICIOUS INTENT - Poser (early demo)
CAT MACHINE - Chisel Face Polio Nun (Keep Out Period)
ONE FELL SWOOP - Next Left (No Dope Breaks)
TEENAGE FLESH - Hatecake Daddy (s/t debut)
SUPERSUCKERS - Alone And Stinking (The Smoke Of Hell)
ADOLESCENTS - Riot On The Beach (Balboa Fun Zone)
HUSKER DU - Bricklayer/Afraid Of Being Wrong (Everything Falls Apart and More)
REDD KROSS - Crazy World (Phaseshifter)
THE UNIQUES - You Ain't Tuff (Pebbles vol.12 ,Punk part 3)
DWARVES - Underworld (Sugarfix)
BEASTIE BOYS - Beastie Boys (Pollywog Stew)
RUNAWAYS - Born To Be Bad (Queens Of Noise)
MADBALL - Smell The Bacon/What's With You (Ball Of Destruction)



The first and last ever ,live gig by Whoreshack. We were third choice openers since the band Deadbone ,who was originally scheduled to open ,had their drummer die on them ,the second choice opening band ,Turd Thermos ,were all school kids ,who could'nt play because they got caught skipping school ,and most of the band was grounded. So we opened for Conveyor and Big Bong Theory ,thoroughly trashing the audience with our huge cocks!We were a hard act to follow ,baiting the audience with an almost Fear-like venom!A few covers ,mixed in with all original improv instrumentals ,and the hit song ,"Not Come Down". There was fun in the air ,as it was Labor Day Weekend (I believe it was 1994? could be 93 or 95 ,not sure) ,and the boys were crankin' out this slop ,to an undeserving audience.Fuck them! Now you can experience the madness ,without actually having to stand in a room full of slackers,losers,and smelly crust punks and dead heads!This is the shit! Vance played drums ,since original drummer,Mike Smith, was home sleeping!

WHORESHACK - s/t debut

In light of the recent passing of Ron Palillo ,a/k/a Horshack ,I am posting the last few Whoreshack releases. This is the debut tape ,recorded live at The Bakery ,March 13,1993. Ed handles guitar and vocals,Billy on guitar,and Mike on drums.Mostly experimental instrumentals ,Whoreshack was the local version of the Ventures (if they were raised on punk rock ,and started their group in the 1990's)I've posted all the tapes ,backwards to forwards ,from the 6th release ,to this first one here.The post above this ,is actually the final recording ,of their first ever ,and last ever ,live gig ,recorded after the 6th release (The Zipper) ,and with Vance on drums ,in lieu of Mike. But more on that later. This is an amazing start ,to a short -lived band ,which never really got their due,in the time of their existence. I can't really say too much more ,except , let the music do the talking!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Screwdrivers with Absolut vodka were the impetus behind this 3 hour podcast extravaganza! Music is heard from the Sluggisha roster as well as Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records and Retard Riot Re:cdrs. I also delve into the world of blogspots ,this week featuring the Remote Outposts blog ,Yip!Records blog , Mr. Poopy's blog of the worst turkeys ever ,Glorify The Turd ,and new friend, Fuck Ramone and his Electric Hedonist blogspot. And the latest youtube and soundcloud results ,as well as James (saviour of the Sluggisha blog,archivist extrordinaire,master musician ,and general all around good guy) at the You Don't Belong Here blog (arachnodirge.blogspot) ,with some classic punk tracks strewn throughout. Fuck Ramone also emailed a track in ,for exclusive use and distrubution on this episode of the W.G.O.D. podcast. Great fun was had in putting this show together,and I hope you enjoy it ,as this is the kind of thing I listen to all day long,everyday. So,without further ado ,here's the track list!

OPEAELF 69 - 50 Shades Of Stupid (semi-Paul Simon cover ,from an upcoming split on WCFOOM)
YOBEL WEENEL - Renobst (Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split cdr ,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
BLOODPONIES - Seclusion (Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split cdr ,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
IAN MACKAYE ADVENTURE TREASURE ISLAND BOOK - F.D.A./Marmaduke/Jaw Harp/Eleanor/Gorillas (Ian Mackaye Adventure Treasure Island Book/Human Headache split cdr,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
HUMAN HEADACHE - Dig A Hole/CaCa/My Favorite Martian/Pete Tardshend (Ian Mackaye Adventure Treasure Island Book/Human Headache split cdr,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Elderly Youth (Forming cd ,Retard Riot Re:cdrs/Sluggisha)
OUTSTANDING CLOCKS - Root Beer Float (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split cd WCFOOM)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Us Fish Must Swim Together (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split cd WCFOOM)
CHEAP VENTILATORS - Skeletons Keep Jumping (,2009 demo Bloomington IN ,Remote Outposts blog)
GIANT BAGS OF WEED - One (2001 demo Bloomington IN ,Remote Outposts blog)
REPLICA - You Can't Stop The Weather (2011 demo ,Bay Area CA ,Remote Outposts blog)
COPYCATS - Out Of Hand (2011 demo Granada,Spain ,Remote Outposts blog)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Paralyzed Over You (2006 demo ,Boston,MA ,Remote Outposts blog)
TENEMENT - Sitcom Moms / Glue (SSD cover)(2009 demo WI ,Remote Outposts blog)
THE MUTANTS - Boss Man (Boss Man/Backyard Boys 7" ,Glorify The Turd blog)
SPOOKS - Scum Of The Earth (1980-1990 e.p.7" 1978 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
DISCORDS - Kill The Rich (1982 e.p. ,Glorify The Turd blog)
VICTIMZ OF SOCIETY - Shallow Minds (Wicked Rock Music Is Killing Our Children,1986 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - Corporate Cola (Feeding The Hand That Bites 12" E.P.1987 ,Glorify The Turd blog)
U-BOATS - Town Whore (Street Tough LP 1984,Tampa FL ,Glorify The Turd blog)
DRUNKS WITH SWORDS - Kill Me (Torn Hymens And Smashed Assholes!!!cdr ,Arachnodirge blogspot)
TOPPED WITH OUR OWN FLAVORFUL MEAT SAUCE - A Piece Of Bologna On Drugs/I Like To Watch The Munsters On TV (s/t cd Arachnodirge blogspot)
BAD BRAINS - Pay To Cum (Bad Brains 1st s/t LP)
HEP-Z - Sex With Satan (Piledriver cover,Hep-Z Sings The Great American Songbook cd ,100 percent Zero Records)
AGENT ORANGE - Breakdown (Bitchin' Summer 12" Posh Boy Records)
ELEPHANTINNITUS - Snuffleupagus (Elephants Are G(r)ay e.p. ,MTL Hardcore)
GOD'S FAVORITE BAND - Rare Dickweed (The 666 Point System To Destroy The Egg cd)
HORRORDACTYL - The Dream Recorder (from the archives)
SKREWDRIVER - 9 Till 5 (All Skrewed Up LP)
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - I Hate Newspapers (37 Dicks compilation ,Yip!Records blog)
THE OPPRESSED - Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69 cover ,16 Down Your Neck Lagertop Lullabies comp)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Al Gore Gets Me High (Retard Riot Re:cdrs/WCFOOM)
THE DICKS - Dicks Hate The Police (Dicks Hate The Police 7")
THE BITCH CRICKETS - Green Grape Grandma (The Bitch Crickets/Sha Ma Mo split cdr)
THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - Moon Pants (3 Beans In A Tin Bowl cdr Sluggisha)
SLUGGO - What Happens Next? (Discography 1983-1985)
UPSIDEDOWN CROSS - The Vampire In The Mirror (Upsidedown Cross/Sloth split)
SLOTH - At The Wake (Upsidedown Cross/Sloth split)
THE CAFFEINE SHAKES - Fuck (Meet The Caffeine Shakes cd Electric Hedonist blog)
DOCTOR DATE RAPE - Food Fight (The Dissolute Doctor Date Rape cd ,Electric Hedonist blog)
SMULE HERD - Ocarina Of Jive (edit , split with Doctor Date Rape)
S & M HUNTER - There Is No Afterlife ,pt.1 (edit ,from the 51 minute symphony,Electric Hedonist blog)
ROLLING AND GROWLING - Coming Back From Somewhere (edit ,split w/S&M Hunter ,Electric Hedonist blog)
YID - Fuckin'Pigs ,Oi! (s/t cd Sluggisha)
BONELESS - Police Brutality (12 song demo 2008)
SOCKEYE - All My Friends Have Feet (Return Of The Nacho Ostomy Bags cdr WCFOOM)
MEATMEN - Middle-Aged Youth (Stud Powercock : The Touch And Go Years comp cd)
TEENAGE FLESH - Hatecake Daddy (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
BLOOD & FRICTION - Are You Worried By Your Dreams? (s/t e.p. Sluggisha)
THE LETTUCE VULTURES - Legends Of The Grocery Store/I Remember When I Had Muscles (Bionic Level Of Disgust For Humanity cd WCFOOM)
XASTHUR - Society Wants To Die (Nightmares At Dawn cd 2012)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Dumpster Divin' (We're Fucked cassette 1994 WI)
THE FUN SLUTS - You Need To Eat! / So He Can Get Blown (s/t cd Sluggisha)
THEE NEVER WILL BE'S - Basement Walls (The What Fours cover ,s/t cd Sluggisha)
CHACHI ON ACID - I Don't Wanna Be Learned,I Don't Wanna Be Tamed / Loudmouth (Ramones covers,outtakes from "A Group Of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy" LP out now! Basement Handjob Records)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK  - I Was A Teenage Court Jester (s/t cdr ,Sluggisha)
S & M HUNTER - I'm A Bitch,I'm A Sleazy Whore (only available on this podcast ,exclusive track!)
THE EAT - Communist Radio (Communist Radio/Catholic Love 7")
THE HIPPIE CRACK - Holy Shit! It's Flipper! (The Hippie Crack Makes Real Smart Music To Go Anywhere cdr ,Sluggisha)
NOISEKILLR - Shitweasel (Noisekillr 3 ,Sluggisha)
THE REAL F.Q. - History Being Made By You (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
F.T.R.A. - Killing A Bum To Get An Erection (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
CRAPOLA - Dick Pierce (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
STIMPY - Enuff For A Shower Curtain (s/t cdr Sluggisha)
CONNOISSEURS OF CHAOS - Wolverines (Modern Nyquil Anthology C.O.C. ,Sluggisha)
AUGUST SPIES - Punk Car (August Spies Sings The Anarchist Songbook cdr Sluggisha)
ASSEATER - Witch Judge (Hurling Souls Thru Hell cdr Sluggisha)

The first 3 hour podcast since back in the 90's!!!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Yes!!! This is G O D with an all new podcast of over 2 hours of "MUSIC YOU WON'T HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE" Stuff from the Sluggisha,Wheelchair,and Retard Riot labels,From the blogs of Yip! Records ,Region Rock Blog,Glorify the Turd blog,soundcloud,youtube ,and old and new punk classics from the web and beyond!Lots of rare,unreleased,demo,out-takes and more from our own bands plus special in-studio guests on this episode!! THE 3 CRAPELLEROS  doing one of their original acapella numbers,exclusive to this G O Dcast ,plus some of their trademark crappy jokes that make no sense!
Featuring the latest in punk,new-wave,underground,tardcore,noise,shitcore,alt-rock,oi ,and more!!!
here is the track listing ,please enjoy responsibly!:

BOY IN LOVE - Coins (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
KILL THE HIPPIES - Happy People (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
MALCOLM TENT - Hello There (Cheap Trick cover Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
NUT SCREAMER - Spoken/performance art piece (Live! at Pats In The Flats 7/27/2012 youtube)
THE LETTUCE VULTURES - Tires:Five Dollars And Up/Vote For President (Bionic Level Of Disgust For Humanity CD WCFOOM)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Fire (s/t debut CD Sluggisha)
CHACHI ON ACID - Fucked Up/Blitzkreig Bop (Lemonheads/Ramones covers outtakes from the upcoming LP ,"A Group Of Fans Will Follow Your Philosophy" on Basement Handjob Records)
ROLLING AND GROWLING - Trendsetter (Demo 2 youtube)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Ding Dong Ditch (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split CD WCFOOM)
OUTSTANDING CLOCKS - The Flying Latrine (The Dick Panthers/Outstanding Clocks split CD WCFOOM)
OPEAELF 69 - Stupid Pooping Crap (Is My Favorite Band)/Tardman (David Bowie cover) (from an upcoming split with a WCFOOM artist)
ONE FELL SWOOP - Bristly Bag O' Yogurt Bones ( Widgets cassette Sluggisha)
OFF! - Borrow And Bomb/Wiped Out ( s/t LP)
THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - Bumpa Dee Doo + stand-up comedy (special in-studio guests,performing Live!!)
CAT MACHINE - Video Christ (Norma Jeans Dead -the last recorded legacy Sluggisha)
LINDA BLARE PROJECT - Video Christ (Building A Better Mousetrap - A Tribute To Cat Machine cassette Lava Church Records/Sluggisha)
THE SWAGGS - Take You To The Crib (Black Hipsters In The Year Of Chaos Yip!Records)
LIP GLOSS CHASTITY BELT - 12:51 Stroke Me (37 Dicks compilation Yip!Records)
7-11's - They Closed The 7-11 (demo from Region Rock blog)
ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS - A.Y.F.S. (Death From Above cassette Region Rock blog)
POOR WHITE TRASH - Broke As Hell (Brutal Truths cassette Region Rock blog)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - Future (May 2012 demo ,Illinois Region Rock blog)
ANTLER JOE AND THE ACCIDENTS - Words (Go Commercial e.p. ,Ft Myers 1st punks)
ARYAN DISGRACE - Teenage S + M (Faggot In The Family 7" KBD punk)
ASF - Buy A Car (from an upcoming split with an artist from Bulgaria!)
Z.A.T.H. -One To Two (Dag Nasty cover "Zenith-All The Hits" ZATH2 bandcamp page)
CAULIFLOWER ASS AND BOB - Bowling (split with Sloth ,2000)
SKINDUST - American Superstar (Skindust /Hell Garbage Split Yip!Records)
HELL GARBAGE - Huey Lewis Cover (Skindust /Hell Garbage Split Yip!Records)
ANAL BABES - Not Of This Earth (Angry Samoans cover ,Diarreah or Delirium cd)
ANGRY SAMOANS - Gimme Sopor (Inside My Brain ,1980)
YOBEL WEENEL - Guarz Grung (from the upcoming split release with Bloodponies)
SHA MA MO - If You Have A Bandage,That Would Be Great (s/t debut soundcloud/Sluggisha)
REDD KROSS - Uglier (Researching The Blues ,not yet released!)
FANG - Law And Order (Landshark lp)
INSOLENTS - Riot (Mystic Records 1985 7")
TEXTING GIRL - Martian Law (Children Of Sluggisha - Yip!Records)
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS - She's Lost Control (Joy Division cover -Shores lp 2006)
DR.SADISTIC AND THE SILVERKING CRYBABIES - Teenage Wino (Pyramid Punk lp ,thanks to Mr. Poopy - Glorify The Turd Blog)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Hip Replacement (Forming cd Retard Riot Re:cdrs/Sluggisha)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - The Wasted Youth LP (s/t cd ,Retard Riot Re:cdrs)
QUEERWULF - What Makes Me Smile (What Makes Me Smile 7" 2002)
BABYGOAT - Cat Show (Greetings From DeKalb ,Brown Bear records)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - Sleepy Sean (Greetings From DeKalb ,Brown Bear records)
NACHO KNEES - A Very Hearty Brew (s/t cd Sluggisha)
THE DIRTY HEELS - Talkin' Bout You (Chuck Berry cover ,Live At The Swamp III St. Patty's Day 2012 Brown Bear Records)

So there it be another podcast sucessfully completed! Come back next week for more!!!Thanks!!

Monday, August 6, 2012


G O D ,here with the Sunday Tea Dance edition ,8/05/2012.Over 2 hours of Music You Will Hear Nowhere Else! Got some unheard,unreleased,demos,rough mixes,and,also, stuff from Soundcloud ,, and Youtube ,which feature friends of Sluggisha. I always try to fit everyone in,but the ranks are growing,and the only way I can compensate ,is by doing longer podcasts ,or  by getting a rotation going. So if I miss you on an episode of W.G.O.D. ,don't take it personally.Anyways,on with the show,thanks to John Kaagootaabaa for his requests this week,for his contined posting of the W.G.O.D.podcasts on Youtube (as well as other Sluggisha and Wheelchair related stuff ,check him out on the  shorttermwhat channel on the ol' Youtube) ,and for his undying love of anything Sluggisha.Here's the list for this show:

YOU SAID THAT WE COULD SMOKE ALONE - God The Sound Scientist (Tim's Last March CD -Wedding Dog Records)
ANAL GNOME - 2012 (Dumb Audio Dynamite 2012 7" single ,Wheelchair Full Of Sluggisha)
BEAVERBAG - 2012 (Dumb Audio Dynamite 2012 7" single ,Wheelchair Full Of Sluggisha)
DOCTOR NINJA FEATURING ROCKY DENTIST - 2012 (Dumb Audio Dynamite 2012 7" single ,Wheelchair Full Of Sluggisha)
ELDERLY YOUTH - Baseball Card #666 (Forming CD, Retard Riot Re:Cdrs/Sluggisha)
ZATH - Most People Are Dicks (Ludichrist cover,rough mix, original vocals unreleased ,soon to be a hidden bonus track on the ZATH2 Bandcamp page digital release ,Zenith-All The Hits ,a collection of cover songs)
ONE FELL SWOOP - Hubba Hubba Guilt Trip (Rollback Timeholes cassette ,Sluggisha)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - N.C. Royalty (Antiseen cover ,from the self titled CD ,Sluggisha)
WHEELCHAIR KILLER - Post-Life (Wheelchair Killer/Man In The Planet split release ,Yip Records)
MAN IN THE PLANET - Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream cover,Wheelchair Killer/Man In The Planet split release ,Yip Records)
PORNS - Old Whore (Horns And Porns ,Yip Records)
THE SWAGGS - Chicken Teriyaki (Acting Successful ,Yip Records)
YOU-BILEE - A Baby Bird Bit Off My Boner (Born In The You S.A. cassette ,WCFOOM)
THE LETTUCE VULTURES - Punk Rock Is A Big-Ass Ripoff Now (Patrick CD,WCFOOM)
ZAT - No Change (mp3 of video on the s/t release ,Yip Records)
CAT MACHINE - Paul Stanley (Is Pam) - (Tony Wakes Up cassette ,Sluggisha)
YOBEL WEENEL - Paul Stanley (Is Pam) - (Building A Better Mousetrap - A Tribute To Cat Machine cassette ,Lava Church Records/Sluggisha)
BLACK FOREST RAPE - Internal Necro Milk (unreleased outtake from the s/t CD ,self-released)
THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS - Jocks Vs. Freaks (unreleased live practice tape)
JAMEGUMB - Big Bag Of Cock (Gorillas ,Yip Records)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Mrs. Cooper - Rob Cunts (Battle For The Future ,Yip Records)
MILWAUKEE SEVEN - Big Mouth Strikes Again (Smiths cover from the self released ,Tape 1)
NOISEKILLR - Elagabalus (mp3 from the splitteo with Weird Donkey ,Youtube)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Take A Bath (Norwegian Wood CD ?)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Ninja Karate Chunx (In Glob We Trust CD ,Retard Riot Re:Cdrs)
TOM JOAD'S FIST - My Bowels Wish To Explode (Bike Ride! Cd WCFOOM)
POOPY NECROPONDE - Destroy The Two-Party System (All You Need Is Toilet Rock CD ,100 Percent Zero Records)
THE PARTY PUPPIES FROM PANAMA - The History Of Child Slavery ,Chapters 1-317 (excerpt)(The Party Puppies From Panama Performs 317 Songs,Live! At The Chu Hwon Super Lounge ,Yip Records)
JACOB'S BLADDER - 6 Untitled Songs (3 Way Split Jacob's Bladder/Ouaouaron/Fucking Terrible ,  Lady AnthropophagusUnincorporated)
OUAOUARON - There's A Lot Of Gay People Named Bruce,Whats Up With That? (3 Way Split Jacob's Bladder/Ouaouaron/Fucking Terrible ,  Lady AnthropophagusUnincorporated)
FUCKING TERRIBLE - Shit,Whatever (3 Way Split Jacob's Bladder/Ouaouaron/Fucking Terrible ,  Lady AnthropophagusUnincorporated)
MR. CALIFORNIA AND THE STATE POLICE - Jerk Me Off - Little Fuckface - He Wants To Lick Your Ass (Pornotopia 7" ,My Mind's Eye/Kenrock)
WHITEY ALABASTARD - In Mexico (Soundcloud)
HEP-Z - Rats Of Reality (Circle Jerks cover ,Hep-Z Sings The Great American Songbook CD , 100 Percent Zero Records)
LARDASS BG - I Hate Crippled Kids (37 Dicks compilation ,Yip Records)
NEKROFUCKS - Drug Salad (Soundcloud)
SKULL COMPONENT - Black Hat's Revenge (Thor's Hammer Studios ,Soundcloud)
BUSY CEMETERY - The Coming Of Bael (Thor's Hammer Studios ,Soundcloud)
DALAI COMA - Jesus Christ & The Order Of The TV (Thor's Hammer Studios ,Soundcloud)
ERADICATION - Carcass (Soundcloud)
MGWMP - Outer Space Cookie (Soundcloud)
FESTER FACEPLANT - Your Boobies (Soundcloud)
BOBBY HILL & THE BEES - Puffy Cloud (Ween cover ,early,unreleased mix ,soon to be on the Ween tribute release on Sludgesicle Records)
USELESS PILE - I'm In The Mood (Ween cover ,early,unreleased mix ,soon to be on the Ween tribute release on Sludgesicle Records)
THE METRIC SYSTEM - Mr. Boogy Man ( s/t cassette ,WCFOOM)
DUNCE - Live At The Hi-5 Bar ,July 28,2012 ,I Don't Give A Fuck/ ?Mystery Song? (Youtube)
CHACHI ON ACID - Kiss My Ass (T-Shirt , Sluggisha)
DINE-IN CAKES - Breakfast Pizza From Casey's (Midwest As Fuck e.p. , Brown Bear Records)
GRADY HA HA - Love Her All I Can (KISS cover ,How To Serve A Garden Salad e.p. ,Sluggisha)

So there you have it! Hope you all enjoy it ,and come back now ,ya hear?