Sunday, October 31, 2010

GLENN AND JERRY -COVERED IN CRIMSON-A Collection of Bands Covering the Misfits,Samhain,and Danzig

70 bands of varying styles and genres, covering some of the greatest horror punk songs of all time,as done by the masters of said genre.I compiled this from a stack of discs,there was so much i knew i could not post it all in time for Halloween,so i did this mix to give you a taste of what i got.So many bands have been influenced by these guys,and they pay tribute here,in this fine collection!

Friday, October 29, 2010


A spooky Halloween mix I put together today.You need this if you are having a party,or just handing out candy,or brains ,to zombies,and trick or treaters.Lots of music genres,punk,metal,rockabilly,surf,psych,Count Floyd,movie trailers,etc.I tried to stay away from horror punk bands,there are some Misfit and Samhain covers here,and a couple Sluggisha bands,most notably One Fell Swoop,with their cover of The Shaggs,"Halloween".Not your run-of -the -mill Halloween comp.I have tons more stuff like this,the first of many Halloween mixes to come!Please download and enjoy,and leave comments,as to what you want to hear on the next Halloween mix!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

CAT MACHINE - 3 Dead Boids

From October of 1990,let the journey continue!The next piece of the series was just the core of Ed J.,Joel Rizzo,and his brother Tony.Recorded 1,2,3,-go! style,into a boombox,there are new versions of previously recorded songs,a whole slew of new tunes,and the last 6 tracks are ,stupendously amazing.Starting to get really good here,as a band goes.You can almost see the twinkling of the stars,destined to be Cat Machine.Myopia is covered here,twice.Another version of, Crazy Mary,and Queen Turd Of Shit Hill,this is a great document,of a great day in Cat Machine history.Stay tuned for more of this series,as the boys stumble towards nothing.



THE CHILD MOLESTERS- Surfing with...

A couple of cheesy surf songs for ya! Both are from (I think) Frankie and Annette surf movies,"Pray For Surf", and "Muscle Beach Party".Goofy vocals,and lyrical twists,tho' not anywhere close to the greatness of their debut single from 16 years before this(found elsewhere on this very blog!).On Ace and Duce Records/Sympathy For The Record Industry 1994.


A lo-fi poppy Japanese duo of a girl and boy.I think they may want to be Beat Happening,or some band like that.Track 4,"Yeah!",is where I got the idea for "She Loves The Martians",a classic Buzz Workshop song.Pretty neat,on Time Bomb Records 1992.

PUSSY GALORE -Seattle 7"

Side a is "Seattle",a re-make of a Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers tune,"Little London Boys",pretty funny.The B side is an out-take from ,"Dial M For Motherfucker".Blank label boot on Blow Pop Records 1989.

MISFITS - A Walk Among The Dead

This single,has 7 classic tunes,i've only heard these versions here!I think this is a boot of a fiend club thing,but i've never seen it posted before.I have a bunch more Misfits stuff i haven't seen anywhere else,as well.Mine's on red vinyl,from my pal Ralph Tarantino at Record Trader in Ft. Myers ,Florida.If you're ever there,he'll cut you a deal!

MISFITS- Jonathan Grimm Sessions

Jonathan Grimm was/is the biggest collector of rare Misfits stuff.He used to have an auction site online,but sold his whole collection to a collector overseas.He somehow was able to try out as vocalist,sometime in 1994.That did'nt work out,but he found work as a roadie,guitar and drum tech,and merchandiser for the band,ever since then.He also tried to be a pro wrestler,and played "Tankenstein" at some Misfits shows.I don't think he ever actually sang at a show,just on these demos,way before Michale Graves,who did'nt even know who the Misfits were when he auditioned.Also ,they do all classic songs,before they wrote any new shit.


This band is made up of folks in the black metal scene.Marduk and Abruptum members,amongst others.This is half originals,half Misfits,and Samhain covers.Brutal and cold.

PRIME DIRECTIVE-Exterminate: A Tribute to The Misfits and Samhain

Not much info,anywhere on this band,anyone knows anything?let us know in the comments.All Misfits and Samhain covers.


Another parody tribute,this time 2 bands,obviously,another bunch of geniuses,who took their joke to the limit.Still fine versions of 2 Misfits , and 2 Kiss songs,great stage act, I'd go see 'em if they went on tour.I think this was a one-off gig tho'.


This band's singer once said,"I heard of the Misfits,they've taken some of our songs,took out the food references,and sing about horror movies,and stuff".Yes ,with songs like,"Mommy,Can I Go Out And Grill Tonight?", and "Hungry Moments",the fattest of all Misfits tribute bands,is spot on.Even covering the "new" Misfits,with ,"Don't Open That Mayonaisse", and Danzig with,"Butter",it is very chuckle-worthy.Genius move,great fat skull logo ,and lyrics.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hey,I got in contact with Jeffro,half of the duo of Residents Of Mortville(from MA),along with Erik,and he said i could post this here stuff.You know the John Waters movie,"Desperate Living"? This could be the alternate soundtrack!No really they remind me a lot of my band Cat Machine! Really cool sounds here,noisy spacy,trippin',rock that will make your ears curl up! No-wave only begins to describe their sound.
I think they've only been around for a year or so,and you can find info on them all over the web.

First up is Safe Case which I think is their earliest stuff,just 2 songs,in just over 10 minutes.

The next release is Wiss Gross ,I think ,it features Chris Gross on the 2nd track, hence the title. 3 tracks this time around,clocking in at around 44 minutes,each track getting progressively longer.

Then they were featured on this disc of live performances ,along with 3 other bands,which I believe they are also members of, Gingerbread Kids , Total Perfection ,and Ununi. RoM 's track is almost 35 minutes long! Live at the 119 Gallery - 7/31/09

Finally I bring you their latest and greatest,(me thinks) , Like Billy Kkrystals Kissing A Phlying Wurrm,which is the first thing i heard from them.You need this,raw rock n roll kids,doin' it for real!!!

They used to be on A Million Hands Records,which is now No More 60's Records,find 'em on the web!They have vids on youtube as well!
I will probably be posting more from these guys other bands,as I await the next Residents Of Mortville album!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

MISFITS- In The Pit - Lodi,NJ - 9/81

This is a practice tape,made in their practice space,back home in Lodi.They run thru 6 songs,(2 of them 4 times each),in rehearsal for a show.Lots of commentary and talking between cuts.You can tell which songs they know good,and which ones need work. A rare glimpse of a band in motion. Wish they really made Legos like these!

MISFITS-Led Zep Sound Check-1997

This is from a soundcheck,before a show,where they do 2 Led Zeppelin songs,"Earth Angel",(the 50's doo-wop song by the Penguins),and a rare Misfits cut,"In The Doorway",all with Michale Graves on vocals.Pretty rare,and weird hearing these guys do Zeppelin!Cool for what it is. Note the autographs i got from the guys,back in 96,when they played the Pyramids in Ft.Myers,FL.

MISFITS-Live at Finder's Lounge,Hallandale,FL - 10/19/82

28 years ago,on this day(19th),the Misfits performed a live gig,that has all the frailties and foibles,usually found in Danzig-era shows.Doyle's guitar is out of tune ,more often than not,lots of tuning up,Glen bitching,someone messing with the sound board,folks unplugging equipment,you know the drill.When they do build up a head of steam,it's harcore style ,all the way,as they tear thru 22 of their hits!Not the worst boot i've heard,but,not the best either.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


These randy lassies,by way of the U.K.,need discipline,as one of their songs notes,and sound as if Girlschool had been listening to the Mentors growing up.With outrageous tales such as the first two cuts,"Head", and , "Love Pole",these chicks were totally breeding a new slew of sluts,most of whom would be around milf age by now.They do a total of 6 tunes including a post Sex Pistols Cook/Jones number,"Black Leather",also covered later ,by the likes of Joan Jett,and, Guns And Roses.Great unknown NWOBHM all girl band.On Conquest Records


N.I.L.8 - 1st 7"

Halloween themed cover,and there are songs titled,"Zombie Slut",and, "Land Of The Lost",and it was recorded 8/10/96,probably for release in October of 96,and since Santa is on the back cover,(aping Sluggisha Cat's eyes),probably thru the holiday season of 1996.Sexboy opened for these guys at one of the last shows ever at Samskull's Offbeat Records.A fine example of punk/ska,by guys you probably don't know.Really cool guys. No Record Co.


This spooky single, from stars of Ed Wood movies,was put together by Dionysus Records,in 1995.The Kelton side is a story song,and the Criswell side is weirdsville,daddy-o!More stuff for that Halloween mix tape!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CAT MACHINE- Big Hunk O' Cheese

The next part in our continuing series,this is a 6 song e.p. ,recorded on 4-track studio in Tony's room.The production here is raw,but I plan that all 4-track stuff will be remixed,after this series has run it's course.Genre -hopping on musical styles here,you get a white boy funk sound,some weird stoner rock,multi-speed cut-up lyrics,lounge jazz porn,hard rock/metal,and some bluesy riffs.Weird and trippy,check this out.Joel,Tony,and I,are the band,no guests,we all do vocals,and play everything.From Oct '90. All is unimportant,on God's scale!

Friday, October 15, 2010


The 500th post on this blog,and I give you 20 bands,either remixed,lost songs,or newly uncovered bands,from the master tapes vault!The 2nd birthday of this blog is fast approaching,as well as the 20th anniversary of Sluggisha,and we are just beginning our dive into the 20th anniversary of Cat Machine!We're goin' nowhere,we've been to the middle of nowhere,and we're still nowhere!I'll give you the play-by-play,so you know what's coming on this disc.
1.MINDFUCKERS-Holy Ghost- I think this is the band leading up to Centrifuge,Tony Rizzo on vocals,probably Vance and a few others.Good drug-rock ,Kryst The Conqueror riff.
2.CRAPOLA- C'mon Girl,Put On Yr. Pretty Skirt - a remixed version of a song about taking your girl downtown to hang at the coffee shop,and doing all the things there are to do there.
3.SEXBOY- Ann -A Stooges cover,recorded solo,near the end of the run of Sexboy.
4.THE FUN SLUTS- I Wish I Had Drugs/Taco Bell -a recently discovered couple of tunes,that was never mixed down.Real drums, near the end of their illustrious career.
5.THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS- Jocks Vs. Freaks- a remix about the endless highschool war between 2 cliques
6.ONE FELL SWOOP-Bad Seeds -Live at the Corkscrew Ranch,unreleased til' now,with Vance on bass,on this cover of a Beat Happening tune.
7.SATANIC SEAMEN- Satellite Surfing- A mutant surf band,recorded in my garage,back in the day.A semi-tribute to the great surf/Tom Jones cover band,the Seamen.
8-VANCE BURDGE-Look At My Eyes- There is a lot of Vance's solo stuff in the vault.This is but one song,he probably wants more!
9-FLOWERS OF DARKNESS-To Walk The Night-A Samhain cover,never mixed down before,tho' we performed it live,acoustically,once.Our token goth band,vampires welcome.
10-INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 -Martian Soda - a previously unreleased number,from the space rock duo,this is way in the future,man.Still ahead of their time.
11-BLOOD RED OSCARS-Scenes From A Bum's Rich Life -descriptive lyrics,classical music,and a tour of a bum's life.Crazy chipmunk vocals,tardcore to the max
12-BUZZ WORKSHOP-She Loves The Martians- from a practice tape,great sound!
13-CAT MACHINE-The Things To Come- a new mix on this one,happy 20th boys!
14-AUGUST SPIES-September Riots-I don't have the masters,but i tried to clean this up,and it sounds better,from an early demo tape.
15-ASSEATER-Invisible World-a previously unreleased song,the last thing they recorded,in fact.
16-MYOPIA-Hourglass -the Ft. Myers psych contingent.No masters,but a better sounding recording
17-BLUE CIRCLE-Caught In My Eye-the Germs acoustic cover band,remixed for your pleasure
18-KILLERSVILLE-Labor Day-The instrumental trio is remixed on this one
19-MEDIA OVERLOAD RECORD-Son Of The Monster From The Bottomless Pit-- A band that was a precursor to bands like Noisekillr,and Uncut,this recording has like 10 different audios,going on at the same time.Disorienting
20-THE WORKING CLASS SLOBS-Do You Want Some Of Me - title swiped from Myopia,this street punk,working class skinhead band,rips on this!

And there you have it.A cross section celebration of some of the great bands on this blog!Enjoy! thanks , leave comments,please!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

THE HOLLOW WEENIES- Mr. Dunford & Igor with the Screaming Ghosts - In The Dungeon- Halloween 1995

This mystery group of unknowns,sprung to action,from the dungeon,as it says,on Halloween of 1995,to create this mood piece,that conjures up images of tortured souls,in blackened torture dungeons,and classic horror sounds.All sound effects were generated by the Hollow Weenies,no sound effects records were used,this is all original!Clocking in at just over 16 minutes,this is the perfect companion to(on an endless loop) handing out candy,Halloween parties,or just spooking out your friends and family.This group of ghouls was banished from the earth,after it became known that they had recorded this,and let mortals hear it.Unreleased until now,enjoy the sounds of Halloween from 15 years ago,finally fully realized,on this recording.Why don't ghosts have babies? Because they have hollow weenies ! For some truly gothic/punk/rock music,made by a few real-life vampires , Flowers Of Darkness,or FOD,click and paste to your browser here: or search for Flowers Of Darkness or FOD ,in the search box,up top.

for the Hollow Weenies

Friday, October 8, 2010

CAT MACHINE-Kroonchy Stars All-Loser Jam (We Suck, We Know It,And We Don't Care !)

The third tape from the "mighty" Cat Machine,is the core group of Tony & Joel Rizzo,Ed Wood (me) and special guests for the full duration of this outing are Chuck Connell,Billy Drake, and Vance Burdge.A lot of noise is kicked up,some real speaker shredding tunes,these are.There are a few early versions of songs that show up a few tapes later,sounding more song-like,specifically,"Plastic Jesus","Shit On A Stick","I'll Brain Ya !",and,"Whiskey For Lunch". Then a few more tapes after that,you have different versions of these songs : "Gov. Bob","Who The Hell Is Me Again?","Shit Lipstick", "36 Cents","Her Husband Was There",and "Lon Chaney Jr.'s Dead". Another few songs from this release appear on later tapes,in tweaked forms.Chuck holds down a lot of the jams,with his bass expertise,and Billy tears off a few good riffs.I noticed i did most of the vocals,but i think some of the other guys do some too.This is a great live document,recorded as most of the "Machine's" tapes were,direct to boombox.We did a lot of 4 -track recording,as well,but more sporadically than the live tapes,which averaged 1-2 ,90 minute tapes a week !Some of this may be harmful to pets and other living things,beware!!!
This was recorded on October 8th,1990.
There are two files cause it was so big,Make sure to get both parts for the full effect!!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

TACO THE WONDER DOG-covers the hits again

This band is like the Residents,in that no one knows their true identities.Musically they are more like Japanese noise-core meets Costes,or Zappa,Beefheart,and the aforementioned Residents,if they were in a hardcore band together.Some of the music here is really well played,maybe too much so,but most is pure ear noise.There's one track early on,that twinges your ears when you listen too closely.Weird sounds,from unknowns.Google them,lots of video,cartoons,art,couldn't find much music though.Most sites with Taco,have been closed down.I know one member of this band,who sent this to be posted,and would like to remain anonymous.This person is on my blogroll,with a blog of their own.That's all the info you get,on that matter.The zip is full of interesting artwork,and i seen a document that has Hemmeroy Rogers name on it.Luckily it does not sound like him.Anyway,really cool stuff ,from a really cool person,who was in this band .Any body wanna elaborate further on this? please refer to the comments box below ! thanks for sending this in,you know who you are!Much appreciated!!

HAUNTED HOUSE PARTY-Satan's Pilgrims/The Del Lagunas -split 7"

More Halloween themed music for your mix tapes!Satan's Pilgrims cover The Wailers on,"Wailer's House Party".The Del Lagunas are spookier,with the Kingsmen's,"Haunted Castle".On Empty Records ,outta Seattle.Surfy garage-rock,fun,these tunes will make you wanna drink and dance like a fool!

SOUNDS TO MAKE YOU SHIVER-4 band split single

This ,from TPOS in CT,has 4 bands,with 3 cover tunes,and one original.BB Gun starts us off with a cover of Siouxsie & the Banshees,"Halloween",on bass and vocals,the proprieter of TPOS,Malcolm Tent.Leadfoot kicks in with the Misfits,"Halloween",Loafmeister does Ministry's,"Everyday Is Halloween",and Flowers From A Plastic Lid do,"My Boyfriend's Back",not a cover,as you might think by the title.I think it's about her boyfriend being Dracula,or some such noise.1993,released too late for Halloween,due to UPS losing the master tapes for 2 weeks.TPOS was mainly a cassette label,had lots of cool audio of killers,etc.,and weird bands.

Monday, October 4, 2010

MISFITS - vampira

It's October,and all thru the month I will be sprinkling the blog with Halloween related music.Lets start off with this compilation of tracks from 4 different bootlegs from the Misfits.Spanning from 1979 to 1983, there are live songs from NJ,NY,and MI,plus some demos from Ambionic Studios.I have lots more Misfits boots for ya,too!On Baby Face Records.How about that cheezy logo,and skull,wtf is that??!!?I just saw a recent picture of Danzig,with a Danzig t-shirt on,coming out of the grocery store with a bag of cat litter! I hope he's making bombs with it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

CAT MACHINE - 2-eaten alive by wild dogs

On this second tape,Oct. 2nd,1990, we kinda jam like the first tape,there is the original version of "Queen Turd Of Shit Hill",which sounds nothing like what it ended up to be.There is also a second version of Queen Turd here,which does sound like an embroyonic version of what became a live staple.We cover the Stooges,then I went to pick up our special guest for this tape,Chuck Connell.While I was gone,Joel & Tony tore off a really cool,spooky little refrain titled,"One Creepy Little Town",about life in the FTM.It is the mellowest song here,as well as the quietest.Yes there is much feedback noise,of the grunge variety,like Jesus Lizard,or somethin'.When Chuck joined in on this tape,(he's here for half the tape),things,suddenly picked up,into an almost different band.We all take turns singing,even Chuck.Some highlights are,"The Mighty Cat Machine" , You're So Contrary,Chees'd Psychic Ya" , and one of our many shining moments,"Come Hang With Me".Chuck plays the bass,like a son-of-a-gun,he is the bassmaster!The next 4 tapes in this year long series,are not dated,but in exact position in the masters vault,as the day they were recorded,so they are in order.I'll post one per each Friday in October,which is probably about right, as the next dated tape is 11/10/90 .Anyway,get this,give Chuck praise in the comments(he plays bass on tracks 12 thru 22),and don't forget,the Cat Machine tribute comp,which I think I may wait till next year,when this series runs out,and all the tapes are posted,and you'll be able to learn any one of our hundreds of songs,and send it in for the tribute post!! Enjoy this. Chuck is moving back to the FLA !!! living just 30-40 minutes from me,we will be working on lots of music together!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Z.A.T.H.- Zamboni Adventure Through Hell

A third release pops out of the ass of the tardcore machine,nay,institution,known as Z.A.T.H.
Once again Food and I, exchanged tunes,and added vocals on each others music.This is definitely the most experimental we've gotten as of yet.There are some straight-out songs,then there are mind-bending musics and vocals like you never heard before.This is about as stupid as it gets,what with tunes about, corduroy meatballs,chocolate teeth,baseball champions,monster trucks,the Residents,giant turtle vomit,cheeto eating mummies,and much more,no stone is left untur(ne)d.Great covers of a Devo song(Mongoloid),and one by German metal giants,Sodom(Volcanic Slut),these 26 ditties,will bring you to a higher state of ZATHness.I'm gonna lay down tracks for the next one,soon.As usual,Food did the artwork,as only he can.If you get this,grab our back catalog,as well. 

FOOD FORTUNATA-encyclopedia of the humans(least interesting beings in the universe)for the years 2036 to 317842143632841 A.D.

This will blow your mind!A history of the future,made possible thru Food ,and his amazing time machine.The true stupidity of humanity is revealed in this 19 chapter audio book.There is some weird backround music at points,and Food tells you what's to come.One of the greatest things i've heard in my life.Don't be mistaken by Food and his tardcore connections.I mean this is tardcore ,in a spoken word kind of way, intelligent,enlightening,and kicked in the balls ,funny!Some one requested this,and i was happy to recieve this from Food,as i was not aware of it before.That guy has got all kinds of shit up his sleeves.I highly recommend you download this immediately.One of the best things you'll ever hear,you'll find yourself going back for more,and turning others on to it.I hope the story continues at some time,i'm hankerin' for more already!


This should be of particular interest to followers of Aesop,of the fine music blog,Cosmic Hearse,since he plays drums on here,with his old band,Hickey.All the songs on here(by Ringwurm,Turboneger,The Loudmouths,Whopper Breath,Mensclub,and the aforementioned,Hickey)are not available on any other recordings from these bands.On Probe Records,an off-shoot of the always great,Probe magazine,which emphasized nudity and punk rock,run by Adam,who is also in Mensclub.The Hickey track is my favorite thing here,really cool and weird,I'll bet The Thumbs and Webster,and a whole slew of bands were influenced by these greats.An awesome single,at any price.Aesop rules,give him praise!

SUBURBAN VOICE-dischord records tribute 7"

This is cool,came with an issue of Al Quint's crucial scribe,Suburban Voice magazine.Can't touch the originals,but still good.Minor Threat,Dag Nasty,Iron Cross,and Faith are covered by,Sinkhole,Horace Pinker,The Bruisers,and Shattered Silence,respectively.You know the bands,and songs,you love them, I need to upload the zine it came with on my Mediachrist blog!

RAMMPAGE-debut ep

This is some biker bar band from the Ft. Myers scene.I don't think anyone in our scene would know them,since none of us ,with a few exceptions,have been known to frequent biker bars.4 songs that verge on heavy metal,really some chooglin' ol' hard rock.I can hear Alice Cooper,Kiss,Tygers Of Pan Tang,Motley Crue,all blended up with some southern rock.A couple of times they almost sound like the great cheez metal band,Rokker,which is cool,since Rammpage hasn't a clue.Recorded at Sound Check Studios,in the FTM.Not bad,very rare,if you like rock music at all,you'll be diggin' this.They can't spell.


Yeah I know these guys suck,and I only give you one side of this 7",because the other side is a disco ballad,that really blows.But this song,which you may find hard to believe is the real Village People,is a genuine piece of punk/new wave history,that few have heard,due to the disco connection.Probably released around the time the movie Animal House came out,seeing how the song is titled,"Food Fight".Food,you may need to cover this song,at some point!Keyboard driven,quirky new wave,with punky vocals,this should not be missed.C'mon ,2:31 of greatness awaits!


This piece of insane hilarity,is from,home of Big Poo Generator,and other oddball bands.It's a guy with a speak and spell voice,telling tales of 4 retarded youths who live in a group home together.They have some great adventures,including a trip to the bowling alley,and stealing a car for a joyride.I don't wanna give too much away,you just gotta hear this!There are some songs that could have been left off here,as they really have nothing to do with the story.Trying too hard to be weird,it's nearly tardcore,but the music is mostly too well played.I think Food Fortunata may be on some of their compilations.The music is by Hemmeroy Rogers,another eartrippy artist.They have another release from before this,but not as good,(you can get it at,if interested).Once you get past the monotone voice,(and the narrator does all the voices of the characters),this is simply fantastic.Crack open a few cold ones,and let this sink in.And try not to shoot beer out your nose while laughing!