Friday, May 1, 2009


this is my kids' new band,which they've already abandoned for something new, just like their old man.recorded one year to the day from the wax warriors,this picks up where they last left off.eric poops out half way thru to play the sims,so it's eddie's show from there on out.has some genuinely great moments,and just the idea of a 7 and 10 year old playing music,is really an added bonus the last track,over 17 minutes long,is eddie commenting on society and the radio and other things,skits and spoofs.young laddie fancies himself a comedian.go get the wax warriors too(elsewhere on this blog),if this is to your liking,and please leave comments in the comment boxes for my kids,they ask every day how many people commented or downloaded their stuff.i'm teaching them barre chords now so they should be writing some quality tunes next time art by eric bottom half by eddie.G O D.


kike is a great drug rock band,who were very psychedelic and psychotic.tony, joel, billy, and vance are kike.i play guitar on one track,which was pilfered from another of our bands,the cheerful hangers.jerry lewis rules and so does kike.go fly a kike.also pick up heeb,los hymees,and yid on this blog for the complete quadrant of jewish slang named bands.none of us are jews and we are not racist or facist,just getting some attention by using derogatory names,as usual.I LIKE KIKE! G O D. 

HEEB- power for dying

heeb was a little one-off project,recorded 2-13-94,at sluggisha/w.g.o.d. joel tony and vance in a subdued mood,giving you a druggy haze of folk songs for folks who prefer electric instruments.related to kike ,los hymees,and yid,in name and band members,just for fun and your listening pleasure.all art on this post and in zip by tony rizzo .i remember laughter. G O D