Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BOOB SAUSAGE - self-titled debut

On Saturday,the 28th of April,2013 ,The Man,The Guy,Chico,& The Boob ,grabbed up the guitar, bass,drum kit,keyboards,and microphone,and recorded this set of 8 mind-blowing,unclassifiable songs.There are 4 songs with vocals and 4 instrumentals with keyboards in place of vocals (each member had a turn at the mic and keys,as well as guitar,bass,and drum set!) In a league all their own,(unless you count The Germs (Germicide-era),Flipper,and the Shaggs) ,in league with Satan (huh huh ..Venom) , this is weird. Dylan Houser did the front cover art and logo ,Eric did the back cover art,graphics by The Man ,and the songs were titled by The Guy.There's even a video for,"Pizza Villian" (an instrumental) on youtube! If you check the sluggisha page at ,you may stumble upon the original mixdown of this album.There are alternate mixes,samples,and artwork.If you are interested in purchasing a hard copy cdr of this,please contact me in the comments box below. I think $5 should cover the postage,and such,in the U.S.A. overseas may be more. Here's the link,so enjoy you a first big bite of BOOB SAUSAGE!!