Saturday, September 25, 2010

CAT MACHINE-live at the hair ball/3 dead mice e.p.

Today is the 20th anniversary of Cat Machine.The first tape,presented here in it's entirety,for the first time ever,was recorded on 9/25/1990,in the living room of what later became known as,"Cat Machine" house,it belonged to Gramps,Tony and Joel Rizzo's grandfather.The first eight songs comprise the "live" part of this tape,and consist mostly of instrumental jams,but there are some vocals on several songs.We were mainly just getting to know each others styles on this one,and it started as it remained for the complete tenure of the "Machine",a 1-2-3-go! style,where one guy would come up with a riff,and everyone else would follow.All the songs on the live segment,were spontaneous,and improvisational,with no overdubs or edits.There's a song on here,to try and cash in on the dance craze (of the early 60's),"Do The Scab".It never really caught on.The last track,"3 Dead Mice",is Tony,Joel,and I,all reading from different books,out loud,at the same time.

The e.p. titled,"3 Dead Mice",has 4-track recordings,done on the same day."Throw It To The Dogs",starts out with a mean dog growling,evilly,till the music and Tony's vocals kick in.One of our biggest hits,and a staple of our live sets,the second track,"Crazy Mary",is about this old cat lady that lived in one of the rooms in Cat Machine house.She had tons of cats,and was indeed,crazy.Kind of a weird,surrealistic view,of what she probably was thinking.Some of the lines,are things she actually said."86 Tony",is a take-off on one of the boy's earlier bands who did a tune called,"86 Whitey".And the final track is the one from whence we got our name."Cat Machine",is what the title says.We took a bunch of Crazy Mary's cats,put several in each of three pillow cases,and put the microphone by the sacks full of kitties.No harm was done,the cats sound angry,cuz they were all together in a pillowcase,like humans crammed into an elevator.Later,when we were thinking of a name for the band,I suggested it,because before we put the cats in the bags,I said,"Hey let's build a cat machine"!.Ifigured we could record it for the e.p.,didn't think it would end up being our name.The art above is the earliest logo and poster(dated 10-3-90) available,and was later used on a flyer for a live show.The tapes never really had art,so i will be adding some kind of picture to each release.This is the beginning of a year long series ,where i will post each tape on the date it was recorded,20 years ago.The second tape will be posted on ,October 2nd,2010.For more info,check out the lengthy post"Cat Machine-The Mystery,The History,and Shit",with a career-spanning 10 disc cross-section of their work.Also see our greatest hits compilation,wherein songs that were on our set list,are compiled,"Litterbox".Pleas leave comments,and wish Cat Machine ,a happy anniversary.!!!

Also for anyone out there in a band,or working solo,I am currently working on a tribute to Cat Machine,and would like you or your band's renditions of our songs.Contact me thru the comments box below!!Thanks, G O D


Friday, September 24, 2010


In anticipation,and in honor,of the 20th anniversary of Cat Machine,here's the full,unedited version of the Blood Red Oscars,covering some songs from their forefathers.This really shows the brutalness,and unheard humor,found in the lyrics of Cat Machine.The lyrics are the focus here,as the music is not that of Cat Machine,but original music composed by Satan Peabody ,himself.They also cover a couple from The Magic Nose Goblins,and do 2 original songs,the oft hilarious,"Elephant Shit",as well as the 9th installment of "Dead Dog's Weener".Tomorrow ,Saturday,September 25th,is the 20th anniversary of the "Machine",and i will be posting their first tape,recorded 20 years ago to the date.It will be the beginning of a year's worth of Cat Machine releases,posted on the dates recorded(20 date).Should be a blow-out blast of good fun.For now,check this out!


This is the 3rd release from Yoshimi Pewe of the Boredoms,on Thurston's Ecstatic Peace imprint.3 short strange "songs",which range from cute to scary to mind-bending,in the space of a few minutes.I've seen the first 2 singles posted elsewhere,but not this one!


This is 10 authentic field recordings,narrated by Gregg Turkington,of Planet Pimp Records.There is also an intro and end comment by Ryan Kerr of the Golding Institute.The addresses where each track was recorded ,are listed on the back cover,in zip.A weird audio-verite trip thru some of the most revered spots in America.

OWEN - Slacker Anthem b/w Stoned

The singer,Tom Ryerson,is from another Canadian band featured on this blog,Saint Judy.The A side is very descriptive,about the slacker credo.Side B is mellower,focusing on more slacker issues.If you like Rik L Rik's voice,this is up your alley.

ROCKIN FOO - Stranger In The Attic b/w Rochester River

This band is described as,psych/garage/country/rock,and this single is from their first album in 1969.Their first album cover was designed by Phil Hartman of SNL fame,they played the Fillmore West with Johnny Winters and Eric Burdon.They only made one album after this,the guitarist later played some guitar on a few Monkees songs.Weird ,organ driven,mellow,dude.

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38-blacks and whites

The 4th full length from this spacepunk group.This tape has many firsts on it!There is a hardcore style punk song,"Wipe Your Ass",a skinhead tune,"The Oi Song",all 3 of their live improv tunes from various appearances on the W.G.O.D. radio show,their first #1 hit,"Swingers Need To Find God",is also here in it's entirety(never released in this form before).There is some great experimentation on this one,a really cool tune is,"Do You Still Use Your Big Oven?",spooky,yet poppy enough for housepainters to whistle.The hook of these songs is what'll get ya!These are of the,"gets stuck in your head for days",caliber of tunes.The picture and captions of this album,were procured from your earth manual,"TV Guide".Your realm is only of hate.This is the plain truth.

RUSTY CAN OPENER-cloud on,dance suckas!

This is an influential piece of techno,from the south of France,way before it was called,"techno".Reminds me of Kraftwerk meets Devo and Suicide,and they get in a pie fight with New Order and The Jack Officers.Really stunning beats,and electronics,you'll be shakin' yr. booty!Although it was recorded in the mid 70's,it wasn't released until 1989,this is from the extended 12" mix,at 17 minutes long,it's a floor-packer.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

PART-TIME CRIPPLE-backyard guitar

A recent find,this old black man,who plays a punk -style blues acoustic guitar,from West Memphis.Found this tape abandoned in an airport locker.His real name is ,"Blind "Stanky" Frankie","(the Toothless Wonder)". He does have one tooth in his head ,tho.So,he does a Ramones cover,a Crumbs cover,and three originals about,Wal-mart,Steve Mcqueen,and,horoscopes of people at work that suck.There is some more tape,but I have to repair it.Lots more good stuff to come.True outsider music.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is a fine way to honor the King of Scumfuck rock.The Bunny Brains,are kinda reminiscent of Cat Machine,in that they at one time,used to record tapes on a daily basis,and had tons of different sounds and cassettes to dump all over.On here they do a topical number,"GG's Dead(And I'm Not Feeling Too Good Myself)".BBQ Young is members of Antiseen,and their recordings of ,"Violence Now"(cover of GG and the Murder Junkies,who were the Antiseen at some point),and for some inexplicable reason a cover of Roky Erickson's,"I Walked With A Zombie",sound as if you are listening in on a practice session of the Antiseen.You are there,as it were.

THE ANAL BABES-fear and loathing with the ANAL BABES

This is their 1st release,i have an album too,their shit is always incredibly rare,and their biggest fan is Tesco Vee.With that garage rockin',norwegian sound,that'll make your toes tap.Recorded on the 50th anniversary of the nazi invasion of norway.


This is a single that came with a magazine,and has lots of strange music.Side A ,is East,and The Lee Ranaldo,William Hooker,Zeena Parkins,track is on the right path to weirdness.W.O.O.,is also kinda samply and strange.The B side is West,and Mike Keneally,busts out some kinda bluesy rave-up.The last song from Wayne Horvitz,is light,loungy,and very keyboardy.Sounds like an out-take from a Soft Cell album.Go figure.

THE TARDS-7 inch single

The Tards are a conglomeration of,Adam Parfrey,members of Poison Idea,and some other folks.Side A is a semi-cover of Patti Smith's,"Piss Factory",side B,(Wind-Up Doll), has a vocalist named,"Lucious Lisa",who i strongly suspect to be Lisa "Suckdog" Carver,and if this is true,it's the most controlled,commercial sounding vocal,i've heard from her.This also sounds nothing at all like anything Poison Idea did ,either.Weird stuff here ,folks.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

THE GRUNGY DUNGAREES-the collective spasms of.....

This is a virtually unknown,unreleased band from the grunge days of the early 90's.Recorded in two days in may of '90,in a smelly house.They do these freaky instrumentals,as well as some singing.They also cover a strange cross section of bands:Stooges(2 times),Misfits,Pink Floyd,Link Wray,Sexboy,Sockeye,and,The Blood Red Oscars.This is an essential document of music from the transition into grunge music.They may even have coined the phrase,"grunge",as it relates to music,and their band was such named before the term was being used,at all.Probably the most important band of it's time,inspiring bands like the ones in the Seattle grunge scene.May even include members who later went on to fame in bands that made lots of money later,but here they use made-up names,and there is no info at all,anywhere about these guys.Almost like the Memphis Goons of the grunge scene. There may be a lost tape out there,as well.

TANKOTA 3 - bacon cavern

The band of guitarists,who broke away from the Apocalyptic Centurions,to become their own entity. This time round,Vance and I are joined by Joel ,and on rudimentary percussion,(a first for Tankota) is Kathy of the world renowned band ,Wigbarn.The feelings on this are mostly ambient noise,bacon sizzling,pots and pans being jostled,feedback frenzy.There is a 5 section Overture to be found here,as well.This band could change your life,or their strings.


The 12th installment of insanity,proffered by mentally deranged folks,with a collection of scratched and melted and cracked and broken vinyl albums.This collection was pulled from,amongst others,van halen,brownsville station,the go go's,leon russell,some hip hop breakdance ,and more.Hard to describe,but it's like repetitive samples,that drive into your unconcious,and becomes something completely different.Like mantras for the disturbed.Most normal folk will be terrified by this,great way to clear the room.It's a matter of taste,and this here's pretty tasty.More to come,this is not the end.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RED CROSS-born innocent demos

Back when they were still in high school,before the American Red Cross had them change their name,they were punk rockers.There are 4 songs here that ended up on the born innocent lp,but these are much rawer and different versions.There are also 2 unreleased gems here,"It Don't Matter",and,"Fuck This Shit!",and they really cook!If they only could've stayed young forever,this could be the sound of today!

REDD KROSS-there's a mrs. kravitz in the pit!-the neurotica demos

Paying tribute to yet another cultural icon in the title,the first track here,"Glad To Be Gladys",is an unreleased rarity.Also has early rawer versions of,"Janis,Jeanie,And George Harrison",and one of my faves,"(Ghandi Is Dead,And I'm The)Cartoon Man".There is also a thankfully truncated(47 seconds) version of the stinker,"Love Is You".It all ends with the hippie dream-like,"Beautiful Bye-Byes",although all these are given earlier titlings.On Swordfish Mailorder out of the U.K.

REDD KROSS-smith family #1-flexidisc

This ,i believe,is from the third eye sessions,and was in a 90's magazine ,called Reflex.Not a bad tune,the lyrics are a bit cheesy ,at points.Good unheard tune from the mcdonald bros.


A bit of weirdness,here.Two already weird bands,cover some tunes by one of the weirdest of all bands.Thinking Fellers Union Local 282's tribute is maybe weirder than the original.The music will suddenly speed up or slow down,or keep a steady beat.The Sun City Girls side,is equally as weird,but no one can really beat Caroliner,for weirdness,I mean as far as their whole collective goes,it's nearly cult-like.I beleieve Joel gave me this ,whilst flushing out his collection,I say thanks,pal! On Nuf Sed Summer Railroad,out of San Francisco.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SOCKEYE/ROSS DAILY-7 inch split-you throw like a grrrrrl/don't want you around

Sockeye does 5 songs you already know,albeit,perhaps,different versions.Ross Daily is a news caster in Canada,that some canucks named their band after.Their original tune is obnoxious and fun,the Elvis Costello cover is also cool.I got second press of 300 on red vinyl.

ONE EYE OPEN - Boobs (the incomplete set)

This came out in 1996,on Too Many Records,out of Spokane,WA.The band I think,was from maybe Gilman St. scene,or just Bay area,CA.It consists of covers of TV themes and commercials from the 70's-80's.Pretty cool,and Fred has been on me to post this,cuz he can't find it nowhere.So here's to Fred!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

HEAD FOR THE BORDER....DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!!-a collection of south of the border,mexican rock n roll psychout punk bands ,from the 60's

I know you are hungry for more Mexican punk,garage band style ,from the 60's.I give you 40 cuts of some of the wildest music you may ever hear.If you downloaded the 1st collection,then you know what's in store.There may be some overlap from the other collection,but it's not like it sucks ,or anything.Anyway,if you dig ,psych garage rock,Pebbles compilations,hell,just good ol' raw rock n roll,you will dig this.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Food does it again!Another stellar Wheelchair release,this one a satire/tribute to the Germs,specifically Darby Crash.You'll hear snippets of Darb's lyrics ,strewn throughout,and Pubbly Clash,on vocals,does a fair-to-middlin' impression of early Darby,like on Germicide,adopting his lisping,idiotic vocal style.Storma Loom on bass,Mat Clear on guitar,and a Friendly Fribble on information(which is the drum track on every song,a t.v. spouting everything from ball games,to the news,to soap operas)Includes a Germs cover,"Forming",it's like Darby singing from beyond the grave!"First Time I Ate A Dime"is one of my faves here.Here's to hoping for more from this funny and imbecilic band! And what's up with Tom Selleck?


The latest release from these dolts.Some really good tunes here including:"God Held Up My Hardware Store","Both Of Your Dads","Guy With The Green Teeth And The Mahogany Beard",and other non-hits.The only thing troubling me here is the last song,"Sayonara",making me think it's the end for the Lettuce Vultures,(like the title of the one before this),say it ain't so,Food! Maybe it's just the end of this disc.Let's all pray, that is the case.


Awesome cover art!Food roughs up his trademark tard-pop sound a bit here.A little harder -edged than most of the Vultures releases,even has a few remixes.Has a song based on a police crime log,and other tales from suburbia.Poopy is on blender bender on this disc.I don't like the foreboding,ominous title tho',hope it's not the end for this band!


A new band,out on Wheelchair/Onion Mind Games,with a sound all their own.If I was pressed to describe it I would say: the Raymond Pettibon album he sings on,(only way more interesting),crossed with The Metric System.If you can wrap your head around that!Killing Joke Album on vocals,Gargantuan Grandma on axe,Charchangler Chimmy on dumb space guitar,Milkmaid on trauma buster,and Scarsdale Diet Balls on squeaking thing,makes for one super group you won't wanna miss.Get twisted,throw this on,and get ready to disco!

WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS-don't dowse the house

This from 08-09,is more of Wes,at his best.Also on the Unread label,now located in Baltimore,MD,home of rampant weirdness,as evidenced by John Waters,and others from there.This tape has some fun humor,some real folk-noise,a good time.One of my favorite new undiscovered artists.


I put the ?,after the title,cuz the cover has so many things that could be the title,i went for a fortune cookie message,:Learn Chinese-Hen-Men-Very Boring,which is far from an apt description of this tape.Wes continues to paint masterpieces of homeland america,on this one.If you listened to any music between 1985-and now,this will appeal to you.I know folks like the chipmunk,Tony and Joel,Billy,Shane,and others,would love this stuff.An indie-punk's wet dream.This is from Unread Records & Tapes,when they were in GA.

WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS-the teething tapes-2005-07

This was the first recording i heard from my pal Wes,of Pounding Mill,(formerly of Paint Lick)Virginia.he's building him a building right now,on his dad's land,to live in.A very prolific performer,he plays out live a lot,and has been a lot of places.This disc is a comp from several releases:"You're Older Than Your Teeth","Second Serving","Split with Albert Fish & the Presbyterian Church",I Don't Ever Want To See Your Face Again",a track from a Chaotic Underworld noise comp.,and a bunch of unreleased stuff.To me ,I hear Box Elder-era Pavement,with Daniel Johnston on vocals.Even the song titles and lyrics are very Daniel Johnston to the max!Very indie/alt,lotsa noisieness,but it's like noise-pop,not so annoying you would turn it off,more than likely you would turn it UP!!!And the little phone calls,skits,audio verite, in between,during,and after songs ,presents a real slice of americana,best heard thru open kitchen windows ,with pies cooling on the ledge.A true American underground legend,a real folk singer ,for now times.Try this out for size,along with the above posts,Wes will be sending more stuff.He also appears on,"We Want Our Life Back-The BP Oil Protest Compilation",below,with a jingly little tune ,that passes by like a caffiene breeze. visit Wes and be his friend on myspace

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Here it is! After a few month's of downtime,Sluggisha is back in the house!This comp. represents the feelings we, as americans,feel collectively.All the music on here is exclusive to this comp.Some fine surprises are in store for all who download this.A visitor to my blog said this is another new genre of music, "TARCORE"! 2 bands on here ,haven't recorded for over a decade,but were brought back together for this comp.I am talking about FOSSIL FUEL and their tune "Leaky Pipe"(food fortunata and poopy necroponde a/k/a ,gun and knife),as well as TOUGHSKINS,with their brand of hate in,"Your Oi Oi Oil Spill Is Killing Our Oi Oi Oysters!",which is also funny as hell.Some new blood also showed up in the form of,GG OI-LIN with his little cover of the real GG's "Liquor Slicked Highway (Greyhound Bus Riding Man)",re -tooled here as "Oil Slicked Waterway (Poor Gulf Coast Fisherman)",bursting with joyous country/folk sounds.WILLIAM WESLEY AND THE TINY SOCKETS, a new artist to the Sluggisha family,brings us,from Pounding Mill,VA ,"Even Worse Now",sounding ,like much of his stuff does,a cross between the twee noise-pop stylings of Box Elder-era ,Pavement with Daniel Johnston on vocals.Another new arrival is BIG BLACK SCROTUM,and their bad trip psych tune,"Eat Your Family".THE STUPID DINOSAURS ,with their endearing little ditty,"Stupid Dinosaurs"is also a new band on the scene.Bringing the noise,in Black Metal form,is ,COUNT JERKULA,of Tarpon Springs,Fl,with his satanic funeral keyboard driven number,"Blackened Prophecy",and Ybor City's own,YBORATIT,with their blisteringly raw take on their vision of the oil spill,"It's At The Bottom",about,you know,where all the spilled oil went.Some bands from the "100 BANDS-POPEIL PUNK/K-TEL KORE"compilation,contributed as well.MC KING CORNDOG & DJ BLUE JELLO are back with a delightful hip hop tale of frying corndogs in the Gulf of Mexico.The satiric straightedge christian band,xFANTASTICHRISTx,comes on strong with their 2nd song ever,"If You Believe In God",and also BLACK ERNIE & THE OIL SPILL CLEAN-UP SQUAD,(a BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD cover band),with,"Tellin' Lies",are holdovers from the 100 bands comp.There are also 2 songs from the effervescent,Z.A.T.H.,(whose new release should be out very soon!)"Plain As The Oil On Your Face",and "You Make My Mouth Taste Oily",will have your toes tapping in time to the tunes that Food & I ,lay down.LETTUCE VULTURES,another Food project from WHEELCHAIR FULL OF OLD MEN RECORDS,kicks in with their tard-pop stylings on,"Water Or Oil?".YOBEL WEENEL(my kids and I,new album out soon!) ,makes use of some old THREE STOOGES samples from the episode,"Oily To Bed,Oily To Rise",on their weird spacy,bassy anthem,"Erl,Irl,Url",bringing the zombie-rock sound to the people.And some old Sluggisha bands contributed some songs too!NOISEKILLR,goes right for the jugular of the collective conciousness of everyone in Florida,with,"Last Screams From The Everglades",THE BLOOD RED OSCARS,a premium tardcore band,with their latest recording,"BP Can't Clean Up The Gulf!",look for a new release from them as well ,soon!Finally,THE FOUR HEADS,with their little commercial jingle for all the hotels spread across the gulf beaches of our land,"Special Oil Spill Rates(Radio Jingle For Hotels Across The Gulf Coast)". And the samples that tie the songs together,are awesome and informative,and may contain information,you may not have heard about on your local evening news.Food did the fantastic cover art,everyone should have a t-shirt of it,and you'll see a card set for kids from BP,that talks about going green,saving energy,conservation,ya know,all the stuff that BP does the opposite of.Halliburton,Transocean,George Bush Jr.,Dick Cheney,Obama,and others are also directly responsible,and should not be given a free pass.This music is full of fury and hatred for the government,the system,and the politics of America.I do hope everyone out there gets some relief in the form of this recording.It was a lot of work,and i want to thank everyone who contributed,and everyone who downloads this!Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you,my faithful friends in the blogosphere.If you download this,please come back and drop a comment in the comments box.It means everything to me to get comments,cuz hardly anyone leaves any,and that's the only way I get any recognition or gratitude.Thanks,G O D.