Monday, August 31, 2009


this is early stuff from kent,ohio's,the nimrods.a few early demos,a practice tape,and live concert tracks are all included.the singer has passed on,but they still carry on today in a reformed edition,still sounding much like they did here in their heyday. goofy metal punk,kinda like sloppy seconds.with covers of metallica,rolling stones and g.g.allin.check them out on myspace.but for now :

2 FOOT TALL JERK-germination

a trio from williamstown,new jersey,peddling keyboard electronic overdrive industrial,with lots of samples running thru.songs of david koresh and hell.weird and wacky stuff here ,folks,dig it out with a food scoop,and listen thru the iced shards of and crazy.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ALL MOUTH,NO TROUSERS-bedwetting is not a crime

from eastchester,new york,comes this feminist,homocore band sounding kinda like god is my co-pilot,due to 2 female lead singers who also write and play guitar and bass,and 2 guys who play guitar and drums and backing vocals.not bad,kinda questioning those around them and speaking out on mostly women's issues.



from venice,florida(more floridaidiots),this combo comes off as preachy,straight-edge,emo-core,and is probably why they never got off the ground.the music and vocals are not bad,it's mainly the lyrical content that will throw you for a loop."stay away from crime",says one song,another says"reach down your throat,and a heart you may find".don't tell me what to do!what?,did you get your parents to write your lyrics,huh?


in the huge wave of florida ska bands that tidal waved us into submission,we managed to net this band for sluggisha.very pro sound,i can't account for the crappy mixing technique,so don't blame me.still sounds o.k.from port orange,florida,some fellow floridaidiots,kickin it wit dat ska beat,and a fine horn section.caution!:will make you get up and skank!


only a 2 song demo from these milwaukie,oregon sound,i think these guys actually have records out.i believe shane carwile almost drummed for them.kinda hard edged punk ,good stuff.

SUBURBIA-feedback monkey

not much feedback as in noise,more like feedback on various situations.this trio is from lafayette,indiana,and this tape was recorded and mixed by mass giorgini,master behind the queers,screeching weasel ,green day,and more.not sounding like any of those bands,but with more of a metalish/punk/alt rock vibe,the vocalist is distinct in his style.has a bonus hidden instrumental ,last track.expect less,value more.


more out of state bands on sluggisha!these guys hail from st louis,missouri,and kinda have a slight husker du feel to them.slightly emo,includes a misfits of punk being retro in 1994 and kinda downtrodden depressing bluesy mood is created.melancholy and reminiscent of the old days,but with a new sound,not bad.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


tub of noise is essentially make it stop with one different member,before the fact.slightly more heavy,and jazzy,almost a punk version of rush?you can definitely hear where they pinched a few rush riffs,and techniques,if you listen sounding recording,and the make it stop tracks are more pro sounding as well,and i think this was recorded before the make it stop in the post below this?in any case the make it stop post below also reveals what this tape sounds like,so the same review applies here as well.very heavy and downbeat,shoulda been stars.



from raleigh,north carolina,is this trio,one of my favorite submissions to sluggisha.the (fake?)titles sound like a tribute to killdozer,the music and vocals sound like the melvins,killdozer,butthole surfers,flipper,and more.first few tracks embody all those bands mentioned.great fake interview segment where the singer goes off on the mrr reporter,very funny.the track after that is jazzy hardcore,the last is tard rap-metal core? in my humble opinion,the most interesting and best band out of north carolina since the antiseen!trippin'and funny headphone moments,samples of deliverance and tom araya,plodding/hardcore/heavy moments,make this a backwoods punk classic!their band before this is tub of noise which is above in a split with make it stop,and features one swapped out new member.really,really cool.i suggest you download it now ,and thank me later in the comments.


a 4 song demo from these kirkland,washington death-thrash metalheads.bonus unlisted 5th track is live.has a punk edge,almost crossover,due to vocals.i like track 4,'cuban necktie',cuz the drummer sings,and better than the lead singer.can't really draw comparisons,they kinda got their own groove goin'.samples from full metal jacket,up in smoke,and other instructional films.worth a listen,check it out!


from quebec,canada,comes this duo,sounding much like godflesh,the swans early stuff and more.slight techno/dance touches,but industrial overall.there's been other bands using this name,but none sound like this.some pounding beats,and mellower loops,foetus-like perhaps?i don't know.i'm not really well versed in this style,check it out and tell me what you think!thanks!

Friday, August 28, 2009


not sure where this trio is from,but as i remember,it was chicago.i personally think this is the work of one man,sounds as if he sings on top of instrumental parts of metal songs,but i could be totally off base here.lots of samples,focusing mainly on a halloween sound effects record,and andrew dice clay.only a few minutes of actual noise songs,most of this 30 minutes is track 5 ,which is exclusively sampled recordings.enuff to make you shut it off,the few songs make it worthwhile,i think?kinda loud metally dig it!CLICK HERE: ACID BUM

TRAUMA ROOM -musca domestica musica

for the next several posts,i'll be covering bands on the sluggisha label,mostly out of state,not immediate sluggisha family,yet all distributed by sluggisha.this is trauma room,my tape is numbered 22/24, so not many copies of this rarity!talk about noise,this is power electronics industrial to the max!very noisy but in a subdued matter,incomparable to most normal music ,but the sounds should be familiar to those of you into the power electronics scene.i believe wheelchair full of old men records and tapes also carries a release by this trio.hailing from california,and sounding like sheer horror(not sheer terror,sorry!),this is a group that will probably never be heard on the top 40(maybe in 3000 a.d.!).still an impressive impression is made by this,check it out,you've never heard nothing like this,i don't think,anyway.CLICK HERE:

Monday, August 24, 2009


A compilation of solo artists,years in the making,an experiment of mine,wherein I got people who had no prior knowledge of how to play an instrument or sing,into the studio,hooked them up,and let them go.I produced this thing,but the folks on here did everything else themselves.The ratio is 60/40,in favor of adults,but the kids on here rule!My kids are here,and kids of friends.Ralph Tarantino,and Doug Shannon both clocked in for a track each,and Mr.Lee is here too!I only wish I had recorded these 2 brothers I met,who,though both deaf,could feel the vibrations from the amps as they jammed guitars,that was something I'll never forget,and wish everyone could have heard.but here it is ,all non-musicians making music.Leave comments you fucks!Thanks!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


there's a break in the sequence of noisekillr tapes!i could not locate noisekillr 6 anywhere in the vault,may require a deeper search,for now here's number 7.mostly centering on t.v.,but also utilizing a 1990 mustang's inner workings,all run thru,of course,a digital delay effect pedal,the core of noisekillr's bane.from 11/26/94,solo as always,continuing on in the great noisekillr tradition.great backround stuff,to think to,but just as swell jammin' at the backyard b-b-q!clear the hall with this great release,drive everyone home!and tell them to leave comments!!dammit!!


solo artist extrordinaire,mr. uncut,is back for round four!lots of samples from hip hop ,fat boys,breakdance,stuff,and some awesome 4-track recordings,utilizing some jackie gleason mellow records combined with some public enemy and the courageous cat theme,and more,then back to the broken record sound we all know and love for a few more tracks to the end.rap to this p.diddy!(pee shitty)mantras to make you build a towering clay bisque urn full of eye-talian food stick to a volkswagon full of goldfish.if that sounds good,you're dumb.thanks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


more solo projects,as i,under the guise of "ed wood",so as to avoid persecution under the law for free speech,do some spoken word.not to be boasting or anything ,but ask anyone from the old scene,and they will agree,i hope,that i was the catalyst that got downtown going,to what it is today(sorry).i got rick,owner of the draft house at the time,to let our band,one fell swoop play there,when no one was playing downtown,and then by reading poetry between or after bands(when gary had the draft house),i got the whole poetry slam thing going and then the coffee house opened(thanks to cindy bruce),and everyone tried to follow suit.most poets were reading lame love poems,and celebrating the most boring poetry of all, i was more confrontational,mostly reading lyrics to songs by bands i was in,some of which are hilarious,some serious,and some got peoples blood rushing.i would say what everyone else was too scared or embarrased to say,but wish they could.this is not all of my spoken work ,but about 10 choice picks of gigs from the coffee house,the draft house,pathfinders(thanks linda),and a studio'll also hear a few moments from sean mcardle,and red head nikki.vance plays guitar on session 10,i did all backround music for track 11,and i accompany myself on several acoustic numbers scattered track lists,but i usually say the title before each piece,also each track is a whole dated session.a couple of times the people running thangs tried to censor or stifle me,and wait till you hear the results!folks in an uproar over the pictures i paint in their brains,get 'em thinkin',then they get mad!no one can top me.this one strange character would show up unannounced,and take the mic from time to time.he wore a cape and some sort of bird mask with a beak,anyone know this man's identity?i never solved that mystery.but anyway here i am in some of my finest moments,i cover lydia lunch,nick cave,henry rollins,emilio cuberio,and other famed poets.i always listened to william s. burroughs,ginsberg and other beat poets,and said,i can do this,this is cool.i never went for people telling me what i could and could'nt say,and always went against the grain.i still hold these truths today.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


another solo artist in the continuing series,henry was not an immediate sluggisha family member,but rather a fan and fellow musician from san pedro,california.i know some of you are saying,"hmmm,now who do i know from san pedro?",that's right folks,the minutemen!and featured on this release(on at least 2 songs)is mike watt!! playing bass solos,and doing spoken vocals!any minutemen,firehose,or mike watt fans(hi,chuck!)(hi,fords!)take note of far as i know this was never released,i've never heard of it,internet search turns up zilch,so i guess this may be rare.fairly pedestrian 70's style mellow rock,1 blues instrumental number(for a minute),sometimes the vocals sound like a choir boy at sunday mass,pretty interesting piece of minutemen artifact,tell me what you think it sounds like.henry was apparently a drummer primarily,but tried to spread his wings here by doing vocals ,bass ,guitars,and drums.a couple of guest guitars as well,all notes in zip,details on the last 2 tracks are sketchy,may also feature watt,tell me if you think so.i don't know if that's henry in the pic above,he sent this for distro thru sluggisha.check it out!



Sunday, August 16, 2009

GREEN TRIANGLE- +orange claw hammer super bonus

joel rizzo,as green triangle,in some of his earliest work.the other green triangle post on this blog was the last thing he recorded under that name.this is some of the first.very alt-rock,power electronic,guitar based riffs,electro space organ keys,some spoken stuff,and at the end a surprise mini-super-bonus of a half dozen ORANGE CLAW HAMMER is a segment of a longer song,one is an instr. tony is on the och stuff,and i believe he helps out joel on some of this.some cool samples and sounds,this is the future now only long ago but coming back around to now,still not caught up with the current times,far surpassing what passes for music today.get this NOW!


This artist lives on an island near Jamaica,with some amps and instruments and a dog and a boat,and a television with a satellite dish,which is how he picks up his ideas.This is a concept album,based on Herb's adventures and nightmares of fighting a dub war with a ghost who lives in his t.v..Mostly based on an argument with David Letterman,about the world of the future,and how the ghost in the television plans on ruining any hope of a future which includes,flying cars,homes in space,and summer dogs.White boy rasta sounds,songs in homage to Haile Sellassie,praise Jah,homage to the sacred herb.A pirate who only robs smugglers of their green,to keep himself supplied,and able to survive on his own little island in the Carribean.Toke up and listen here,the second part of this Jah-pera,chronicles the battle with the ghost in the t.v.,and could cause trouble if you let him out thru your stereo or player,while listening,or even worse,listening on your computer,and having him get trapped in your hard drive!Anyway ,don't fear,listen to this,and leave comments for Herb,we'll send them in a bottle thrown into the gulf!

MICHAEL ALTON GRIFFIN-excerpts from the chip davis archives

this solo artist is heavily into orgonomics,and power electronics.some of this reminds me of 80's synth and new wave,mostly cabaret voltaire and d.a.f.,but i hear other influences as well.some spoken parts,guy gentry guests on guitar on one track,jimmy cochrane on keys on another track,very intriguing and nostalgic,reminds me of the 80's,waiting around some downtown area anywhere in florida,for the club to open for the punk show we were going to see.mike wrote some notes to this ,in the zip file.i have a tape of a few of his bands,schmutzigmuzik,vitreous humor,and gutbucket,that i will post at another time,none of which sound anything like this.very futuristic and spacey,yet old wave/new wave,the 80's is the decade that's repeating now,right?,so this is kinda topical!very enjoyable listen.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the genius of DAVE ROTH

Dave was a Ft.Myers,Florida musician,who moved on to Georgia and abroad,doing studio time with Sean "Puffy"Coombs(before he was anyone),Jad Fair,and lots of others.He was also in many bands such as the Go-Devils,Insane Jane,even a guest spot with Cat Machine.He invented the "Queerbait",a stringed electric noisemakin'lap steel contraption.This is a selection of early solo material,styles vary,experimental,cover of the Beatles,"Good Day Sunshine",I swear I have him doing"Theme Song from The Jefferson's",somewhere,(I may be dreaming),songs that sound like out-takes of Residents and Negativland,this is very cool nonetheless,a musicians musician,thinking music for those who can't think,this will distract your way of life!

Friday, August 14, 2009


One of my many solo projects(I need to find out just how many solo things I did some day,a lot!)
My little harpsichord poetry depression project.just me,a harpsichord,keys,and a recorder,in the garage,one drunken eve.A couple of Germs covers are here,and they rule!If you ever felt you wanted to end it all,this could you finish yourself off!Don't listen to this if you are in a funk,I can't be held responsible for what you might do.Stop me before I record again! G O D.

click here to enter the melancholy:

FRED-jeff mcdonald NOT formerly of redd kross

fred( jeff mcdonald NOT formerly of redd kross),vocalist and semi-lyricist for the fun sluts and the phone sluts,goes solo here,with a little help from me.starts off all fred on the first track,scary.i help out with the music on a sonic youth cover,and do some vocals on another number,fred does a couple of hip-hop rap songs as well.should have recorded a few more,as it was starting to hit a stride as it went on.not as together as the fun sluts,or as experimental as the phone sluts,but it is trippy in it's own right.if you know fred,you have to have this,and if you don't know fred,well,you're lucky!just kidding fred,don't get all pissed off! G O D


ian was the son of a friend.hanged out one day in the studio,i produced and engineered,ian did the rest,all the lyrics are his as well as the music.the gabbas join him on one song,and there are a few instumentals.veers somwhere between caroliner rainbow,sun city girls and old skull.pretty good for a little kid,plus he did the artwork you see above.i gotta get my kids on the ball,and have them make a new tape.this is cool,the last track has language a 7 yr. old should'nt be using,but who was i to stop him?huh?if you see diane ,say hi!G O D.


CRUCIAL FICTION -- X-ED +myopia!super bonus!

squeaky's free,and this comes to sluggisha from the vaults on the same day!another of tony's solo outings,made over the course of a few years,this is more lo-fi,lots of uncredited covers,lots of alternate and different interpretations of several myopia tunes,and there are bonus myopia tracks at the end,along with art and the original track listings,by tony.reminds me slightly of matty luv's(r.i.p.),of hickey and f- boyz fame,solo project called,"yogurt",a few tapes of which can be found,tell em' i sent you!but back to tony,great stuff here,he talks sometimes about when he lost his mind and alien abductions ,etc.,this tape here probably summoned the extraterrestrials to earth to procure young anthony ,to pick his genius mind.i could listen to this daily,i shit you not,very interesting and exciting music to be found inside.G O D.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


this is a solo release from tony rizzo,practically the vice president of sluggisha,with dues paid in many ft.myers bands dating back before the advent of the sluggisha label and into the new wave of artists,and instruments dutifully played.this project is now known as,'the mordrakes',and has a myspace page,but tony says he may revert back to this original moniker.this is tony in a pensive and pop mood,more relaxed and mellower than anything else he's done.there is a coupla times here he covers himself,from myopia songs to a boneshaker/stonehenge mouth number,and does it all alone,with no guest spots,except snuffleupagus on the final track.all art in zip and above by up: another solo turn by tony as"crucial fiction".stay tuned for that,in the meantime ,grab this and leave tony a comment,thanks! G O D.

click here for notes and art zip: notes and

Monday, August 10, 2009


an inconspicuous, shy,mysterious man,can be heard here.member of many bands,including some pretty high profile alternative bands(which we can't mention here,sorry),in tons of sluggisha bands,he of the crazy lyrics and insane vocal stylations,mad guitar skills,and a love of the beatles and the beach boys that goes beyond the of the finest guitarists i've personally known,and a great friend and bandmate.this is some of his solo experimentations,and songs with these bands,:the headlaunchers,gutbucket,black nerd,insect t-shirts,apocalyptic centurions(from their only non-live recording,the original cat machine house tapes),hackensack killers,boogie woogie brainwash,one fell machine,and the candy butchers.covers of dinosaur jr.,dick dale,sonic youth,the shaggs,and sly and the family stone.lots of record and tape manipulations to start off this journey,and lots of overblown guitar!one of the best musicians with one of the greatest musical knowledges,to ever have existed.don't miss this,some good stuff that should not be missed,check this blog for more of chipmunk's work,thanks,G O D. p.s. pic is of his grade school girlfriend,can't put his pic for fear of exposure.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

VANCE BURDGE-early solos

Vance is one of my best buds.We were in tons of projects together,but I'm not on this at all.But Nathan Adams,Eric'Trig'Triglet,and Nick Dunphee,do help out a little.About 50/50 on originals vs. covers.Some of the covers are from David Bowie,Love and Rockets,Christian Death,Black Sabbath,the Beatles,Bauhaus,the Go-Go's,and Vanilla Ice.You can kinda tell why we called him 'The Count',due to his affinity for goth.The Go-Go's ,Vanilla Ice,and Bauhaus numbers are parodies about local luminaries such as Shawn,Splashman,and Guy Gentry.There's also a hilarious imitation of Nick Dunphee on, 'Nick the What?'He leads off with the only country song I think he ever recorded,and goes into his goth styled tunes,some real trippin'stuff,and all those ace covers.Check his name on this blog ,He's probably in half the bands featured here!A fantastic all around friend,musician,singer,and the best engineer /soundman we had.A very accomplished artist. Hey buddy ,drop me a line and leave comments please!

Friday, August 7, 2009

CHUCK CONNELL-some of the best of CHUCK!

this was a labor of love for my good pal,and sluggisha all-star,chuck.i've never met a nicer guy in my life,as well as the bassmaster extrordinaire.many bands chuck was involved in are here,as well as solo turns,and some brand new tracks minted for this comp.lots of guests help chuck out also.vance,brophy,me,and peegsley(his lil bro,chris)are featured and the band list is as follows:absolut,cat machine,nitro kick,cheesy time warps,panther piss,phone sluts,on the lamb,cool papa rider,fat,dumb,and happy,and chuck's latest solo effort,gold on fire,which is totally professional sounding.i wish i had some big monster blunt to lay on you,as well as other bands with chuck,but this is what i got.there is much more of most of the bands on this comp as well as more chuck.hopefully chuck will get some more stuff together for a new comp of newer material,we are waiting chuck! 25 tracks that go on for 2 chuck plays long songs.there are some instrumentals,of all styles,tho' chuck really sticks to funk.he was like the flea of ft. myers,but also was in thrash metal bands,as well as alternative music bands,and some rather trippin'solo stuff.this is a good introduction to the guy we all know as chuck!if you're lucky ,you may one day meet him.till then ,study this profile!G O D.p.s.leave chuck some comments on his great work!thanks!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


take some myopia,add a little kike,stir in some centrifuge,you got you some BONESHAKER!.tony ,ron bohn,and vance,are psychin- out on this awesome release.several instrumentals litter up the joint a bit,but rock none the less.great covers of the birthday party and dead or alive,as well as a stonehenge mouth number.tony is in top form lyrically,vocally,and instrumentally.vance is the steady anchor as always,and ron,while not in many sluggisha bands,holds his own here.there may be more tracks missing,as with kike and centrifuge,i need vance to get in touch with me,cuz he may have the lost sluggisha archives treasure chest(we all hope!)sometimes obtuse,other times ,shades of pop,this is a band to be reckoned by tony and hopefully he'll leave some more notes about boneshaker in the comments!G O D.
p.s. a boneshaker is a velocipede!'

Saturday, August 1, 2009


the third tape from the broken record madman.lots more lock grooves,a long number further exploring the shauna grant record from uncut#1,i add vocals on ,"shot of his bed",some stuff from an old breakdance comp,guaranteed to drive most folks insane,try crankin' this up in a parking lot or at a red light,you won't believe the looks you'll get.hell,i've almost got in fights with rednecks before,who've said something to the effect of,"turn that shit the hell down!!",and i can't say that i blame 'em,but to me this is thinkin' music,to contemplate matters,also works great as a work motivator,the steady beats and rhythms,will keep you working steadily,try it out!the 1st track is a bonus from a local comp. remix,not included anywhere else,so i tacked it on here since it was recorded at the same session,enjoy or destroy this fantastical work of crap,more to come soon!art by eric and here zombie!: