Saturday, June 9, 2018

BLOOD RED OSCARS - Satan Peabody Goes To HELL!

Available only as a hard copy cd,until now,the latest full-length (2015) from Satan Peabody,the one man in this one-man band,The Blood Red Oscars.This is really two albums in one,every other song is a hilarious original tune ,followed by a punk rock classic ,done in Blood Red Oscars stylee,natch!This has been played on the radio numerous times in Sarasota on the Lumpytunes program,check it out!Taking inspiration from,and recording within the same time frame,as the great Food Fortunata's "Sockeye",and his other fine tardcore musics,hell the band is even named after a type of fish ,too! Going strong for over 20+ years with no signs of stopping,there have been releases recorded after this,mostly split and compilation tracks,more will trickle down soon!For now enjoy this as it unleashed upon an unsuspecting public,spread it round,far and wide,please!!!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Groovy Instrumentals For The Hip At Heart - An Instrumental 80's Mixtape ,1980-1986

This mixtape was made and given to me by an artist/teacher friend of mine ,Leo Johnson,back in 1986.Nostalgic harpings for the past,and memories of that which once was,will all come rushing back in this fantastic compilation.This is all straight from Leo's extensive vinyl collection.Every closet,crevice and hidden free space was filled to the brim with records of all types.He frequently made overseas trips ,and would always bring back a vinyl haul.THERE ARE NO VOCALS ON THESE SONGS,THEY ARE ALL INSTRUMENTALS!Goes to show,you don't need vocals ,to create feelings or moods,this has a total feeling of the times in which it was recorded.Also this tape is 32 years of age,so it may have sound issues,but nothing that will distract you from deriving pleasure from it.In any case I will now do you the service of walking thru this listening experience,either for or with you,so without further ado:

1.Matt Johnson-"Red Cinders In The Sand" - 1981 -4AD ,as a solo album under his own name ,re-released in 1993 as The The -"Burning Blue Soul",also on 4AD. The song is sparse and tribal,lots of drum sounds definitely off to a weird start.The exact same recording,full LP was retitled as "The The",and re-released in 1993,maybe it was 10 years ahead of it's time on the first go-round?,You tell me.
2.Dif Juz - "re" -1981 -4AD -from the "Huremics" e.p. .There are a couple more cuts but not the complete four tracks from this obtuse instrumental band,with weird 2 letter titles,on this compilation ,and I will refer back to this track number (2) in further listings of this band.This track reminds me of early PIL music,the dreamy,bassy sound,and also any number of other alt bands,Flamin Groovies,maybe,Gang Of Four? No I hear PIL on this here track,what says you?
3.Chris And Cosey - "Heartbeat" -1981 -Rough Trade ,Title track from their first LP "Heartbeat",very electronic,maybe even video-gamey,dance music for robots,still sounds dated and futuristic at the same time,almost early Human League-ish.Much different than their previous band,Throbbing Gristle.
4.Zerra 1 - "Saoirse I Do Cheann"1984 - Mercury Records - from the "Ten Thousand Voices/Message From The Peoples" 12" single ,an Irish band the song title translates in english to ,"Freedom In Your Head",and has an electronic tribal/jungle drum beat,and a panflute hook that is reminiscent of the theme from "Mission Impossible".Kinda ambient in your head stuff.
5.The Monochrome Set - "Andiamo" -1984 -Blanco Y Negro ,from the "Jacob's Ladder" 12" single,B-side.This is a rather surfy one,with tropical steel guitar zooming in and out,a poppy beat,and a beachy feel.They are featured a few more times on this mixtape,stay tuned.
6.The Smiths - "Oscillate Wildly" - 1985 - Rough Trade ,B side to the "Headmaster Ritual" 12" single ,pretty much a piano-driven instrumental ,with Johnny Marr's ,dreamy ,jangly chords,and a cello,along with the Smiths rhythm section ,no Morrisey to whine on this here one,but I'd like to hear what he would've spit on that!
7.Love And Rockets - "Saudade" -1985 -Beggars Banquet ,last track from their debut LP,"Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven",starts out with the same chordage as "Here Comes The Sun",by the Beatles,and a beat like a boat slapping against a dock,until it eventually morphs into movie soundtrack madness.Very atmospheric,and you hardly notice the shift ,til' after it's happened.
8.New Order - "Thieves Like Us" - 1984 -Factory , title track from a 12" single ,this song is heard on the soundtrack to "Pretty In Pink" as well.Sounds cool enough for the 80's ,effected guitars,keyboard riffs,bells,slap-bass,electronic drums,synthy as hell! I will refer back to this track number,when they pop back up again later in this tape.
9.Cocteau Twins - "Rococo" -1984 - 4AD - from the "Aikea Guinea" 12" single ,sounds mellow ,acoustic guitar with electronic keys/drum ,accompaniment,until the guitar and the drums/bass kick in for a tour de force,grungey sounding riff,not so far removed from stuff that came 10 years later out of Seattle.Kinda repetitive,but definitely time traveling in your mind.
10.The Monochrome Set -  "March Of The Eligible Bachelors" -1982-  Cherry Red,from the "Eligible Bachelors" LP,this one has a spacey ,theremin-like, keyboard,jangly guitar riff like REM or the Feelies,a surfy beat and bouncy bass,almost has a western desert feel with the guitar twang,and ends with the sound of an angry crowd.
11.The Pogues - "Wildcats of Kilkenny" - 1985- Stiff Records,from their 2nd LP,"Rum Sodomy,and The Lash" ,this one starts with the sound of cats ,and surfy/jangly 80's guitars,and a tribal beat,some pipes,pipe in,about halfway thru,almost doing the commercial jingle for "Irish Spring" soap,and picked mandolins,guitars,bassline,more cat screeches,definitely a very busy track,lively and jig-worthy!
12.The Smiths - "The Draize Train" -1986 - Rough Trade,from the B-side of the "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"12" single,also had "Frankly,Mr. Shankly" ,this is as close to disco as the Smiths ever got ,with a disco bass/drums/keyboard combo,Johnny Marr with his signature chordage,and some solos reminiscent of "rock" bands,weird track from them,definitely sounds like something from a film soundtrack.
13.The Monochrome Set - "Yo Ho Ho and Three Bottles Of Rum" - 1984 -Blanco Y Negro - from the "Jacob's Ladder" 12" single ,this is a dreamy slow surfy number,brings back that 80's feeling,it's just of it's time,although I can definitely hear the lineage from 60's surf instrumentals thru their filter.Nice and soft.
14.Dif Juz - "hu" - 1981 - 4AD -,from the "Huremics" 12" (see track 2),this one starts out with some sort of muffled loudspeaker announcement ,and then dives right into a driving riff,plodding bass line,urgent drums,and a one-note
15.New Order - "Murder" -1984 -Factory ,from the "Thieves Like Us" 12" single (see track 8),this one has a repetitive guitar line,a heavy bass,a driving beat ,and some weird sample of a guy yelling in the middle that drifts into an almost ghostly drifting ,far-off,underwater voice,not vocals,but musical sounds,and more of some guy talking throughout,still an instrumental,with samples.
16.Phil Manzanera - "Lagrima" - 1986 -EG Records ,from the "Guitarissimo" LP,this is spanish guitar sound,with a clavinet? perhaps,so ,sounds like something from a western movie,you can almost feel the dust in the air as you tip your cowboy hat back ,and draw your pistol.Very unlike his work in Roxy Music in the 70's.Very moody
17.Bow Wow Wow - "Orang Outang" - 1981 -RCA -from the B-side of the "Mickey,Put It Down" 12" single ,very surfy guitars,almost spanish,twangy,and western,all at once.The standard Bow Wow Wow rhythm section work,and no Annabella Lwin ,to make my dreams come true!
18.Simple Minds - "Film Theme Dub" - 1980 -Arista ,from the "I Travel" 7" single,long before the "Breakfast Club",and "Don't You (Forget About Me)" ,"Alive And Kicking" ,these guys were experimenting with their sound,trying to find their way.This is slow paced and atmospheric,and lives up to it's title.Reminds me of some demented Alice Cooper riff ,from "Welcome To My Nightmare".
19.Chris and Cosey - "Just Like Us" - 1981 - Rough Trade ,from their debut LP ,"Heartbeat" ,this one again reminds me of early Human League,has vocal samples throughout,like Throbbing Gristle without all the industrial flairs.Electronic madness.
20.Dif Juz - "cs" - 1981 -4AD -from the "Huremics" 12" single (see track 2),this one sounds like a mellower Gang Of Four,kinda militaristic,marchy,jangly,Weird voice samples,somebody says something at the endI think this band is pretty great!
21.The Monochrome Set - "Puerto Rican Fence Climber" - 1980 - Dindisc/Virgin ,this one ,from their "Strange Boutique" LP ,is a classic piece of 80's nostalgia.A great jangly band.Surf elements are again present,lots of bands that followed ,owe them a debt of gratitude.Great middle-eastern style surf breakdown solo in the middle.
22.Tones On Tail - "Instrumental" - 1982 -4AD - from their debut 12"ep,this is an atmospheric one,with orchestration and the standard 80's jangly guitar line,a walking bass line,keys,almost Bowie-like acoustic guitar breakdown in the middle bridge.
23.Human League - "Gordon's Gin" - 1981 - Virgin -from their 2nd LP ,"Travelogue" ,this is classic Human League sound,mid-era,before the girls,and the MTV,they finally showed up on this mixtape after me comparing other bands to them,I think now you can see that my comparisons were correct!I pretty much love all the early Human League stuff,I think it's swell,still futuristic ,to me,I imagine people of the future ,in outer space,will listen to this sort of thing.
24.Cabaret Voltaire - "Sluggin' Fer Jesus" - 1981 -Rough Trade ,from their "3 Crepuscle Tracks" 12" single ,this is an edited version of the track,has voice samples of a guy on a loudspeaker,a sequencer keeping the beat,and subtle nuances of keyboards and synths.A nice way to end this tape ,as it began,strangely!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS - The Unreleased Tapes

Dug up some stuff from the vault.I was supposed to release this last year at this time,as there was a song to be pulled from this session,(our last full recording,recorded,mixed ,mastered and put to cassette ,all in one night!),that was slated for the 100 band compilation ,"Big Tit Hoagie" ,which has still not got it's shit together ,and gotten released yet,sheesh! Myself was on vocals,lyrics,and drums,mostly,maybe a little guitar as well.Billy Drake,did all lead guitars,and was/is the greatest guitarist I've ever known.Even though this band was based on 70's bands like T.Rex,Sweet,Kiss,Slade,and other rock and hard rock bands,Billy was as knowlegeable at  70's rock as he was at psych,folk,flamenco,grunge,and any other style you may want to mention.As well as being a multi-instrumentalist,as most all of us were in the close-knit Ft. Myers scene.Vance Burdge ,my best pal,is on bass,and some guitars as well.He did the recordings thru an analog 4-track cassette recorder,the same kind of old machinery that I still use til this day.Vance also mixed this stuff ,I believe,It may have been me,we both would do those duties,sometimes both of us would do our own mix,so there would be different versions /mixes ,of the songs.Vance is one of the most talented musicians I know of,multi-instrumental,plus studio ,mix,master,recording know-how.Anyway,back to these recordings,10 tracks of 70's styled rock,although we were getting a little bit too far away from home here,straying off into ballads,blues,funk,southern-rock,a cover of a Supersuckers tune,and a handful of tunes that both musically and lyrically,hearken back to our beginnings.When the band started it was just me and Vance.Billy joined ,eventually ,because he was usually hanging out while Vance and I were writing songs.At one point ,we had a full -line-up adding Mike Smith on drums,and recorded 3 practice sessions,2 of which I have,and need to upload.The first Haleys release was cobbled together from almost every tape session we recorded.There were many songs left off,and there will be a new compilation posted here,soon,as well as those live sessions.We were practicing so we could play gigs,but our drummer didn't really like the "rock and roll" sound of the band and left soon after.We never played live,but Vance and I did acoustic versions of a couple Haleys tracks at an open mic night at The Draft House in downtown Ft. Myers,back when it was a shit hole,and not all glitzy and glamorous like today.We did record one more song after this session,our last tune is called ,"(I Wanna Be A) Busboy",and is on the first compilation ,found elsewhere on this blog,if you want to hear the sound of a band making it happen,even in the face of breaking up.There's more to come,don't be sad.This isn't our best work,but it still ranks up there .

Monday, June 4, 2018


Yes! ,We've reached the concluding volume to this masterful online compilation series.Hans Gudengast,of  the black metal band,Tyrantyr,in Germany,put all this music together in a 20 disc set and sent it to me to post to this blog,back in 2011-12.The title of the series,(Black Metal Cult) ,is a little misleading,as all genres of black metal were explored,as well as bands that really don't fit into any "black" sub-groups.Also the series was given it's title by me,way before a record company of the same name popped into the scene,I am not affiliated with that label,and have only good things to say about them.As for as my pal ,Hans,I know there will be a seat in Valhalla awaiting him,for the work he's done here,as well as for his band,Tyrantyr, keeping the metal black!Also Hans almost made a perfect "H" band cd ,if not for that pesky Black Dawn there to mess it up!! I almost made this one sub-titled ,"Volume H"! What's with the "H" ,Hans? Heil Hitler?,Heroin?,Hamburgers? Is it for your name? (Hans) ,is it representative of where we are all going? (Helvete or Hell),or maybe it was an out-take disc from an A thru Z  set of 26 discs,each one highlighting bands of that particular letter of the alphabet? That would be a cool one to do next ,Hans!

Sunday, June 3, 2018


 War and winter,two elements that are usually present in most lyrical content of black metal,so they are pictured here for this volume..Hans Gudengast,of the band ,Tyrantyr,from Germany,compiled 20 volumes of black metal from his record collection,back in 2011-12,and sent it to me to post on my blog.After much hullabaloo,the final 5 volumes are now being uploaded and posted,one more to go and the online box set is complete!

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Today's Black Metal Cult is brought to you by bands whose names start with the letters ,"B",and "F" ,with a few moments from "T" and "G" . Haha ,yes Hans Gudengast went Sesame Street on us,with this installment of the 20 part series.I noticed a lot of NS bands mixed in the series,hence the artwork,and also many bands that don't really fall into the genre of Black Metal,but that's okay,the majority of the tunes found on these comps ,is true black metal,and I'll give Hans a pass,he just wants to show off his collection,which I'm sure has grown to mountainous proportions by this point,6 years since he put this set together.

Friday, June 1, 2018


Another installment of the series of music from Hans Gudengast's collection.He sent me all of these cds in 2011-2012,and I am just now ,after re-upping all the past volumes,due to broken links,etc.,getting around to posting the final 5 chapters in this extreme canon of music.I noticed while looking back thru the track lists,Hans tends to pick several bands from the same alphabetized section of his records ie(see pic above) "D","O","Z",etc. Also all the art was put together for all the comps by Gray Meatballs,the resident ,in-house multi-media artist for Sluggisha/Mediachrist.Well,enjoy this ,whilst I ready the last 3 volumes for posting,coming here soon!