Sunday, June 28, 2009


this is the original 1st tape from this innovative artist.if you check out this blog you'll also find the second,even more futuristic,album,which i prefer,as this is somewhat primitive in recording techniques,but still will hold your interest.has a great jeopardy parody,i voice all 3 contestants,and alex trebek,stars as himself.also covers of louie,louie,the heartbreakers,a coupla sex pistols numbers(all the cover songs are played on a discarded toy phone i found in the trash,when you push the buttons it makes different tones!)almost an american version of hanatarash!some embroyonic versions of sexboy tunes,lots and tons of samples that will weird you out,this is still a valid expression of future musics,even tho' it's from the 90's,no one has done anything like this or the second great release(salem curbing 2-"the beat clam goes to the meatball social,or,we are science tits!")yet,and i don't know that anyone will ever catch up with this sound,it's so far in the future.lots of little songs interspersed through-out the proceedings,so don't lose patience,just like the 2nd one,lots of treasures await,and you never can tell what's coming next.bears many repeated listenings.good for backround or crankin',great for parties,a real conversation piece.2 side long tracks,as to keep the continuity flowing.this just may cure your ailments,click here and call me in the morning: 


second in the noisekillr series,features"the cycle" ,a 40 minutes+ opus,and check out god doing stand-up comedy here on,"two penguins",freakin'genius.definitely more power electronics,similar to the first this series continues,the music gets even more adventurous,so stay tuned for that. 


the first release by noisekillr,who was half of industrial belt b-38,along with mr.497.very experimental,utilizing all manner of instrumentation,as well as samples,t.v.,and effects.some power electronics moments,and just flat out instrumentals.the side long track,"plans of the evil ",is also included here.the first in a series of around a dozen releases by this artist: 

Friday, June 26, 2009


4 bands here,all kinda melodi-pop emo-punk,not bad at all,i recommend the 1st track by"pasteeater"my fave here,also includes,radon,wordsworth,and don't be one,a worthy document of a worthy scene,florida is a hotbed for punk rock.all inserts in zip,click here: 

ONE FELL SWOOP-live at the draft house 1/31/92-first live show ever!

me,joel and chipmunk,in our little alt-rock trio,me and chip on guitars,jorl on drums,except when he sings,me on drums,we all sing,mostly me.i wrote the lyrics and we cover,flamin'groovies,the fall,syd barrett,hendrix,stooges,sonic youth,led zeppelin,and black flag.kinda electric eels style,no bass,just guitars.we sound much different live,with a real drum kit,instead of our usual kit(see other one fell swoop post for details)and the flyer on the other post is for this show ,the flyer on this post is for a show a week later,black nerd opened for us(i'll post that later),and we had a big crowd of locals who were rather pissed at my intro to"red letter day"when i razz nirvana for their sell out video(smells like...)on mtv at the time,lots of folks walked out after i make my comments,oh well,they missed the rest of a hell of a good show!we aquired a residence as the house band at the draft house for some time after this.i was the one who got them to let us play and start a scene in our crappy little town.kinda busted open the floodgates for a million embryo alt rock bands and punks to play and hang out,before that downtown was just drunken bums hangin at the bar.lots more live and studio tapes to come.the first track is an improv,which we usually used to apply to a regular set list,we'd always do a few improv jams.a fine document of a fantastic band,stay tuned for more,for now click here: FELL SWOOP-first show live 1-31-92-the draft

CHEERFUL HANGERS-forever falls

this band,me,joel,tony,and vance,is kinda related to,heeb,yid,and kike in sound and track is a tribute to cat machine,and the third track was pilfered by kike for their full length(probably a different mix).don't miss the 4th track,it goes by as quick as the shake of a lamb's tail!the 6th track features special guest guitar from billy.tony sings one,vance sings one ,i sing 3 ,and 2 instros.all in all an enjoyable listen.try to fit this into one of your "genres",you jaded bastards!click here: 


this band was a one -off project with 8 ,chipmunk,billy,shane,vance,chuck,sean,and fred,all took part.chuck's bass lines really hold this all together.kinda am-rep/sonic youth/free jazz,type of sound,some instros,some vox.don't let the 1st track fool you,we were going for that,"the tape deck is eating your tape sound"(this was originally on cassette),to freak people out.has some sax on a few tracks as well.can't pin down a genre,as with most of our bands,so just download and listen up,click here: 


a new york harcore style band,just like you'd hear in n.y.sean fleck on vocals,biron on guitar,jeff on bass,and steve on drums.sean and i were friends,he was in film school,and used some of my music in a few of his films soundtracks.he also lent me a video camera for a few years,in which time we made "pissing out the poison",the movie,i made a few short films,and we filmed our bands playing shows.back to the tunes,quite good for what it is,fave tracks are,"ho bag",and "snitch".they used to be known as "grinch",till they found out there were one or more bands using that moniker.get your boots and get ready to mosh,click here for the tea dance: WE


hey,it's brophy on drums again,nathan adams on guitar and lead vocals,and jason powell ,bass and vocals.they had an orlando connection.kinda funky like hendix meets lenny kravitz(oh yeah,they're the same person,right?),with one track revisiting their ska roots.yes,i think they started as a ska band,and as that market overflowed into the sewer,they swtched up to this funky sound.reminds me of early 70's funk rock bands.the last track is almost reminiscent of a ween cut-out with it's falsetto vocals.pretty professional sound as well,far beyond sluggisha standards.i don't know what became of vols. 1,2 or anything after 3,i've never heard ' here :


this is a hip hop funk rap metal band,with brophy on drums.i don't know the other members,but they seem to have an orlando connection.kinda like i imagine what mike muir's funk metal band sounded like,or any rap metal crossover band from the 90' here for link: GROOVE

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STONEHENGE MOUTH--strictly the phedinkus

about 2:30-3:30 a.m.,october 10th 1991,at my house,this was of our famous one-off bands,me,tony,joel,and chipmunk.great mood created by the late hour,straight to boombox.some tracks have the one fell swoop drum kit(see the one fell swoop post for more info on that matter),and there's one instro,and each of us sing one,for a total of 5 tunes.the standout fave for me is the 3rd track,"off my hooves",which tony wrote the words to,i play bass,one of my finest bass lines ever,and it's my pick of the various versions of this song(boneshaker does a faster version,totally different music,tony,ron,vance,but that's for a future post)one of my top 20 greatest sluggisha songs,ever!!in closing let me say,this is a fine jamming band,check the line-up,one of many bands with the same members,yet with a sound all it's own,but it's awfully hard to scrub the cat machine off!.click here buddy: 

Monday, June 22, 2009

the T V G B ' S

not related to cbgbs,except for the fact that it's punky music.kinda ultra intellectual a t v with nothing but information ,or a set of encyclopedias,or sitting in a college course,listening to lyrics vary greatly,every subject is touched upon,the music is varied as well,sticking to a mostly punk /tard style,but some metal leanings are also heard.i also hear a bit of minor threat like emo/caring type of's a trip to the library,a virtual cornucopia of information.i play all instruments,a real drum kit,all vocals,i am all alone here again.very cohesive sound ties it all together in a neatly wrapped package.a/k/a the tee vee gee bees,also has nothing to do with the bee gees.a real lone wolf sounding type of recording that will either cheer you up or make you even more depressed,but laughing.with a germs by me.pretty fuckin'cool,a good listen .click here for zip file: 

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Me ,Tony,Joel,and Chipmunk, were on our way to record something at the bakery.On the way there we had a road rage run-in with some rednecks,who appeared to be furious with us for being cooler than them ,apparently,and in the course of their ignorance,gave us a name for this project,we were about to embark on.Utilizing huge metal bread proofing cabinets,for part of the percussion,and other instruments of baking as musical instruments,as well as guitars, bass, drums,make for strange bedfellows.Other bands also recorded in this factory, including,Jesus Freak and the Barefoot Bandit,and Whoreshack.This ,as with other of our bands,is practically indescribable,but the final track may yield a clue in the title,"Humans Reared In Institutions".This is basically the sound of this project,with a Lubricated Goat cover.Don't disregard this as noise or industrial,this thing rocks the fuck out! P.S. the sign in the pic above has nothing to do with our band,but there is no cover art ,so's ,ready-made,in the tradition of the early dadaists and surrealists,which I like to think of me and my bandmates,and almost everything on this blogspot as.Grab this now,and kill rednecks today!Oh yeah,one more note,what's the difference between a good ol' boy and a redneck?a good ol' boy raises livestock,a redneck gets emotionally involved!Ha ha!Click here: 


a duo of blood,(me),and friction,(tony), recorded while vance was mixing down tempo house,(see post directly below this post),and is spacey,funny,scary,and just flat out strange and kooky.very musical in an other-worldly way.use of samples and a micro recorder really messes with your senses,and is disorienting at all our bands on sluggisha,hard to pin to a genre or to classify,has that blood and friction sound,if you know what i mean!,if you don't ,download here and now!: 


this is a trio of me tony and vance,slight religious,gospel hymn, feeling here,due to use of hymn book for lyrics,i guess?also songs of scooby snacks and the bourgieousie.a weird feeling is brought on by listening to this,it creates a mood ,so to speak.very hard to nail down,check it here: 


this is me and fred,with a novel idea,call people and have them sing over the phone,while we play the music on our end.i had a phone tap mic hooked into the 4-track,and the instruments all hooked up so the singer could also hear the music in the phone.we also do a few actual songs ourselves,without the phone guests(sluts).the guests include some of fred's family(carol,rob hoke),answering machines,mrs. carwile(shane's mom),ralph tarantino,gunnar,tony rizzo,dean,some girl?,sean woodcock,and chuck connell.some of this stuff is just phenomenal,but alas,it was only this one tape,wish i had done more,cuz it's a very interesting concept,with bizzare outcomes.this was slightly before the fun sluts(a few posts down below)and right after freddy's solo album(which will post soon).if you like all this reality t.v. crap ,you will love this eavesdropping on a band and it's phone singing and talking guests.different than any band you ever heard,here or elsewhere...........G O D .click here,slut!: 

Saturday, June 20, 2009


this is me ,solo,paying tribute to the forefathers of punk,the 60's garage bands.many cover tunes from many bands you never heard of all played by me,plus a couple swell originals in the style .really some of my best work vocally and musically ,except for the other 300 or so projects i've been involved in.just paying homage to the gods,lysergic and hallucinogenic psych that could twist your mind forever.nah,just great garage punk,check out my guitar solo on"someday baby",i actually sing the guitar solo,not play it,the last 2 tracks are live at 5455 with billy,mike,and joel from a buzz workshop named because i live far away from all my old friends and bandmates that this band never will be!smoke 'em if you got 'em and kick out these jams! G O D

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is my solo attempt at 4 part barbershop quartet harmonies.Includes the hit,"Extra Relish".10 short jingles,tardcore shop quartet,is more like it,as the voices swirl thru your brain making you wish it was over,then it is!Art by Gray Meatballs.Click here if you are a tard: 


this is me on all instruments and back up vox,fred(jeff mcdonald, not formerly of redd kross)on vocals ,and we both wrote lyrics.great tardcore punk,that will make you laff,and also say,"damn these boys is a' rockin'!"covers of the vibrators,buzzcocks,misfits,the collins kids and the dwarves.also see their xmas album elsewhere on this blog.lyrics range from food,drugs,tardcore,one legged guys,satan,and lots more.the band that led to this,the phone sluts,will be posted soon ,as well as fred's solo album.tired of being in a censored nation? (also NOW! added bonus tracks from the "SLUGGISHA 500" compilation!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


kinda pickin' up where KIKE(same line-up) left off,and sounding even more drugged than usual at some points,also for some reason reminds me of a modern day pink floyd.fucking cool ass shit here folks,do not miss it.tony,vance,joel,and i think phil plays sax on a few moments mellow,rockin',even a few black/death metal like tunes,where the vox go to cookie monster growl.for the most part though,just pleasantly euphoric,make you smile type of tuneage.i think this is everything they ever recorded, 

Friday, June 12, 2009


only one track from this duo of me and chipmunk."i'm whippet man" says it all,weird,strange,crazy,music and double tracked vocals make this a treat for the eyes and the vids they make in your brain.if you have some whippets it will most definitely enhance your experience.about 10 minutes of foolishness from this uncompromising duo of dorks,art by alan smith of trance zine in denver,co.,click here dummy:


this is me and mike smith,he plays drums,i play bass ,guitars,and vocals,and lyrics.songs range from 16 to 54 seconds,but it's not hardcore.kinda alt grunge metal musings on subjects from doctors,to moles,to feelings,to bag ladies.really neat thing here ,only 10 songs that go by in a caffiene by my son ,eric.don't miss this dimwit here ,fool!: 


this is one of joel rizzo's solo outings,i believe the last using this moniker.there are more ,earlier recordings which i will post at another time.for now,this is highly experimental stuff,utilizing traditional instruments,a reel to reel tape machine,appropriation of songs,and lots of cool sounds.even a spoken word number about"the new guy",which is a blast,yeah joel,FUCK that new guy!!anyway,very psychy and woozy,you will here:


hardcore nihilist anarchist crusty scum punk rock from milwaukee,wisconsin.these guys are like if g.g.allin wasn't SO fucked up,and he kept it together a little better.almost heirs to the throne ,tho.even has a cover of drink,fight,and fuck.great punk rock that everyone should enjoy.lots of pictures ,lyric sheets,in zip file click here if you like punk: 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

STIMPY-avant tarde frizz form jazzums

yes,this is stimpy,not one of the many other crap bands with this name,this is THE stimpy,the original.kinda noisy jazz freeform paintings,some instros,some with vocals.the first 8 tracks comprise "the sounds of stimpy" e.p.,the next 11 tracks are the tape,"heady brew o' noise",and finally the last 5 tracks are "stimpy,live at the draft house".three slightly different lineups for each session.1st tape is:me,joel,chipmunk,and fred ,and a sax.2nd tape is:me,joel.chipmunk,fred,and shane,and a sax and trumpet.the live is me and sean burch,popping coins in the jukebox and playing on top of rock classics,announcements,and an original tune,very wild and funny,and a sax.if you dig coltrane,pharoh sanders,albert ayler,or any free form jazz,you'll dig it.if you like noise,you may find something here you may enjoy.thanks trish for sax!.leave comments.please!link here: 

Monday, June 8, 2009


now for the slowest band of all time:quaalude!.even sped up as fast as you can ,on high speed dub,still slower than even the slowest doom or stoner band.almost annoyingly slow,and happened by accident.we recorded 2 songs and the tape ran out,apparently the recorder had the wrong cord plugged in it,and the tape recorded super fast,in like 5 ,joel,sean,t.j.,and shannon are the band.t.j. and shannon were a couple of teenage girls who for some reason ,latched onto us for a few weeks or so.the results are astounding,you can't even imagine how s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w this is.for fans of downers and extremely depressed people,might even help you decide to end it all.dispiriting here for link:


Dug Boone again,this time with Gainesville folks,Dug on guitar,(some of his solo stuff is mixed in here too)hard to pin down sound,I hear Sonic Youth,electronic blippy stuff,Meat Puppet like instros,weird samples,pretty cool and quirky sound.I don't know if any one in the band even has this material,as their myspace page has none of these tracks,check it out.


like kindergarden terror,brian is here with his obnoxious vocal style,mike is on drums and dug on guitar.a punk trio to be reckoned with.just funny lyrics(like kindergarden terror)about everything from slayer("slayer sucks"),to nursery rhymes("mary had a little lamb"),to the blues("bearhead blues",and"boxcar blues").i even found a bonus track in the form of the tape they used was taped over one of those "guy in the mall playing the keys at a music store" type of keyboards,with a little tune dingling on there,at the end of the tape.great laffs,and punk rockin as hell.obvious crossover sound,they got the crowd chantin,"fuck slayer,f-f-f-f-fuck slayer!"art by brian again i here:


on the heels of the tribute to the memory of cort post,here are some of cort's best friends,in a late 80's punk band.almost crossover sound on some tracks.mike smith,drums-dug boone,guitar-jim,bass-brian reed,vocals-and richard on additional and back up vox.brian,who later became a mellow deadhead,is one of the most obnoxious singers of all time.some stand out tracks include:"oh yeah","joe","king tut",and "cookies".art by brian,me thinks.if you like punk or crossover you will love this.related to pigtales in the post above this.clickhere for link:

Friday, June 5, 2009


this is everything ever recorded by the great american tardcore band,"crapola".only a dozen tunes from 2 sessions in and vance are here,but it's unclear who else took part,becuz there is no band listing,maybe vance remembers?anyway if neil young sang for a pickup tardcore bluegrass band from a mental home,and it was today,it would sound kinda like this.there are covers of the misfits and hawaiian war chant(of which i have compiled a 90 minute tape of many ,many versions ),as well as tubular originals.just lots of fun for us and now you."met a drunk driver",and"c'mon girl put on your pretty dress"should be hits in our alternate universe called sluggisha.really spacey and woozy,like a morning after drunk or that first of the greats in the tardcore world.don't eat stuff from circle k,you'll puke!get out your lap steel and join in!


ABI HAII-fypo in 5 parts

since we're on the subject of dug and mike here's a duo they formed for this one-off project,"abi haii".mike was living with me at the time and once i woke up and went out to the garage to do some recording,i found this in the 4-track,quite a find too!don't be fooled by the title,there's only 4 parts,ha ha,jokers are they.kinda laid back mostly instrumental songs,which bridge the gap between the last post and the next world.if you imbibe,you will enjoy,for the curious,it's a joyride of franks and beans and jam on axe.all hail the newest instro gods,abi haii! G O D.p.s. i don't know that guy up there in the picture,do you?


Sadly,a great human died,a great friend to many,a pacifist,anarchist,punk rockin' dude,who was the kindest guy you could ever meet.I can imagine him walking old ladies across the street in heaven.Yes ,Cort Sayer is missed by many and I hope all who loved him will leave a comment or a kind word or even a little anecdote about our dear friend.This post has 3 bands,2 of which Cort was a member.Now as far as I know,Cort didn't play an instrument,didn't sing,and wasn't in a it may come as a surprise to many that he did do these couple of bands in Sept. of 1996.Cort sings,plays and hangs out with the gang.The first band featured here is "BALD HEADED CHICKEN FUCKER"with me,Cort,Mike Smith,and Dug Boone,and sounds like an american Boredoms meets a chicken salad sandwich,quite tasty!Next up is "STOOL AND THE SOFTNERS"which is me ,Cort,Vance,and Dug,and is like a rocking quartet of idiots,who someone tried to record once,sounding rather 90's I might add.Last is one track from"KINDERGARDEN TERROR",named"Cort Song",and is quite prophetic,lyrically.The band is Brian Reed(vocals),Mike Smith(drums),Dug Boone(guitar),and Jim(bass),and is the kind of obnoxious punk that Cort liked.I will post that tape in it's entirety soon along with a companion band,sounding much the same but a trio,(no Jim on bass)called "PIGTALES".Cort was everyone's friend and I'm sure we will all miss him forever.Cry a tear,and leave a note for the memory of Cort,an awesome guy. G O D .art by me and my son Eric.  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

P O S T # 1 0 0 ! ! ! CAT MACHINE-"The Mystery,The History,& Shit" (A Chronological Look At The Greatest Underground Band,EVER!!!)

finally,we made it to post # 100....over a month in the works,199 tracks clocking in at 9.9 hours of ridiculous goodness.the picture above shows all the tapes(minus 2 i found after the picture,bringing the total to 47 tapes) that i pulled this together from,and believe me there's much much more.for the downright greatest hits of all,grab "litterbox",a compilation found elsewhere on this blog.this here thing tho',being split into 10 zip files,runs thru every machine b.c.(before chipmunk),the chipmunk era,4-track era,live rehearsal all started one day when a friend stopped by and happened to bring joel rizzo with him,we hit it off and even jammed a little on a few things i was working on at the time,and he said to come to his place and rock with him and his brother,tony.i was there soon and we took off on a year long spree of music making as cat machine.gramp's house where we usually recorded,became cat machine house to all who knew us.we had many guest stars,as anyone who showed up when we were recording was in cat machine.dave roth,katie ball,nathan adams,tall ray,chris nicholson,philbert ze chocolat clown,brian"snax"siders,sean sommers,dave antelope leaps,chuck connell,and more people joined in on various songs.more frequent collaborators were billy drake,shane carwile,vance burdge,who were all practically full fledged members,they played with us so much.we recorded direct into a boombox usually,but as you'll hear,we hit our stride on the 4-track sessions.when chipmunk joined,on the 19th tape,"a chip off the old monk",he brought with him to the group,great knowledge of guitar and music,and added a new dimension to our sound.between billy and chris ,we had a couple of the greatest guitarists i've ever known in my life.also imbibing substances and alcohol fueled our furor,hell,we were tripping on the "god's afterbirth"tape(i should post that in it's entirety,it' s a blast!).we would trade instrument and vocal duties after each song,even live on stage,which probably made people think we were totally nuts(we were).chris also wrote some of the greatest and funniest lyrics ever,but could sing anything and make you burst a blood vessel laughing,using many voices and personas.the first gig we ever played was the best anyone could hope for.(oh.yeah,gramps was also a frequent "guest",as he would bust in on the proceedings with a shocking regularity.once i walked in on gramps in his bedroom,he had a dirty blue fuzzy blanket laying on his bed,with about 6 cooked hot dogs and 6 buns ,which he was in the process of constructing.)we played for about 35 disgruntled youths in a juvenile detention center,i wish we had a recording of THAT! 2 kids liked us, the rest just sat there brooding,we felt like the cramps at napa state mental hospital,it was swell.then we got a show with myopia at visions,a recording of that either,probably for the best,as the owner said we were too loud and rattling every window in his establishment,and we weren't allowed back,but myopia played ther a few more times(cat machine pre-made flyers for a few more shows there,before we found out we were 86'd).we were supposed to do a benefit gig at norma jean's for some dead chick,but we fizzled out before that happened(me,chris,and joel played there as one fell swoop tho')we existed sept.90-sept.91,then me, joel ,and tony re-formed for a reunion tape(projek pimps)some of which is featured here,in mid 1992.we also re-grouped again with vance and did "the last newest one",to be found elsewhere on this blog along with our xmas release"poolside yuletide".cat machine was very important for many reasons.first off,we spawned over 100 bands and projects featuring one or more of us,before,during and long after cat machine.we heavily influenced many young kids just getting into the scene into starting their own bands.we were at the very beginning of a scene which died as we knew it by 1997.we were somewhat of a mysterious bunch,kinda secret society stuff,in our little cat machine world.the name cat machine came from the 1st tape,when we took a bunch of crazy mary's cats and put them in a pillowcase and recorded it.thus we invented a cat's the first track on "litterbox",if your'e interested(also now included here! track 00).we all wrote lyrics,mostly me ,i had notebooks full,i used to bring to every session,tony wrote some,chris wrote some,joel kicked in,and we all passed around a note book and took turns writing lines in some instances.we all sang,we all played any instrument or non-instrument that we could get our hands on.we experimented with many styles of music,blending them into the signature cat machine sessions usually someone would come up with a riff,then it was 1-2-3-go!,making for some crazy ,sometimes improv,songs.even this makes cat machine important,the name"sluggisha"came from a song(included here)called"let me be your soybean buddy"and the line,"eat meat,makes you sluggish-a",which was a thing we picked up from listening to the fall.the singer,mark e. smith,has a habit of adding "uh" to the end of each line."3 mark smiths-ah"(included here) is me ,tony ,and joel going off at the same time,spouting lines from books,mark smith stylee,just laugh ,dummy.anyway in conclusion,september 25th,2010 will mark the 20th anniversary of the band.i always hope for the big reunion gig,so guys if you're reading this,let's set something up,we could rule the world about now.but on that date i will post a comp. of the weirdest,strangest,mind-bendingly off the wall tracks we ever laid down,there are so many to choose from.i'll put up more before that,but until then try dissecting THIS! also in the zip files is a bunch of flyers,info on which tapes the songs came from,a list of guests and the tracks they appear on,and the original sluggisha logo,drawn by steve reed.there are many gems here,and everything we did pretty much rules,so you can't go wrong .oh and one more thing:PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS,WITH YOUR NAME ,E-MAIL,ANY INFO YOU WANT TO LEAVE,BUT PLEASE GIMME FEEDBACK ON THIS AND ALL POSTS!!THANKS-----G O here :