Saturday, December 16, 2017


For the 9th year in a row,the annual Xmastravaganza compilation is here from Sluggisha! This year 33 bands,perform 47 songs! Nearly 2 full hours of the best xmas music of this year! As per usual ,The Dricore Show,on WCSB,Cleveland ,Ohio ,will be featuring this compilation on their Christmas episode,which will be on Wednesday into Thursday (December 20/21),and everyone is encouraged to call in and comment,or request a song,or be interviewed ,if you sent a song in for this!Don't call til after midnite on Wednesday ,(Thursday very early A.M. .like 12:30 or whatever!)Front cover art by Food Fortunata,back cover and layout by Gray Meatballs ,music compiled by G O D .Thanks to all who support Sluggisha ,and all the folks who contributed music and art to this comp.(pay no attention to the track listing on the pop out player at archive . org) Here is the band/track list in order: 

1.THE XMAS PISTOLS - Christmas (I Ain't No Santa Claus)
2.THE MIDGET TOURNAMENT feat. AK47 - Christmas Is Holy And Good
3.GROB - Grobbletoe And Holly
4.GROB - Grobs That We Have Heard Are High
5.GROB - The Grobmas Waltz
6.GROB - Winter Grobberland
7.MURDERED BY ROBOTS - Santa Claws (Is Cumming To KILL You!)
9.BELSEN MANDELA - I M Gettin Older
10.BELSEN MANDELA - Your Parents Are Satan
12.DR. NOISEM - Christmas Noise
13.SCROMIT - Christmas With The Niefkos
14.UGLY GUY - Deck The Halls With Vomit
15.UGLY GUY - Fuck Yourself For Christmas
16.UGLY GUY - Happy Christmas Songs
17.UGLY GUY - Stupid Fucking Elf
18.CHUCKY LIKES TUNA - Santa's Spies
19.DITLEV BUSTER - Sort Motor Praest (With Little Fyodor)
20.BOOSB - Beating Off On Santa's Beard (Beavue Cleavue cover)
21.BOOSB - Daddy Fucked A Sleigh (Banana Twins cover)
22.GOLDEN EAGLE GALS - Little Trumper Boy
23.BLOOD RED OSCARS - Christmas Cuts Farts
24.GEFILTE FIST - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
25.JUDAS CHRISTMAS - Delivering The Gifts
26.PEE IN EYE - Let's Spits On Santa's Mitts
27.THE HEY HO HO HO'S - Santa Is A Punk
28.FISTFUL OF ENTRAILS - Ramming Christmas Down Your Throat
29.NOISEKILLR - Jah Xmas Dub
31.HELL GARBAGE - Jingle Hells
32.HELL GARBAGE - Snoop Christmas
33.SANTA WEARS BOOTS - Figgy Pudding
34.QUIET SHITHEAD - I Hate Fucking Christmas
35.MICHAEL ELVIDGE - Wintertime
36.JOHN FATSO 1950 - Roiland Loop 1
37.JOHN FATSO 1950 - Roiland Loop 2
38.JOHN FATSO 1950 - Roiland Loop 3
39.WEIRD PAUL PETROSKEY - You Put The Goddamn Tree Up Too Early
40.KILL THE HIPPIES - Incident On Manger Square
41.HERRING - Jingle Jangle Balsa
42.KENNI AND LASSE - Julesok
43.Z.A.T.H. - All I Want For Christmas Is Nuclear War
44.Z.A.T.H. - Let's Make A New Holiday
45.Z.A.T.H. - Merry Christmas From Outer Space
46.Z.A.T.H. - Santa Knows All
47.UNCUT - Bah,Humbug

All the flyers posted online to facebook are in the zip file,along with the front and back cover art seen above,plus all the music listed here.Have a Merry Xmas,and until next year,Oi!!!