Friday, December 18, 2015


Wow! I guess this has never been posted? I always thought this was uploaded as part of the ONE FELL SWOOP  canon! So for the first time anywhere ,here is the band,featuring three quarters of the revolutionary ,underground band ,CAT MACHINE,with their xmas release ,Ed,Joel,and Chris recorded at Gramps  (a/k/a Cat Machine House) in December of 1991.    24 years ago!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015


One of the best compilations yet!! guaranteed to bring some xmas cheer and boos (booze?)!!Cover art by Food Fortunata (front cover,duh!) and Gray Meatballs (back cover layout) & Frank Oblak (Sluggisha cat logo). There's punk,noise,parodies,experimental,tardcore,and so much more! A couple of compadres from South America,2 factions of the Canadian Chachi On Acid faction(and more kanucks as well!),some of the Seasonal Men's Wear/Brown Bear Records dudes,a radio dj from Sorrysota,I mean from Florida,to Washington,From New Jersey to Brazil,From the Great White North to the Mid-West,we're all over the map here,as are the music styles! Punk goes xmas with covers of bands like:The Sex Pistols,Flipper,Fang,The Smiths(okay,not punk),The world debut of Grob as Frank Sinatra(kinda punk)The Tijuana Brass(definitely not punk),Wall Of Voodoo (kinda new-wave),and also classic xmas carols barely recognizable,and new carols for the future generations ,such as the 6-pack of new xmas ditties from the tardcore super-duo ,Z.A.T.H.!! The noise scene chimes in with Noisekillr,Baconaisse,Curd,Menso Noise,Waste Of Tape,Chochos Y Moscas,& Pee In Eye.Hopefully to be played on Russ's "Olde Tyme Dricore Show" on WCSB in Cleveland,Ohio,as in the past ,and I have done a cover of "Mexican Radio" ,as "Christmastime Radio" ,(by WALL OF GIFTS) ,with a mention of Dricore in the lyrics!! Download now and experience the best xmas comp this year since Jake Joyce's "NOLLAIG III" was released last week! Enjoi! and Xmas and stuff.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


wow! 7 years on this blog! congratulate me and wish me a happy birthday! It's also our 25th year as a label! Lots of good stuff is forthcoming! Stay with me for all new music and art coming constantly!Become a follower today! Don't miss any more music you won't hear anywhere else!Thanks to all who follow and soon will follow! Always remember to have FUN!!


That's right! The Sluggisha Tapes label is 25 years old today!! I started out as a mail order catalog in 1990,thru 1997 ,then moved operations to the Sluggisha blogspot in 2008 (our 7th birthday on the web is today ,too!!),uploading almost the full catalog ,for free downloads! After a mediafire fight a few years back the blog was deleted,but is slowly coming back to life (thanks to James Von Springspinnen!).Any links with the links are valid. The mediafire links are all dead! But ,back to the subject at hand! Please wish us a happy 25th anniversary ,and stay tuned for a special 25th anniversary online release,featuring some of the best moments from the past 25 years!! Thanks to all who follow or will be following soon!!Find us all over the web,just google ,"sluggisha" ,we are on bandcamp,youtube,soundcloud,,,here on this blog ,and other places ,too!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I am currently looking for 7 more artists renditions of the SLUGGISHA TAPES  cat mascot! This Saturday is the 25th anniversary of SLUGGISHA TAPES  as a label and the 7th year of this here blog as well!!If you can draw a cat head you are in!! the first 7 will be accepted .any after that will be used on future releases,artworks,etc.! I currently have 18 cat heads!!You will be credited!There will be a 5x5 grid of cat heads with the original by Steve Reed in the dead center. The 25 cat head pic will be used on a 25th anniversary release and possible t shirt,if there is interest.The drawings will also be used on future releases! Please join today! I want these works by this weekend!!!Thanks!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


55 band ,2 cd set ,a total tribute to the 1984 double vinyl lp on R RADICAL Records ,the inprint of MDC'S  David Dictor!! spots are still available ,and we need pre-orders and contributions to make it real!!! pleas give now!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

THE GOLDEN THROWN - Majestick,Rejected

My pal ,Tony Rizzo,co-founder of Cat Machine,and member of many Sluggisha bands,with his latest project! I'll let him elaborate further!

Picking up where The Phantom Third left off, we find Tony Rizzo (founding member of The Mighty Cat Machine, and veteran of countless Sluggisha bands) in Chicago, where he answers an ad for a band to share the bill at a local bar, and gets selected based on the decade old demos of TP3.
  Hustling to get a band together, he recruits co-workers Alex Insco and Jason Sneed, on drums and bass respectively. Crash course in learning a sets' worth of songs. 
   After that one gig, the rhythm section decided it wasn't their cup of tea...despite the fact that other gigs were on the horizon. SO, he brought in Jamie Kallend (who could often be spotted outside of gigs, scouring the gutter for cigarette butts) on bass, and Jason Dolan took over the drum stool. (having never really played in a BAND, before)
   On the eve of a gig set to open for Mugen Hoso, from Tokyo, Jamie says he has class, and we should just not take the gig, if we can't all be there. Tony and Jason say to hell with that nonsense, and played the show as a POWERDUO, and stayed that way, playing several shows in and around Chicago, til Jason moved to New Mexico.
   TGT became totally cohesive, and after one failed attempt at recruiting a bassist (he played well, but annoyed the HELL out of them), never looked back. Sadly, the best recordings they had are trapped on an mp3 player that refuses to respond to, or recognize ANY computer. Also, the display on it got jacked up, so hard to even pinpoint where the best material is.
   Known to cover REM (mainly Monster-era deep cuts), Adam & the Ants,Stooges, and AC/DC (once had a full bar crowd shouting the OI! OI! OI! part on 'TNT'!!!)
 Also culled tracks from several Sluggisha acts, like Myopia, OrangeClawHammer, and Boneshaker.
   Always recorded live, whether to cassette, phone, or MP3--The Golden Thrown were loose, loud, raw and ROCK. or, as Tony dubbed it: dirtypopartpunkfuzzrock