Saturday, February 14, 2009

the FT.MYERS underground

this is a before sluggisha,cat machine,and me,this is the first tape joel gave me when we met,and i'm glad he did.probably the only copy of this material in the world,featuring some great bands and solo artists,some of my top ten fave songs of all time(orange claw hammer -three ring girl,and real meat-sex with liza/junkfood pothead)and a general all around good feeling.also some myopia tracks that date to the conception ,i believe.?some scene stalwarts here as nathan adams,the rizzo bros.,and steve(gag-penthouse)all make appearances.a great compilation,that always makes me smile to hear it.tony can fill you in on more history in the comments box below.thanks tony,joel and everyone in the old scene.this proves we rule. G O D.


per sean's request(and in light of the whole phelps thing) here is big bong theory,live at the coffee house.only three songs(sorry,tape ran out)i don't really know the trak list,or the band members/instruments,but i'll let sean fill you in on that in the comments box,down there .just weed smokin,acid dropping,tie-dye wearin',grateful dead listenin' hippie types ,who happen to play a trippy,jammin',buttholes meet dead and chrome and munch out ,type of rock tunes.not the highest quality recording,but it will have to suffice,as it is the only copy.light one and crank it up! G O D
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

what i read over and over

just some of my library i turn to again and again

Mummyboys/Opie --- Split e.p.

both bands are sorta an off-shoot of another of my solo projects,teenage flesh.just me solo,mummyboys is lo-fi guitar skronk with anguished vocals,and opie is short for opium,nuff' said.G O D.
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LOGGERONOMOUS--fetal attraction

a one-off band with 5 tracks of drunk depressing punk rock,with dark,stark,real-life improv,at jamie(guitar,back-up vocals)and mason's(drums)house,me on guitar and vocals,mike b. on bass,and jason walden,a casual observer.the beginning of track 4 the mic was fucking up but only for a few brief seconds,not enough to ruin the proceedings.named after what you think.G O for a flintstoner(another name for loggeronomous): 

malicious intent-poser

remember these guys?ft.myers metal scene ,80's-90's,who was in this band?i dont know where i got this ,but it was on an mdc comp. at the end of the tape,"poser" just one track,as you can see they later became the "posers"they once sang about,and took a turn for the worse by becoming tatooed love child,who my band ,SEXBOY,had to open for a few times,hell they even tried to do vocals ,back-up,on a SEXBOY demo tape,cripes!,what was i thinkin',actually it was jay ,my guitar player,who hanged with these guys,as he came to SEXBOY,thru the metal scene,god why does SEXBOY have to be mentioned in this post? G O D . 

Saturday, February 7, 2009


this is a little politico-punk band from jamie and friends.kinda rare i think from 1990.hardcore ft. myers.collector scum click here for link. 


anti-religious black industrial metal techno space punk doesn't even cover all the genres this band envelopes.noisekillr and mr.497,or me and vance,were the belt,92-96,and it is hard to pick tracks for a compilation like this,simply because of all the ground covered,lots more to come from this enlightened band.closest comparisons would be ,well i was listening to an old alien sex fiend comp. one day and i had to call vance and say man we really sound like these guys more than any other band i can think of but we were so much more.mocking the priest,debasing old hymns,lampooning religion,generally commenting on life itself.only played live 2 or 3 times,one show on video which is totally improv,on the spot,and some tourists on vacation from germany said we were the best thing seen or heard in the u.s.,pretty cool credentials,huh?check out the clip below to see what i mean.these guys also worked in another parallel duo very similar to this called,flowers of darkness,a goth tinged band coming to this blog next., G O D CLICK HERE FOR LINK: