Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PAUL STANLEY - let me get this off my chest

Paul"Star Child"Stanley(Eisen), with some of the most hee-larious on- stage talk ever.This almost trumps thee Venom 7"!! I've been guilty many times of doing a pretty good Paul Stanley impersonation from time to time on stage and on tape and just in public in general.I saw another blog that asked, "why does a nice jewish boy sound like an old black woman from the south?" Keep that in mind while you eat some good bbq ribs and hear ol' Paul out. en-joy,GOD 

V E N O M- thee 7 inch -Live at City Gardens

Here it is boys, the pinnacle of hilarity, the rare and great thing that is this Venom 7".If you heard it ,hear it again,if you never did then here's your chance.Best Venom record-EVER!I think Thurston put it out on his label first but I dont know where to get it now .Anyways wait till you hear my full 80 minute cd of Paul Stanley from Kiss and his stage raps, coming soon stay tuned.GOD
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Slayer Talks - Tom Araya stage banter

Tommy boy gettin' the crowd worked up between songs. It's once again good but can't touch Venom the almighty gods of black metal.Still like with King Diamond ,worth a chuckle(or a ju-jubee,if possible!)Araya-n!

The King - King Diamond stage banter

Yes the King ,speaking in all his glory,no not Elvis dummy,I'm talkin' classic stage banter and between song patter from King Diamond ,himself.Not quite as good as Venom(coming soon!)but still worthy of a chuckle.Check it,I'm out.Thanks.GOD.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yeah I'm always thinking like what will be next to change music .Ya know we had rock n roll, punk, rap, now music is so boring it just makes me wanna puke.The top 20 is a buncha no talent
nobodies who came outta nowhere to sing someone else's song thru a modulator. A monkey could do that. Well I want you to hear the future of music now.SALEM CURBING's second album,"WE ARE SCIENCE TITS or THE BEAT CLAM GOES TO THE MEATBALL SOCIAL",is what I think is the beginning of change to the face and ear of music.It's me solo but that matters not.Just 2 long tracks with plenty of futuristic goodness,there's actual realized songs mixed and blended into swarms of pop culture references,samples,noises,and general cultural overload.Its like everything and at the same time,nothing you've ever heard but it must be heard in it's entirety to be believed.Please do you and your pals a favor and download this gem today .You will not be disappointed.WARNING::This is a life changing experience,so if you don't wanna change don't listen .More listenings = more changing , I hope you have a nice life

we nail magazines to the wall

merry early xmas,
just in time to annoy every one you know it's sluggisha's tardcore xmas featuring 3
fledgling's really me solo. yes i play and sing all ,but fred(formerly jeff mcdonald not of redd kross)sings all the fun sluts.lots more stuff from all these bands to come plus more xmas stuff coming up soon too.hope youse enjoy.dont get none on ya,your pal,GOD
p.s. sorry all the songs are on one track but i haven't learned how to split tracks yet but i will see ya.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


it's cold outside

christmas vacation
07 Track 7.wma


santa is a fun slut

put your present in my arm

reindeer blews

jesus has a bag

green xmas

frosty the dopeman

i'll have a fun slut xmas

a holiday for the jews

the first noel

satan vs. santa

+ SEXBOY-all i want for xmas
05 Track 5.wma


poisoning my family at xmas

jingle fuck

frosty the scumbag

the grinch is cool

santa is a tard

we wish you a shitty xmas

santa only comes once a year

i want an xmas tree that smells like a girl


tardcore xmas

the dead dog weener's xmas gift
01 Track 1.wma

Friday, November 14, 2008

god is back,and he's in the vault

hello my faithful minions sluggisha will soon be posting tunes from the vault will hear many many otherwise unheard and unreleased bands from the ft myers fl. area from about 1985-1997.also lots of rare and boots from around the musical globe.i'd love to get the unseen film "pissing out the poison"(wine,wine,wine) with lots of local talent.also reviews,concert scene, hopefully band videos,live shows etc.possibly some "mad asshole digest" and "rodent cake"magazines,and some friends who will help me keep the site going.till later