Saturday, July 30, 2011


The debut of an all-new Wheelchair band! And this one is excellent! Well-known songs are sampled,and turned into new songs, by singing different words on top! You just have to hear it! Total tardcore punk rock madness!! Jello Garcia ,on vocals ,and Doctor 'East Bay' Pigpen ,on music. Not a bad track here,Food is funnier than any stand-up comedian,or any of that shit! You can purchase it here if you wish : ,from my pal Noah ,at Retard Riot. Download this now,and you'll be playing it all week long,non-stop ,that's how great this is! Can't wait for them to make a second platter of fun!Here's a site that listed their concert schedule,using the (they thought) name of a fake band,as an example : . They won't be playing live at all , I think! But this crazy ,sample-laden "music" ,with the hilarious lyrics and vocals,needs to be heard by every American citizen! Hell ,it should be mandatory ,under government laws! My favorite new band!

Friday, July 29, 2011


More thriftin' finds! Starts off with Rudy Ray Moore ,and doesn't let up till it's over! The usual kids,comedy,orchestras,solo artists,synth,and for some reason this time,a bunch of rare 70's bar bands that you may never have heard of. Jamul's version of The Nashville Teens ,"Tobacco Road" , is a winner! You got Magma,The Harlem Globetrotters,Robert Mitchum,Sgt. Barry Sandler,The Magic Organ,Tony Perkins.Professor Backwards,The Tiki Room Birds,The Greaser Brothers ,and tons more! This fuckin' thing rules!!


More cool tardcore punk from the master! Food rocks it out on this one from 2005. "Punk slop anger and frustration" ,as Food puts it! If you know the band ,you know what to expect,if not ,surprise!!

SHADOW OF DEMISE - Premature Burial

Another rare one I found while thriftin' today ,along with Fog ,below this post.Not as rare as what it would be ,if the correct cd was in the case! I bought a sealed copy of ,"Kryptic -Premature Burial" ,which is highly collectible in metal circles. The cover and art are right,and even the cd was pressed with the cover art (see in zip!), but the cd instead plays ,"Shadow Of Demise- Premature Burial" ,which rocks,but I really wanted to hear Kryptic,especially after reading this scathing review ,at Encyclopedia Metallum . But ,alas ,it was not to be.If anyone has a copy of the Kryptic stuff,send it in!!

FOG - Jezabel's Dream

Gothic/atmospheric death metal ,is what we have here on this rarity. Their only release (they had a previous life as "Fear Of God" (note the acronym) ,with a female lead singer (Dawn Crosby) ,who died.(read more here ).And here's an interesting historical note: former and current members of Dying Fetus, Agent Steel, Pessimist, Wrathchild America/Souls At Zero, Lizzy Borden, and Crowbar at some time or another were part of FOG precursors Fear Of God and Detente (an earlier band). I've include a few tracks from Fear Of God ,and one from an earlier band ,"Allies". Plus I put a cool video from Fear Of God. Not half as good as the black metal band of the same name,but decent.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


These were both previously released ,seperately. "Frenchy Is Going Toupee" ,from Chopping block ,is best described in the words of Food ,"Acoustic songs about pants and important bodily functions. Very strange that it was recorded sober.Almost acceptable." For, "Gasso De Potasso" , by Piss Twister,he proclaims,thusly, "Crappy mess that almost approaches industrial at times,but is saved by it's own disinterest in itself.Ocassionally great." ,and, "Crappy mess that almost sounds good when you're drunk.My god,what a mess.Cute." And I don't think I need to add to those spot-on reviews !

SLOP CAKE - Disregard Banjo Tones , Entropy Dilemma

More lo-fi ,instrumental strangeness from Food. Some of this really kicks into high gear,after the initial lo-fi start. Some crazy synth stuff starts up,and it continues like that for the full 20 tracks.No really long numbers,the longest is under 3 minutes. Really cool to play in the backround when thinking , while equally accesible for the dance floor (on the moon ,in 3788 A.D. !!!) Get it!



Bllllockingk , is stupid vocal exhortations,accompanied by rudimentary acoustic guitar scrapple. And the lengthy song titles,are also the lyrics to the songs. This goes on for 12 tracks and then we reach Slop Cake's one track ,which is really cool-lo-fi weirdness ,with samples and repetition.
Will make you wish you had HD stereo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

WGOD 49.30 - 1/19/1994

As you can see from the tape number ,I used fractions ,and then decimals ,thru many,many broadcasts ,in anticipation, of (and waiting for an appropriate ocassion for), number 50. Which I eventually got to,and surpassed . N.Y.Poop ,singer of Putrid Teeth ,was in the studio for this,but doesn't hardly make a peep throughout the show.Great set list ,(split in two files ,if you wanted to make discs,it's 90 minutes in full!) ,and here it is!:
BUZZCOCKS - I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
PERE UBU - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Hearthan version!)
THE STOOGES - Down On The Street
THE ADVERTS - New Day Dawning
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Blast Off! (live boot!)
MOTORHEAD - Iron Horse (live boot!)
THE U-MEN - Juice Party
PUTRID TEETH - GG Allin Was A Pooper
CAT MACHINE - Hell On Toast
ONE FELL SWOOP - Bad Seeds (The Beat Happening) (live boot,Corkscrew Ranch!)
TEENAGE FLESH - Alone Again...Naturally
NEU - Hero
DMZ - Do Not Enter
THE ZERO BOYS - Johnny Better Get
THE DAMNED - Fan Club (Peel Sessions)
28TH DAY - 25 Pills
THE SCIENTISTS - Demolition Derby


FRED HOTH & BIG BED - Fish Rocks

A fine example of suburban home made punk rock ,of the 1,2,3,4 GO!!! style,which sounds as if they've been playing these songs for years,in other words ,Fucking Great!! ! This is Doug Boone ,Mike Smith ,and Brian Reed ,and someone plays bass on some of this too! These guys were also in the bands ,"Kindergarden Terror" , and "Pigtales" ,which is posted somewhere else on this blog! If you love kids playing slam-dancin',funny as hell ,punk rockin' songs ,then this is for you ( I know you would totally be into this ,Ashey!!) . A cover of Sonny & Cher's ,"I Got You, Babe" ,from this recording ,was featured on last year's massive 100 band compilation , "Popeil Punk / K-Tel Kore" ,also to be found elsewhere on this here blog! Plus they cover Devo's ,"Whip It" ,with funny results.And how can you not download this , with songs like ,"I'm Going To Move Into An Apartment With Ted Nugent's Mom" , "Phil Donahue Smokes Crack" , "If We Can Walk Together ,Why Can't We Mosh Together?" , "The Day They Kicked Lizzie Borden Out Of R.E.M." ,and other hilarious titles. And the album title ,does it have anything to do with John "Fish" ,from Record Bar?(later Tracks). And the lyrics are even funnier ,some border on GG Allin's foul mouthed librettos! Doug gave me this tape years ago, and I highly recommend it! I'm hoping one of the guys from this band will contact me,and maybe shed more light on this great lost Ft. Myers band!!

TOM JOAD'S FIST - Bike Ride!

This Food & Poopy Necroponde band ,sounds like some prime early-to-mid era Sockeye! Musically and lyrically ,as well as vocally ,this is the shit!! 11 fun ,short ,tardcore punk songs ,with titles such as ,"The Smell Of Marlon Brando" , and ,"My Bowels Wish To Explode". They also cover 2 songs from The Juice Bros. !? Sockeye,anyone? No , silly! It's Tom Joad's Fist!


The music on this amazingly dumb tardcore punk release , by my amigo ,Food Fortunata , alternates from crazy keyboardy/drum machine stuff , to acoustic guitar ( on one track ,I think?) ,to standard guitar ,bass ,drums ,vocals thingy ,and back again! Most tunes are under 2 minutes in length,while a few strain to make a minute! The lyrics and vocals ,are totally funny , as always ,when Food is at the helm! Really stupid! Sample lyric from , "Egg Planned" , : "Do you like eggplant? , no,no,no, I like eggplant too!" , and from "Training Pants ," John put a bullet in my poop , John cleared his throat like Augustus Gloop". Need I say more!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Another fine compilation of the blackest of black metal ,from my friend ,Hans in Germany. As you can see from the track list ,you know you are in for a great listen. I'm still trying to convince Hans to let me post his band's ,(Tyrantyr), demos , and he said he'll think about it,he's never let many people hear it ,and I for one am dying to hear what it sounds like. Hopefully ,soon , but for now:


More tardcore punk ,from my buddy Food of Wheelchair Records. As usual ,funny and stupid stuff ,from one of the leading purveyors of dumb rock. 10 songs in 19 minutes ,and songs titled stuff like ,"A Hippy Ate My Cole Slaw" , "I Am Richard Speck" , and "Dentistry Is A Lie" ,how can you deny yourself the happiness and joy this short disc will bring to your life?! Great thing ,this is!Thanks Food!

BUZZ WORKSHOP - Teenage Diaries -Part Two (Prom Nite And The Days Following)

This is part two of the diary concept album ,played and sang by Billy , Joel ,and Tall Ray,(part one is the post below this one!). So in this episode ,Prom Nite is here ,then it's off to a heavy metal party,where the loud music kinda camoflages the ringing noises in his head,and where some blotter acid is dispensed, a dose of which meets our subject's brain(thinking maybe that ,will quell the noisy ,highly-pitched sounds,ringing in his skull !) .The trip started out alright , but the ringing didn't stop, and he was headed on a bummer which lead to heavy thoughts, feelings of insanity , crossing the tracks towards insanity ,and finally succumbing to it's natural pull. Recorded the day after part one ,and the concept is not lost on me.There are vocals on nearly every track here,to further help you understand the concept,whereas on part one ,the soundtrack was all instrumental.

I didn't really go into the story on part one ,but here goes. The kid was always gawky ,and he got a nose job (several weeks prior to the prom). He gets the bandages removed ,and the doctor finds he did a shoddy job. So he has to bust his nose again ,to re-set it. The pain of his nose being broken again ,leads to a screaming ringing in his ears , which begins the quick slide towards insanity.The thought of knowing he soon will have to go to prom (Mom already picked up his tux) ,with the bandages over his nose (embarassing),and the incessant ringing noises ,he gets totally wasted drunk. Then he realizes that he can't hear anything or anyone but the noise.He falls to his bed ,drunken ,and the room is spinning. He awakens on the morning of prom ,like a turtle grumping out of his den.Everything is moving ,and his head is pounding. And the noise is louder,yet he's grown used to it ,when he was passed out.He orders a pizza with everything. When it arrives he pays the delivery guy, and inhales the whole pizza while watching a kids show about marionette puppets ,made of vegetables , climbing mountains. Later that day he gets dressed up,and heads for prom.On the way there ,he almost gets jumped, by some younger kids ,who then see his nose ,and leave him alone. He rips the bandages off ,and walks thru the school's front doors ,to the prom ,to hopefully score ,chicks or drugs!

BUZZ WORKSHOP - Teenage Diaries -Part One (The Week Leading Up To Prom Nite)

This is a 2 part concept album,as I surmised upon listening.The band line-up on this day was ,Joel Rizzo ,Billy Drake , & Tall Ray . Mike Smith plays the drums on the first 3 tracks here , and Billy's not on the first song. Anyways ,as you listen ,and view the song titles,it all becomes very apparent. You're seeing,hearing,and believing things ,a teenage boy would ,as time is creeping up on prom nite. The artwork ,was drawn ,I think , by Billy ,(small signature ,bottom right corner),but I may be wrong , and it depicts the view from Joel's living room couch. Recorded the same day as the ,"Creeps Taking Dope" sessions , April 13,1996.At 5455 studios.In beautiful mid-town Crime Manor , Ft. Myers. Really good band,they never cease to explore the options and calvacades of sound! This is part one, where the story unfolds thru an instrumental soundtrack, part two is posted above this ,and there are vocals on nearly every track. Good indie/punk/alt-rock sounds!

40 WATT GELATIN - The Neat As Shit Album

Food sent in a wealth of discs this week ,and I'll start here.First off ,this band rules! The singer sounds wasted,and the band strumbles along ,somewhat drunkenly,I can only imagine!Short punk sonnets,on a number of subjects ranging from , the"United Steaks Of America" ,to "Cops Are No Fun" , from ,"34 Pound Cyst" , to other equally far flung ideas involving gum,garbage,filth,boredom,religion,politics ,and much more. And the covers are also ,as always,a welcome expectation! Butthole Surfers (2x!) ,Angry Samoans , Devo ,and Nomeansno,
are all honored ,as only the 40 Watt boys can play them! Funny ,funny stuff. Tardcore punk,as you should know.Thanks mucho ,Mr. Food!!


Thanks to Hans ,my pal in Germany ,for sending in this experimental/ black/electro/psych/
porn/doom/noise/metal band's ,first disc in!(how's that for a band description?!!). His cousin is the drummer. Weird instrumentals,vocals only show up in the form of a few samples before a couple songs.Really cool,and strange ,creates an atmospheric haze ,which blankets the whole proceedings.The song titles are like those of a porn-grind band,but they are not quite that thrashin' ,musically.And the band photos and aliases. (in the zipfile), are hysterical! Makes you think about stuff ,you usually don't think about, (or maybe you do, I don't know).Thinking man's music ,nonetheless!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Pathetic Jonesing

Yes ,that's Sluggisha the Cat,in his Elvis get-up,in downtown Ft. Myers ,because this is when Cat Machine ,"left the building" ,so to speak.This is the 50th recording made by this under-appreciated,underground,outsider,cult-band,and it was to be their last ,at least of this era. 9 perfect studio recordings from Ed,Joel,Tony,Chipmonk,and Billy.Recorded July 13,1991 ,20 years ago,yesterday. There is a rehearal tape from Sept 2,1991 (which I will post on that date!) ,for a gig at the old rock club ,"Norma's" ,at which an A & R person, was coming to observe us,both of which never materialized,which spelled the end of Cat Machine.Ed ,Tony, and Joel ,reformed later as the "Projek Pimps" for one tape,and there is also ,"Litterbox" ,the greatest hits comp, and "The Last Newest One " ,where Vance replaces Chipmonk,and also the phenomenal 10 disc cross-section of every tape posted ,"The Mystery,The History,And Shit" ,all of which can be found on this here blog ,as well as,(now), the whole catalog of their year-long journey into indie-band cassette-label territory!

Since this is the end of this series,and because of the importance of this band to the Ft. Myers,FL underground scene ,I am compiling covers of Cat Machine songs,as played by other artists! Please ,if you are in a band,you know someone in a band,you are a band,download some Cat Machine,record a cover version,and send it in to me! When I get enough submissions,I will put together a compilation,and may even have it for sale ,before it is posted on this or any other blog! So please ,if you need help with lyrics,let me know,I have every word ever written ,stored away in the vault! You can contact me thru the comments box,I will get in touch with you!

BLONDIE - Punk Goddess - Live,Interviews,Rare,Demos

Hey,I found this tape,in a box load of unlabled tapes,and I probably recorded it off the radio in the early 80's. I don't think you'll find this anywhere else! I kept the recording intact ,as one track ,which runs almost a half-hour. It sounds like the ,"Eat To The Beat" tour,and they do some songs you may not have heard before. I also included a file of early demos ,and a slideshow of 100 of my favorite images of Debbie Harry! Some nude shots from different eras,and a bunch of sexy photos. The pic I used above,is nowhere on the web,until now. It came from an old ,"KISS" ,fan magazine ,Peter Criss is on the back of Debbie! It's my favorite photo of her ,I've had it since the late 70's! Just the epitome of a punk girl! Well,enjoy this boot,and the pics!


This guy sent in a second tape ,and you can hear it this time!! Different from the first recording,this is more guitar based,and noisy. He even kicks in with some GG Allin lyrics,(Bite It You Scum), on the second track, "This One Will Never Sell,They'll Never Understand" !Keep sendin in your stuff ,dude ,I'll post it all! Here's what he had to say about this :

"holy shit thank you for posting this, i have one more that you can have if you'd like. the quality is way the hell better. it was recorded about 2 months before "the microphone is fucked" in the same kitchen. kaagootaabaa is something i had to start doing because nobody else wanted to form a band with me. they all suck. the ones that did wanted to play fuckin freebird covers all night. well fuck that, i said, ill make noise...and thats way better than another fuckin freebird cover right? heres Fuck Warped!"

SKINDUST - Whenever I Stop The Russians From Stealing The Nuclear Launch Codes,And Make A Sandwich Out Of Souls

This time round ,the boys play long songs ,in the avant-garde/psychedelic/noise stylings ,of the day.They also added a third member,Jeep!Pretty cool ,I dig it! Here's the info :

Album: Whenever I Stop The Russians From Stealing The Nuclear Launch Codes
And Make A Sandwich Out Of Souls
Genre: Avant-Garde/Noise/Psychedelic

01 Title Track
02 Title Track #2

Track Information:
Title Track - This is a 17 minute song recorded on June 19th, 2011 recorded at Frank
Silverberg's private compound. There was salad, and therefore numbness.
Title Track #2 - This is a scrap metal tribal free jazz song recorded on May 11th, 2011.

Frank Silverberg - Vocals, spoon, cigarettes, scrap metal
Spaceship Andy - Vocals, guitar, cordless drill, stapler, office chair, bong, scrap metal,
producer, audio manipulation
Jeep - Voice of reason, television


SKINDUST - Live Demo For The Corporation

Spaceship Andy and Frank Silverberg ,of Seattle ,Earth ,sent in this amazing noisecore recording,that you simply must hear! Sounding at times like a more grindcore ,XJudJudX, or even Beavis and Butthead ,if they formed a noisecore band! Here's a bunch of info from the boys:

Band: Skindust
Album: Live Demo For The Corporations
Genre: Noisecore
Label: Organic Gang Bang Records
Release Date: May 31st, 2011

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Frank Silverberg
03 I Left My Kid At The Daycare
04 The Government Is Bad And Stuff
05 Asshole Titties
06 Asshole Titties, Part Deux
07 Technical Malfunction
08 Da Da Da Dun Dun Dun
09 The Bagel Shop In Brooklyn (Spicy Bagels)
10 Basement Fucker In G Major
11 I Fucked Your Wife, Part Deux
12 The Neighbors Are Gonna Complain Soon
13 Rhythm
14 I Can't Pay My Taxes
15 Fight Music
16 Fuck The Russians
17 The Jew Bagel Aliens
18 Careful, We Don't Wanna Get Too...
19 What Was The Name Of This Song Again?
20 Manly Guys Doing Manly Guy Things
21 Chicago Bath House Anal Terror
22 I Just Discovered That I'm A Quarter Black
23 This Smells Like My Fingers
24 I Feel Like I'm On Cough Syrup
25 Pump Up Da Jamz
26 Doo Wop Blues (Slug On My Door)
27 Frank Silverberg's Unfortunate Plight
28 I Haven't Laughed That Hard Since Vietnam
29 Where Did The Mexican Come From?
30 Reggaeton (All Night Long)
31 Strep Alorfe
32 Reep Flortars
33 How The Fuck Do You Do This?
34 Shit In My Piss
35 Spaceship Andy In: Space Adventure!
36 Retard Space Adventure
37 I Wanna Hear Some Sex Pistols!
38 Getting Down With Our Respective Bad Selves
39 4 Years Old With AIDS
40 My Ass Feels Sludgy And I'm On Mars
41 Internet Chess
42 My Wife Cheated On Me At The Movie Theater/Hey!
43 I See What You Did There
44 Waltz Of The Death!
45 I Used To Play A Lot Of Nintendo When I Was A Boy, But Then I Turned 12
46 Shake That Funky Groove Machine
47 Nude Beach On The Sun
48 Beating Baby Seals
49 The NBC Theme Song
50 Martin Has A Hard-On For Movie Theaters
51 Embryo Fetish
52 The Only Better Way To Fix Abortions Is To Fuck Guys In The Ballsack
53 More Rhythm
54 Geppetto Sunrise
55 Mitchell Henderson
56 I Have Fears Of Being An Astronaut Sometimes Because I Might Get Attacked By Wolves
57 Whale Tenders
58 Um, Uh...
59 I Impregnate Fat Black Ladies From The Ghetto And Give Them Seal Babies (But They Don't Notice The Difference)
60 One Time, I Rode The Bus, And My Pants Were On Fire
61 My Ass Smells Like Cheetos
62 What Time Is It?
63 Puppies In Orbit
64 I Can't Hear!
65 Grandma
66 Christ Pop
67 I Can't Feel My Legs Under My Knees
68 And Then
69 Fuck Time-Life
70 Peanut Butter Vodka
71 Pro Boner
72 I Got Orange Shit In My Legs
73 I Can Almost Feel My Feet Again!
74 Aliens In Outer Space
75 Sunday Evening
76 Abort Every German Because Hitler (And Volkswagon)
77 My Brother Is Dead In The Hospital From Minor Scrapes And Burns
78 78 Drunken Banter (Intro 2)
79 Veronica
80 How The Fuck Am I Driving?
81 Fuck The Record Labels, Man
82 Tax Peterson Interviews Frank Silverberg About Today's Burning Issues
83 Look At Those Barricades On The Side Of The Bridge
84 Speed Limit: 35
85 Drum Rhythm Of The African Booty
86 Society And All Of It's Sins
87 Hyundais On Sundays
88 Riverview Bvld S
89 Freestylin' With DJ Skidmarx & Bulgarian Bar Mitzvah
90 Roundabout Blues
91 Let's Go To Church!
92 We Are The Traffic
93 Fuck The SeaTac Police
94 Let's Drive On The Meridian
95 Hesitation
96 Disappointment
97 Here We Go!
98 40 Avenue South?
99 Roundabout Ahead
100 Following A Taxi
101 What If Louis CK Liked Aphex Twin?
102 Fuck Me Like...
103 Still Following The Taxi
104 Still Following The Taxi, Part Deux
105 Reserved Parking
106 Taxi, Holy Fuck
107 Taxi Family/Frank Shows Concern
108 You Want To Finger My Balls?
109 Ode To Flora Peters
110 Frank Drifts Like A Drunken Cunt
111 Speed Limit: 5
112 Speed Limit: 75
113 Speed Limit: 7
114 Speed Limit: 1
115 Speed Limit: 855
116 Ballad Of Veronica
117 Where's My Ass?
118 I Have To Jizz On Baby Squirrels

Frank Silverberg - Vocals, Keyboard, Paper Towel Roll, Car
Spaceship Andy - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Paper Towel Roll

Tracks 1-77 were recorded on May 3rd, 2011 at Spaceship Andy's apartment after a healthy
meal of gypsy salad.

Tracks 78-117 were recorded on May 6th, 2011 while the members of Skindust were drunk
and taking a cruise around town late at night.

Track 118 was recorded on May 28th, 2011 at a party working on killing their livers slowly.



This was sent in by a guy,(Ruby Showers), from the Seattle area of WA. There's a lot to digest here,it's really fucking cool stuff,and it's a compilation of a bunch of his bands.I'll let him elaborate further :

"Rocky Dennis Picture Show
Family Christmas
Experimental Grindcore

Family Christmas is technically the first album by Rocky Dennis Picture Show, but is
really just a compilation of past material by Ruby Showers and Abortion Bandito before
forming Rocky Dennis Picture Show, recorded from 2006 to 2010. Most songs were
improvised jams with friends using a cheap Yamaha keyboard and an electric guitar, while a
few others were a little more constructed.

Track Information:
1-48: Noise recorded on Ruby Showers' cassette player between 2009 and 2010.
Referred to by Ruby Showers as Robert Reed And The AIDS Brigade.

49-57: Ruby Showers' first grindcore project, Intestinal Slave Poetry, recorded in late 2008.
These 9 songs are the only songs that still exist, while the rest (At least 50) were lost in 2009.

58-67: An electronic instrumental black metal band formed by Ruby Showers in 2009 called
Lord Chocula. This is the only album, Call Ov The Moondwarf.

68-80: Gutterslut, Abortion Bandito's main band, originally known as Brain Rape. The band
was around from mid-2006 to 2009. Also in the band were Abortion Bandito's friends. This is
the entire debut album by Gutterslut, titled Attack Of The Raging Nipple Monsters. Tracks 68
and 72 feature Ruby Showers (Drum machine on track 68, vocals on track 72).

80-82: Two of the only existing songs by Hippotown, a project much like the first 48 tracks,
recorded in late 2006 by Ruby Showers and a friend. There were about 30 songs made. "



This is my pal ,Patrick McBratney ,of Lava Church Records, at age 13 (he's singing),with his brother,in an early band.Really mature ,for their ages ,and a Stooges cover! Good stuff at his label! Check him out at:

To hear this great recording

Saturday, July 9, 2011


An e.p.'s worth of the weird world of Useless Pile. I believe them to be from Zanzibar ,but there is no info regarding their location on the record cover. I could find no info on them on the internet anywhere,either. There is a Fang cover ,to redeem this,and the other 2 tracks sound like space rap on top of jazzpunk skronk ,with a little blastbeat mixed in.Hard to describe,fun to listen to! If anyone has their album ," U.P. In The G.C." ,please send me a rip! I'd love to hear it!

STRYKER - Ride The Lightning

This is an extremely rare collection of,demos,out-takes ,and unreleased stuff ,from my high school chum's band ,Stryker. I know many people out there are looking for more of this classic mid-80's hard rock/heavy metal band. This is after the album was released,and Steve and Sarah were living on the fish farm.Sarah sings in her Pat Benatar/Lita Ford style, Steve does some vocals,and he brought in another singer,I think his name was Mark? He sounds like Rob Halford of Judas Priest fame,and the music is of the same mold.There is some humor ("Frogheads",about old folks) ,an Alice Cooper chestnut, some instrumentals,and a few songs that almost resemble Rush! "The Last Free Man" ,is close to sounding similar to Rush's "Tom Sawyer",and "Spirit" ,is also in that realm.This is the only copy of these recordings,and on my posting of their only album , I included 10 more unreleased tracks,in case you didn't notice, (get it here : ,which are in line with what we have here.Last I heard ,Steve was composing music for various video games. I'd like him to contact me ,and maybe I can get some more Stryker stuff from him! Thanks ,Steve and Sarah ,for all the tunes,and all the good times!If you are at all into any metal , this will get your blood pumping!

WGOD # 49 & 11/12ths - 9/11/1993

Another punk-fueled, late nite , underground pirate radio show ,hosted by yours truly ,with guests ,Fred and Trish.Check out this set list!:
GG ALLIN -When I Die
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Goofy's Concern
SHONEN KNIFE - Antonio Baka Guy
DWARVES - Real Creepy (Live Boot!!)
ROLLINS BAND - The Road Song
THE DICKIES - Communication Breakdown
WHORESHACK - Ha Ha Ha (Flipper) (Live!)
EPSTEIN - Sweet Somebody
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - Swingers Need To Find God
TURD THERMOS - Jimmy Had A Nickel
ASSEATER - Kill Our Pigs
T. REX - The Motivator
SHOCKABILLY - Life's A Gas (T. Rex)
PAINKILLER - Tortured Souls
NAPALM DEATH - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys)
CIRCLE JERKS - Product Of My Enviroment
ALICE COOPER - Sing Low , Sweet Cheerio (Live!)
BLATZ - Homemade Speed
WEEN - Fat Lenny
GETO BOYS - Cereal Killers
HUSKER DU - Punch Drunk
7 SECONDS - Red & Black
STOOGES - Cock In My Pocket (Boot!)
SWEET BABY - Pathetic
THE VENTURES - The 4th Dimension/Twilight Zone
UNSANE - Vandal-X
THE KINGSMEN - That's Cool , That's Trash



More samplings from the many genres of extreme metal music! Once again,a little something for all fans of metal!

EXPLICITLY INTENSE - Insanity Sampler # 7

Another great black/death/thrash metal comp.,from Sarjoo at EI magazine. A little something for everyone,who likes extreme music.


That's right folks! Grasshopper,of the 70's tv series ,"Kung Fu" ,star of such classics as ,"Death Race 2000" , the follow-up , " Cannonball" , and "Death Sport", (among other b-movies),David Carradine,reads the Kerouac novel. His voice inflections,for different characters,is superb. A better person could not have been picked to do this.In 4 parts ,all in the zip.

KAAGOOTAABAA - The Microphone Is Fucked

Some really weird,extremely lo-fi (crank it up,and listen hard!) strangeness ,sent in by an anonymous follower of this blog,maybe he will leave us more insight on this project,in the comment box ,this is what he said so far :
"Kaagootaabaa is a one man project with no intention of making you dance.
Strictly for fun, recording in a kitchen in good ol north carolina, heres The Mircrophone is Fucked.
p.s. the mic was seriously fucked but it sounded really cool to me so maybe others will too.
thanks sluggisha!!"

So dig this,if you can,I tried to improve the sound,but it was not possible. -G O D


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another hilarious commercial for this here fine-ass blog you're looking at right now!!!Watch as these 2 dumbass wrestlers ,hurl back and forth ,the stupidest,"Your Mother" , jokes you've ever heard!! Advertise me!! send this to all your friends!! It's funnier than shit!!!!You'll poop!!

TODD POP -Biscuits

A dozen acoustic guitar -driven tardcore ditties,reminiscent of some of the greats,Cauliflower Ass and Bob comes to mind, (Without the trumpet), with topical lyrics reflecting the state of the USA ,right about now! Food Fortunata is responsible for this madness,along with some of his co-horts! A great new band for you to get behind (in the behind)! Lyric sheets in zip!

THE OUTWARD GATE -Various Artists Compilation

Food sent this in ,a weird comp. featuring bands involved in the Spokane,WA noise scene of the mid to late 90's.Originally released on the Turbulent Mechanics label in 1997,this is a re-release from Witchcraft,The Other White Meat label co-op ,from this year of 2011.Other distributors include Stan at Reality Impaired in Joplin ,MO,also Disorderly Domain in UT. ,Sephirotic Publishing in St. Louis, MO ,as well as Food himself on his Wheelchair Full Of Old Men imprint. There are 9 bands,each plays a track ,which melds into the next one.Split into 2 parts ,Passage One and Passage Two ,as to protect the continuity of the proceedings.Really weird,bizzaro noise stuff,some louder than others. Pretty fuckin' cool shit,here,says I!!

DINE-IN-CAKES - Midwest As Fuck E.P.

More tard/pop/metal ,with growly death metal vocals,sent in from Jake of Seasonal Men's Wear, and here's what he said about this one , : "This is a band some of my friends and I made when we were a little bit drunk. It's called Dine-In-Cakes, and the album is called "Midwest as Fuck E.P.". A couple of the dudes from the newly established full-band version of Seasonal Men's Wear are in it. Kinda ended up sounding like the Homostupids with a growling vocalist. " . Me?,I like it,I just wish there was more!


A drunken ,living room,tardcore jam,with guitar laying low in the back,while a stupendously drunken Connor ,bellows out some words. Jake ,from Seasonal Men's Wear ,sent this in,and here's what he said: " a recording from my friends Connor and Matt, who also play in Dine-In-Cakes (Connor is also a SMW dude). Anyways, it's pretty funny, at least I'd like to think so. Connor is trashed while Matt tries to take the situation seriously. I'm not even sure if a description will hold, it just needs to be listened to. " I tend to agree with Jake's assesment of this 2 sided tape recording.No split tracks,to preserve the continuity of this masterpiece!

ANAL PAIN - Six Inches

Weird,computer produced,syncopated keyboard doom/tard/metal ,led by death metal vocals,and low growl spoken pieces,this sounds to me like the pop/scum/grindcore split e.p. ,that G G Allin and Seth Putnam ,never got to make together! The singing is a cross of both those guys,and the spoken stuff sounds like G G's stuff with Shrinkwrap,and his jailhouse diatribes.Really demented and funny ,with some synthesized metal riffs. There's even a cover of Guns And Roses ,"Welcome To The Jungle" , re-tooled here as ,"Welcome To BoJangles" ,with hilarious vocals and lyrics.Another big change-up here is ,"Oi,Oi,Vegemoi" ,where the vocals and viewpoint,are from that of an Aussie.And that cover art is something else! Holy crap!
Thanks to Bob L. for sending this in to post,and maybe he can give us more info and insight into this weirdcore band?!?!