Monday, May 11, 2015

THE GOLDEN THROWN - Majestick,Rejected

My pal ,Tony Rizzo,co-founder of Cat Machine,and member of many Sluggisha bands,with his latest project! I'll let him elaborate further!

Picking up where The Phantom Third left off, we find Tony Rizzo (founding member of The Mighty Cat Machine, and veteran of countless Sluggisha bands) in Chicago, where he answers an ad for a band to share the bill at a local bar, and gets selected based on the decade old demos of TP3.
  Hustling to get a band together, he recruits co-workers Alex Insco and Jason Sneed, on drums and bass respectively. Crash course in learning a sets' worth of songs. 
   After that one gig, the rhythm section decided it wasn't their cup of tea...despite the fact that other gigs were on the horizon. SO, he brought in Jamie Kallend (who could often be spotted outside of gigs, scouring the gutter for cigarette butts) on bass, and Jason Dolan took over the drum stool. (having never really played in a BAND, before)
   On the eve of a gig set to open for Mugen Hoso, from Tokyo, Jamie says he has class, and we should just not take the gig, if we can't all be there. Tony and Jason say to hell with that nonsense, and played the show as a POWERDUO, and stayed that way, playing several shows in and around Chicago, til Jason moved to New Mexico.
   TGT became totally cohesive, and after one failed attempt at recruiting a bassist (he played well, but annoyed the HELL out of them), never looked back. Sadly, the best recordings they had are trapped on an mp3 player that refuses to respond to, or recognize ANY computer. Also, the display on it got jacked up, so hard to even pinpoint where the best material is.
   Known to cover REM (mainly Monster-era deep cuts), Adam & the Ants,Stooges, and AC/DC (once had a full bar crowd shouting the OI! OI! OI! part on 'TNT'!!!)
 Also culled tracks from several Sluggisha acts, like Myopia, OrangeClawHammer, and Boneshaker.
   Always recorded live, whether to cassette, phone, or MP3--The Golden Thrown were loose, loud, raw and ROCK. or, as Tony dubbed it: dirtypopartpunkfuzzrock