Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THE EAT-god punishes the eat 7"

that's right , I punish the eat,ha,ha
i remember checking the price on this about 15 yrs. ago and it was about $100.00,hell,merle allin told me he'd give me a hundred for mine.no way i got this for a dollar from the reed boys when they were tranzitioning from punks to dead heads.any way really slick new york/miami band,plus as a bonus i put their best tune"communist radio"from the 2nd single,and the crumbs covered it early on in their careerhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/nwozlgwjzdm/the eat.zip

G O D.


This has nothing to do with the Misfits or Ted V. Mikels, but with vomit and pets dying.you could have got this single for free if you called some phone number back then,along with some other free singles,this was the best of the bunch.scary and punk ,otherwordly punk actually.really cool check it out,probably rare,never seen it while surfing,let me know if you have.G O D  https://archive.org/download/ASTROZOMBIES-7/078Astrozombies-7ep.zip

S.A.P.-urinating in the holy grail

i found this oddity,at a thrift store in inverness,fl. which is a total hick town so i don't know how this got there,but as you can see no info except what's in the picture above.if anybody knows this band,or if you are in this band ,gimme info please.kinda acoustic grind/death metal/punk,pretty funny,and sadistic lyrics.this should appeal to the tardcore crowd,for sure.enjoy this rare tape.  https://archive.org/download/S.a.p.-urinatingInTheHolyGrail/077S.a.p.zip 

Monday, March 30, 2009

CHICKENHEAD-everything must go!

usually if you do a search for CHICKENHEAD on the web you get some kinda crappy rap song,but not anymore,now that we have this post,a tribute of a bygone era,went too fast.this is the kind of 7 " that would make ashey slamdance thru the house.
this is punk rock to the max.on a black flag damaged era tip,these guys gots the sound down.i wrote to emil at 4 and a half fingers records a lot in the day,and almost lined up a few gigs for SEXBOY to open for the CRUMBS,but alas it fell thru.wish CHICKENHEAD lasted longer,but they eventually formed into the CRUMBS.which i will post some of soon,mostly the early singles,stuff from a couple of comps,and the 10".but this is pre-CRUMBS,and let me tell you it rules.don't even second guess this ,just download it.lots of bonuses in the zip file such as,pics of inserts,t-shirts-and stickers.get this now!!G O D.p.s. these guys are from miami,fl.

SECRET SYDE-hidden secrets

this is practically the holy grail for collectors of 80's psych,or mutha records or the new jersey beach scene.very hard,nay,impossible to find online for download,my cousin rob plays the drums here.jon, the singer,went on to other bands incl.,laughing soup dish,among others.rob moved on to other bands as well as the guitarist.i think the bass player just gave up.if anyone has the second unreleased album or any live or rares,please send it to me via upload.one of my all time fave bands and albums,and not just cuz of my cuz,it just rocks!if you never heard this you're in for a treat,if you been lookin,look no more.my copy is signed on back(incl. in zip file) G O D . https://archive.org/download/SecretSyde-hiddenSecrets/075SecretSyde-HiddenSecrets.zip  

Sunday, March 29, 2009


this is my kid's first actual band with songs that have somewhat of a structure.eddie and eric,9 and 6 at the time of this tape(3/13/08),have been around and playing instruments since they were babies,and me being their dad,you know they're gonna be punk rockin' little hellions.for me the best stuff is the acapella numbers at the second half of this recording.eric does a version of al yankovic's "trapped in the drive thru",that is funny as all get out,over 10 minutes long.they just made a new tape,exactly one year after the date of this one,and changed their name to "METAL WARRIORS",and they sound more metal now,especially eddie on guitar.well if you likes this i'll put up the new soon!give my kids comments,people,and take it easy,they're just kids.p.s. artwork by eddie(bottom)and eric(top)(photo and hair by big daddy)http://www.mediafire.com/file/5eqnmmmyy3z/WAX WARRIORS.zip

UNCUT # 9 -1,2,3 (more structures for bored fuxtures)

this is supposed to be a concept album,but damned if i can find the concept,and i am the artist who created this work of aural painting.many many tapes exist,this is volume #9,and i chose this one because of the whole concept aspect.there are 123 seperate tracks but i could'nt split them without messing up the conceptual vision.click on pic for huge track list also incl. in zip file.mainly me playing broken records,on a turntable,plugged into a recorder,kinda mantra like.i have used these as samples in other capacities,and i suggest the tired old rap/hip-hop d.j.s use UNCUT tracks as samples on their recordings,to give that scene a kick in it's stupid ass.could drive you insane or inane if you let it,sounds equally as good as backround music as it does cranked full blast at those back yard bar-b-ques.look,don't take my word for it,just download now!incomparable to anything,you never heard this before anywhere,like music for robots and automatons.i have some 4 track recordings ,where i layer this stuff and i'll put that up if you like this.G O D .pt.1http://www.mediafire.com/file/2gngmmtdcu2/01 UNCUT.mp3.zip

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I think this is rare.only 8 tracks,5 from the Too Fast For Love album and 3 from the not yet recorded Shout At The Devil.That song is here in it's embroyonic state,Vince Neil is making noises like he's singing,but you can tell he either didn't write lyrics for this yet or it was so new he forgot the words,also on Red Hot he has not many lyrics,Looks That Kill sounds more together like they were playing that for a while,the band sounds tight,the recording quality is ace,and following on the heels of the Moshhawks post,this was kinda crossover,these street punks playing metal with a punk attitude.one of my faves, at least the early stuff,the Leathur Records version of Too Fast is the best.hey check this out it's really good. G O D.  https://archive.org/download/MotleyCrue-live82/072MotleyCrue-Live82.zip 


the MOSHHAWKS were a crossover band before crossover existed.back in high school i was the only punk and i hung out with metalheads and stoners.my idea was always to combine punk and metal to please both crowds.then metallica,megadeth,slayer an others arrived on the scene to use my idea.the guitar style i was going for was a greg ginn/ace frehley sound.you can hear that in here as well as influences like d.r.i.,black flag,black sabbath,minor threat,misfits,g.g.,etc.not in chronological order,the recording and sound quality varies.it's kinda like:skate punk metal thrash mosh horror rock.lots of topics are covered,fat chicks,beer,bongs,outer space,vampires,death,satan,suicide,pigs(cops),zombies,skating ,surfing,self-abuse,h/c lifestyle etc.i had a mohawk and anthrax just started mosh music  i combined the two for an original hair and band name.there are some straight out hard core and punk songs as well as metal tunes and an amalgamation of the 2 genres.don't be put off by anything here,just listen and i'll take you back to the mid to late 80's and you'll like it.mostly me on all instr.and vox.full band had skullz on bass and snax on drums.still have more of this exciting band to post and i will.this is something people have been searching for and requesting so i thought i'd oblige and post it.also a special shout out to my biggest fan,christian "ashey"macdonald. enjoy! G O D. https://archive.org/download/TheMoshhawks/071TheMoshhawks.zip 


parody-racist band,only lasted as long as a thought,eventually became the non-racist WORKING CLASS SLOBS,but this band was for the lee/collier county american skinheads or the l.c.c.a.s.h.,who do back-up vox on one track.just a 4 song single,don't read too much into it,kinda jokey.this is a document of tardcore facism.there's a new band using this name now on myspace(good luck and hails to them,and sorry to anyone looking for that band,cuz they rule!oi!and their singer is hot!oi!)this is the original ameriskins from 1985,ft. myers fl. https://archive.org/download/TheAmeriskins-est.1985/070TheAmeriskins.zip 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

G.G.ALLIN- bleedin' stinkin' and drinkin'

looking for that lost piece to your g.g. collection?this is rare i believe,never seen it on the web,but here it is,from summer 91,probably right around the time i interviewed him for rodent cake magazine,in someone's living room, g.g. is playin some acoustic guitar and does some songs,and talks a lot.you will like it,you probably never heard it,you're welcome.G O D  (p.s. as a side note,someone once emailed me for good pics of the cassette cover art,for maybe a bootleg release? still has never turned up on the web or ebay,etc.)    https://archive.org/download/G.g.allin-BleedinStinkinAndDrinkin/069GgAllin-BleedinStinkinDrinkin.zip

Friday, March 20, 2009


Based on Lou Reed's masterpiece,this is me and Billy,in an empty bakery ,using everything in the building to make this recording.Instruments included:sm.proof tank,lg.tank,double door tank,stack of metal trays,garage door,aluminum door,lift jack,lg. rack,mixer,1,2,and 4 lb. weights,plastic tray,spare tire,water tank,ice scoop,bucket,pitcher,sink,cat, AM radio,amplifier,fans lg. and box,razor blade,lighter,slicing machine,stale hero bun,steel dolly,corn cart,old tray cart,Billy's guitar,wire brush,stainless trays,stainless steel rolling table,water,soda machine,telephone ,boxes,broom,soda can,all run thru a Boss digital delay pedal.It's quite the journey,and you gotta want it.True industrial music made in a factory,spacy and atmospheric ,lots of quiet parts,think you're up for it? http://archive.org/download/JesusFreakTheBarefootBandit-MetalMachineMusic/JesusFreakTheBarefootBandit-MetalMachineMusic.zip 

GIRLS U.S.A.-take a big lick

this is girls u.s.a.,kinda like soundtracks mashed together with samples added and guitars,vanessa del rio on synths and keys,samantha fox on samples and drums,and barbara moose on guitars.we used this tape to procure a gig at an "alternative"club,got the gig,then played punk rock which sounded nothing like this recording,kinda techno,plunderphonics,funky strange, and weird.headphones will enhance your experience.porn aerobics videos,the black gestapo and other blaxploitation flicks,ren and stimpy,interviews with gacy and henry lee lucas,godzilla and more are sampled.think about that combo .really good and different than anything you've ever heard.enjoy .G O D.

Monday, March 16, 2009


...and here they are,america's newest hit-makers with that happenin' tall dwarves sound,the candy butchers!...,or so goes the intro to one of their songs,in tandem with a neil young cover and a velvet underground cover,that almost covers the spectrum of their sound,kinda folky-country-psych,with humor and fun.chipmunk and joel rizzo are the phenomenal duo who produced this recording,and it rocks rather well according to the description in the old sluggisha catalog"duo of drug-laced dudes,in a smelly bedroom,cranking out poppy/psych/rock/punk numbers,and sounding cool".i can't think of another duo that wields this exact sound,but if there is ,these guys rule the roost.there are other"candy butchers"out there (as a band name)but this is the only real CANDY BUTCHERS.cover art by steve reed,samples by me.you gotta have this! G O D.p.s.new zip file here:  https://archive.org/download/CandyButchers/066CandyButchers.zip 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

GENERATION XL:in love with lisa suckdog

another rarity,of which copies were bought by thurston moore of sonic youth,boyd rice,and other indie scene celebs,features 3 bands from sluggisha's stable,FUCK,ASSEATER,and FLOWERS OF DARKNESS. also has some demented old guy,who is probably one of lisa's more insane stalker fans,tying the tracks together.weird takes on already weird material.lisa carver is an unknown to most talent.this needs heard,download now,from tony boies again.
click here  http://archive.org/download/GenerationXlinLoveWithLisaSuckdog/065Va-GenerationXl_InLoveWithLisaSuckdog.zip 

we suck worse-a tribute to SOCKEYE

even more rare SOCKEYE stuff,this here's a compilation of bands doing sockeye songs,and the funniest thing is that most of the bands have a member or more or have something to do with the actual SOCKEYE,so a tribute to themselves,in point of fact.still great stuff from tony boies' label,thought balloon.got a suckdog tribute to put up soon,has some of the same artists plus 3 from the sluggisha stable,we were to late for the bus on the sockeye comp.but we made it for lisa.hey anyway i think this is rare(try a search on the web,nothing)and you may see the light.

SOCKEYE-that special feeling-hits 1988-1994

food, the singer of SOCKEYE,compiled this tape for sluggisha,did the art work, plus as i said in an earlier post,wrote songs for the putrid teeth"apoopstic"tape,as well as carrying putrid teeth on his label,wheelchair full of old men records and tapes.have'nt heard from food in years but it's hard to find any sockeye on the web unless it's salmon.it's like tardcore does'nt exist under that name,well here it is in all it's glory,please comment, G O D click here for links:..http://archive.org/download/Sockeye-thatSpecialFeeling-hits1988-1994Compilation/063Sockeye-ThatSpecialFeeling_Hits1988-1994.zip 

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Terrorist rock of the highest order,these guys only performed in ski masks while brandishing weapons.Mad Asshole on bass and vocals,Big Black Cock on guitar,and Shaggy Dick on drums,this stuff was recorded in the twilight time,at Club Black Nerd.All improv ,1-2-3-go! style,and it works like a charm,last track is a bonus ,live at the Draft House at One Fell Swoop's last show,just 1-2-3-go and we started a band.Covers of Rik L Rik,Black Flag,GG Allin,Angry Samoans,Sonic Youth,Simpletones,Ramones.Think Drunks With Guns meets Flipper and they have a pot of tea and listen to the first 7 Black Sabbath albums,it's that good.More to come,sadly no live vids or audio,only got one gig,due to name,announced on FM radio by Naughty Nikki,as the band so nasty we can't say their name on the air.She showed up and we delayed the show cuz we wouldn't play till she left.She asked me,"when are you gonna play"? ,to which I replied,"with myself,tonite"!A kid in the audience stood in front of me as I sang and bassed and in between songs I asked him if he liked K-Rock.he said yes and I whipped out a seemingly real pistol and pointed it at his face,I swear the guy looked like he had a heart attack,all in good fun.I dressed in docs,ski mask,gold lame' briefs and that's all.Still have rehearsal tape of said gig,Cape Coral demos,and more,check this out and kill! G O D  https://archive.org/download/FUCK-you/062Fuck-You.zip 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEXBOY-full band demo

i wrote all the music and words and i sing,vance on bass,brophy on drums,jay on guitar.it is what it is.we got some label interest while shopping this demo around,and an offer to appear on a closed circuit t.v. show in california,then i met a girl ,quit the band,moved away, got married,had kids,and here's the demo.art by niagara(destroy all monsters) customized by me(check out the license plate)click here for link  http://archive.org/download/Sexboy-fullBandDemo/061Sexboy-FullBandDemo1996.zip 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SEXBOY-the original demos

vance jay me brophy

yes folks it's me solo again doing the original 88 songs on this demo,one of the greatest unknown punk bands in the world,i bet we coulda been green dayif someone knew us.started life as THE GABBAS,recorded all you hear here,went thru 5 different line-ups before hitting the right chemistry,and started doing live gigs.this is grade a punk rock in the vein of ramones,queers,dwarves,misfits,and other pop-punk greats.covers of ricky nelson,david bowie and the lower 1/3,the nerves,shoes,germs,sweet baby,buddy holly,the undertones,the weirdos,simpletones,and more.songs deal with drugs,being the outcast,love,girls,ther'es a surf instro,a 60's garage band rave-up,an 80's sounding emo style number,and just some flat out great punk.i did it alone,then vance joined me(i still wrote all music and lyrics)and then we tried mike smith,and tony rizzo.next group had jamie and mason plus us.finally mike brophy and jay(on guitar)sealed our fate.we played many live shows at various locales,mainly draft house,but also pyramids,lee county fairgrounds,offbeat records,the indigo room,and more.first gig ever our name was the gabbas,before we went on we decided on a name change.i had just been recording a bunch of germs,so i started calling out song titles,some audience members were around us as well,when i got to the part of the list and said," SEXBOY ",everyone looked at me and shut up.we then knew that was our name.i scribbled the name on a white t-shirt i was wearing ,crossed it out(like a girl gang covered our graffitti),and hit the stage.and history was made,for us at least.lots of live recordings,full band demo,videos,flyers,recordings of every line-up that existed,lots of early live stuff in my garage with vance as we worked out the set list.opened for lots of bands coming thru town,like the thumbs,bony fiend,more than that and lots of gigs with other locals.vance and broph always wanted me to play guitar too,but i did that in almost all my other bands ,and i just wanted to be the singer for once instead of multi tasking.jay our guitarist,came by way of the metal scene,and kinda fucked up my original style to a more metally style,which i think was a detriment,there was talk of getting little paul to replace him but he was too busy working.i think me vance and brophy all had our moments with him,but we made it thru.towards the end me and jay did a country style version called HICKBOY,and played a live set with the band once even.lots of coulda been hits here and if you have even a passing interest in punk or even rock just download this .i found SEXBOYwas one of the most searched labels on this blog.if you google it you'll get a bunch of nasty stuff that we don't have anything to do with,and we did cover the germs sexboy,and maybe now when you google sexboy you'll get this post that'll be cool.anyway lots more to come from this band,so stay tuned for that.below you can view a video of one of our most known songs,"ricky ricardo"live at the world famous draft house. CLICK HERE: http://archive.org/download/Sexboy-theOriginalDemos/060Sexboy-TheOriginalDemos.zip 

Sunday, March 1, 2009


it's me solo again with a slew,13,of germs covers done acoustically with effects on vocals ,real drums,bass,acoustic guitars,by me.i sing into the mic unlike darby.just good renditions of classic l.a. punk band,the germs!long live the germs,and long live darby crash.
click here: https://archive.org/download/BlueCircle/059BlueCircle.zip 

Flowers Of Darkness-F.O.D.

me and count vance,a black goth duo,melancholic and somber,vampiric and romantic,angst-ridden depressing,anti religious immortal music.no comparison to any band,very original,besides well chosen covers of rik l rik,the birthday party,samhain,misfits,big boys,45 grave,lisa suckdog carver,tom jones(!?),and a bunch of old hymns.definitely the best goth duo you've never heard,makes goth chicks swoon,getcha some.never played live,coulda stormed the town,dammit anyway here is everything ever recorded minus a few remixes sure to please not just goth but those who like a solid tune that rocks.G O D.
CLICK HERE: http://archive.org/download/FlowersOfDarkness-F.o.d/058F.o.d.zip 

the EDfits-walk among me or earth E.D.

WALK AMONG ME CLICK HERE: http://archive.org/download/TheEdfits-walkAmongMeOrEarthE.d/TheEdfits-WalkAmongMe.zip
EARTH E.D. CLICK HERE:  http://archive.org/download/TheEdfits-walkAmongMeOrEarthE.d/TheEdfits-EarthE.d..zip