Saturday, May 26, 2012


All new,unreleased,demos,rough mixes,and rare music from the SLUGGISHA TAPES label
G O D is the d.j. playing the latest tunes ,from the latest bands! This is the newest of new ,mostly from HTTP://SLUGGISHA.BLOGSPOT.COM ,but other sources are also utilized.Thanks to James from arachnodirge and you don't belong here  blogs,Jake and SMW and Brown Bear Records,Eric ICSSH,Kendall in Seattle,John Kaagootaabaa,Mike at Sludgesicle,Dylan at Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated,Patrick at Lava Church Records,Poopy Necroponde,Food Fortunata at Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records,Stan in Joplin,Jeffro,all the Sluggisha and Media Christ staff and bands,Fester Faceplant,Linda Blare guys,Chris Parfitt,Tree,Noah Lyon at retard riot,Horrordactyl,Unicorn Hole,Sean William White,Wes Hess ,and anybody else I may have forgotten,please accept my scrambled egg brain as an apology!! Here's the list:

ZITSQUATCH - Death Metal Ice Cream Cone (from an upcoming split w/ TOUGHSKINS)
SNETSPAZ - Las Braceras (youtube video)
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - Fuck Everybody (Soundcloud - Tardcore International group)
FESTER FACEPLANT - Accelerated Decrepitude Pt.3 (Soundcloud - Tardcore International group)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Me And My Fuckin' Tattoo (Soundcloud - Tardcore International group)
TACOCASTER - Satan Skiffle (Sluggisha blogspot)
ARCOLA/FORTUNATA - (Extra Spicy) BBQ Pope (The Rise And Fall Of Osama Jong Il)(Youtube)
CHACHI ON ACID - Spurt Of The Moment (T-Shirt cd)
BLUE WAFFLE PUSSY - The Poop Fucker (from "Swallowing Batteries For George Washington Christ cd)
BACONAISSE - Moodumb (from the "Modumb" split cd with Hell Garbage)
SOCKEYE - Everyone I Know Is An Asshole (from the 2012 re-recorded version of the debut album,"Red Salmon")
GLEAMING THE CUBICLE - If I'm Drunk (Cauliflower Ass & Bob cover from youtube)
BUTT PROBLEMS - Dick Like GG Allin (youtube)
RAW DOG - GG Allin Is My Hero (youtube)
AN ARNDERSON - CD Case Is A Winshield Wiper (from the Brown Bear Records release,"Wasp Honey")
TWO HIGH CHAPS - Let's Roofie His Drink,And Rape His Eye (from "Through The End Of Days"disc)
ASF - Early Royal Trux (excerpt from split with Gainmas)
GAINMAS - Untitled? (excerpt from split with ASF)
MC MURDERA - McSuicide (from "Supersize e.p.)
BABYGOAT - Intro To Mathcore (from "Greetings From DeKalb" split disc with Seasonal Men's Wear)
UNICORN HOLE - So They Found A Cure For Herpes ,It's Called Stop Being A Filthy Whore! (from "Squadilah ,We Are Off!" disc)
THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Philosophy Of Oi (from "In Glob We Trust" on retard riot records)
THE DICK PANTHERS - Yer Mom (from "Eternal Biological Conflict" disc)
THE CHRIS PARFITTS - Meet The Raffles (from "Noir" disc)
EDDOJEFFRO - Untitled (8) (unreleased,un-used demo)
ROCKY DENNIS PICTURE SHOW - Chewing On Scabs From Satan's Cock Helmet (from "Flies Feast On Festering Feces" disc)
NOISEKILLR MEETS TREE - The Hammer Of Coleslaw (from the self-titled tape)
MAN IS THE BORED - Apathy (from the "Deskviolence" disc)
LED PAINT ZEPPELIN - GG Allin For President (from "Award Winning Songs" cd on retard riot)
HORRORDACTYL - Teenage Time Killer (Rudimentary Peni cover from the Archives)
ELEPHANTINNITUS - Dumbo (from the self-titled ep)
DOLLY PARDON - Mosh On Your Ass (unreleased demo)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Bondage Pants Oi Oi Oi! (from the upcoming s/t release on Sluggisha)
MIRACLE MOMMIES - 12 Year Old With An Overbite (from the "100 bands -Popeil Punk/K-Tel Kore"cd)
MINNIE'S MAXI MART (FORMERLY MAX'S MINI MART) - Big Hat (Sockeye cover with live vocals of "Need Not Go Unnoticed" (Sockeye cover) interspersed throughout)
P.S. FUKK YOU - Fucking Fight (Lava Church Records)
PORNOSAURUS REX (P. REX) -A Smell Of Honey (from the s/t release)


Friday, May 25, 2012


More thrift store finds! You have all the usual suspects ,preachers,children's records,soundtracks,foreign musics,the chipmunks (doing The Knack!),John Belushi (doing Louie,Louie!),Jim Backus (with Phyllis Diller?),The history of Neil Young (as brought to you by the fine folks at National Lampoon!),comedy from the likes of Justin Wilson,public speakers,and lots more zany fun! All these records were found in thrift stores across the South ,and I have a massive collection ,with lots more to come ,from this great series!

W.G.O.D. #21 - (Underground punk radio show originally broadcast sometime in 1992)

Hey kiddies! ,Here's another episode of a classic W.G.O.D. radio episode ,with my special in-studio guest ,Fred ( a/k/a Jeff McDonald ,not formerly of Redd Kross). All musical bases are touched on ,here! This is before the Sluggisha Tapes sets became a staple of the show ,before I began putting the date on each archive cassette tape, and long before Doug Shannon was doing voice-overs for me.Very early show ,I sound inexperienced as hell ,and we rag on a rival pirate station ,with their hosts ,Dorky & Dicky ,and even play snippets from their show (they were broadcasting at the same time we were doing this show!) ,and I believe we also made crank calls to their phone ,which was not on the same site which they were broadcasting from ,but a remote site. Anyways ,here's the list ,and enjoy this blast from the past , originally broadcast sometime in 1992!

THE BEATLES - What's The New Mary Jane?
DAVE ROTH - Good Day Sunshine (Beatles)
THE DWARVES - Skin Poppin' Slut / SFVD / Drugstore
IGGY POP - Shake Appeal / 1969 (bootleg 7")
BEASTIE BOYS - Ode To.../ Shadrach Mission
BLATZ - Lullabye
THE DEAD MILKMEN - How It's Gonna Be
T. REX - Rip-off
NEGATIVLAND - Live Here (edit)
PATO BANTON - Don't Sniff The Coke
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Scum (rare flexi-disc)
SONIC YOUTH - White Kross (live! 12")
GORE - Mean Man's Dream
CHELSEA - Right To Work
POISON IDEA - Star Of Baghdad
TAPPER ZUKIE - Archie The Red Nosed Reindeer
THE WEIRDOS - Shining Silver Light
THE MC5 - American Ruse
THE SAINTS - One-Way Street
DIM STARS - The Plug


Saturday, May 12, 2012


The first all new WGOD radio show in years!! Broadcast just last nite ,featuring new ,unreleased ,rare ,and upcoming previews ,of music on the Sluggisha label/blog. I tried to get everybody on here ,I apologize if I did not succeed.I would also like to make 2 important announcements!! One is the new Sluggisha webstore!!! please visit and peruse the items and products on sale there! 
And secondly , Food and I are working on a 30th anniversary tribute compilation of the classic 2LP punk album,
"Not So Quiet On The Western Front"!! If you or your band or your friend's band ,want to be on the comp ,please contact me ,for further instructions!! But now ,on to the music! Enjoy ,I am a little rusty ,not having done a "godcast" in some time ,but I think I did pretty good!
part one:
DUMB AUDIO DYNAMITE - 2012 (From the 7" single ,"2012")
GLEAMING THE CUBICLE - 2012 (unreleased 300 bpm version)
ASF - All Shall Fall (Immortal cover ,from an upcoming split)
BLOOD RED OSCARS - Don't Worry,Be Stupid (Bobby McFerrin cover from the "Mixed Marshmallow Arts" split)
TEENAGE MUSTACHE - Vacationing On The Sun (from the "Mixed Marshmallow Arts" split)
BEAVERBAG - Seth Putnam Is God's Punching Bag (from "Death Is Gay -A Tribute To Seth Putnam")
SHA MA MO - The Barrett Side Of The Waters : The Greg Ginn In The Sky (excerpt from split w/Bitch Crickets)
THE BITCH CRICKETS - Fuck Frosted Flakes (from split w/ShaMaMo)
THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - Dooba Dooba Deet Deet  (from "3 Beans In A Tin Bowl")
YOBEL WEENEL - Chhuurrcchh (from the upcoming release ,"Deto Soc Umy Oty")
RONALD REAGAN MIKE TYSON - Destroy Everything (Sockeye cover from a Youtube video)
NOISEKILLR - 2011 Is Over ,Get Ready For The Crapture (from Youtube video)
G O D - It's 2012 ,So Punch A Mayan In The Face (Blood Red Oscars cover ,from a Youtube video)
NIPPLES ARCOLA - 2012 (Dumb Audio Dynamite cover from a Youtube video)
VINCE MOLE AND HIS CALCIUM ORCHESTRA - Everything (from Youtube video)
WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS - Mall Cop (Cat Machine cover from the upcoming tribute)
part two:
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - I Love Cigarettes (from split w/ Hell Garbage)
THE ROGUE NATIONS - Dracula Fucked You ( from the "Regi Mentle Rides Again" 7")
FESTER FACEPLANT - Let's Trade Pics (from the "Two Dollar Pistol EP")
LORD CHOCULA - Flesh Eating Succubus Of Planet 64b (from "Rauchunkraut Mit Teufel")
HELL GARBAGE - Cous Cous (excerpt ,from split w/ Spiritual Chicken)
BLOODPONIES - Florida Snow (from "King Plyers")
KAAGOOTAABAA - Spicy Piss (from "Should've Used The P Wedge")
SKINDUST - Summer Stawberry/Secret Recording II/Car Coming This Way (from,"New Album")
BIG BUTCHA - Watch Yo Back (from ,"Bloodstainz)
ZATH - Fun With Acid (Fang cover ,rough mix ,from upcoming Not So Quiet On The Western Front tribute)
SOLID SILVER CAR - Plant Rock (from, "The Legend Of The Diarreah Snake/Ox" compilation)
NACHO KNEES - Mystery Of The Swollen Eye (from the self-titled debut release)
FRANK GOSHIT - Shit Crapo Tako (excerpt from "Shit Crapo Tako")
DOCTOR NINJA - Untitled (from ,"Meditations On Meditation")
LETTUCE VULTURES - Cheap Beer Swims In My Head All Night  (from, "The Legend Of The Diarreah Snake/Ox" compilation)
BARFY CIRCUS - Tardytardfour (from, "The Legend Of The Diarreah Snake/Ox" compilation)
THE DIRTY HEELS - Faking It (from ,"St.Patricks Day-Live At The Swamp III")


Sunday, May 6, 2012

GOOBER SINGS - And George Lindsey Is Goober

GOOBER IS DEAD!! First MCA ,and now this!! This is Goober's little known album of classic blues/country/bluegrass/gospel covers ,and a few originals for which George penned the lyrics. The aforementioned songs ,are the best on here ,and you would be wise to skip right to them before taking in the rest. "That There's Big With Me" is one of the best novelty/country songs ,never heard! Sung in the character of Goober ,as well as ,"I Ain't Good Looking (But I'm Mighty Sweet)" ,with a gaggle of girl backround singers cooing the chorus! Another good novelty tune here ,is from when the spin-off of the Andy Griffith Show called ,"Mayberry R.F.D." aired. I guess George kinda had more of a starring role in that series ,and tells you all to ,"Write Me,R.F.D." The rest are covers by the likes of Huddie Ledbetter! ,Nat Stuckey,Sonny Curtis,and others. I had this in a pile of stuff to post ,and ,like Paul a few weeks back,George died before I could post it!He was 83 ,that's pretty old,but I just saw Dick VanDyke the other day ,and he was full of vim and vigor at 86! And his new wife ,while no looker ,is only 40! But Goober deserves to be heard ,the songs I mentioned are some of the best work of his career!R.I.P. Goober!