Saturday, January 31, 2009

runnin'with the devil soundboard

click on post title for crazy soundboard,it will amuse for hours!

ONE FELL SWOOP-not the best of, just a small cross-section

some really good tunes and other stuff from me,joel,and chipmunk.after cat machine folded,we just kept going in more of an indie direction,more poppy, which for us is like sonic youth meets pink floyd and howlin'wolf vs. lee ving.i don't know i hear a bluesy tone kinda sad and downtrodden sound that almost makes me cry.after all these years this stuff is magical enough to inspire feelings.probably i'd venture to guess,this is the only band in history with a 2-guitar(no bass)line-up with a drum set made of a deep dish pizza pan in a drum rim and an empty plastic typewriter case played with a wrench and a hammer,not live tho' we had a real drumset,boo, also not to say we didn't use other instruments, as keys samples ,etc. show up from time to time.check out this amazing band,so much more to hear.i will be putting up lots more including the show advertised above.we were the kings of the losers.all cover songs compilation will be up soon,it's fookin' fab! enjoy , G O D . click on HERE for link: FELL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE APOCALYPTIC CENTURIONS-the 3rd coming-live at the coffee house-12/3/93

this is the 3rd coming of the apocalyptic centurions.only 2 parts of the 3 part symphony were conducted because i was flashing(that's me in the pink dress with the green stockings and docs and a ski mask)some girls in the front seats, was a magical night and i give you ,"tap your foot to a car crash" and "a fleet of u.f.o.'s landing" thanks cindy bruce,proprieter of said coffee house,for letting us play with this,and other ensembles, and for letting me get your poetry readings blasting off outta this world.2 really good flyers ,art by billy drake,crappy flyer by me.check this short video ,see if you can name all the participants!thanks, G O D .
click here: centurions-3rd


this is me solo between 95-99 with my little street punk/oi/skinhead covers of sham69,circle jerks,d.i.,chelsea,plus all original material by me.if you got boots and braces,and are an ameri-skin(the band that spawned this band),if you work at a job you hate,if you're kept down by the state,if you have boots and braces,this is for you.for every working class slob who needs to hear the truth,look no the boot party by clicking here for link:

AUGUST SPIES-food chain in your living room 7"

this is the much coveted first 7" from august spies(if anyone has the second one please upload it to me for posting,thanks) on rodent popsicle records brings back memories of partying and slam dancing with punkers.ashey is the king of anarchy,dont forget wmbr late risers club mondays at 10 a.m. love this single wish i had more. G O D .click here: spies 7

AUGUST SPIES-death to you demos

hey this is chris macdonald(ASHEY)singing for this awesome anarcho-politico punk band,this is demos and i have another hours worth from before this .august spies was a famous anarchist check wikipedia for more info and listen to this batch of high powered chug a luggin' tunes from the best band outta massachussetts,ladies and gents ,i give you august spies!thanks ashey you made my life more meaningful by being you. G O D .CLICK HERE PUNK ROCKERS: spies-death to

Monday, January 19, 2009

MEBST-pissing out the poison preview


Sunday, January 18, 2009


1 song in 3 movements "diseases of astonishment"a)spit fire kitten,b)shit from china,c)godbotherer,which gets cut off on this recording but i'm sure it's all on video.

live at the draft house 2/8/92 billy,ed,joel,vance ,tony,chipmunk on guitars.tony(warm up beats),shane,and sean on percussion.a good time was had by all.all shows are on video i need to find out how to put them up on here.don't try this at home.more musical than later outings which just turn into sheer noise.still mind-blowing tho.the guitar orchestra lives.G O D click here: centurions-1st coming-diseases of

LOS HYMEES-the whole enchilada

yes,more tardcore this time by way of the mexican/jewish pipeline,lots of songs about food,Ed, Billy, Vance,acoustic guitars and instruments,a geat band for Billy to show off his spanish/flamenco guitar stylings,cover art by Food Fortunata of sockeye,the great comic strip above illustrating the lyrics to one of our songs (Hillary's Hole) ,by Steve Reed(it appeared in issue 2 of Rodent Cake magazine)great fun and hee-larious enjoy! G O D 3/1/09 added new unearthed lost track"questions for billy:CLICK FOR LINK AND A BURRITO 

ASSEATER-black in swamp scum

this is the 3rd release from ASSEATER,after billy left the fold.just me and vance kicking up some black/death/grindcore for this e.p. true metal that has a blackened soul.the first two albums are not as technically proficient as this,but rockin'just the same.cover art by steve reed.CLICK HERE:  


CLICK HERE:'s lunchbox-all florida bands and sluggisha 49 16-17ths.wma

Saturday, January 17, 2009


GOD with G.G.Allin,Henry Rollins,and in the MOSHHAWK days.

BLOOD RED OSCARS-satan peabody and the wrath of the BLOOD RED OSCARS

Here's even more of this by now patented craziness.Lots of Cat Machine covers due to a complete tape of Blood Red Oscars cover the Cat Machine.Just lyrically really, the music is totally diffferent than the Cat Machine versions.Lots of originals too,don't get me wrong,goin' off on a wild Cat Machine tangent.All these Oscars volumes were compiled four years worth of sessions,some of the stuff that I have left is better left.This is not the end,my friends,there is still lots more Oscars and even more as of yet unposted tardcore to come.Just don't wait too hard,you might hurt something.I am Satan Peabody on vocals all instruments all lyrics .Steal this totally un-p.c. music for yourself.Life is short,have fun. G O D....... 

BLOOD RED OSCARS -this is crap

They of the sped-up chipmunk voices are back with more tardcore for you whores.More of the funniest music on the web right here.Don' t miss all the cover songs,Blue Oyster Cult,Led Zeppelin,Bachman-Turner Overdrive,Cat Machine, a laff riot ,to be sure.More Dead Dog's Weener,and even funnier stuff. Tardcore to the max!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rotten Rat Records - Ding-A-Ling 7" and Beadfreak 7"

Hey these look to be rare I think.Can't find any info on artists or record company.Found another single on another blog by "Napoleon XV" with a different label type but same address and producer info.Any way up first it's "Ding-A-Ling" with "Hi Kids(How To Use A Telephone Booth)"and "You Know What Makes Me Mad"which continues the telephone theme for some reason but in fact sounds like a rip off of "They're Coming To Take Me Away" and may even be an embroyonic version of said tune.sounds like Soupy Sales meets demented clown from a kiddy show.You can almost hear Stimpy of "Ren and Stimpy" fame in the vocals.Up next is "Beadfreak".First track is an apt description of what to expect from this artist,"Crazy Motorcycle Freak" b/w"Eve of Destruction".The music is pedestrian folk but the vocalist sounds like a psycho biker punk.I found these while thrifting about 10 years ago in a little town called Land o' Lakes,and wanted to share cuz i have'nt seen these in my web surfing episodes.If you likee I may start posting more rare records on this blog.Both are d.j. copies and i don't think these ever saw the turn table.Fine shape on the vinyl.No idea on the year on these but i'd guess late 60's?? If anyone out there knows this label or about these records give me some help thanks, G O D.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the BLOOD RED OSCARS-tardcore is for you!

This is the pinnacle of all tardcore, totally crushes all that came before and are still to come .Lots more of this band will be up on this site soon.Smart=stupid and stupid = smart.That's tardcore.Hands down funniest thing you'll ever ever find on the web.This is just the first post of the Oscars ,it gets better and better as we go along as you will hear.Just me solo. The concept was be funny and stupid,use drum machine and one instrument on each song(keys,bass,guitar,samples)and be the king of tardcore.Sockeye is great and I owe a lot to them but what I have here is one of a kind.If you don't laugh you must be dead.The first three chapters of the Dead Dog's Weener saga is here as well.Just insert names of songs and movie titles and t.v.shows and string them together with Dead Dog's Weener. Just listen, you'll get it.Also on the song"Bird Is The Word With A Circle A (This Is Anarchy)"goes out to Ashey, as he is mentioned in the lyrics.This is Satan Peabody at Sluggisha Studios in 1995.Lots more to come, stay tuned also, let's try to comment on this piece of art, o.k.?,,please? here.tard:

Sunday, January 11, 2009


okay,i wrote all the lyrics and the songs are all true 70's rock god worship lotsa t.rex,sweet,kiss,refrences.lotsa hookers,drugs,sneakin out at night,skippin' school,gettin' in trouble,smokin,drinkin,drivin,hot rods, hot chicks,love,love lost,power ballads,good hard rock before metal came about,still kinda has that punky(meadows)edge.if you lived thru the 70's,watched that 70's show,have a passing interest in any thing teenage related,smoke herb,went to high school(why do you think they call it "high"school?),or just are a culture fan,you will surely enjoy this.ed on vocals,vance on bass,billy on guitar,and we all played drums and switched around instruments.i started myself in 92,wrote the first 2 e.p.s,vance joined part way thru 2nd e.p.then by 94vance and i wrote abunch more tunes ,at which time somewhere into this era,billy the end of the year we had a full lineup including also tony and mike smith.only 3 rehearsals 2 tapes exist and that was it,never played live but coulda opened for the donnas or the runaways if given the chance.i'll tell more when i put more haleys up.kelly leek as he was known in the bad news bears,the bad news bears in breaking training,and the bad news bears go to japan,jackie earle haley was a bad kid.perfect name to relate these tunes of teen angst and joy.CLICK HERE: 

PUTRID TEETH-the horned turd

basically 60 songs about poop in 45 minutes.pretty funny for the first few times,and still funny afterwards.wheelchair full of old men records and tapes carries this,run by food of sockeye.i also carry a sockeye release that food himself compiled and did art for.i'll put it up one day soon.for now hear the tard core,uh,turdcore sounds of putrid was an old mad magazine,the putrid family,teeth putrid ,oldest brother and singer/guitarist in the family know teeth putrid=keith partridge,but i dont think we're quite as poppy or family oriented as that,still putrid teeth is a good name for a band dont ya think?this is their second release.some kids in maryland basically had a cult around the first tape which i may put up if this one does good on comments and downloads.that other tape is lo-fi dreck compared to this production but to each his own.also the kvlt kids from maryland started a band called adolf olliver nipple and i'll put that on here soon too.they kinda aped our whole sound especially our rhythmless singer,n.y.poop,and the songs are not all about,s funny too.but nothing can ever top the blood red oscars for out right hilarity to the point of peeing and or pooing in your pants.soon you will all know the power that is the blood red oscars.coming soon to a blog near you,this one in fact.but i digress,more on putrid teeth,only formed when n.y.poop was in fla. on vacation,for each of 3 sessions. the third tape"apoopstic"is a mostly acoustic outing with about 10 songs written by food, singer of sockeye ,especially for putrid teeth to use.also cool interview segments with n.y.poop giving you more insight to his life,the band,and the future .i'll put that up soon too.but like i said earlier before i was so rudely fucking interuppted by words,this will quench your thirst for tardcore for now,hope fully,gimme feedback,thanks

p.s.i forgot to mention the obvious g.g.allin ,mentors,meatmen,kinda vibe but i bet you got that already,right?the first picture up top is n.y. poop at an early age . click here for download

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Saturday, January 3, 2009


A slight off-shoot of the Moshhawks.after that band crashed,it was Jug and Jed back for more as the Turdworms.Just 3 metal/punk songs full of samples and a long audio verite piece as a bonus tacked on the end of track 3.Kinda cool and funny.Makes me want to drink river water thru my granma's horn of plenty.Tardcore for sure. G O D .clickyclicky

CAT MACHINE--the last newest one

I believe this is the last time we recorded as CAT MACHINE.It's in Cape Coral,at Vance's,in Mumsy's dining/living rooms,all improv live,only vocals added later,Ed ,Tony,Joel,Vance,sometime in 1995 I think.Tony sang on the first track and I had to sing the rest cuz everyone left me alone,then I mixed down.It's kind of a reunion of sorts since we hadn't played as The Machine for a few years at this point.Right up to par with the classics.Real drumkit ,(courtesy of Mike Smith).Don't miss the final session of the catalyst of Sluggisha Tapes,THE MIGHTY CAT MACHINE. G O D 

CAT MACHINE--litterbox

Some of the best of CAT MACHINE,but by no means a definitive collection.This cassette was most people's first introduction to the band,compiled after the band had broken up,and is the first tape listed in the original Sluggisha Tapes mailorder catalog..A good cross section ,not in chronological order,so as to get different eras sounds blended into one essence.These recordings were made between 1990 and 1991,and include some tracks in the transition period to becoming ONE FELL SWOOP!.Ed ,Joel,and Tony.were the core,then Chipmunk joined.Vance,Billy and Shane were on a lot of sessions,as were other local luminaries.Dave Roth guests on,"Tore My Hair Out Today",and Dave"antelope leaps",guest vocals on"Count The Hours" on this comp.We started out for fun making a tape,which soon turned into at least 2 - 90 minute tapes a week.Lots of improv,on the spot stuff,some 4-track,some live.We used to record mostly on a suburb blaster which accounts for the sound quality.It's all classic stuff that deserves many repeated listenings.Lots more in the vault.Enjoy this for now!Caution:will not fit on a cd ,make it a 2 parter .thanks G O D 

DESTROY THE RADIO!! -various artists compilation

Did you ever listen to the radio and say,"gee wouldn't it be nice to hear some alternate cover versions of these songs and better songs than this crappy top 40 radio baloney? Well I've got just the solution for you .Check this collection of Sluggisha Tapes artists tearing up some of your favorites.This is the Sluggisha top 40 ,( 32) .There are some non-locals who contributed to the cause on this compilation.Just download and spread the good tunes to the public.This won't all fit on one cd,it's about 90 minutes of pez-punk goodness.thanks, G O D