Friday, April 22, 2011

WGOD #44 -GODCAST 1992 -Live Remote From Joel's

Touted at the time as the most diverse W.G.O.D. tape yet,Joel's influence on this podcast is far-reaching. Joel,Phil,Vance and I ,pick the songs,and you listen intently.I, as your DJ, let you know what's playing! In 2 parts,as the whole thing would not fit on a disc(if that's your intention).A really good set of great music,all of which is timeless.If you want more of WGOD ,please leave me comments,and I'll try to post more.There are literally hundreds of tapes like this one in the vault.If I had an I-Pod ,WGOD would be on that thing all day,every day!


The flyer above is from a show,at a different venue,about a week after I recorded this.Joel and Billy were also there.There is a brief snippet of the opening band(unfotunately,not the Gotohells!),whose name escapes me,but they had girls in the band,and they sucked!We do make a few comments at the top of the recording! the first track of Dick,has a glitch about halfway thru,but after that it's smooth sailing (or ,surfing ,as the case may be!).A funny anecdote about this show: a girl ,standing just in front of us,obviously drunk,was swaying and dancing to Dick and co.,and she peed herself,it leaked on the floor,and she slipped in the pee,and cracked her head! The highlight of the show,and Dick wasn't bad either!If anyone happens to know the track list,if you would kindly put them in the comments box below,for those that need such things!

McRACKINS -Life,Hey Mikey 7" single

To finish off my Easter set,I give you this single from Canada's ,Mcrackins.The a side is an original,but the b side has Cheap Trick's ,"Surrender" ,and Patty Smyth and Scandal's 80's hit ,"The Warrior".Not very Eastery,except for the fact that they dress up like cracked eggs (and dogs?!)


Another children's Easter record,from 1975,has the classic songs,and some stories,and the last track,"The Ugly Duckling" , is the most depressing story ever commited to a record marketed towards kids. Egg salad and deviled eggs are on the horizon! The back cover gives interesting facts about the holiday.

THE BIG EASTER EGG HUNT - Holiday Adventures Of The Lollipop Dragon

Happy Easter! This is from a 1971 classroom filmstrip on Singer records.Has all the annoying beeps,when the slide projector would change pictures!Good nostalgia piece.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ZATH - Zany Anarchy Through Hypnosis

The latest and greatest ,from the duo of tardcore kings! Food Fortunata,of Sockeye,Fossil Fuel,Boy In Love ,more bands ,and CEO of The Wheelchair Full Of Old Men record label,teams up with the blogmaster of this here blog,me, G O D ! for more stupid songs.Great and cruddy covers of Black Flag (Police Story),The Jesus Lizard (Zachariah),Circle Jerks (Coup D'etat),and a cover of a brand new band,Grady Ha Ha (Kicking Brazil Nuts). There is also a cover of an un-recorded Monkety Burps song (Sanford,Son,and Whippets)! Tons of hilarious samples tie all this comedy/schlock/tardcore music together!This band just keeps getting better,with each new release! It's about high time they got some vinyl on the market! Food ? ,Sludgesicle?, Mortville Records? ,someone should commit these guys (for real!), I mean to a 7".And for the first time in ZATH's history,Food does the cover art ,in color! A really good one,everybody Wang Chung tonite! CLICK HERE: 


A new band formed recently by Food,Poopy ,and Scoops (of Boy In Love).Really funny stuff,a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" ,a tune called ,"Social Distortion Rules",and other stuff that sounds like a drunken,neo-3 Stooges,melee! I recommend you don't join the army!But if you do,take this disc with you,and kill people while hearing it! War is fun ! Yay!! Tardcore maximus!

BEAVERBAG - 25 Great Rock N' Roll Hits !

Yes,25 of the greatest rock songs of all time, covered Anal Cunt style,in a little over a minute and a half! Just fucking lousy shit,noise-laden,horrible ,ear-damaging grindcore! More to come? Give me reviews, and we shall see! Most of these songs,in their actual versions,should never be played on the radio again! If you grew up in the 70's/early 80's, you'll sing along to all these fine tunes! CLICK HERE: 

Monday, April 11, 2011

CAT MACHINE - 39 1/2 E.P.

A 4 song e.p. from Ed J. and Chipmonk.The rest of the band was at work,or something.This was also,I believe,the session which yielded the fine ,"Whippetman" ,a band found elsewhere on this blog.A cople of actual "songs",and a couple of highly experimental tracks.This series picks up again in about a month,on the date of the next tape.This is fun,but not the full line-up.Good for what it is,which is good! CLICK HERE:


Yet another new band,recently discovered off the coast of Daytona Beach ,FL. The Paper Cut Guy(pictured above),is an accomplished synthesizer master,and he takes you on a trip thru the outer space in his inner mind.Obscure references to Mayan prophecies and pizza delivery techniques are explored in the song titles.An instrumental outing,keyboard solos,without a beat.Not following the beat of a different drum,there's no drums at all! Just the sweet strains of The Paper Cut Guy at The Omelette Emporium!


A new band,from Florida,with a unique sound.Mr. Lizard Skeleton plays bass guitar,and 2 Dozen Cavities ,plays the keyboards.Mostly instrumental,till the last track,which has singing on it.Most of the titles were pinched and scrabbled from Jimi Hendrix song titles!Really bizarre stuff ,from a couple of damaged youth in the deep South.Plans for a second album are in the works!


Even more strangeness,from thrift store findings,and my massive collection of discarded(by others) record albums.Lots of foreign musics this time,as well as the standard children's records,orchestras,spoken word,preachers,and other weirdos,you have come to expect from this series.A wonderful wonderland of unheard musics awaits!! CLICK HERE: 


Another amazing black metal compilation,from the record collection of Hans Gudengast.of the band ,Tyrantyr ,in Germany.Artwork by Neil "Foolboy" Fowler. 14 black masterpieces,that are perfect for your next wine and cheese gathering,or just worshipping the dark lord!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Teen-age Pez-head Punk Rock Spies

One of the most cohesive studio efforts,by the most under-rated,undiscovered,underground,outsider ,cult-bands of all time.Recorded on 4/2/1991,with Ed,Tony,Joel,and Chipmonk,this one has the hits!!Their 39th release ,features the college rock radio hit ,"When The Ape Man Smiles", which ,thru Chipmonk's contacts,managed to garner an audience,when it was played on several college campus radio stations,across the nation,most notably in Wisconsin.Other great compositions here ,include ,"All In The Family" , "Alcoholic Funk" ,and "Backstab" ,all sung by Joel. Chipmonk vocalizes on ,"Lunchbox Sabotage",and "Fly High Flyers" ,while Ed yells on ,"Spontaneously Combusting" , "My Mom's A Facist" and "The Things To Come.And Tony ,besides singing lead on "Ape Man" also kicks in with his crooning on "Gettin' Bent (Big Dead Ass).This is seriously really good! If you haven't heard anything from this year-long series yet ,I would suggest you might start here.This really shows their true talent of getting wasted,and banging out world class punk songs! The title was later appropriated by Sexboy ,for a song title .

SACKTAP - Stupid Is Born Every Second

One of the dumbest bands of all time!  ,there is much to redeem this,their second LP.(The first one, self-titled,is available on this here blog,somewhweres).You have some poetry readings,some of their trademark Jazz/scat numbers,some more episodes of The Bob and Jerry show,parodies of 70's/80's TV commercials,crazy instrumentals that will trip you out (wear headphones!),a drum solo with a fat guy snoring on top of it,and covers of : The Misfits (Brian "Snax" Siders (R.I.P.) on drums and back-up vocals),Motorhead, 7 Seconds, and Black Flag! There are also some terrible songs,that are some of the worst pieces of shit you may ever hear.Or not!Total Tardcore madness!Fuckin'dumb!

BUTT TOOTH - Tell Your Stupid BUTT TOOTH To SHUT UP !!!!

The dumbest rap trio you've never heard! Unless,of course,you downloaded their first LP ,"Cheddar Cheese Steak" ,located elsewhere,on this here blog!.MC Jed(Copkillr),MC Jug(Racemixr),and MC Reverend Raj,with a special word from MC Iggy!They do raps of 4 Cat Machine songs!The first and last tracks are their truest studio output!Lots of stoned,drunk,trippin stuff,not really rap,but a blitzed out version of the origins of rap.Sermons,stories,jokes,blues tunes,weirdo samples,and more strangeness.Truly tard-rap,tardcore to the max! CLICK HERE: