Friday, February 26, 2010


another wcfoom compilation.first one to feature a sluggisha band,putrid teeth,with their third version of the veritable hit,"poopshoe".also features one of my favorite wheelchair bands,ever,los pantalones,with their great tune,"yucatan peninsula".the usual suspects also make their appearances:sockeye,fossil fuel, kill the hippies,armless and angry,and other bands that are even more tardcore than those previously mentioned!a fabulous compilation from the late 90's.

HALLUCINATION REPAIRMEN-unworthy of your attention

more from the masters of mayhem,and psych/punk trickery.the first 4 songs are only on one channel,so it's ultra-lo-fi,but then it kicks in with the badness!the last few tracks musta been inspired by the butthole surfers"hairway to steven",at least the titles,which are little drawings!you have to see the track list in the zip,to find out the picture titles.other than that this is really cool,with lots of short weird tracks,and a few sprawling shingles that clock in at 3-4 minutes!.overall a fine thing to hear!i asked food to send this and the other repairmen tape to post,because i noticed a lot of searches for them on the web.thanks also to the guys in the band for allowing me to post this!


RITALIN RIOT-various artists

hey this is fromm a.d.d records and magazines out of tampa,florida.half the bands featured are from the F L A. the tracks on the back listing don't match up to the songs but it's mostly right.just real good punk,emo,rockin stuff,with the likes of:at the drive-in,pantho u.k.united 13,the thumbs(played with sexboy!),dillinger four,the bar feeders,discount,and more!from 1998,came with the zine.a decent listen.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


the last show sexboy played(2/20/1997),we opened for this illinois powerhouse.the gig was at samskull's offbeat records shop,and ralph tarantino filmed the show.just fun, ska/punk/rock/funk,it will raise your spirits!best tracks for me are,"land of the lost","basement show"(which is the video below),"old macdonald's straight-edge dilemma",and"the insanity of drayton sawyer and his hallucination of love brought on by the texas chainsaw massacre part II"(how's that for a mouthful!?) it's all pretty good,better live tho'.i also have a single by them that i will post at a later time.for now enjoy this and the video(i have the whole show!)



another great music zine,carbon 14,with a swell comp of garage punk stylings with the likes of,blag dahlia,cocknoose,the humpers,dead moon,lord high fixers(covering the circle jerks),the dictators,the nomads(covering the zeros),and lots more.this came with issue #25,which was their 10th anniversary of publishing the zine.


cool beans was a cool zine,that covered scenes in different areas each issue.this particular issue,was all texas bands,and folklore.the bands are mostly unknowns,but the butthole surfers make an appearance,with "blind man"live in 1988,exclusive to this comp.also there is the rhythm pigs,the dicks,j church,and like i said,a bunch of unknowns,but if you know the texas scene,all these bands are screwy!this is a great comp.leave comments,you bastards!


THE CUNTS-why baby?

more psych/punk,this time from 1995,limited to 1000 copies,more songs than on midnight party,and funny titles like,"man hanging off cliff with pants leg on fire",and "abstract salamander dilemma".really good to zone out to.


THE CUNTS-midnight party

seminal illinois psych/punk/garage band,stated in 1978 by mike pocius,this is from 1993,only 1000 copies pressed.sometimes known as the cnuts or the c*nts,as to pass the censor.most of their stuff is hard to find ,cuz it's so limited,and it's nowhere on the web.i guess cunts fans don't care to share this fine hear it in all it's glory,


look at their discography,they have one full length,and this ain't it.they have a split live with keiji haino,this isn't it,and this is not listed anywhere,gotta be a boot,and what a fine and mysterious thing this is!a side project of eye,hayashi,and yoshimi of the boredoms.this is way high trippin' stuff.noisy and mellow all at once.wait til you hear the bass kick in,man it's a doozy!oh yeah all the tracks are titled '?',so good luck on that,just enjoy it!

Friday, February 19, 2010


yes,finally,varg vikernes is free from prison,and this is his first new work.treading back to his original metal roots,this album envelopes all previous works into a tight little package.8 tracks on 2 lps,this is the beginning of a new era of nsbm.good to have you back,varg,keep the releases coming! check out varg's site here:


this great punk/reggae/ska/h.c. band is from massachusetts,and are friends of ashey and the august spies!there is one track,"bru ha ha" for download here: and below you can see videos for,"wake up!" and their theme song,"supakine!"hopefully members of this band ,or ashey or august spies,can further elaborate in the comments box below.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

HALLUCINATION REPAIRMEN-2-1/2 years of incompetence-a compilation

lo-fi,psych-punk stupidity,doesn't even begin to describe the wonderful hallucination repairmen.hailing from tx and nh,and distro'ed by wheechair,this is wunderbar.they have been on a few comps over the years(incl."fuck rush limbaugh 7" found on this blog!)and proven to be worthy of these ears!more is coming from food at wcfoom,soon!for now marinate on this a while!


Monday, February 15, 2010

DRUNKS WITH GUNS-drug problem / superstar 7"s

2- 7 inchers from this institution of missouri punk.not as great as their earlier stuff,but okay."dwi"almost sounds like "drinking and driving"from black flag,and "a beer"is almost g.g. meets lee ving.the superstar single,is 2 dwg re-makes of songs from the jesus christ superstar soundtrack,with blasphemies added in."crucifixion"almost sounds like"a beer",and a beer is asked for several more times.they made records after this with a 14 year old girl singing.forget this and seek that out,their first single art was banned,cuz the girl singer did'nt have enough clothes on,and she was a minor! P.S.mike deleon is on neither of these releases.


some weird psych-pop-punk,from the man behind the "original" drunks with guns line-up,mike deleon.from 1993,comes with a cool comic book in zip,as well as some recipes,one for squirrel.pretty weird,and different from dwg.



awesome 60's garage surf band sound from this trio of chicks.they are friends with other like minded bands,such as:the mummies,supercharger,the phantom surfers,and more.all original tunes,that sound like you've heard 'em sound effects on"dragula",my pick track on this 4 song 7 inch.the album they made after this,wasn't as authentic sounding as this,and only half as enjoyable!

D D T-broken toy

These guys,from Atlanta ,GA.,1984 are like posi-core,maybe 7 Seconds or Minor Threat meets like Black Flag .Pretty cool,some h/c moments,for sure.Here's a link to their myspace:
and here's a link to the download:

THE FACTION-dark room

Skate rock band from north CA. circa 82-85.Pro skater Steve Caballero,plays guitar on this,and the whole band skates hard."Let's Go Get Cokes",is one of my faves from this 6-song 12" Can't find it on the web,but here's a link to more info:
for the download link,click here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

THE LETTUCE VULTURES-....are making popular music

the most prolific artist of our time ,food fortunata,is back with the newest in new!this guy puts out a new release like everytime he wakes up!continuing on the tardcore trail,great tunes like,"altar of sam walton","welcome to michigan",and "puke on a zoo",this is poised to humor you!not to take away from this,but you really should hear ZATH (zinc ape toilet hangers),a conglomeration of food and myself,making fools of ourselves,and laughing all the way to the liquor store! look for it on this by lonnie berg.

BOY DIRT CAR-the last words of a dying man-live without a body-1983-87

this is hard to find on the web!on rrrecords,home of experimental and noise bands.some of these guys were in die kreuzen,and other bands from that scene.this is a document of live recordings from,l.a.,wi.,,wa.,and tx.,spanning five years.kinda sounding like an american cousin of einsturzende neubauten,this is noise that most won't like.but it fits right in this blog,which is full of experimental weirdness.their influence can be heard in dozens of industrial bands,even today's noise yourself a favor,and give this a spin!thanks,jamie hake!


Monday, February 8, 2010

LCXME-Lee County eXperimental Music Ensemble-Live! June 16th,1995

tony,joel,vance,and myself,on a fine summer day,in crime manor,regurgitating free-form jazz,filtered thru the minds and hands of freaks!the idea was for us to get an art grant,but it never panned out.we still carried on,and even played a few jazz fests in the area.this tape was lost and the tape was broken,so repair was needed!also uncovered a noisekillr chestnut,which will be included on his next release!anyway,this is boys having fun,entertaining themselves,a band with an audience of ourselves.enjoy the instrumental onslaught,don't be scared,it's rather listenable in this day and usual,way ahead of the times!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

FOSSIL FUEL-fuck off!

more joy than you can pack in your earholes!this is one of the best fossil fuel tapes ever!has a donna summer cover!and great musings on,crap cans,nyquil,no smoking signs,gilbert grape,kevin seconds,beer ,lampshades,condoms,and amongst other things,how james monroe invented punk!just food and poopy and the punk rock drum beat maker.get ready to laugh til you pee yourself!one of my top ten favorite releases from wcfoom.extreme tardcore!



this is a compilation of rrrecords bands,doing elvis covers,and it's pretty good!only 200 copies made,it's rare,haven't seen it posted.the king himself is on here,with some of his best work ever!from lowell,MA,run by ron lessard,one of the first u.s. labels to feature experimental/noise/electronics.also included are 2 bonus tracks which were submitted at the time this comp was being put together,by charles rice goff III and killr "mark"kaswan,and were rejected,making it all the more obscure.elvis fans(and industrial fans) ,rejoice! no cover for this tape,i did the art,thanks!


beat her with a rake/i'm the commander 7" from siamese records,1978.these guys existed in the same time and space as the runaways,imperial dogs,berlin brats,and others of the era in post glam l.a. and even got their friends,van halen to open for them more than once.this was a hit on kroq at the time,and both sides have violent lyrics,and crossover punk/metal style,long before it actually was thought to have begun.the closest comparison i can make is,the child molesters,found on this blog.


this is a scene report from cleveland,ohio 1989.14 bands play a song or two,and many styles of alt/punk are band has jim jones,of pere ubu fame,in it's ranks.stange and sometimes wacky,you've probably never heard of any of these bands.not as weird as wcfoom or sluggisha,but they tried.lots of notes and pics in zip.on synthetic records/jim clevo


Thursday, February 4, 2010

STRAIGHT YOUTH-together we can do it!

That title sounds like something from the Obama camp,only from 1990,Miami.Kinda like a parody/tribute to straight-edge,much like Crucial Youth.This trio plays great tunes,hardcore lyrics,and some humorous bits.Lots of funny notes and pics in zip.Shoulda stuck it out for at least one more single.Almost coulda been the next Youth of Today. 4 And A Half Fingers Records,thanks Emil !!

THE HUMAN ODDITIES-the earth will shake!

This 7 piece from Miami,early nineties,has the classic male/female vocals,found in such great bands as X,or Blatz,but not the rockabilly sound of the former,or the hardcore stylings of the latter.They sing about(in this order),the Frankenstein monster,drinking alcohol,Henry Lee Lucas,the Loch Ness Monster,(with a chord progression lifted from the Child Molester's tune,"Wholesale Murder"),Big foot,Blackbeard the pirate,and finally Ishi,an indian brave.Very diverse,one tune has sax,reminiscent of X-Ray Spex.This is actually 2 seven inch singles.Their first single was pressed with the labels on the wrong sides,so they got it free ,and passed it on for free ,along with their 2nd single.Good stuff!From Emil on 4 And a Half Fingers Records.1992 .Comic strips,notes,pics,and lyrics in zip!


This quartet from Miami ,takes the Melvins,and G-anx,and Black Sabbath'(and Black Flag,"My War",side 2),and confirms it as the Cavity sound.Loud,metallic shards of feedback and growled vocals,and a penchant for heavy breakdowns,this is any metal head's wet dream!On my friend Emil's 4 And a Half Record label,outta Miami.From 1992