Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MYOPIA-burning eye crown

This is some lost tape that Shane gave me ,when we were recording the band,FUCK.Not sure of the origin or the year or place,maybe Tony can fill us in.Sounds quite early on,to these ears.only 6 tracks,most of the sound goes to one side,there is a muffled drop-out in the 1st song,but it's relatively smooth sailing from there.Noisy psych/pop/punk,that should have seen vinyl.One of the best bands from the Ft. Myers scene.Art and title by Gray Meatballs.The tape has other stuff on it too,not sure what it is,but it 's a mess,to be sure.One of the most downloaded bands on this blog,this is very rare,as are any Myopia releases.
CLICK HERE:  https://archive.org/download/Myopia-burningEyeCrown/395Myopia-burningEyeCrown.zip

SOCKEYE-it's a crazy elderly world!

this is the 9th release from wcfoom,from 1988,and contains all the hits,and classics,that later made it to vinyl.great stuff here,really coool.good place to start,if you never heard sockeye(or tardcore for that matter)

SOCKEYE-music that gay people would like

fromm 1988,the humble beginnings of what would come to be known as tardcore.this is the 2nd release in the wcfoom catalog,and has the core of the band as it was to be for the next few years.the whole program is backwards after the last track,so trip on that,hippie!has a crass cover.

Friday, March 26, 2010

THE HOUSE THAT DRIPS BLOOD-the slacker tapes

this is sean burch's (monson) solo project from 1995.tony rizzo,and ron bohn play on a track on here,don plays on most,christy bachman is here on a few,and tall ray(i think)plays on a number.there is covers of naked raygun,and local rarities,the morbid fucks.also a couple songs written by paul deritis.and by brett.acid drenched punk that's trippy,and ever-changing.i split the tracks into side a and side b,did'nt want to disturb the continuity,as it all runs together with samples and such.most samples(especially side b)are from the movie ,slacker,but there are samples from other sources as well.a strange listen.get good and ripped for this one!and sean burch (monson),contact me via the comments box below.thanks!
CLICK HERE: https://archive.org/download/TheHouseThatDripsBlood-theSlackerTapes/392TheHouseThatDripsBlood.zip

LIL' SHAVERS- 2 bits

this was recorded after a one fell swoop session ,with me,chipmunk,sean sommers,t.j.,and shannon.quite noisy,kinda heavy metallish,shannon does most of the singing,sounding sexy.she fakes an orgasm on here,and sean does some hilarious vocals.hard to say what this is,weird alt-punk,or acid-punk,it's out there.try to listen to this!the last track is from the aforementioned ofs session(titled,nubiles galore,i wonder why?),with joel,of course,and shannon on vox.t.j. and shannon were about 15-16 when this was recorded,and ofs were a bunch of perverted 20 somethings.from joel's room at cat machine house from 1992.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the NEW LEFT CLASS-bloodguilt of the transgressors

More instrumental tunes to hum while trying to decide if it's the right time to.....,well you know if it's safe.....,I wouldn't listen to this in the dark,unless you're skateboarding behind K-mart,or running from the pigs!Drink a lot then put this on.I know it's not as sexy as your peek-a-boo teddy,but it will look good on you.Me on guitars,Vance,bass and Mike Smith ,drums.this is the real stuff,the kind you scrape off so as not to waste any.It's the shit,is what I mean to say!


Some killer instrumentals,that make the instrumental genre obsolete!This transcends any instro combo you may have heard in your lifetime.Ed Sluggisha on bass,Dug Boone on guitar,Mike Smith ,drums.From the summer of '96,in my garage studio.Subliminal mind melting music that makes you want to kill!

Monday, March 22, 2010


hot off the presses,another educational tool from our friends at wcfoom.food does the states this round,fresh from a bout with the presidents of said states.this is light,fun,and you actually learn some facts like,florida was named after a character on the t.v.show "good times",and hamburgers taste good,as well as many other tid bits of knowledge.food makes it fun to learn,all class rooms should have a copy of this,as well as the previously posted presidents cd.have fun,kids!

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38-keep a spare

this is the first release from B-38.this is the second mix,mixed by the Count.Noisekillr and Mr 497,just beginning their journey(no steve perry),hurtling thru the cosmos.space rock punk,that will turn your stomach,and peel your eyelids back!transmit received 3/28/92.i will be posting everything they have transmitted to us from their satellite studio in space.anti-religious,anti-human,anti-christian.this is the future of music,we have yet to hear!it begins HERE: https://archive.org/download/IndustrialBeltB-38-keepASpare/387IndustrialBeltB-38-keepASparebroken.zip

FOSSIL FUEL-10 years of fucking killing you! 1991-2000

this is a beautiful thing,a virtual best of ,with tracks from every release!a 2-disc affair,that is one of the best things i own!i know a lot of people dl'ed the "fuck off" tape(some of which is reprised here),so this should quench your thirst for more FF ,for now,ya fuckin' pussies!if you're not tuff,or punk rock to the gills,this ain't for you,ya goddamn cunt!so if you know the FF, get this now,or i'll have to kill you with the gun/knife!ya puss!
CLICK HERE    https://archive.org/download/FossilFuel-10YearsOfFuckingKillingYou1991-2000/ff-tyoky.zip


could be subtitled,"submit to WHORESHACK,NOW!",which is the last track on this release.me ,billy,and mike,git 'er dun,in the bakery,with cool acoustics.leads off with "not come down",a live standard.from 3/30/93,we are working backwards thru the whoreshack catalog,as i posted the 6th release"the zipper"already,tho' there is a live tape from after that.enjoy this mostly instrumental,"thinking"music.



YOU-BILEE-you-lysses s. grant/born in the you s.a.

both releases from the famous southern gentlemen from the north.this is friendly sing-a-long by the campfire music,much like "michael rowed the boat ashore",or "100 bottles of beer on the wall".those songs aren't on here,but a whole slew of new traditional sing-a-longs,better than mitch miller,even!godhead,absolute godhead!



the 6TH STREET MUNTUS-middle of nowhere

more free-jazz punk-skronk from the finest in the manor.every one of their tapes sounds totally different from the next.on these sessions,the first six pieces from 3/13/96,features me,joel,mike smith and trig.lotsa weirdo sounds and instrumentations,as well as a bravado performance on vocals by trig("a black woman is trapped in sebastian bach's body").the second half(5 tracks)is me,joel,and zolon,from 3/15/96.very cool,spacey,sample laden trips.live at 5455,6th st.this is the TRUE trippins'.far-out,man!



Sunday, March 14, 2010


another sweet live show from tardcore rulers,sockeye!this time there's 18 live tracks,a cover of low rider,and 10 4-track recordings at the end,recorded the same day!good stuff that later ended up on singles and stuff.listen to this in your most drunken state,and sing along!



from a split with dingus,another spastic live performance from kent state university.some crappy tunes from a practice tape at the end.rubbish,my dear,complete rubbish!art is not the actual cover.

SOCKEYE-a bunch of straightedge fucks tried to ruin our fun...but failed!LIVE 6/3/89

an infamous show,from 1989,with the kings of dumb,sockeye!great 25 minute interview at the end,great early document.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Z.A.T.H.-Zebra Amplified Turd Harpoon

This is the 2nd ZATH album,Freshly recorded over the last few weeks.once again,Food Fortunata (man of a thousand voices,and bands)sent me some music to sing on,and I sent music for him to sing on,If you wanna call what we do ,"singing".More of the fine stuff known as tardcore,round these parts,in this new installment.and look at that fine art piece above by Food,I mean that thing should be in a museum,freaking awesome dude! 2 versions of one Butthole Surfers song,and goofy ass vocals,with crazy churning music.were talkin' "THE" fucking pinnacle of stupidity here folks,don't attend their concerts,Peter Cetera is opening for them,ugh!Another swell product of Sluggisha and Wheelchair. P.S.here http://www.archive.org/details/Z.a.t.h.-zebraAmplifiedTurdHarpoon is a pop out player of alternate takes of me singing on Food's music,slightly different delivery,and lyrics,and it was 3 a.m. and i was drunk out of my gourd!yes,there are an additional 2 more versions of a Butthole Surfers song,ha ha this may be better than the actual finished product,you can download it,as well,and add it to this for a one-two punch,that will make you protect your sack! -G O D
CLICK HERE: https://archive.org/download/Z.a.t.h.-zebraAmplifiedTurdHarpoon_550/379wcfoomZath-zebraAmplifiedTurdHarpoon.zip

BOY IN LOVE-rock and roll:the who invented it,we perfected it

more BIL,from a few years later(1995),and you can hear,they've become more accomplished.the songs are longer,and they cover the butthole surfers,queen,and lee dorsey(or is it trio?)good versions of songs you know,and some follow-up hits.this is red wine,man!

BOY IN LOVE-goddamnitsville + bonus tracks!

this time,they've gone electric,with a full band,in a studio!this is the quintessential BIL.one of my favorite recordings of theirs.great re-hashes of older tunes,and some great new hits!the bonus tracks are from,a)a split with girdiroy,which i believe is their earliest foray into electrification,and b)some alternate takes of stuff that ended up on the next tape.also includes some live concert crap too.and a queen cover.really recommended,this is of the highest tardcore order!


from 10/94,shagg is total death/grind destructo-core.boy in love begins their trek into the world of electric guitar,4 good mid-era stuff songs.this got me thru many early a.m. mall walks,with the grannies.

MISTER MYSTERY-eat the sun

says food,"acoustic guitar and bass plus some fantastic crooning.songs about the stupid side of life".nuff said!

BARNACLE BEAK-songs for the workin' man

food says,(in his catalog)"a bunch of songs about food.retarded shit with 3 guitars and one lousy singer".acoustic rythym,electric leads,tardcore vocals,food,that says it all.don't listen without drinking!from 6/2000.
CLICK HERE:http://www.mediafire.com/?qz4mgnumyoz

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CRO MAGS- age of quarrel demos-1984/85

This is not the remastered 2000 version,but the original demos.It can be found elsewhere,but I posted it cuz friend(Ian) asked.If you know the violence,and want more,this is the rawest stuff they did!


GAFFED - It Hurts To Be Dead

I wanna say I dedicate these death metal postings to Ian,but also to Aesop at Cosmic Hearse,who will be away from his awesome blog til May! Check him out here: http://cosmichearse.blogspot.com/
From 1995,still kickin' at that point,this is Gaffed again,bringing you no hope for anything.Kill.

GAFFED - A Meal Of Gore

This is Ritual Torment with a name change.From 1994,New Jersey death metal,at it's finest!Here's some info:http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=36758 thanks Ian!


Here they are again,with their 2nd demo of death metal goodness!After this they changed their name to the title of this demo,"Gaffed",which is posted above.Eric Rutan had a hand in this,check on him here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Rutan

For this,CLICK HERE:


Growly-throated Cookie monster death metal,yee-hah!This is pretty good,also rare,from Ian,and NJ. Here's their Encyclopedia Metallum page:http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=52714 and here's the tape 

REVENANT-1988 demo

This,as well as the next few posts of death metal,was given to me for posting by my pal,Ian.Rare stuff he has,haven't found much info on the web.This is not as heavy as what's coming on the next few posts,kinda thrashy metal,pretty standard stuff,outta NJ. Ian was not impressed.For more info check this page:http://www.revenant.us/  For this demo of "Asphyxiated Time"

Monday, March 8, 2010

SHREDDED WHEAT!!!a lyrical interpretation of "chased through the woods",by WAKING THE CADAVER,courtesy of ian

this is a video of interpreted lyrics of "chased through the woods",by the band waking the cadaver,put together by my pal,ian thatcher,a/k/a "saucy" in metal circles.he does commercials for local tv,just did a church commercial,and does band videos and lots more check his work at:http://champianmedia.blogspot.com/ this shit is hilarious!for the real lyrics check here:http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/w/waking_the_cadaver/chased_through_the_woods_by_a_rapist.html even though the way ian interprets the lyrics,sounds exactly like what the guy is singing!funny stuff!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


the eleventh installment in the uncut collection,this time messin'up:van halen,burl ives,sam cooke(or maybe it's smokey robinson?)and more hip-hoppin' breakdance shit,sweet,and much more than i can remember or list here.this guy is still on the loose,and can't be stopped from destroying vinyl recordings,only to re-use them in this almost criminal capacity.if you ain't been schooled yet,on the uncut sound,be my guest and CLICK HERE:

the 89ERS-kicking you in the disco balls

funny and great,tardcore disco/punk hybrid,covering donna summer,k.c.and the sunshine band,village people,andrea true connection,devo,air supply,paul mccartney and wings,captain and tenille and loads more.stayhigh on guitars,koolbreeze on drums,pizzabreath on vocals,and shinyassballs on bass.pronounced thusly: thee eight-niners ,which is black nerd code for burning one down,as in,"let's go do an eight-niner".this is all of their collected recordings,from 2 sessions,and this is all there is.no funky comp.cuts,no unreleased bonus tracks,this is it!get it now,or i'll kick you in the disco balls!
CLICK HERE: http://archive.org/download/The89ers-kickingYouInTheDiscoBalls/365The89ers.zip

BUZZ WORKSHOP-in-crowd cult heroes

more rollicking fun rock from the buzz workshop,a loosely-knit,interchangable group of fellas,who just love to record their do-goodings,to share with the world.this time round the line-up is:me,joel,tall ray,mike"mcschwuggles"mezaros,and vance,march 24th,1996.the lead-off track pinches a birthday party guitar line,to good effect.2 great cover versions of velvet underground's"sister ray",as sung by joel.and the other tracks are no slouches either.total 1-2-3-go! style,and it was all written in the stars that day,or some kinda crap like that!recorded in fantastic"you are here"sound,i shit you not,you'll swear you're in the living room at joel's 5455 club.
CLICK HERE:  http://archive.org/download/BuzzWorkshop-in-crowdCultHeroes/364BuzzWorkshop-in-crowdCultHeroes.zip

ARMLESS AND ANGRY-foolish groin experiment

weird droning ambient alien soundscapes,from the dopes at wcfoom records and tapes and cd thingys.like the soundtrack to an otherworldly experience,or dropping acid and stuffing socks in your ears.tinass,paul bearer,and scratch are the band,recorded in 1994.don't listen this!!!