Friday, March 29, 2013

W.G.O.D. 49.43 -MAY 8/9 ,1994 G O Dcast classic!

I dug out an old chestnut this week,as I've been busy recording music for upcoming releases the last couple weeks.This was a tribute to a guy i used to work with ,Steve Bourden (whom I christened ,"Steve Boredom",punk rock yeah?),who was going into the army during Desert Storm (idiot!),so i'm talking to him throughout the podcast,dedicating songs to him,and asking him questions. It was also Mother's Day ,and Jeff McDonald and I sat poolside for this live Sunday tea dance podcast of hits and more hits.Some of the stuff on here was unreleased at the time I played it,cuz I was so groundbreakingly awesome!some true classics of the genre ,here! hey!,even naked chicks dig W.G.O.D. radio G O Dcasts!! Here's the list:
GG ALLIN - die when you die (live!)
CHICKENHEAD - smash and grab
JONATHAN RICHMAN - papo de chicle
SOCKEYE - silverware sucks
THE CRAMPS - the surfin' dead
THE VENTURES - war of the satellites
THE DEAD MILKMEN - bleach boys
THE BEACH BOYS - amusement parks U.S.A.
ROLLINS BAND - ghost rider (suicide cover)
THE POGUES - the sick bed of cuchalainn
THE BLASTERS - american music
THE DICKIES - bedrock barney
BIG BLACK - il duce
DRUNKS WITH GUNS - I got the gun
FLIPPER - ha ha ha
BURDGE DRAKEWOOD ORCHESTRA - the 11th commandment
FLESH OF BARNEY - steve boredom
THE JACKIE EARLE HALEYS - you're the one
FUCK - i want to die (suckdog tribute cassette -thought balloon )
ASSEATER - little flowers dying (suckdog tribute cassette -thought balloon )
THE MOTHERFUCKERS - i fucked lou grant
THE SOMEDAY PEOPLE - perry farrell's faerie perils (thought balloon)
HERMANOS GUZANOS - cut off your arm (the poops via sockeye -thought balloon sockeye tribute cs)
AUGUST SPIES - john wayne gacy = pogo the clown
SEBASTIAN CABOT (mr. french "family affair") - like a rolling stone (bob dylan cover)
WILLIAM SHATNER (capt. james t. kirk "star trek") - mr. tambourine man (the byrds cover)
REDD KROSS - huge wonder (alt version 2500 redd kross fans can't be wrong 10")
THE DWARVES - dead brides in white (tooling for a warm teabag)
THE SUPERSUCKERS - high ya! (la mano cornuda)
ACTION SWINGERS - you only know my name
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - the friendcatcher
X - sugarlight
VAMPIRE LEZBOS - bananna splits theme song
PAVEMENT - forklift (slay tracks 7")
THE THROWN-UPS - sloppy pud love (melacholy girl hole box 7")
45 GRAVE - wax
GEORGE LINDSEY (GOOBER) - that there's big with me (goober sings lp)
DANIEL JOHNSTON - almost got hit by a truck (yip/jump music cs)
GERMS - circle one
GG ALLIN - gypsy motherfucker
KILLDOZER - hamburger martyr
THE DICKS - i hope you get drafted
GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - you smell like sex
CAT MACHINE - welfare blubbering
TEENAGE FLESH - sleep and never wake
UNCUT - be a homo
NOISEKILLR - kill nicholas
FUCK - it's black (live at club black nerd)
ONE FELL SWOOP - pain in my dreams (live at the draft house)
THE MOSHHAWKS - for you (ever after)
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - swingers need to find god
ED WOOD - red letter day (live at the draft house)
SOCKEYE - fuckin' shit
REDD KROSS - standing in front of poseur
OLD SKULL - pizza man
SUPERCHUNK - slack motherfucker
HUSKER DU - punch drunk
CIRCLE JERKS - world up my ass


Thursday, March 14, 2013


An all-new split with a North/South American alliance.ASF is from Florida ,while Psychosomatic Constipation is from Brazil.ASF turns in a half-hour of one-of-a-kind sounds.Including brief interpolations of Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath),Theme from Gilligan's Island,Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum pirate shanty's,and songs about pizza ,drum machines,guitars/bass/keys,as well as public service announcements.All laid on top of the harsh noise that ASF has become known for,with a sound all his own(p.s. the translation of the title is,"I Wish I Could Stab A Motherfucking Pig In The Face and 18 Other Big Shitcore Hits recorded 2/13/13").The 2 pieces (one short,one long) from Psychosomatic Constipation ,consist of a short weird number with blathering shitcore vocals and background sounds,and a long lo-fi excursion into the refrigerator for a drink and some silica.Check out Joao's blog at   for more of his extreme sounds.(he just did a couple of splits with Dylan's, Hell Garbage) Front cover art of 2 people I don't know,back cover by Eddie III. Listen with a pillow over your head,and knives in your ears!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


John and Dylan ,back with their second split,Kaagootaaba gives us 4 untitled lo-fi shitnoise pieces ,while Hell Garbage spews more abrasive bordering on harsh sounds ,including a foray into phone answering machine messages,and a live at a club karaoke version of a DK'S song! This is a blast! If you don't get it by now,you never will. Soundscapes of the future,now!Cover art by John's l'il bro. YP-052 Yip!Records 2013


Way back in the early 90's ,when Sluggisha was still an underground ,mail-order cassette label,this was the 200th release in the catalog.Featuring some of the best bands and/or songs ,up to that point,plus some of the latest stuff being recorded by local Ft.Myers,FL bands.As you can see from the cover art ,above,there were also bands from other areas of the United States,who were sending in tapes to be sold thru Sluggisha's distribution system.The songs that appear here were some of the most requested during gigs ,or on the underground ,pirate radio show on W.G.O.D. Many styles and types of music are featured ,which all fall under the punk umbrella.The catalog could be had thru ads in zines like Flipside,MRR,Rodent Cake ,and more obscure rags. The people who were lucky enough to have ordered cassettes from the catalog back then,were astounded by the revelation of real underground music,coming out of the deep south,as well as from our compatriots across the U.S. Yeah,some of the recordings are shit,but the bands worked with what they had,which in many cases ,was not very much.The Ft. Myers scene ,was very incestuous,with bands switching members ,and forming new bands ,constantly.Unfortunately many great bands never made recordings,or even if they played live gigs,they were sparsley attended.The earlier compilation,"The Ft. Myers Underground",featured pre-Sluggisha bands (mid-to-late 80's) ,with many people who continued to carry the torch into the 90's and beyond.A handful of the original scene is still recording music ,and doing various projects,to this day.The new kids who came in after the demise of downtown,(which we cracked open ,playing gigs,poetry slams) ,had no place left to play,as the top 40 type bands began to play downtown,and the scene dwindled.This is a document of a better time,when you could get a double mochaccino,smoke countless cigarettes,stand in the street in underwear and combat boots,drink booze,smoke dope,and wreak havoc.Ft.Myers sucks! It did then ,and it's a million times worse now.We had little record stores and comic shops we could play at,but sadly they never made enough revenue to keep on going. The Draft House (owned by Rick,and later Gary),The Main St. Coffee House(Cindy Bruce,who also owned a great thrift store ,right next door),The Indigo Club,Offbeat Records (Samskull in the Patio DeLeon),Record Trader(Ralph Tarantino) ,and oldies radio d.j. Doug Shannon ,all deserve to be in the history books ,with a resounding ,never-ending applause track,playing on to infinity.Thanks to everyone in the scene back then.You helped shape the town,and in turn the Sluggisha legacy,and I love you all.
Please listen with sincerity,and tell me what you think of our scene! Thank you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's an all new G O Dcast/podcast ,with shit from all over! Some upcoming and currently unreleased stuff is here,as well as some new music that just came out,a set of stuff from Dylan Houser,Stuff selected from John Kaagootaabaa's record collection,and a buncha stuff I've been listening to lately,in addition to the usual weirdness.Lots of noise and metal on this one,but there's something for all.For this episode I must thank:
Food Fortunata,Nipples Arcola,Noah Lyon @ Retard Riot blog,Fuck Ramone @ Electric Hedonist blog,Joao Felipe @ Unbearable Noise blog,Dylan Houser @ lady Anthropophagus,Patrick McBratney @ Lava Church Records,the fellas at Wedding Dog Records,Remote Outposts blog,Vance Burdge,Ashey,Jake,Eric of ICSSH,Kendall @Yip!Records,and thanks to anyone I forgot,i love you all!
Here's the list!!!


BLOOD RED OSCARS - Bad Blood (Neil Sedaka/Elton John cover for an upcoming 70's tribute on WCFOOM records)
QUEEF REICH - Fuck It Up And Indie Pop (s/t release on Electric Hedonist/Sluggisha)
ZATH - Classic Rock Day (Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde - WCFOOM/Sluggisha)
NIPPLES ARCOLA - Vegetarians Are Wimps (Joke 'Em If They Can't Take A Fuck cd Hairy Scary Nipples prod. WCFOOM)
BOY IN LOVE - King Kong Calculator (My Brown House cd 100 percent zero records)
BOY IN LOVE - Boy In Love (The Residents Unmasked tribute)
SOCKEYE - Godsong (live 1988)(The Residents Unmasked tribute)
VOLKSWHALE - Duck Stab (The Album in 1:37)(The Residents Unmasked tribute)
FOOD FORTUNATA - Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden cover,Embarassment of Riches,a Tribute cd WCFOOM)
FOOD FORTUNATA - What She Said (Smiths cover ,Embarassment of Riches,a Tribute cd WCFOOM)
THE POOPS - Stinkity Poof (Plinkity,Plunkity,Snappity,Toot cd WCFOOM)
NOISEKILLR/TREE - Curious Sweaters of Humanicidal Cyborgs (Noisekillr Meets Tree cassette,Lava Church Records)
BONESHAKER - Cry (Birthday Party cover,Sluggisha)
VANCE BURDGE - Sabbath,Bloody,Sabbath (Black Sabbath,instrumental cover of Paranoid,Sluggisha)
TEENAGE MUSTACHE - African -American Sabbath (Black Sabbath,instrumental cover of "Black Sabbath,Yip!Records)
YOBEL WEENEL - Drkljahl (split cdr with Bloodponies ,Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
S & M HUNTER - Lights Out (from a split with Hell Garbage ,Lady Anthropohagus/Electric Hedonist)
KAAGOOTAABAA - I Love Livin' In The Cunt Tree (Sluggisha/Yip!Records)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Shats Bleach (Noisepunxxx comp.Shitnoise Records bandcamp)
ROCKY DENNIS PICTURE SHOW - Mastectomy Home Kit (Yip!Records/Sluggisha)
ONIONBOY - The Few,The Proud,The Dead (Karnage cover from "Not So Quiet On The Western Front"tribute cd ,Sluggisha/WCFOOM)
HIS NAME IS ROMEO - No One Listens (Vengeance cover  from "Not So Quiet On The Western Front"tribute cd ,Sluggisha/WCFOOM)
OLDPOLES - Polish Bitches (s/t on Wedding Dog Records)
OLDPOLES - Scooby's Mansion (s/t on Wedding Dog Records)
YOU SAID THAT WE COULD SMOKE ALONE - Bill With Seafood (Tim's Last March cd ,Wedding Dog Records)

50 WAYS TO KILL ME - Send Me Out Into The Cold With No Clothes ,And Ice Cubes Duct Taped To My Ballbag , 50 More Ways To Die For Satan ,Sludgesicle Records)
AGATHOCLES - Chrome death-Matadores del Libertad (split CS with Hatred Division ,Dendo Records/Fastone Records/Green Peace distro)
HATRED DIVISION - untitled tracks (split CS with Agathocles ,Dendo Records/Fastone Records/Green
Peace distro)
BALLSONBITCHS - Homie Don't Play That/Grind To Live (Smoke Crack And Spread Disease cd ,Trashfuck Records)
BONEACHE - Untitled Tracks (Extreme Bone Tituration CS DIY Noise)
DISESKA - Shit On Your Head (Exclaim The Suffer split CS with Shitlife, Opaqus records)
SHITLIFE - Tardviolence (Exclaim The Suffer split CS with Diseska, Opaqus records)

HELL GARBAGE - Live @ Uncle Lou's -Post-INC show (youtube)
HELL GARBAGE - Monkey Magik For A Soung Right There (from some new cd release?)
DER LAAGEN SKAAGEN - s/t (excerpt)
DR.BROKEN - Wheels In The Skies Of Confusion (excerpt)
T. JERE - 1:17 (split cdr with Bong Ejaculation)
BONG EJACULATION - 3:01 (split cdr with T.Jere)
ICEHOUSE HAIRSHIRT - I Wish I Had Diarreah (Second Helping Late Night You're Dead cdr)
CAPTAIN CRUNCH (Crunch,Crunch,Crunch demo ,Frank Goshit)
STUPID POOPING CRAP - I Pooped A Little (s/t CS ,UNCUT re-mix version!!!!)

PATRICK MCBRATNEY - Lovebrrd/Tender Cruncher/Harmoos Summer Tour Announcement (youtube)
LOVEBRRD - Love Less (New Order cover ,excerpt from INC 2013,live at Churchills ,youtube)
DUMPTRUCK - You Got Dry Heaves (split with Cancerface)
CANCERFACE - I Trip On Legal Medication (split with Dumptruck)
BOTCHED FACELIFT - Interdimensional Psychic Alien Mind Tormentor
FORCED ABORTION - Poop Cunt Black Mexican Fetus Enhancer
GROTESQUE FERMENTATION - Re-Clotted Vaginal Secretions
GORE OBSESSED - Sacrificial Zombie (Nunslaughter cover)
CIRCUIT DAMAGE - There is A Problem
THRASH IN THE STREETS (T.I.T.S.) - Tap The Rockies/Skate Or Die
FECES ON DISPLAY - Pepperoni Tits Pizza
STATIC GOAT - Stone Coffin
DREAD FABRIK - Punk Militia
IN THE SHIT - Mosh On Your Grave
DARK ABYSS - Kill Yourself
SALAMANDER SATAN - Satisfying Dead Children
FEAST OF TOMB - Decapitated Funeral
CANNIBAL ACCIDENT - Grinder (Judas Priest cover)
ANGELS IN AMERICA - I'm 18 (Alice Cooper cover)
THE HENRY CLAY PEOPLE - Clean Sheets (Descendents cover - Filter magazine Presents:Milo Turns 50 tribute cd)
MILO GREENE - Parents (Descendents cover - Filter magazine Presents:Milo Turns 50 tribute cd)
CHILDDISH - Cheer (Descendents cover-Thank You:Un Homenaje A Descendents-Audioslam Records bandcamp)
608-Z - Coolidge (Descendents cover-Thank You:Un Homenaje A Descendents-Audioslam Records bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - The Weirdest Guy Who Ever Lived (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - God Pisses Me Off (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - Elderly Drivers (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - A Sea Lion (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - Shitlips (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
CAPTAIN THREE LEG WITH FOOD FORTUNATA ON VOCALS - Make It Count (Drink Hard,Grind Harder split release with Shitnoise Bastards ,bandcamp)
SEASONAL MEN'S WEAR - Pilgrim Tim (rough mix ,from an upcoming split with William Wesley And The Tiny Sockets! youtube)
ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHITHEAD - Legalize Crystal Meth (Live @ The Bedroom ,youtube)
PSYCHOSOMATIC CONSTIPATION - Untitled ( excerpt from 3"split cdr with Hell Garbage)
GEFILTE FIST - Broccoli Spears (youtube)
BITLORD - My War (8 Bit Version) (Black Flag cover,you tube ,Wedding Dog Records)
POOR WHITE TRASH - Stupid Cunt (Brutal Truths CS ,Remote Outposts blog)
GX3 - Anti-Social (No Morir Si! south american punk comp.CS Remote Outposts blog)
HOLOCAUSTO - Cerdo (No Morir Si! Remote Outposts blog)
TOTAL TRASH - Far Out Dude (Remote Outposts blog)
HONEY I SHRUNK THE BAND - Honey I Shrunk The Band (Cassingle and Lovin' It CS comp Remote Outposts blog)
MUSIC FROM THE HIT T.V. SHOW "JIMMIE" - The Dude With the Shirt With The Dude On It (Cassingle and Lovin' It Cs Remote Outposts blog)
ROSALYN RANGERS -Rosalyn Rangers (demo -Dischord Records)
XASTHUR - A National Acrobat (Black Sabbath cover - Nightmares At Dawn CD)
NUIT NOIR - My Beloved Tree (The Gigantic Hideout CD)
EN CAHOOTS - Racistas De Mierda
SECRET SYDE - Daniel And Dottie (From the unreleased LP ,Erebus)

thanks ,download this shit ,pass it around!!yay!!