Saturday, November 17, 2012


November 14th is/was the Sluggisha blogspot's 4th birthday/anniversary! On the internet ,that is ,as Sluggisha Tapes ,existed  late 80's til the mid 90's as a mail order cassette label!
This special edition of W.G.O.D. radio ,is a podcast dedicated to Sluggisha ,and all who follow him.Thanks to all the fans and friends,and bands for keeping me going.Special thanks goes to the saviour of the blog (after a nasty mediafire fight) Mr. JVSS!! Hope you enjoy all the new stuff on this G O Dcast ,a few folks sent in specially made tracks ,just for this show! Here's the list ,and Oi! your faces off!!

THE GRATEFUL DEAD KENNEDYS - Circumcize Me! (unreleased track!)
DOCTOR DATE RAPE - Buy Sluggisha Records ,Or G O D Will Rape And Kill You!(exclusive to this show!!)
HELL GARBAGE -Chex Mix (For Satan) (Exclusive to this show!!)
PUNCH PEOPLE - Riot Party (I think this is exclusie to this show? ask Noah!)
KAAGOOTAABAA - Sluggisha Saved My Life (Exclusive to this show!)
SUPERFLOATER - Don't Conform (5th Column cover ,rough mix  for the upcoming "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" tribute compilation)
PIXEL SHIT - Jizzing Nerds Play Retro Games (Electric Hedonist blog)
*New (as of yet) Un-named Band with an (as Of yet) untitled song* (Electric Hedonist blog)
ASF - New Age Vocalist Of The Decade (A Past Winner cdr Electric Hedonist blogspot)
GG'S KIDS - Dope Money (GG Allin) (Honor Thy Father 7" Bitter Boy records)
BOY IN LOVE - I Gotta Bible (It's A Boy) (The Peehole Sessions 7" BIL BOX Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records)
WE LUV POT - Getting Old Sucks (split 7" with Sloth ,Sludgesicle Records)
SLOTH - For Chris Gilles Untitled 2 (split 7" with We Luv Pot ,Sludgesicle Records)
MINCH - All Washed Up (So Throw In The Towels) (Split 7" with Breathilizor WCFOOM)
FOSSIL FUEL - Things I Don't Like (Knife Rock 7" Cubicle Records)
BREATHILIZOR - Pac Man Of Fevor (split 7" with Minch)
ASS - Extraneous Angler (split 7" with Doktor Bitch -100% Zero Records)
DOKTOR BITCH - Self Vasectomy As Performed By A Ninja (split 7" with Ass -100% Zero)
DISGRUNTLED BOY WONDER -  Shed No Tears (Flipper cover from split cdr with Bloodponies - Yip! Records blog)
IVAN THE TOLERABLE - Leave With The Lighter -( split cassette with Kaleidoscope Death - Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
KALEIDOSCOPE DEATH - Kicking Trash ( split cassette with Ivan The Tolerable - Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
PERISCOPE BREATH - Wig Of Pubes (Turdle Head Blues cassette -Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh blog Ack Ack Ack records)
S & M HUNTER - Holocaust (M.A.D. cover -outtake from the upcoming "Not So Quiet On The Western Front" tribute compilation)
FUCK RAMONE & THE REPRESSED URGES - Oh Indie Pop,Up Yours! (Electric Hedonist)
SNETSPAZ - Monte Paten Funk (from an upcoming compilation on Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated)
BLOODPONIES - Bocephus (Golbez cdr - Lady Anthropophagus Unicorporated)
SKINDUST - Ronald Reggin (Yip! Records blog)
KAWAI NOIZU - Fuck For Camera (Yip! Records blog)
PORNS - Pain Dungeon (Yip! Records blog)
YOBEL WEENEL - Carrttoon (Deto Soc Umy Oty cdr Sluggisha blog)
STRAWBERRY SHORTCOCK - Bottom Of The River,Bottom Of A Bottle (Sluggisha/Yip! Records blog)
ZATH - We're Listening To Black Flag Songs (Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde cdr Sluggisha blog)
ZATH - Pushead's A Wanker (My Dog Popper cover -Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde cdr Sluggisha blog)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Z.A.T.H. - Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde

The latest from ZATH,who are currently at work on their third Xmas release! This album was titled by a ZATH freak from Germany ,Morris Vollmann. Great cover versions of My Dog Popper,Rancid Vat ,and Lefty Frizell! Plus all the fun tardcore that ZATH always displays on each release.This is the first time that Food did not draw the art for the cover.I actually took pictures of this statue near where I live,because I always liked it ,and i just realized why ,when I was taking these photos.It resembles one of Food's artistic creations ,chiseled in stone!Food did the front cover work ,while I did the back side,in more ways than one!ha ha! Great tunes about the upcoming election ,and the candidates,as well as other topical ,and not so topical,subjects. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the ZATH cds ,they are all available for $4 apiece ,or I can strike a deal with you ,If you wanna invest in the full set of discs!This is the "new wave" in music ,right now! MTV and VH1 ,can't find a way to get to us,to put us in their rotation,so they are shit outta luck.While you ,my friends,are some of the luckiest folks alive,to be able to hear this fabulous band's latest ,for free ,on this here blog.C'mon and download it! And leave some comments,you crumbs!



You can buy this from me here or at the Sluggisha webstore,you choose. Food Fortunata is A Proper Country Picnic,and it is weirds ville ,man.Tardcore to be sure ,but experimental as fuck,a great set of tunes,with a PSA about potato cancer ,that will make you pee your pants!.Opeaelf 69 ,is a different animal altogether ,playing sloppy,experimental, tardcore,with chipmunk vocals and a moog! Covers of Paul Simon ,David Bowie,and "Froggy Went A Courtin""are sure to tickle your testes or titties,whichever you may be the owner of! Also a number paying tribute to the band,"Stupid Pooping Crap" ,whose newest release ,"I Pooped A Little" ,will be coming to this blog sooner than you can drink a bottle of bourbon! And a ballad to Ear Of Corn Magazine (the best zine in the land ,published by Food!). Two new bands ,debuting on this split cdr,available now! art by Food ,and O-69

YOBEL WEENEL - Deto Soc Umy Oty

An unreleased album recorded in 2011,and finally released to this blog.The art ,and the music were collecting dust for over a year,awaiting release on another label,which fell thru ,so here you have it!Also the hard copy is included if you order the Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split (see below) A great set of instrumentals ,bass,guitar,keys,drums ,made by a 48 ,14,and 11 year old. Truly unclassifiable ,except to say,Zombie rock!This trio is slated to play St.Pete Noisefest 6 ,next year sometime.Let's hope that happens ,for the good of all noise-kind.This is like their 5th or 6th release,I think. Art by the band ,in their usual collage style. The zip also includes a video from this album ,and a video from their live,in-studio appearance on W.G.O.D. radio!


Yet another rare split band/split label release ,available as listed below ,at the Sluggisha webstore as well as thru the Lady Anthropophagus imprint.. Dylan takes some old,unreleased Bloodponies tracks ,and brings it on! Yobel Weenel have never sounded better ,the samples are otherworldly ,a zombie band to watch in the future.This is music that has not been currently classified,and is not able to be labelled,at least not with words that we have on earth. Yobel Weenel also has a track from the same sessions this split is from,coming out on a compilation,soon!Congrats to Derek ,from Linda Blare Project ,on being the first to buy this fine release,and to Fuck Ramone on getting a copy in trade from Dylan! Yay! check out the Yobel Weenel video below ,with a song from this very split!and get more free downloads over at Bloodponies bandcamp page.


Another hopelessly rare release from Sluggisha,with a few hard copies left,same prices apply as listed in the previous post. Crapcan ,named after a Fossil Fuel song,does not cease to satisfy ,throughout 10 short tracks ,with a cover of the 70's chestnut ,"Popcorn". Human Headache recorded on a cell phone ,and it is quite jarring to comprehend,but as your brain is damaged by the onslaught of wackiness,you will come to love it.This is the debut release for both bands ,and they will probably work together again.Available thru the Sluggisha webstore @ : 
 To hear this fine split release between 2 new bands


From the great white north of Canada comes Frank Goshit ,with 3 great,humorous,tracks of about 10 minutes apiece,fine work from the man of many crazy bands. From the sweltering deep south swamplands of Florida , Baconaisse turns in 3 equally strange slabs of weirdness ,for your non-listening enjoyment! Released on Sluggisha ,in a limited edition of 15 ,hopelessly rare ,but a few hard copies are still available thru me ,here ,in the comments box.$4.00 plus 3.00 postage in the US,  $4 + $5.00 postage to Canada ,and $4 + $7.00 postage ,overseas. This is a masterpiece of fucking shitcore/tardcore/noise ,that will leave you hungry for more (or ,is it,four more ,as in Tacos?) Everyone should hear this ,after of course,imbibing the beverage of your choice. Front cover art by the indistinguishable talent of Mr. Dylan Houser ,of Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated.

S & M HUNTER - Metal Ghost

Avant-garde experimentalist dada surrealism,wrapped in a sonic sheen of shitcore spasmodicity. My pal ,Fuck Ramone ,is the madman behind this release.He and I swapped releases to post on each others blogs. I sent him the new ASF -"A Past Winner" ,to post at his site,find it here:
This S & M Hunter release is beyond a normal person's belief.Try playing this for your mom,or some neighbors ,and watch for the proverbial "head for the hills" ,to take place,shortly thereafter. We are currently working on a new band together,collaborating our musics ,and hoping to strike out ,once again! Look for the as-of-yet ,un-named project ,here,soon ,and also over at Electric Hedonist blog.