Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally,it's here! Months in the making,i'm finally ready to unleash two new genres of music into the world!100 distinctly different, all-new,never recorded bands,and a few tracks from the vault,that have never been released.First let me explain both genres."Popeil Punk"(hereafter,referred to as ,"PP") ,is much like it's namesake,Ron Popeil,in that it is inventive,creative,experimental,fresh,and new.Ahead of it's time,as is the case with most Sluggisha bands. Always evolving into a new music.It's a post-everything,post-music type of music,is frequently of a lo-fi nature,and is always interesting,and something that you probably never heard, even in your wildest dreams.A wild blend ,a melange,of many musics,trying to stuff the sock to overfilling! PP is sometimes used in combination with "K-tel Kore",(hereafter referred to as ,"KK"),in order to bring a more saleable item to market.Because KK is of more of a song oriented nature,like something that might make it onto a K-tel compilation in the future.Like a radio hit ,or something.Usually well-recorded,of a higher "fi" than PP,and features many covers or re-interpretations ,of well known,popular musics.The original tunes that span the KK landscape,are of a "hit-maker",nature,hoping to attract the ear of the general masses.So KK is in more of a pop mindset,although PP techniques are often applied,to "dirty up" the sound a bit.I want to thank everyone who contributed to this great compilation,and , might i say, fine job!Some of the folks,who i actually know are: Joel Rizzo,Tony Rizzo,Mike Smith,Dug Boone,Brian Reed,Food Fortunata,Chuck Connell,Il Ragno,Scotty,Josh,Granma Jane,Eddie,Eric,and Me. Sorry if I missed you.
Some of the bands that are covered are:Led Zeppelin,Fossil Fuel,Sockeye,The Doors.The Kinks,The Sex Pistols,Boy In Love,Lettuce Vultures,Motorhead,G.G.Allin,Radiohead,Sonic Youth,Sonny and Cher,Bad Posture,The Clash,Taylor Swift,R.Kelly,Black Randy & the Metrosquad,Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers,T. Rex,The Meatmen,Aerosmith,Jon Wayne,and i may have missed a few,with a new twist.But the rest of the tunes are all original,(and some of the covers may make you think you are hearing a new song,as some are done in the PP style,as to make them fresh).This compilation is something i hope will go down in music history,as a representative of the most outsider,bizzare,underground genres to ever have been spawned in our lifetime,only to become the talk of daily music classes,in the future.And all those students will smile,and say i was a cool guy.I did the poster you see above,using the art from each artist represented here.All the notes,lyrics,art,and pictures are in the zip.There are 5 files,make sure you get them all.Each disc has 25 tracks on it,and it's the best way to break it down.If you were to try to fit it all on 3 discs,you'd have to cut off a few songs.And i would'nt want anyone to miss even one note of this earth-shattering comp.I am going to try not to post anything else until i get at least 100 downloads of this posting!The next compilation i am currently working on,is an anti-BP cd,full of protests against the billionaire polluters.Since i live 10 miles from the gulf of mexico,on the west coast of Florida,this comp. will be very special to me.I hope to have as many contributors in protest of BP,as i had for this thing.And PLEASE! leave comments! Just click on the box below that says comments.You can sign in as anonymous,if you don't have an account,and leave your name after the comment.Please contact me thru this blog in the comments if you want to contribute to the BP comp.Also in comments,please tel me your favorite band(s) on this comp,and who you would like to hear more of in the future.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES!!!a few of the bands already have recordings in the can,just a waitin'.If anyone would like more clarification on any of the bands let me know.thanks,enjoy this -- G O D
P.S. click here for one track that was cut to make way for a late arrival.it's on a pop-out player at archive.org,and is included in a best of sampler from this comp.read the notes to find the missing track.click here for that: http://www.archive.org/details/Sluggisha.blogspot.comPresents100BandsPopeilPunkK-telKoreSampler