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WGOD # 49 & 14/15ths -10/23/1993

A radio show,that's chock full of punk rock hits,this time around!! G O D was joined in the studio by Fred ,Trish ,Vance,Mike,and Billy.And check out the track list! You know you want it! Has lots of bootlegs,and live tracks,plus a Sluggisha set! Dedicated to all my friends,and all my fans and followers.Blast this at work!!!

REDD KROSS -Stand In Front Of Poseur
REDD KROSS - After School Special
JFA - Beach Blanket Bongout (Live!)
THE RAMONES - Carbona Not Glue
GENERATION X - No,No,No (Demo)
GANG OF FOUR - Armalite Rifle (Live Boot!)
NEW YORK DOLLS - Jet Boy (Demo)
MINOR THREAT - Minor Threat
ANGRY SAMOANS - Psych-Out 129
ILL REPUTE - Party Animal
2ND THOUGHTS - Skate For Fun
AFU - My Scene
THE O.D.'s - Feel The Power
DESCENDENTS - Clean Sheets (Live!)
FLESHEATERS - I Take What I Want (Live!)
SODOM - Volcanic Slut
S.C.U.M. - So Much Hate
SNUFF - Teabag
SUPERSUCKERS - Coat Tail Rider
WEEN - I'm In The Mood
SHONEN KNIFE - Flying Jelly Attack
GG ALLIN - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
ASSEATER - Clinton Vs. Asseater
INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - Fetish Feast
MOSHHAWKS - For You (Ever After)
CAT MACHINE - Suicidal Ballerina Blues
ONE FELL SWOOP - Halloween (The Shaggs)
GERMS - Throw It Away
GERMS - Caught In My Eye (Live!)
THE ASEXUALS - Be What You Want
VANDALS - Mohawk Town
SUCKDOG - I Want To Die
NAKED CITY - Blood Is Thin


YOU SAID THAT WE COULD SMOKE ALONE - Ryan Hauser e.p./Tim's Last March

Some new kids ,I found over on Soundcloud , , playing their own style of tardcore. Really neat-o (and rather mature and disciplined) stuff from this duo of 15 year old's,and their friends. Looking forward to more! Here's a note from Nos:

" Wedding Dog Recordings (Nos Roblem) sent you a message with the subject k-tel core:
hey g o d
this is the blogspot for my band :
the groups name is You Said that We Could Smoke Alone. i think most of the songs you've heard so far are from the newest one (tim's last march), which is about an hour long and most of it's not on soundcloud
we also did a shorter album about a kid that my cousin knows named Ryan Hauser awhile back which you can post if you like, theres pictures and lyrics for a "story" in the Tim's Last March zip, and lyrics for all the songs in the other one
and for the info part of Tim's Last March put a link to my blogspot and then mention that its made by me and my friends (we are 15, maybe some of the youngest kids doing intentional tardcore?).
thanks for doing this man, i'm excited to have my stuff posted on your site - I'm always finding great stuff on there! "




The series continues! Thanks to Hans Gudengast's vast collection of black metal! This one has some little known bands,that I've never heard of,check the list above! I'm still trying to procure some demos of Hans' band ,Tyrantyr,but alas ,he will not send them yet.Enjoy this foray into the dark forest of the underworld.


More weird records for you to peruse with your ears! With this series,no stone is left unturned,and there are some very decidedly un-PC songs on here,so if you are offended,I am sorry,but these are all recordings from my collection that's built up over the years ,from thrift store shopping! Just enjoy this,and please,please ,leave me comments! Thanks!

CAT MACHINE - Tony Wakes Up

There's only one more studio tape,and one rehearsal tape after this masterpiece of underground,cult-band madness! This recording had Ed,Joel,Tony,Chipmonk,and Billy on it from 6/23/1991. As with most of these 4-track recordings,all the songs here are top-notch! With a Ventures/Stooges mash-up ,before there ever was that sort of thing,plus each member gets to play a second or two of the guitar solo! The mug shot of Tony ,represents where he was for the previous few tapes,and the title also tells the tale!Here's the track list!

1.Donkey Sex #1
2.Wise (St. Patrick Chewing Corners)
4.Paul Stanley (Is Pam?)
5.Loose (Ventures/Stooges)
6.Losing Houses

SOCKEYE - Beefing Ting Ting E.P.

This was released thru Sludgesicle Records,in a ltd. edition of 300 (3 colors,3 different covers) ,and sold out quickly. On the yellow vinyl I got(?),the sound quality is not good (this recording is the first time I played this!).The songs are great, But I know color vinyl sometimes sounds bad. For the full release go here:
If you want to hear this 7" e.p. version


From the early('89) grunge era,from Seattle,produced by Steve Fisk,on green/black-peppered vinyl,on Fatbald records,this is a neat relic.Sounds good today,from Joel's discard pile,thanks pal! If not for you,I think some of this vinyl would still not be able to be found on the web!

THE QUEERS - V.M.Live Presents

This was the 1st single in this series,of live shows,on the VML records label.Good set,reflects the stuff that was current at that time,and goes back to the "Wimpy" days! Good sound! Angry Samoans cover!


Obvious,serious Johnny Thunders worship goin' on here! The 2 tracks that aren't originals,are songs which Johnny did solo,and with the Dolls and Heartbreakers.And the originals are sound-a-likes,so if you want more Johnny,you could do worse than this single! Plus they named their band after an MC5 song!

TRANSFORMERS - When Continents Collide

In advance of the new Transformers film, "Dark Of The Moon" ,I present you with this 7" audio of a Kids Stuff read-a-long kids book,"When Continents Collide". Makes Shia LeBouf poop his pants,everytime!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ZATH - Zolar-x Ate The Hamburgers

The 8th disc from Food Fortunata and yours truly,G O D.With each album,this band grows progressively better! Some fine covers of classic punk tunes here ,of course they've been ,"Zathified", GKH,Devo,Reagan Youth,JFA,and The Weirdos are all put thru the mill!Sorry,no Zolar-X covers,we'll try to make that happen,tho'! Their own tunes ain't bad either!"Scoops Brought His Mind To Town This Time,(Scoop's Mind 2)" ,is a continuation ,if you will,of a tune by Food ,(Scoop's Mind) ,which is on the fabulous, 100 bands 'K-tel Kore/Popeil Punk' compilation ,from last year at this time!(find it on this here blog!) I suggest that everyone who visits this blog,download the entire ZATH catalog ,and start livin'!Tardcore geniuses,hoisting the flag of true anarchy and punk rock! Food's art is greater than ever,in full color!I want a t-shirt of that!


and on a side note: I did a compilation for "Eat A Fuck" zine ,here's the link:

And I've been posting on Sound Cloud as well,here's my page:

THE 3 CRAPELLEROS - 3 Beans In A Tin Bowl

The second release from this acapella/stand-up comedy troupe.They run thru several of their 'making mouth sounds' ,do a story,a word association,and then,all 3 of the crapelleros take a crack at their stand-up routines,and tell dumber jokes than the ones found on the first release!The stand-out tune here is,"Moon Pants"(inspired by Joe Aufricht) ,it's a hit! You'll see ,once you hear it ,it will become a part of your psyche,and you'll probably be singing it with glee! Funny,funny stuff here folks!


The debut of this band of deviants.Yes,the cover art is 2 pictures of "tot mom" ,Casey Anthony,and there are a couple of songs concerning her and Caylee ,the aforementioned tune ,"Tot Mom" , and a remake of Alice Cooper's ,"Dead Babies" re-tooled here as ,"Dead Caylee".There is also a song about Anthony Weiner ,(The Weiner That Had A Weiner) ,and other punk rock/tardcore subjects ,as well.Maybe Nancy Grace will put this on her show on CNN. That would be a laff! Tot mom has no tits!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BEAVERBAG - Death Is Gay- A Tribute To Seth Putnam

Seth Putnam,the world's greatest grindcore vocalist,died yesterday of a heart attack,at the age of 43.This band (Beaverbag) did their first release a few months ago,and now they are back to pay tribute to one of their main influences,Seth and Anal Cunt. There are no A.C. cover songs,only originals,done in the style of old-school A.C.! The titles are frighteningly similar to titles Seth would have come up with,if he were roasting a dead grindcore singer. 10 tracks,believe me ,this is of higher quality and sound than Beaverbag's first release "Beaverbag Plays 25 Rock n Roll Hits" ,found elsewhere on this blog. True grindcore,no holds barred!Please leave comments for Seth ,scathing put-downs ,the like of which Seth himself would have used ,in life. It'll be funny as hell if Seth is pulling some kind of a hoax,and he shows up on tour for the new album,soon! But ,so far,all sources point to the fact that he has passed on. Death Is Gay!This is what I believe to be,the first Seth tribute posted anywhere on the web!

FART FILET - Compilation

An all-new 2011 compilation,compiled by Food Fortunata of Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records,and featuring some of his bands,as well as from 100%Zero records,Hollow Bunny records,and others.Art and packaging by Noah Lyon,of Retard Riot Zine,Mike Jerk,&BobSuren. Very diverse collection,but tardcore is the glue that holds it together.Check out that track list!Phenomenal! Great bands,Great songs.Brand New!!! Download this filet of fart NOW!!!!!!

INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 - Space Invaders Music

Not really music from the video game at all.This is the further adventures of Mr. 497 and Noisekillr,on their journey through the galaxy.This release beats the hell out of the christian faith ,and it's leaders and followers!The lead-off track has a sermon of a preacher gone mad ,running thru the whole song! Very experimental space/avant garde/techno/punk ,with an anti christian theme running throughout,as with most of their releases.This transmission was beamed to us from 8/18/92,recorded in a tin can,hurtling thru the cosmos!


Recorded and mixed just hours before the supposed "rapture",back on May ,21st,with many of the songs inspired by the non-event. There are other subjects tackled including ,anarchy tattoos,Lady Gaga,the internet,and technology.Amongst other matters.Food is the king of tardcore!And this,his latest release,is fantastico!!This is like,the 50th release from this band!

BUZZ WORKSHOP - Creeps Taking Dope

From 4/13/1996. The first 3 songs have Mike Smith on drums ,as well as Ed,and Joel.Mike then left and Mike "McSchwuggles" Mezaros ,and Tall Ray showed up to finish off the next 5 songs,with Ed and Joel. I recommend this release to everyone who loves rockin' songs ,I don't think there's one bad or filler track on this whole thing! Really,really,good stuff,please download it,listen to it,and come back and tell me what you think.I can't even think of a band to compare them to,they're that good!A melange of musical genres.Live at Club 5455. Doesn't the guy in the picture ,kinda resemble Chipmonk?


The title makes it sound as if it's their last release,(ala ,Cream in the 60's) ,'tho Scoops said they are now back together! If the new stuff sounds anywhere near as good as this 2002 release,I want it! The lyrics are fucking funny on some of these tunes!Thanks to Food for sending this in,and to Scoops for wanting it posted!


A 3 song e.p. ,from 2001 of garage/psych/punk/tardcore,that reminds me of the Homostupids,maybe a bit poppier.I'm pretty sure this has Scoops ,from Boy In Love,The Grateful Gus,Schultz,and other Wheelchair Full Of Old Men bands,in it.Really good and rockin',I think you will like it! Thanks Food,for sending it in!

Friday, June 10, 2011

CAT MACHINE -Nose Pollution

6/8/1991 ,Ed,Billy,Joel,Chipmonk (Tony still in the clink). 4 songs,all of 'em are super-good!Recorded on the 4-track studio machine,at Cat Machine house.There are only a coupla more tapes left in this series! Yikes!The next tape will be posted ,20 years to the day it was recorded,6/23/1991.If you haven't heard these guys yet,this is the shit!Get it now!Underground,undiscovered,cult-band from Florida,in the 90's!



Me and another blog ( ) are swapping posts ! He did a compilation for this blog,and I will be doing one for his blog.Spread the traffic around! Here's the comp:
EAT A FUCK (musics?) presents the HANG YOUR FRIENDS compilation!
by Nyxx on Jun 9, 2011 • 4:08 PM No CommentsEAT A FUCK Music Presents…

Music To Hang Your Friends to
Unofficial true music compilation, vol. I
So, me an’ Ed over at Sluggisha have agreed to conure up two awesome compilation efforts, the tracks I’ve chosen do vary – and I’ve steered clear of the almost inaudible blackmetal aswell as DSBM on the whole, really – maybe for the next compilation.

You can link to this page, but not host on your own site ex. Sluggisha – bar NONE. This is in alphabetical order, no Real Rating – your music player will rearrange the shit anyway. As fucking ridiculous as it sounds – like on Facebook, we need more readers… Here’s tracklist;

Theme of Laura – Akira Yamaoka
All the Wars – Anthrax (not the gay fags)
Abuse Myself I Want to Die (GG Allin) – Aska
Frightening Clouds – Bone Awl
Don’t Wanna Fight for You – Counter Attack
You’ve Got Big Hands – Crass
The Crawling Insects – Doom:VS
Sanctity – Dystopia
Dead Flowers – GG Allin
Die When You Die (Live) – GG Allin
Life of Sin – Hank III/Assjack
Dick in Dixie – Hank Williams III
Crushing Impure Idolatry – Infernal War
Ensam I Natt – The Leather Nun
A Drug Induced Paranoia Firmly Based in Reality – Machine the Flashes
Piss Drinkin’ Jew – Murder Junkies
Mid-1930’s (Pre-War Germany) – Naked
How Does That Grab Ya Darlin’? – Nancy Sinatra
The Three Judges – Ron Fish
The Lost Souls – Ron Fish
Guts on the Floor – Throbbing Gristle
The New Acid Bath – Tristwood
Giant – ZED

Download @ Mediafire

Your band there? You don’t like it? BITCH, tell me and I’ll take it down and REPLACE your band — do you want that? Music, do you?

So be looking for a disc of music that I will be compiling for EAT A FUCK! It will be posted on his site.

Friday, June 3, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Today's Hit Music

A 4-track session from 6/4/1991. Only Ed J.,Billy Drake,and Joel Rizzo here.Ed J. takes on a death metal growl,for some reason,on some of the heaviest,powerful stuff Cat Machine has ever recorded!Joel sings the lead number ,and the last 2 tracks are like battle of the DJ's,as several records are played on several record players ,at the same time!Like a disco on Saturn,spacey,experimental noise! Great rockin' songs ,from this underground,undiscovered,unheard,outsider,cult-band.Just a few more tapes left in this nearly year-long series!Get it now!! Title can also be read as,"Today Shit Music" , just in case you were thinking about leaving that comment!Fucker!

LAVA CHURCH RECORDS - Previews Of Current And Upcoming Releases

My pal ,Patrick McBratney,down in Sarasota,has started a new cassette label,Lava Church Records.He sells limited editon cassettes at a fair price.Also partners with the Uprise Art Collective.This is a sampling of 3 artists. ASF is a new industrial/drone/noise band,and the track here is an edit of an unreleased track which won't be included on the upcoming debut!Sounds as if your head got stuck in the engine of a jumbo jet ,and got bashed to pulpy smithereens!And it's me!I will be putting together a limited edition package,in which every tape will be a unique,one-of-a-kind,piece of collectible art! Patrick McBratney turns in a couple of his trademark,haunting lo-fi casio dirge rock tunes,from his first full-length "Lovebrrd".And Sky Stadium (Jeff Roman) strokes us with his smmoth,ambient keyboard sounds,from his latest release,"Ancient".Click over to Patrick's site, and tell him I sent ya! He's selling the above tapes now(ASF comes out later this month),and taking reservations on upcoming releases.Alto Jeffro(from MA) hooked me up to Patrick,and he and his band are also releasing some stuff on this label! Please patronize this label,and grab some collectible releases!

ALLUCANEAT - Chump b/w I Am Late

Crazy nuts from New Mexico.The 4th release from NM's own Resin Records,in a pressing of 500,1992.On clear vinyl! How do I begin to describe this? Weirdsville,man, this is trippin',kinda like if Royal Trux got together with Nirvana,on side 1 at least! Side 2 is like Bob'the Bear'Hite from Canned Heat on harmonica,with a pick-up band from the Greyhound station playin' some barrelhouse,re-fried,rocka-boogie! Their label compares them to a more demented Beefheart.I say perhaps,but how can you top the Capn'?

HED - 7 inch single

3 songs from these maniacs,on clear purple vinyl, no less!There's a cover of the MC5's "I Want You",if that gives you a clue as to what they sound like."Lizard Loop",is way out there,gone daddy-o ,and the lead track is a steady rockin' number,that has a touch of The Birthday Party ,to it,and the vocalist,spits a steady stream of Nick Cave-isms,even sounding a good bit like ol' Nick in the voicebox area.Pretty fuckin' decent for the 99 cent bin!

EAST RIVER PIPE - Make A Deal With The City b/w Psychic Whore

Some bedroom in Astoria,NY ,barfed these guys out.I remember Joel bringing it in from the mailbox,and putting it on the Victrola,and Billy piped up with,"They should have called themselves SHIT River Pipe"! Which ,at the time,I agreed with,but now,years later,side b don't sound too bad.Almost a wimpier version of Sonic Youth,tho' that may be stretching it,just a little.From Joel's discard pile.Thanks.

LARGE -7 inch single

Some power-poppy band from MA. Makes me think about if Motorhead decided they wanted to be The Shoes.Utilizing 50's/60's melodies and riffs,but bringing it up to date for the 90's. I believe Food sent me this from his discard pile,long ago.Thanks,pal.

DAVE 'BABY' CORTEZ -Unaddressed Letter b/w Funky Robot Part One

The wizard of the keyboards,with a solemn ballad-y number,and a funky dance tune.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Dyke Softball

June 1st,1991 ,at Cat Machine house.Ed J.,Joel Rizzo,Chipmonk,and Billy Drake.Since Tony was put away for a little while,the first tune on here is,"Tony Takes A Nap",which mostly concerns skateboarding.There are a couple more jammin' songs,and then the last 2 tracks are audio verite,or musique concrete,if you will."Gene Simmons' Codpiece" ,is a lengthy jaunt thru overlayed samples and tv,and music,while "Linda Blair In Jail",is a nasty number with Exorcist samples,that will have you laffin' it up!Listen in the backround to the funny comments by band members! 4-track studio recordings!


Check out these awesome new vids I uploaded to Youtube! From Sludgesicle Records we have ,Boy In Love,Breathilizor,and a Sockeye reunion!From the Sluggisha Vaults there's Farm Fungis,The 6th Street Muntus,Buzz Workshop,my son Eric,and a song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show,as performed by Ft. Myers locals including Nathan Adams,Katie Ball,and more!And finally a cartoon commercial spot I made for this here blogspot! Enjoy!

And on a more serious note,Stan Boman,of Reality Impaired Records,lost his house in the tornadoes in Joplin, one was hurt,but,give Stan your support! He needs it!