Friday, April 13, 2012

LOLLY GAG - The Lost PAUL DeRITIS tapes + SPANK demo and e.p.

We have sadly lost another FTM friend. Paul DeRitis was found floating in Portage Creek ,in Kalamazoo ,MI ,after a night of drinking, on March 25th. Here's the obituary:

In Celebration of a life well lived
Paul DeRitis, 41, of Fort Myers, FL passed away on March 25, 2012. A longtime resident of Fort Myers, Paul attended Ft. Myers Beach Elementary School, Bonita Middle School and Cypress Lake High School. Paul was a GED graduate. He was a talented artist, musician and a loving father and son. He is survived by a daughter, Tabitha M. (Matthew) Smith; sons, Vincent Paul DeRitis and Paul Alfredo DeRitis and 2 grandchildren, Maxton and Miles Smith; also surviving are his parents, Lucinda and Anthony DeRitis; sister, Christine (Charles) Curran and brothers, Anthony DeRitis and Phillip (Dani) DeRitis; his grandmother, Mary Bruch of Boone, NC as well as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. A Memorial Service will be held at Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Funeral Home on Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 12 Noon. Online condolences may be made to the family at In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to the family in care of Anthony DeRitis, 11640 Oakdale Dr., Ft. Myers, FL 33908.

There is a service for him tomorrow in Ft. Myers ,but the reason I'm posting this is : Paul gave me this 4-track ,unmixed tape ,over 20 years ago ,when Vance ,Brophy ,and I were starting SEXBOY ,and needed a guitarist. But ,alas ,Paul was already playing in 3 different bands at the time ,and had 3 jobs ,and was married with kids ,problems none of the rest of us had at that time.I never listened to or mixed down the tape ,until now. It's really weird that a couple of weeks ago ,I had found the tape ,and toyed with the idea of laying down some vocals over Paul's music. Then Vance called me with the bad news. There are 11 cuts of pure rock n' roll ,Johnny Thunders style punk ,mostly instrumental stuff ,although ,Paul does sing on a few songs at the end. All untitled songs ,and I've also included the demo and e.p. from Paul's 1993 band ,SPANK. This unreleased shit is probably from a couple of years after Spank. Paul was a member of the seminal Ft. Myers teenage punk combo ,THE ROTTEN NUNS ,and the leader of JOHNNY AND THE SUICIDES ,as well as many other bands. He was an accomplished tattoo artist as well. You can see the progression in pictures ,from Johnny Thunders worship ,to Mike Ness/Social Distortion worship (I personally think he looked more like Joe Strummer of The Clash!) ,but he was always rockin'! I didn't know Paul very well ,but I knew enough about him to realize he was one of the good guys. We ran in the same circles ,had many of the same friends ,and loved the same music. Paul was a rock star ,and should have been properly recognized as such! I hope that everyone who knew Paul ,gets to hear this stuff ,and I hope he picks up new fans ,even in death. I wish I could be there for his memorial ,I'm sure I would re-connect with many friends I have'nt seen in years ,but it is not to be. Please leave comments to the memory of Paul DeRitis ,he would appreciate that ,I'm sure.And I'm sure his family would be pleased to hear this lost tape that Paul recorded in the mid-90's! You will be sorely missed ,my friend. The world will not be the same without you in it! Please listen to one of the greatest undiscovered talents in our world ,Paul Deritis.

ONE FELL SWOOP - Live! At The Draft House ,Downtown Ft.Myers ,Florida 2/26/1992

I found a lost live recording in the vault! This is a really good one! Our last gig ever ,at the Draft House ,Joel ,our defacto drummer ,had a broken arm ,so he was relegated to keys and also did vocals on a few numbers.Shane Carwile was beating the skins ,Chipmonk and I were on guitars ,and Billy Drake plays guitar on a number with Sean Burch on vocals! The last track is the very first time FUCK (the terror rock band with Mad Asshole-bass vox,Big Black Cock -guitar ,and Shaggy Dick -drums) ever played together ,with a totally improv number ,"You".They later recorded several sessions together,and toured Europe. But back to OFS! Different versions of all their set list ,all their usual covers ,and some improv instrumentals. New covers we never played before include ,Wire's "12XU" ,KISS "Rock N' Roll All Night" and Cat Machine "Queen Turd Of Shit Hill"!And the usual covers of The Fall ,The Flamin' Groovies ,The Beat Happening,Syd Barrett,Pink Floyd,the Stooges ,Misfits,and Black Flag. Chris's guitar never sounded better ,and with Shane on drums ,we were pretty tight! Plese leave comments ,and let me know what you think of this great recording! Thanks! Great cover shot of The Draft House (blue roof) with the shitty ZOO ,next door!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

McMURDERA - Super Size e.p.

Big Butcha ,incognito (just barely) ,as McMurdera ,the killer teenage rapper ,who raps about fast food ,mainly McDonald's. He's about 15 ,from Seattle ,and is a cannibal.If Andy Milonakis heard this ,he'd probably sign the kid on the sheer fact that he is so goddamn good! If you need a laugh ,or just wanna hear the world's greatest unknown rapper ,this is the shit!


Fresh from his split with The Blood Red Oscars ,here's Dead Ken Frilly ,getting all psychedelic on us! Some of this is fuzzed out guitar ,psych-outs ,other stuff is spacey ,moogy ,weirdness.Good trippin' ass stuff from the new noise scene in Seattle. Experimental and unique ,as are all his releases.

SKINDUST - New Album

No truth in the title! Well ,it is a new release ,but of an old ,unreleased session.Lots of shitcore singing ,yelling and even some rudimentary tard-rap! There is some music here ,but it is mostly dumb doo-wopping ,young jits ,gettin' the shitcan movin'!Really funny shit ,I listened to it at work the other day ,and almost lost it! Another example of the fine noisecore scene ,going down in Seattle , former home of grunge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BIG BUTCHA - Visionz Of Reality Mixtape

More tardcore ,juggalo ,teenage gangsta raps ,from the Andy Milonakis of the great Northwest!
Got a rap about Marshall Mathers ,and guest rappers , Anubis, Adderral , Krash ,Massacre,
Pillow ,and Creepa. More of the killer cannibal stories ,you came to love with the first realease from Big Butcha. Very accomplished and polished stuff for a fifteen year old kid! A great unheard rap album ,that should be a hit with fans and haters alike!

KAAGOOTAABAA (band) - Okultra

John calls this "Japanese rock n' roll" ,and he may have something here.Loud distorto guitar ,and incoherent yelling over the top of it ,and enigmatic song titles that all start with "OK", like ,
"OKSATAN" , "OKTATTATTATITUP" ,"OKSUPERSOPHISTICATION" ,etc. 10 songs in 8 minutes ,from the backwoods of North Carolina!


Tardcore punk at it's best/worst! From the New England area ,this trio of fools ,plays 7 cruddy tunes ,including a mockery of Metallica (Metalikka Song) , a Hank Williams cover (Long Gone Lonesome Blues) ,a filthy song from a Spongebob Squarepants episode (FUN) ,and a few originals, some of which are re-makes of songs from previous releases. Instruments include electric guitar ,trumpet ,and vokills! Worth a drunken listen. A fun time for all!

TWO HIGH CHAPS - Through The End Of Days

These 2 dudes ,Randy Feedkill and Amir Van Errit ,are some talented mo-fos! There is shitcore noise ,and cool lyrics ,and crazy music. The final track , "Two High Chaps Theme" ,is a keyboard driven ditty ,that will stick in your head like a tumor! All the songs leading up to their "theme" , a modern-day version of "Tequila" , are also tops in my field! Sweet cover art! This is more of that stuff comin' outta the new noise scene going on in Seattle! I recommend you hear this ,after partaking!


Frank ,from Canada ,and one of his many alter-egos ,Weird Donkey ,did this split last year. Frank's 10 minute track ,sounds like him barking at the mailman ,for the duration! Weird Donkey ,who I did a splitteo (split video) with ,as Noisekillr , uses anything he gets his hands on ,as a musical instrument! 2 tracks ,with much utensil-ly weirdness going on. Very strange ,this young man..... Very limited! Only 15 copies were made! On the Absurd Koo label!


Dylan cranks out another disc ,this one sounding much like a melange of Syd Barrett , Kraftwerk ,Chrome ,and other experimentally minded artists. The best thing about Bloodponies ,is you never know what you're gonna get ,from tape to tape ,even track to track! It's ever-changing ,no category can be named for this stuff! Prolific ,as always ,Dylan knows the deal!


A short piece from a new project by Jeremiah. Weird gloopy ,slowed down stuff ,that is reminiscent of the band , Quaalude. Baconnaise recently did a split tape with Ouaouaron ,and it's available thru me and/or Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated ,for like $3. It's a swell recording ,and only 25 were minted! Let me know if you wanna jump on that ,as it will not be posted till all are sold. This demo is what it sounds like inside your body ,when you're drunk ,and on the edge of wobbly puking! Or a bullfrog.

Monday, April 9, 2012

LATE NIGHT WITH THE FUCK TWINS - Podcast #2 - President Draike Dinzz Memorial Episode

Spaceship Andy (Washington) ,and John Kaagootaabaa (North Carolina) in the second episode of their Late Night with the Fuck Twins podcast! Check it out, Andy and John discuss topics such as Oprah's buttocks, and their special guest, the next President, performs his favorite Talking Heads songs. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

VARIOUS ARTISTS - St. Patrick's Day 2012 Live At The Swamp III

Happy Easter ,everyone! Here's 4 bands on the Brown Bear Records label ,had a little party/living room gig ,on St. Patrick's Day ,and recorded the whole affair. Jake Joyce ,of Seasonal Men's Wear ,Nacho Knees ,and other bands and projects ,goes first with a set of topical holiday covers ,all done acoustic folk/punk style. Next up ,representing the Black Metal underground is Severed Vein. Then G.A.T. ,takes the stage ,and blasts out a few rounds of poppy punk stylings.And finally the duo of, The Dirty Heels ,featuring the lovely and talented Danielle (my new favorite female vocalist!) ,on the smooth,sultry ,and sexy vocals backed by Tommy on guitar ,slingin' covers ,and originals (mis-titled ,the real titles are: track 15 "Faking It" , track 17 "All I Wanted") ,that sound like oldies cut from the same cloth as the covers!. This is a great release ,and everyone should enjoy it! Props to Jake for sending it in ,and all the bands for getting together for this release!

Friday, April 6, 2012

BIG BUTCHA - Bloodstainz LP

Tardcore gangsta rap/hip hop ,from a wannabe juggalo. This 14 year old kid sounds almost just like Andy Milonakis ,a far cry from anything Inane Clown Pussies have ever done. And that's no diss ,as I look at Andy Milonakis ,as one of the funniest rappers ,ever! And Big Butcha is right up there with him.But ,enough with the comparisons ,this shit flat out rules! Whether you like rap ,or hate it ,this is both a tribute ,and a parody/mockery of rap music.One of the best things I've heard in a while!

Monday, April 2, 2012

THE BLOOD RED OSCARS / TEENAGE MUSTACHE - Mixed Marshmallow Arts Split Album Soup

A brand new split release from Seattle's Dead Ken Frilly and his one-man band Teenage Mustache ,and old-time tardcore king ,Satan Peabody and his one-man band ,The Blood Red Oscars! Teenage Mustache is funny ass stupid shit ,more tardcore than usual,with a cover of Black Sabbath. My pick hit here is ,"Vacationing On The Sun" ,but the whole thing is great! The Blood Red Oscars ,return to recording ,besides appearing on compilations for the last few years ,this is the first full-length (oh,yeah ,it's a split!) ,of new shit from Satan Peabody ,in years!!
5 songs are covers of :Beat Happening ,Motley Crue ,Bobby McFerrin ,LMFAO ,and Sockeye! Along with 8 new original songs ,including the hit ,"It's 2012 ,Punch A Mayan In The Face".
If you don't laugh while listening to this disc , you should probably check your pulse! Stay tuned for more ,from both bands! Please leave comments ,reviews ,complaints ,and nude photos ,in the comment box below ,thanks you ,punk. Oi Oi!!