Monday, July 27, 2009

WHEELCHAIR FULL OF SLUGGISHA-a tardcore to the max compilation from food fortunata and satan peabody all new for 2009

The Sluggisha Tapes label started in 1990 with the advent of Cat Machine,although many bands already existed in our galaxy before Sluggisha or Cat Machine,and most are included in our canon of bands.This release represents some of the stupidest music ever recorded in history.Most of these bands and songs would be lost to the ages if not for this release.I've been in contact with my pal Food Fortunata for the last 15 years,and together we built this castle of crap that no one should ever have to listen to,as if they would ever want to.Includes 4 totally new unreleased tracks from the Blood Red Oscars,2 of which pay homage to Wheelchair bands,and the songs are exclusive to this comp. as are most tunes here.Funny,strange,bizzarre,hilarious,scary,and stupid are some of the things you might say after ingesting this.Don't be alarmed ,you are correct,this is tardcore!Brought to you by Sluggisha Tapes and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records and Tapes,and compiled by Satan Peabody and Food Fortunata.Art by Satan and Food.Here's what Food had to say about this release:
These 32 Wheelchair songs were chosen with the utmost care, when I was drunk and shit. What other way would be appropriate? Wheelchair started in 1987 and there was really no intention for it to continue any longer than it took to put out a tape or two that ultimately no one in the world wanted to hear, but for one reason or another, the shit just kept piling up and it has kept piling up for better than 2 decades. Sooner or later, I’m bound to lose interest in all this, but until that happens, enjoy the fruits of the labor of this union of morons. Love and kisses, Food Fortunata.
so here it is in all it's glory,"WHEELCHAIR FULL OF SLUGGISHA"!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


some of the stupidest stuff ever commited to tape,by one of the most tardcore bands of all time,SACKTAP.collects pieces from 1978-2009,of all sorts.kinda retaining or always returning to a jazz/lounge based sound,but lots of other styles abound such as,noisy industrial,acoustic,lots of keyboardy numbers,poetry,remakes of classic 80's t.v. ads,long-winded instrumentals,audio verite,a spoof of an old time radio show in a few episodes,the most retarded motorhead cover ever,hip-hop rap,just about anything you could think of.experiments gone wrong is the key mode of operation here.if you are into the worst music you can find,annoying people with said music,or if you enjoy any tardcore,you will like this.makes sockeye and their gang look like led zeppelin in comparison.don't listen to any other band called,SACKTAP.they're all fakes,also has nothing to do with spinal tap,even though they rule!an ongoing project that will likely end when i die.there is a full cannon of this band in the wings,just waiting to unload on the stupid world we live in,and when it does,whooo boy!,be prepared for the stupidity,that of the like which you have never by eric,age 8.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

P. I. L. -the p.i.l.-ogy

This is Ronnie Jottin',Leave Stiveen,Wah Jobble,and Me on a parody/tribute/homage, to the real P.I.L.,sounds so real,it's almost like hearing bootleg outtakes from one of the first coupla albums.Is it live,or is it Memorex?.I heard" Poptones",today and it reminded me how great"PRIESTS INJURE LIVES", really are.named the P.I.L.-ogy,due to the fact there are three songs,not covers,but songs with the same exact sound as the original P.I.L.Kinda brain numbing and definitely something for all Public Image Limited fans to hear!If you are at all into John Lydon and co.,you will dig it!You are your own god so click here to hear!: 


Sunday, July 19, 2009


our local ft.myers minutemen cover band,but they were so much more.a band of brothers and a friend,play minutemen covers so realistic,you'll swear you are hearing the genuine article.seth,luke,mark,and brett,have a knack for reproducing the hits of d.boon and well as minor threat ,home,dinosaur jr.,steely dan(via the minutemen)and other bands they love. i wish i had a flyer for this show,but alas,no luck.upon first hearing them,i was amazed that at their young age they were so proficient,cruising along like a well oiled piece of too will stand gape-mouthed at the sounds you will hear,and may even feel disbelief that this is not the minutemen.if anyone knows what track 7 is let me know in comments,thanks .5/25/96 at the draft house.i am still floored everytime i hear the ford boys,as will you be when you click here:


this is godcast # 6,there are 5 more posted on this blog as well.lots of locals plus out of state bands,stuff that's already posted here,as well as rare tracks and bands not yet posted on this blog.god will tell you what you are hearing,as he is the all powerful d.j. from the vault of no need for track lists.broken into 2 parts due to length,this will fulfill your day whenever you listen to it.from1/27/94,number49.33,check it out!


this is volume 5 in the series of noisekillr.feb.26-27 of 93 this took place.vance joins me on track 5,"fuck you,gary",and the last 3 tracks almost get out of hand ,as the effects and the repetitiveness of the power electronics, take a toll on your feeble hypnotic snake charmer music,this will lull you into an altered state of conciousness.all these tapes sound slightly different,and improve with each new release,yet still retain that noisekillr sound,that no one else can (or would want to)lay claim to.don't take this lightly,it will cause you severe mind trauma,so be forewarned.


this is the second release from the escaped psychotic who enjoys damaging vinyl,then recording said records.this is a little different than the usual lock-groove sound of uncut.this is one of several 4-track sessions by uncut.although the last couple numbers are characteristically in place.the final track is a super bonus that has'nt been released till now,get your paper towels ready!you'll need to do some wiping up after you hear it!many more volumes will be forthcoming in future times.for now enjoy this bit of craziness induced by what uncut calls,"music".


this is the first uncut track ever! it's only 1 song but it's long!shauna grant a/k/a/ colleen applegate is the subject,a hustler cardboard record is the source(pic above),and it goes on and on.the beginning of a slew of releases,about a dozen,as with noisekillr,i will eventually post all the releases from this artist.uncut#9 is already posted elsewhere on this blog,and #2 is above this post.broken record madness from an escaped mental home patient,who broke out to break record albums,and scratch them and glue them and play and record them onto tapes.don't miss this!it will drive you batty!click here for release:

Friday, July 17, 2009


this is the second (third if you count both duos as one band)and final release from magic nose goblins 2.dec. 91,at joel's,me and chipmunk do it again.a little louder than past tapes,a couple of televisions are on for the whole proceedings,making for weird backround noise,and voices from out of is by food fortunata of sockeye and wheelchair records favorite magic nose goblins song is on this one,i sing and play keys on it,it's titled,"good turns bad",and rings true.a great ending to the magic nose goblins trilogy,click here,or pick here ,as it were: nose goblins


this second duo is me and chipmunk.yes the 1st magic nose goblins was in homage to him,then he replaced joel in the band!?what's up?well this was recorded at my pad in lehigh about 3 a.m.,and has great samples ,mostly focusing on a leave it to beaver episode,but also has snippets of manson,jerry lewis,and other notables.very cool and different from magic nose goblins 1.chipmunk is one hell of a guitarist,he could play a pineapple and make it sound good!well enjoy this anyway and check out the posts below and above this for more fun!art by basil wolverton,i here kids: nose goblins


we loved ren and stimpy,so we formed 2 bands called,"magic nose goblins",and distinguish them by calling them 1 or 2.

both are duos,this one is me and joel,in his room,at gramps's(cat machine house).we were supposed to be recording the 4th one fell swoop tape,but the night before chipmunk stole his mom's car,and wrecked it,all highed up. we went downtown,the next morning,where he worked for his mom,and he said,"my life is over",which of course wasn't me and joel went back home and recorded this semi tribute to our fallen bandmate.the last track is funny as we give him a stern talking to.good lyrics,rockin' music,joel sings a few,i sing the rest,and it all turns out like crap,with a cherry on top!forget about the other bands using this name,we were the originals back in here for the real magic nose goblins 1: nose goblins


the title of this extended piece is,"opus #1,movement #4",and it took place in my garage.lots of power electronic moments ,some quieter passages,and lots of noise.way out ther in the hyper reality of space,as in outer.if you liked any of the other 3 noisekillr posts ,so far,you'll dig this.similar to the other side long tracks,lots more of this futuristic artist to come!stay tuned!click here for link:

Sunday, July 12, 2009


from my collection,some rare,(some not so rare)singles of the pre-surf,surf,and post surf genres.great stuff here incl.the only surf instro ever with bagpipes,by bob regan,the viscounts,the revels,the frantics,jimmy gordon,pat and the californians,the chantays,the rumblers,the surfaris,the carnations,instrumentals,the duvals,ernie freeman,preston epps,the caps,and duane eddy.anyone know any prices on these singles?i'll part with them if the $$$ is of all vinyl and labels in zip,all g-vg on vinyl,no sleeves.vance once figured out you can sing the beatles"money,(that's what i want),to half of these tunes.thanks to becky hill for donating all these singles and tons more plus old l.p.s,to the cause.please leave me some comments,dammit!click here to catch the wave:music: of vinyl of rare surf


live!at club black nerd,here is me,billy,vance,and sean burch,with some brutal,sludgy,stoner rock,all about killing,revenge,and peace.has nothing at all to do with actual"toegazer"type music .covers of fuck and sonic youth,some great moments of musical hoo-doo will make you hold on for more.don't miss this if you like flipper,black sabbath,g.g.allin,drunks with guns,or anyone of that stature and sound,and genre.great fun recording this,getting loud as we want,with no repercussions,art by steve reed,click to kill

THE HIPPIE CRACK-makes real smart music to go anywhere

me and joel duo on most of the first folder,which also has billy on the last 5 tracks,as well as the little kids next door on a coupla numbers,and lots of great audio verite,tying it together,and conversations,a sexboy cover,a track about tony later covered by buzz workshop,a flipper clone titled,"holy shit!,it's flipper!",a fine,fine recording that will make you smile.the second folder in this zip is me ,joel,aunt christy,and shawn ingram,(a transient passing thru who i worked with for a week or so,who tells a long story)more lengthy songs than the 1st,but great songs as a whole this band is very experimental,and groundbreaking in that respect.could become a cult classic of our future,i shit you not!the title should be delivered in an arnold schwarzeneggar voice as in by here for nitrous oxide: 

Saturday, July 11, 2009


billy and joel make up this fantastic duo.great covers of velvet underground and leonard cohen tunes as well as some a-1 originals.billy sings like a bird,great vocals,great guitar,billy is king!seriously,check this out if you have any interest at all in music,a life affirming experience.please billy and joel add comments to this post(not billy joel,tho'!)click here please: 

THE SHUNTED EGG SACS-easter spider and return of the easter spider

a one-off,(actually two-off),band only recorded on easter day in 93 and 96.the first tape is me ,joel ,billy,and vance.second line-up is me,joel,vance,mike(1st 3 songs in 2nd file).some fave tracks include,"the himalayan",about the carnival ride,"aww man",which is just funny,the original 1st version of"she loves the martians",later covered by buzz workshop,"i will not",with joel aping eddie vedder,"went in a hole"another buzz workshop number,"my brother is a weasel"a hippie crack song,"peter criss"about drummers,and covers of sexboy,golden earring,joy division,and lots more surprises.a great and fun band,party down while listening for best enjoyment and click here for link: 

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i know,another weird name,and it comes with a story.we were listening to a mrs. miller album and in the liner notes it had a segment where they talked about her t.v. appearances,and some questions she was asked,one of which was,"what does she like to do with her spare time?",to which she replied she,"liked moom pitchers",which we deciphered as,"moving pictures"ie:the movies.just a strange way to say things,i guess.anyway the name stuck for 4 sessions,all of which is here.there is some 4-track tomfoolery,more live stuff than anything,and the band is mostly me,joel,and mike,tho' dug appears on the last 6 songs.aunt christy sings on "christine's tune".hard to pin down an exact sound except to say,"space vixens",the title of a song,and the original moniker,(for a few days),which kinda describes the sound,but not as well as you would like.still cool.check out a song about tony,"homily boy".i think you may agree ,moom pitchers is quite possibly the most debonair band to have existed in their time(1/19/96-2/4/96),and as you can see the post below is the band that followed up on this band about a week later.pretty comparable to "the new space rock extravaganzas",a nice companion piece,with the same members,we used to change band names like our socks,we were so fickle.sounds like moom pitchers,for sure,tubular dudes!

click here mrs. miller fans:


a follow-up to moom pitchers(see the post above )a little one-off band,with me,mike,dug,and joel,recorded at 5455,2/10/96.pretty spacey,hence the name,kinda like a more radical man vs. astroman,or a modern day hawkwind.joel has some great lyrics he wrote and spouts on,"all the way to the wack",which is about ,i don't know,ask joel!.anyway check it out .logo by dug,painstakingly computer colored by here,space ace:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FLESH OF BARNEY-flasher barney

steve borden named this band,and a song ,"steve boredom" on here is about him.we worked in a bakery,a cake topper of barney in a raincoat made steve say,"flasher barney",which i heard as "flesh of barney",and thought of the body of vance and billy ,played on this,the concept:each of us could not hear what the other was playing or singing.i think the first song title,"blizzum scasm",totally describes the,doesn't even sound anything like rush or black oak arkansas,as you would think.listen now: 


i sometimes used the alias "ed wood",which explains part of the name,also with billy and vance,we had control of a full 65 piece orchestra,with which to do our bidding,and conduct these tunes,recorded in a massive 20,000 sq. foot concert hall. soundtrack music ,used in several films,which we wont name here,simply cause i don't agree with the directors of said movies,about their points of view,so fuck 'em!.also see our second movement"anal vacation",elsewhere on this blog.very unsettling pictures are painted in these pieces,check it out: 


the third in a series of "library music" for outsiders. features "iggy" on vocals on the track,"king near fire".solo artist using a variety of instruments,creating new sounds from old recycled ones,some television segments that sound like people in the next room,a"time capsule",and one of the last tracks featuring one of my vintage dan electro guitars(stolen soon after,i had a pair of matching guitars,one black,one white,lost to the theives,who also made off with some records,some recording equipment,and for some reason,masters of some moshhawks and other stuff,sadly lost to the ages,as no other copies exist.)called,"shitweasel",which was my pet name for the twins,but i don't remember which shitweasel it actually is that i'm playing.some power electronics,some mellow parts,some really loud industrial sounds,just intriguing and interesting stuff you,ve never heard the likes of,and lots more fun to be had.check it out by clicking here 

Friday, July 3, 2009

EPSTEIN- LIVE!-at trig's birthday party at gare's house,3/20/93

This was supposed to be "Whoreshack" live but the other 2 members didn't show up so I played guitar and had 4 drummers,all at once,who included,:Brophy,Trig,Sean,and Tony.I know it sometimes sounds as if there's 2 guitars,but it's all me with effects and delays.Broke into the middle of a mellow acid hippie party to wake them up with the reality of this music.I'm sure they were trippin' balls and this probably took them over the edge.At least 30 hippies were in attendance,and I fled after the last note.Whoreshack was me ,Billy,and Mike, same style, instrumentals mostly,and sometimes Vance on bass.This is a freak-out session,and the sound quality is of the "you are there"variety,I think you will like!Click here:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


once named after a violent,serial killin' bunch of train ridin' hobos and bums,there is now a band using that name(who suck by the way),so now i just use different names all the time,ie:was,"freight train riders of america",now could or has been,"find the right answer","fart tooth rice ass","freaky tongue rash abalone","fred travalena's rare ascot",and"fuck the river apples!".please contribute a new name or names i can use in the comments section below.the music is instrumentals mostly based on famous people's birth and death days,but not always,as evidenced by titles such as,"killing a bum to get an erection",and "horn of plenty of shit(facist movie theme)",as well as others.all forms of instruments are used,lots of fab moments,download and love,thanks ,G O D:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the real F.Q. - - tone poems for white people

this is another solo artist,who knows what the name means,or what the get-up is he's wearing,but the music is as the title implies.definite poetry set to a variety of backing musics,and i would'nt expect even white people would enjoy this,much less anyone else.loosely based on a beach boys autobiography,except where it's not,the last track,"firemen helmets"is my favorite.don't listen to this,but if you do,please leave a scathing review for the real F.Q.: