Sunday, September 15, 2013

AUGUST SPIES/THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN assemble your own dictator split 7" single

Chris "Ashey" MacDonald and company ,blast out 2 punk crunchers here,with a new track "Stalin" ,leading off the single.Better-known punkers The Showcase Showdown ,also punch out 2 fine punk anthems ,and the back cover of this 7" ,shows a bunch of fliers from shows that the bands have played together opening for and headlining with,some of punk's household names. on Tario records out of Allston ,MA 

AUGUST SPIES/13 TONS OF NAPALM - We Can't Do Anything By Ourselves split 7" single

Each band tackles 4 tunes ,The only new song from August Spies is "Poser" ,while they record new takes on 3 of their earlier hits.13 Tons ,on the other hand,blast out their side with newer anarcho/crust punk ditties,that you can drink along to.This is a great single to own.Try and find one on the web! August Spies side recorded at 31 Seattle St. 1997.13 Tons Of Napalm side dedicated to the memory of Darby Crash 1958-1980 recorded on the sixteenth anniversary of his death on 12-7-96. Rodent Popsicle Records 12th release!


In their only LP ,Massachussetts August Spies ,re-records a lot of earlier numbers and lays down some new anarchist punk songs.With covers of GG Allin and The Avengers, and Ashey on vox and guitar,this band is a punk force to be reckoned with.Veterans of the punk scene,they have opened for more big-name punk bands than you can count on your fingers(and toes!)Some of their finest moments are caught on this release,tho' some of these did have more punk furor on the original demo tapes.Ashey's mom was the cover model,and was apparently the coolest punk mom on the scene!This is the sound of anarchy! If you claim to be a true punk ,and you have not yet heard August Spies,I don't know how you can make that claim! Ashey is punk's "everyman" ,and his lyrics defend that notion. A required listen!


With Chris "Ashey" MacDonald on guitar and vocals ,this MA based band ,once again brings the true anarcho-punk sound to the fore ,and with a cover of the UK sounding California band The Weasels song ,"I'm The Commander" dug up from the early days of punk rock (and a band name drawn from Suicidal Tendencies classic ,"Institutionalized") ,it's a treasure trove of classic sounding songs."Move Your Car " ,starts off with the lyric ,"It's a shitbox ,it's in the parking lot" ,a situation that we as punks ,have probably all been thru,or known friends that have dealt with ,and the lead-off track ,"Boston Stranger",tells it all about their scene.10 tracks of absolute punk,the likes of which we have come to expect (and respect) from the Massachussetts contingent!


Ashey's singin' on this one ,in his highly identifiable style,while Jenny ,his girl ,is on drums, playing songs which lyrically focus on high school memories ,such as :"Peer Pressure" ,"Oxyclean" ,"Pride In Your School","Baby In The Toilet At The Prom" ,and more related subjects. The music is more "core" than the usual UK stylings of the Massachussetts contingent,tho' still has UK attributes.It's punk because it's a shitty recording,and even more punk because Ashey recorded it over a (see pic) Joan Osbourne chrome cassette!Has that warped ,"in-and-out" sound to it,but don't let that distract you from the great tunes enclosed within!


 Another Chris "Ashey" MacDonald related band ,with he on bass again,and this time with his fiance Jenny on vocals ,and Jeremy (now with the 4 Sids !) on drums ,plus girl guitarist ,Crystal.Once again ,as is most of Ashey's output ,UK punk influenced! The female vox is what relly makes this so catchy and almost pop-punk at some junctures. 6 songs that will be stuck in your head after you hear this!! Ashey sings on track 5 "Vaginoplasty" ,check it out !

THE 4 SIDS -demos

The 4 SIDS ,bring the old school punk sound from Massachussetts ,with a tinge of UK snarling,also evident in their cover song choice of "Kill" ,by erstwhile  1977 UK punk jesters , Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias ,which leads off this 6 song demo cd,( on the Peel Sessions ,for Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoias, there is a track named ,"Sid's Song" recorded just 3 months before the release of their first single ,which may be a good choice for the 4 SIDS to cover on the next one! Maybe re-name it ,"4 Sids Song" !! that would be cool!) The rest of this demo is just as punk and cool,retaining that same UK sound throughout! Chris "Ashey" MacDonald (singer of August Spies) ,plays bass on this ,it's his latest band,and they will be doing a (spanish-language punk) song on next year's 30th anniversary tribute to "The International P.E.A.C.E. compilation" ,on the Wheelchair Full Of Sluggisha label.Until then ,check out this total anarchist, pogo punk band ,and jump around like a fool!