Sunday, April 26, 2009


"look,some teenage flesh",utters marty nation ,in the car with lydia lunch,referring to lung leg frantically signaling to them on the side of the road,in richard kern's movie,"fingered".so that's where the name came from.the music,recorded in 3 seperate sessions over a year and a half,is the product of listening to lydia lunch,hanatarash,the boredoms,black metal,punk rock,henry rollins,jap-core,noise and industrial,suckdog,and other similar influences.some off-shoot bands,recorded in the interim,and sounding much like this(and already posted elsewhere on this blog)are the mummyboys and opie ,who share a 5 song split.there is a remake of a cat machine song written by chipmunk,a cover of the profesionals,a cover of the jefferson's theme,and some hip-hop old school scratching.themes of loneliness,depression,and hate of all ,are very apparent.just great noisy-depresso of my favorite solo outings.G O D . 


one of our quadrant of racist-named bands,which also includes,los hymees(elsewhere on this blog),kike,and heeb.none of us are jewish and we just like the sounds of the funny words.this sounds like a gaggle of different ,other musics ,gathered together in a whiskey jar,and grooving with a high dog.includes the title theme from the unreleased movie,"pissing out the poison","urine", is the ,billy,vance,trig,and tony rizzo are on this thang,in different combinations thereof.recorded over several sessions,over several months,to make this comprehensive collection a success.nominated for no grammys.kike and heeb coming soon.G O D. 


This is me and Seth and Luke Ford,Vance Burdge and Mike Smith,7-27-96,about 2 months before Paul Stanley Hologram.Very different,like chocolate pudding in a can,or a hole in one.If you like chicken nuggets or blowing up hot wheels with firecrackers,you'll probably like this.Only 4 songs,but they are great rock n roll numbers that whoop a lion's ass with a belt.Don't miss the Fords, in action.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Paul Stanley Hologram

this is me with luke and seth ford,one night at sluggisha/w.g.o.d. studios.pretty awesome can't pinpoint their sound but my best guess would be pseudo-alternative grunge rock,which sounds like this.if you don't like it ,you're crazy,the fords rock.oh,it sounds nothing remotely like kiss or paul stanley,or the fords of chaos.found the action figure in the pic at a dollar store and wished i would have bought all 3 there cuz i never seen 'em again.the last song is about a commercial for an automatic litter tray sweeper for your cat.we saw the commercial ,wrote the tune,bashed it out!enjoy, G O D click here dummy. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SOCKEYE-obscure rare limited unreleased underground subversive minotaur tits a.k.a. return of the nacho ostomy bags

here is the holiest of grails,the tardcore pinnacle,the one everyone wants,billy squier,i mean if you never heard tardcore,this is the best,many many songs unheard ,lots o' folks would give their nutsack for this gem.hard to find cuz rareness is is one of the greatest living american born composers of the past two centuries.if you like classical music as performed by a seal orchestra then this is right up your alley.led zeppelin is not on here but covers of rush,inxs,butthole surfers,happy flowers,crass ,black flag,fang,and sockeye's own twisted tunes not sister.don't be discouraged,sign up today,thousands of somalians are dying so you can download this harder,millions on welfare depend on you!

BREATHILIZOR-fallen corn messengers of winter doom six:return to bobler's index

get ready to pay the ultimate price,get ready cuz you know it ain't gonna be nice,breathilizor is here,and we're out for blood,we'll make your cow forget how to chew it's cud,we're a nuclear holocaust with electric guitars,we're a rock armageddon and we come from mars,i got a big big big big big big bullet belt,it's the biggest you've ever seen,it will make you melt.just a few lines of their song "metal of breathilizor"should fill you in on what this is fave new metal band,these guys rock like bozo the clown fronting mercyful fate.i can't think of another band this great at the current time,besides maybe daughtry or panic at the disco,ha ha,wesley willis and daniel johnston would be proud.if they were metal bands.i likee,play much a lot,listen this loud at work.poop on a tool box,barf upon the papal throne.tardmetal to the max!


a new genre has spawned,"tardmetal",led by these masters of blackened tard,breathilizor.former sockeye fella,with a metal sound and tardly metal lyrics,like if dio wrote for sockeye who had turned into a black/death/satan,metal band.hey kids!,put these songs on your guitar hero or rockband games,or better yet,pick up some real instruments and learn how to play for real instead of just pushing buttons.kolob trust fund is funny as a diarreah slip-n-slide,but the real treat here for me is breathilizor,great cheez metal goodness.makes me want to put up the first and second asseater tapes and i think i will soon.thanks food! trustfund


and a pal,get drunk,with an acoustic guitar and trumpet,and sing inane lyrics and cover,septic death,minor threat,bad posture,rudimentary peni,and sound like your granpa and the retarded fellow who lives down the block,just a-singin and playin' away.get ripped and blast this ,it'll make your year!thanks,food! ass and


more from food,now in mi.,one of his new projects,lettuce vultures,is like sockeye but with more cake and less old band members,and more nuclear pop tarts and less filling,and more dog baths and less sheriff's offices.very tard with an a-side by one of the greats of belgium punk,can't ever go wrong with food,a great american and a friend o' mine,hope he gets rich or dies tryin',more dibble doo and less flibberty jibbert,download now, muncher! 


people get ready,train's a-comin',don't need no ticket,you just push download.hey a flood of new great tardcore has been generously given to me by food fortunata,who changed his name again to sing for the lettuce vultures.i mean if you like sockeye and wheelchair bands and tardcore,then you need everything i'm pushin'.like a more mature sockeye(yeah,right),yet still tard,this split was only natural.listen up, lots more coming at you,so get some blanks ready.and some blankets,too corn monkey genetic splice lettuce vultures

Thursday, April 9, 2009

DRY SPELL-under the blackened skies of war

unless you live in the tampa bay area of fl.,you probably never heard this promising black metal band.unfortunately they met an untimely end when their guitarist/lead singer,perished at age 19.i knew a guy who owned a metal shop,and he said the guy was well liked,and always had time to stop and hang out.too bad,this cd shows an inkling of how great they could have been,pretty rare,i think those in the bm community will be pleased at this find.incl. a mayhem cover(freezing moon),coulda been one of the greats.damn! 

Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a little comp. I put together,due to the lack of CRUMBS stuff on the web,really hard to find.Some of this came from various early comps.,Hot Curly Weenie,We're Addicted to Dayquil,A Slice Of Lemon,and Nuclear Winter.Stuff from the 1957 sessions in addition to,All Tangled Up 10",and I Fell In Love With An Alien Girl 7".Lots of cover art ,lyric sheets,pics and posters in zip file.One of my favorite bands of all time,rising from the ashes of another of my faves,Chickenhead,(get their 7" elsewhere on this blog,awesome).I hope these guys ain't mad at me ,I love 'em,and want to share them with the world.Sexboy almost played with the Crumbs a few times,but sadly,both deals fell thru.Miami rocks,the Cameo Theatre rules,and the Crumbs are the shit.Includes their early era stab at The Eat's"Communist Radio".Simply exquisite.G O D

Sunday, April 5, 2009


i'd say this is rare,never heard it or seen it anywhere except my house,and it rules.a band plays along with percussion played by school kids on forks,knives,and spoons,quite a racket for the old days,and reminds me of "silverware sucks",by sockeye, in which the chorus says,"i don't like knives and spoons,i think they make you look like a goon,forks are cool but they suck".the music is like 50s-60s pre surf lots more rare singles like this to post,lemme know how you like it,LEAVE ME A COMMENT IN COMMENT BOX BELOW.thanks,G O D. CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA


or call it,PUTRID TEETH-unplugged,as this is mostly acoustic,the first 5 songs lyrics written by food fortunata,singer of sockeye,also includes a long interview with n.y.poop,singer of putrid teeth,and him doing some radio bumpers for w.g.o.d.,there is also a non-acoustic number(disco poop)and seems to be on a g.g.allin trip this time around,lyrically and conceptually.kinda takin over where he left off on his country acoustic rants at the country here tho',we hates it!just pooperman on instr.,n.y.poop on vox,let er' rip!on second thought go outside before you let it rip ,man that smells! G O D


Not really"Greatest Hits",but probably the sole out put of essential "tardcore"band,Adolf Olliver Nipple,from MD.Chris Haraway ordered"Putrid Teeth"from me,as did many of his friends,and started a band based on what they heard.Sure they are younger and sing about school and their teachers,and video games and such,but they are a part of tardcore's history.40 songs, my favorite tracks are, "Ho Breath" and "Shoney's",but the whole thing is great,even a Green Day cover.All kids should have this much fun,don't disregard this as nonsense,it's great.G O D

PUTRID TEETH-self titled debut

This is the tape that started the whole "turdcore" scene,which got it's start in the"tardcore"genre.mostly N.Y.Poop and Pooperman,then Poopdeck Pappy joined in.81 tracks of pure filth,driven by an axis of GG Allin,Sockeye,and the Mentors.the original track that spawned the band is here from live in WGOD studios,"Poopshoe"the song we've done on every tape,and was covered by "Buzz Workshop".this tape also spawned like-minded bands in MD. just from kids ordering the tape.mainly Chris Haraway and his band"Adolf Olliver Nipple"which will be featured as the next post.these kids kinda borrowed our whole sound(even down to N.Y.Poop's vocal stylings) to start their tardcore band.Putrid Teeth shared something in common with "The Eat" in that we had band members in NY and FL,but the sound is totally different.juvenile stuff that high school and frat boys would cum over,this is the beginning of a new world. art by Steve Reed.......G O D 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009