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Nib Arcola ,of the great underground punk band ,Chachi On Acid ,was kind enough to put together this comp for the Sluggisha blog! Includes hits and demos from several eras ,and it's great to have it here ,due to the lack of the band's material ,available on the web.Some links I have for them are:

The video is for a demo included on this comp ,"Status Quo It"

They also plan on a cover of "2012" for the single to be released on Wheelchair!
But if you wanna hear this fine-ass compilation of one of the best punk bands ,you probably have never had the chance to hear ,you'll need to :

TACOCASTER - Tacocaster Grabs The Crusto!

To quote the Connecticut shitcore master ,"I believe in food and therefore am one with sodium". The leader of a cult of food (not of the Fortunata variety!),recorded all these short songs ,even dedicating an e.p. to yours truly (Hurricane Irate), compiled here for your pleasure! He also has a page on Soundcloud ,of songs that can't be downloaded ,and he can be found at Shitcore,boredcore,bedroomcore ,tardcore,whatever you wanna call it ,this shit is pretty dope.Attempts to contact the man ,have been fruitless ,leaving us with what you will hear here. There's an interview with him ,on his blog ,as well as a bunch of swell artwork (some included in zip!) I made a collage of some of his artwork for the front cover! Hope you're ready for what's in store ,aahhh it'll be over in a few minutes ,just download it!!


An all-new band of tardcore fools ,comin' straight at ya in the 2012!! They have a cover of that gem of a song (Dumb Audio Dynamite's "2012") ,ready for that 7" single ,out soon on Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records!(not on this release,sorry!) But this is a horse of a different color (and smell!) Short ,dumb songs ,with stupid vocals and lyrics ,accompanied by acoustic guitar,spastic keyboards ,boob drums ,and funny samples ,in between songs! As you can see by the track list on the back cover ,the subject matter is that of degenerate minds. This is only the beginning! Mix Master Toilet Wig ,has been expressing interest in re-mixing this mess (as well as working recently on a new band (as yet un named ,tho Doctor Ninja suggested "Leather Penis") ,with an upcoming release, with Noah Lyon of Retard Riot ,and doing a re-mix version of the song "2012" ,for the single ,and also providing the music for Jake (of Seasonal Men's Wear) to sing on ,for their new band ,Nacho Knees (look here for it soon!)). Superfloater will float on! Superfans leave comments ,Superhaters ,fuck off!! Look for the videos that are sure to come ,on Youtube.

ONE FELL SWOOP with BLACK NERD - Live at the Draft House 1/31/1992

This is a re-post of a previously posted tape.(back in 2009) This time I give you the flyer for the actual show ,with our original logo and mascot(see above,duh!),plus Billy and Shane were at the Edison Mall ,handing out flyers to the show ,and Dave from Wendy's ,was on a book signing tour ,and Billy handed him a flyer ,which he then placed on the table in front of him.It can be seen in the pic above ,which was on the front page of our local ,Ft. Myers News-Press newspaper! How's that for publicity? The following is from the original posting ,where all is explained!:

Me,Joel and Chipmunk,in our little alt-rock trio,me and Chip on guitars,Joel on drums,except when he sings,me on drums,we all sing,mostly me.i wrote the lyrics and we cover,Flamin'Groovies,the Fall,Syd Barrett,Hendrix,Stooges,Sonic Youth,Led Zeppelin,and Black Flag.Kinda Electric Eels style,no bass,just guitars.we sound much different live,with a real drum kit,instead of our usual kit(see other One Fell Swoop posts for details)and the flyer on the other post is for this show ,the flyer on this post is for a show a week later,Black Nerd opened for us(re-posted below!),and we had a big crowd of locals who were rather pissed at my intro to"Red Letter Day"when i razz Nirvana for their sell out video(smells like...)on mtv at the time,lots of folks walked out after i make my comments,oh well,they missed the rest of a hell of a good show!We aquired a residence as the house band at the Draft House for some time after this.I was the one who got them to let us play and start a scene in our crappy little town.Kinda busted open the floodgates for a million embryo alt rock bands and punks to play and hang out, before that downtown was just drunken bums hangin at the bar.Lots more live tapes to come.The first track is an improv,which we usually used to apply to a regular set list,we'd always do a few improv jams.A fine document of a fantastic band,stay tuned for more! The flyer also lists the next show to be posted ,from 2/1/1992 ,with Stimpy!! Coming soon!


and for the Black Nerd show

KAAGOOTAABAA - I Titled This Myself

A 3 song ,15 minute journey ,into the mind of John ,a/k/a Kaagootaabaa. The North Carolinian ,releases his 11th album (not including splits ,and compilation tracks) ,to the Sluggisha blog! The first 2 tracks are mostly acoustic guitar instros ,while the third track is a drone of a hum! John says he used samples from the movies : Payday (1973) and Riot On Sunset Strip (1967) ,as well as some japanese female wrestling ,on the backround of one track. Interesting stuff ,as is always the case ,with my friend ,John!

THE SWAGGS - Tha Purp Mixtape e.p. - Vol.1

The first release from the Northwest rap crew. This is rap like you've never heard before! If you like rap , give this a try ,if you hate rap ,give this a try! Here's some notes from their manager:

Hey you gotta check out this new hip-hop group I know from around here, they're called The Swaggs. It's easily the best rap you'll ever hear, I mean, the lyrics are complex and are true stories about the harsh realities of life, and the beats are perfect for playing in your car or music player electronic device. I know for a fact that these guys will make it big in the music industry and stuff. Enjoy.

Ha,ha it's all a big joke , avant-garde ,weirdo raps

Thursday, January 26, 2012

BLACK FOREST RAPE - Schwarzer Waldraub

The second phenomenal release from this up-and-coming ,almost indescribable band! Recorded in their hometown of Calw, in the Black Forest region of Germany. My pal over there ,Hans , he of the band Tyrantyr ,and master compiler of the Black Metal Cult series. His cousin provides the percussion ,a perfect foil to his friends black/death/doom/drone/psych/metal/
instrumental/stoner rock.
As you can see they used their native lingo for the album and song titles ,but if you download ,you will find the titles to be translated to english. The album title is just the band's name in German. 4 songs of varying lengths. The first track ,(Master Of The Whores), was previewed on the great, big Sluggisha #1000 compilation ,in a truncated (4:00) version , while here you have the full 26 minutes + album version! Trippy and distant ,making you feel drunk with cuntlove. The next track is based off a blues riff ,but degenerates several times into a psych/freakout meltdown. The third ,and shortest number here, is chunka-chunka thrash metal stylee ,and it all ends off with the final piece ,an atmospheric doom dirge ,using only the sounds of nature ,and a tolling bell. Fuckin' great band ,here ,mates! The zip contains more photos from the album cover sessions ,that weren't used!

Monday, January 23, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - First Gig Practice Tape

This is a re-post of the practice for the first One Fell Swoop gig!(originally posted May 7,2010).
Recorded live, 1/23/1992,(20 years ago ,today!), at Gramps,the Cat Machine house,and the typewriter case,pizza pan drum rim,hammer and pliers drumset is in full-effect.The first half is originals,the second half we cover: the Flamin' Groovies(twice), the Fall, Hendrix(2 hits), and Kiss. The between song banter is good for a few guffaws,and we were still re-learning these songs,picked from several sessions. Good for what it is. The song," I Need Cash",swipes a Kike riff! The first gig led to a residency as the "house" band of the Draft House, (for a few months), we actually cracked downtown wide open ,bringing in opening acts ,and making a place for kids to hang out ,and see and hear local and out-of-area bands. Before that ,there wasn't really any venues for punk/alternative bands to play. Art by Eric J. This has been posted for nearly 2 years ,and only 10 downloads? Well ,now that I've fit it into the sequence of tapes ,posted in order of their recording dates ,maybe more of you will get to hear this!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Noisekillr and Mr. 497 ,with another transmission from deep space , 9/20/1992. cyber-punk,space-rock,mutant experimental ,avant-garde noise ,that you can kill to! 4 songs ,the last of which is a suite in 7 sections.

1.TV Violence Batters Children
2.Satanic Virus
3.Voice In The Wilderness
4.Violence - a)violence theme - b)church of future generations - c)the deaths of a few very small children - d)time to kill - e)planet B of the 38th galaxy - f)on the belt - g)royal trux

There are still more transmissions coming ,you will be hearing more of the band that time couldn't catch up with. Still ahead of their time ,even in the world of today!

Monday, January 16, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Nubiles Galore

(picture removed for copyright infringement)

On this ,their final home recording (next up is the live gig tapes ,from the Draft House and other locales!) the trio is joined by Sean Sommers ,and a few "real" nubiles ,Shannon and T.J. This day also saw the one-off recording of a side band ,Li'l Shavers (found elsewhere on this blog) There is also one long-lost track (Pull The Trig) ,recorded in Cape Coral at Mumsy's ,by Count Vance ,with Ed,Joel,& Chipmonk playing ,and Eric "Trig" Triglet, on vocals and mini vacuum ,which I will locate and post ,soon! On this particular recording ,tho' , Black Flag's "Nothing Left Inside" leads it off ,followed swiftly by the golden oldie ,"Shave And A Haircut" ,and then runs thru 6 more college-rock tunes ,and ends with a lo-fi voyeristic track ,"Packin' It In (With The Meat Puppets) ,wherein the core trio talks about several issues and the upcoming Meat Puppets show. A great band ,spun off from the mighty Cat Machine! You deserve everything that's coming to you! I'm talking directly to you ,the listener! Hope you take my tip! Recorded at Cat Machine house ,20 years ago today! Jan. 16,1992!


WGOD # 49.36 - March 4 ,1994

Another GOD-cast /podcast ,of old and new (at the time ,1994!) punk rock ,alternative ,and Sluggisha artists.Also includes a 70's glam-rock set! There's a bunch of these broadcasts around this blog ,collect them all! And many more to come! Here's the tracklist ,enjoy and Oi!

SOCKEYE - Sockeye Load Blowing Crew
SONIC YOUTH - Hey Joni (live! 12 inch promo disc)
THE DAMNED - I Fall (Peel sessions)
ISOCRACY - Hippie Man
45 GRAVE - Wax / Black Cross
PAVEMENT - Fillmore Jive
ACTION SWINGERS - You Only Know My Name
DWARVES - Fukkin' Life / I'm In A Head
BIRTHDAY PARTY - Sonny's Burning
UNSANE - Straight
THE PROLETARIAT - Indifference
KIKE - Midnight Poptart
KINDERGARDEN TERROR - Yesterday's Martians
EATER - Don't Need It (live!)
REDD KROSS - Crazy World
T. REX - The Street And Babe Shadow
SLADE - How Do You Ride
KISS - Getaway
BANG - Our Home


FILSUFATIA - Buried Beneath And Forgotten

A one-man , instrumental, melancholic black metal band from Malaysia ,South Asia.Formed in 2006 ,this is his 7th demo (he's released one each year) from 2011 ,and he sent this to me in hopes of gaining a record deal ,so any A&R people out there,take note of this guy (Deep)! He has a new 7 song demo coming out for 2012 (I'll have it here ,when available!) ,and has done a couple of full lengths and splits. Really doomy and gloomy ,a cross between Burzum /Xasthur /Emperor (though not quite as majestic!) Piano leads into electric razor-sharp buzzing guitar ,and back out . 3 songs of despair and depression. Don't play this if you have suicidal feelings! Thanks ,Deep! (real name: Benign Nor Hafeez) .Please send more!!

FLESHLIGHT APOCALYPSE / ICE CREAM SANDWICH SHIT HEAD - Split - Masturbating On Children Then Paying There Parents Off

On this split ,ICSSH is battling new artist Fleshlight Apocalypse ,for the award for the most inane acoustic guitardcore band! Fleshlight kicks in a few covers : Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians (What I Am) and a Lou Barlow(?) number ,as well as a few other original tunes. ICSSH ,on the other hand ,is up to his same ol' tricks ,givin' you a laff ,songs of cops greatness ,ryan dunn's death, and the beatles sucking ,amongst other subjects. ICSSH also has a split coming up with Dylan's band ,Hell Garbage (Kaagootaabaa also has a split with HG coming soon!) This is tardcore fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Tales Of Desperate Survivors On The Edge Of Reality

A short 5-song e.p. ,due to the recording device fucking up on us ,but then turned into our recording device for the slowest band ever ,Quaalude! This really does contain what the title implies, songs that tell of extremely desperate people ,in survival situations.Shane Carwile plays trumpet(!!?!!) on much of this ,and Billy Drake and Sean Sommers also play and sing on thease tracks.Ed ,Joel ,and Chipmonk ,just keep the music flowing ,and spewing lyrics about characters we know ,like, Pukeboy & Subhuman ,Jimmy Cochran ,and riders of the Special Olympics Bus ,amongst others. There is only one more studio recording before the tapes go to live gig recordings. Cover painting by John Wilford. Recorded 1/14/1992 ,20 years ago today!!


Oh ,man!! On this volume of thrift store finds ,you'll hear: a hard rock/psych set from The Osmonds,Nancy & Lee,electronic music,Donkey Kong hits,Korean singer/songwriters,Bozo,stupid car songs,harp players,weird children's records,the Harlem Globetrotters,christian morons,adult torch singers,banjos,Woody Woodpecker by the Baja Marimba Band,guitar duo,Anthony Newley,Mel Henke, the mumbler,dance to the Popeye Waddle,Boll Weevils with Burl and Homer & Jethro,The Merry Mailman,Eddie Albert singing his own show's theme song,Foghorn Leghorn,bellydance music,Alf ,and more.... And the way it is with this music ,once you hear one of my comps ,you'll want them all!!! I have a lifetime worth of this stuff,and always adding to the collection!Thanks ,and enjoy!

DOCTOR NINJA - Meditations On Meditation

Noah Lyon ,artist of our times, does some dj work outs on this disc. Retarded hip-hop,rap,scratching.All the stuff you hear in between the beats on classic shit. I'll put it in his own words : "All live , All scratches , Almost no music". Only 2 of the 7 tracks are titled,and it will drive you absolutely batshit ,if you listen to this. My wife and kids hate it. Therefore I know it to be good! Recorded on Groundhog day ,2010 on Retard Riot Re:cdrs / Anarcho-Turntablist Syndicate.Go and buy y'self a copy from Noah's website,you cheap little tarts!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


A nudie record from 1958! The guy is announced as Sam Nichols (or Nickels?) ,and mentions his own name several times throughout.So I don't know how this could be Billy Devroe (unless he was working under an alias).Could not find any info on this ,but it is bawdy(for the times) songs ,and joke stories accompanied by light country music,recorded live! Subtitled "Naughty Songs Of Sex And Sins For Adults Only" , while in today's world it is no more raunchy than Regis Philbin! Fetches a high price with collectors for the nude cover ,a ploy artists used back then to sell more records!Got it from my buddy Ralph Tarantino of Record Trader ,during a record swap session. On Laff Records. How ya like that 25 cents someone wrote on the top corner!I have more stuff like this ,gimme a shout in the comments if you want more!!

THE ALLSTONIANS - Goodnight Daniel b/w Allston,Mass/Grey Afternoon

Third wave ska band from Allston,Mass. ,that owes much to the Specials and the Skatelites. I know they put out 3 lp's ,but this single is a conundrum. Not listed in any of their discographies (in fact no singles are listed at all!) , this must be a rare piece. Got it at a place called Java Town ,a small record shop/band space ,that catered to the kids of Ft. Myers ,for a limited part of time. Kinda sleepy ,and nowhere near as good as the aforementioned bands!

DICK QUINN - If That Ain't Country b/w She Gave Her Heart To Jethro

A fine local find. This outlaw redneck guy recorded and produced this single in Largo ,on Dead Frog Records outta St. Petersburg,FL. Basically you have a David Alan Coe cover on the a side ,and a Tom T. Hall cover on the b side. Pretty good for a local boy ,found it in a thrift shop in Land O' Lakes ,years ago. Thought it might sit pretty on here. Rare as all hell ,try to find some info on this thing,if you can! Impossible!!

MARK BRODIE AND THE BEAVER PATROL - Scarlett O'Hara b/w Montezuma's Revenge/Shake N' Stomp

I posted this surf single ,for my friends who are in snow and cold right now! This will hopefully warm you up a little! Great original surf instrumentals ,that will make you wanna grab your stick and head out to the beach! Canadians (what do they know about surfing?) on Shredder Records.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Shake My Claw,Suzy Fink

The title has to do with a girl that had a claw hand.Ed,Joel,and Chipmonk were once again graced with Billy Drake's prescence ,as well as Shane Carwile ,Sean Sommers,Dave (antelope leaps?) ,and it sounds as if Katie Ball stops by ,and possibly Kristy and Zolan. Recorded in Joel's room at Cat Machine House 1/11/1992 ,straight to boombox! At some point near the end of this recording ,our recording device began going south. You can actually hear the tape slowing down and making sense of the closing number "I Have Lost All Of My Motor Skills". I think we recorded the band Quaalude(slowest band in history! found on this blog!) on the same recorder ,that day or the next ,after it was acting up.Also of note that day ,some workers were beating on Gramp's roof,and you can hear it on the tracks ,"Beat On The Roof" , "Arty Party" ,and "Crazy Ass White Boys" . The first half of this tape is 6 songs ,all college rock and indie-punk alt-rock stuff.I also must have had the mohawk up on this day as I act and sound like a barnyard bird on ,"Rooster" ,an act I would pull out from time to time ,when the fin was up! This is a really good and strange one. Dig it . And Suzy ,if you're out there ,I don't know you ,but sorry 'bout that album title!

DEAD BOYS - Tell Me b/w Not Anymore - Ain't Nothin' To Do

A single from the boys second album ,the a side is a Rolling Stones cover ,that makes stiv and co. sound like the New York Dolls. The b side is demos of 2 songs from their first album ,Young Loud and Snotty. Where is the Dead Boys of the new kids generation? They need something like this to make them cooler! 1978 Sire Records

THE EARL'S FAMILY BOMBERS - Winchester 73 - Worth b/w Drag - Love Your Reptile/How's Your School Been

From Arizona ,but immersed in the grunge scene of Seattle in the 90's ,the closest sound I can pinpoint on these guys ,is mid-era Supersuckers.Rockin' and alternative ,and the last track sounds as if it would be a medley of 2 songs ,but instead you get about a minute or so of feedback and noise!Not bad, from the $2.99 bin! Not much info on this group anywhere.1993 Empty Records

LAMBCHOP - Soaky In The Pooper b/w Two Kittens Don't Make A Puppy

Hailed as "Nashville's most fucked up country group" ,from Tennessee ,leader Kurt Wagner and boys ,put out this first single in 1994 ,and are still going today! This has to be from before they became america's alt-country darlings ,as it is spacey and weird. Side a is mellow and has somewhat humorous lyrics.Side b is like what you would hear while coming down off an all night trip ,trippy and just when you think it's gonna end ,it kicks back in with added weirdness. This is cool!

THE FLORIDA PLAYERS - We've Got A Winner b/w Experiment

A funk outfit ,apparently from Florida ,though no info could be found on this group.Jazzy,funky rhythms drive this shit home!Recorded in Miami in 1977 on Drive Records.Not much of an experiment on side b ,either. I was hoping for a free form jam ,but it's pretty structured ,and has a title that has nothing to do with the sound going into your earholes!

GORTON'S PANTHERS - Theme From Panic Button b/w Mediterranean Samba

From the 1964 soundtrack of the Jayne Mansfield movie ,Panic Button. Side a is kinda soundtracky and dated ,while side b is a samba! The film was produced by Ron Gorton for Gorton Associates Presentations ,which would explain the kooky name of the band. And with that record label ,(and band name!) ,you might be expecting some kinda radical Black Panther shit ,but noooo! The full album and movie poster are pictured above.Never seen it,don't own it!

BOBBI STAFF - Chicken Feed b/w I Didn't Cry Today

North Carolinian ,Barbara Grindstaff, (whoa,what a last name ,I wonder if she ever grinded any staffs!!) ,had hits in the early to mid 60's. This single is a promo copy ,produced by Chet Atkins,1966. The a side ,"Chicken Feed" ,is a humorous country bop ,while side b sounds almost like Connie Francis ,Annette Funicello ,or the writer of the song ,Skeeter Davis! She's old!

Monday, January 9, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Drinkin', Fartin', And Fondlin' Ladies

The underground sensation's 30th album!! As on the last release ,Billy Drake is back to fill in the empty spots in these recordings ,with his magical axe.As for the album title? Well ,that's what we were doing ,the day we recorded this fine piece of musical jerky.Some real mess we got ,here! I gotta say ,the keyboard /guitar interaction on the instrumental ,"Drug Island" ,is positively ear-piercing! Nine tracks of alt-rock,indie-punk ,college music ,that will twist your melon ,gramps! Recorded Jan.9 ,1992 , 20 years ago ,today!! At the world-famous Cat Machine house ,in Ft. Myers,Florida. Art by Richard Diran ,slightly modified by me! Alternate front covers in zip.

LEAD PAINT ZEPPELIN - 40 Songs About Numbers

Noah Lyon came up with this concept.(Eat lead paint and), Do songs about nothing but numbers ,and it's really wacky! Tardcore that makes you think. About math and stuff. And of course numbers and dumber things.On Retard Riot records ,this is the 2nd(or third?) release ,from 2010 ,in a ltd edition of 100.Noah is a man who wears many hats. This one has a bunch of stupid numbers all over it. He also wears hats with cartoons drawn all over them ,and hats that say Dad on them.Look for an all-new band ,soon ,with me and Noah ,kickin out the motherfuckin jams ,bitch! Highly (huh,huh) recommended..., if you wish to be put away ,where you can't harm anyone or yourself ,it's that good! Go and buy one at
CLICK HERE: (on these numbers! ,and letters)

M.C. OSSO - Umbra Penumbra

This rarity has been asking to be uploaded forever! Look it up on the web ,you won't find any info on this record or M.C. Osso ,anywhere! Great revved-up (sometimes) ,and mellowed-out blues songs ,with a folky bent on some tracks. There is some harmonica and bongos here,and M.C. is backed up by Tio Frijol & The Soul Casserole (Tierra Del Fuego's finest!) ,and you'll also hear some flute,sax,piano ,and organ in addition to Mr. Osso's fine guitar jams!From 1974 ,recorded in New York ,on Axe Records(a division of Hardedge ,Inc.) ,and with that record company name and logo(see lower corner of album cover) ,you'd be expecting some metal or in my case some Mentors!But ,alas ,it is not to be ,this is just some jukin' blues that everyone should hear.The really downtrodden stuff comes on tracks like ,"Chances For Survival" ,and "Executioners". There's even a song that should have been featured on a movie soundtrack from recent times ,"Superbad Blues" ! I could definitely see (and hear) Dylan Houser ,settling into this sound as he grows older with his Bloodponies project.Pretty neat-o stuff ,and rare ,apparently!

BIG SATAN INC. - Tap And Die b/w Scarey Feet

From the Seattle grunge scene of 1987 -1992 ,this is from '92. Metal-soaked grunge riffs ,that will pound your head in! This is on Meat Records ,and the band is now kaput ,I suppose? The kind of shit Billy and Shane would be onto ,if they had heard it back then (or ,maybe now ,who knows?)

SKOLLIWOLL - Free Machines/Ruined b/w Hating Sun

While Skolliwoll is slang for "school" ,in some corners of the world ,these boys brains have boiled inside their skulls over in Arizona!From 1993 ,almost grunge ,I guess ,what would you call it? 3 songs on this 7" single from Third World Underground Records ,back cover graphics make this look like an Amphetamine Reptile release ,and the music is not too far removed from that idea.No info to be found anywhere on this band. From the $2.99 bin! Drink beer and mosh!

ERIK AND THE PSYCHOS - Hey,Buttmonkey!

Discovered this on the web , a rare footnote in the annals of tardcore. This almost sounds like Ice Cream Sandwich Shit Head ,without his trademark acoustic guitar. The band is from New England. Erik, who is the frontman, pretty much did everything himself. The Psychos appear on only two tracks: "Freak-Out Musicians," and "Boogie Boo Boo." On this CD Erik plays a set of percussion instruments (a grill, a Mickey Mouse cup, a cardboard box) and throws in a few contemporary rock/pop culture soundbites for the hell-of-it. These are mainly used as segue pieces introducing each song. The CD is chock full of juvenile bathroom humor, esp. "The Cheese In My Shoe" and "Garbage Can Lids" -- these were the days of "Beevis and Butt-head" my friend. Unfortunately, Erik regrets it all. The Psychos have moved on and Erik refuses to even touch a drum set (or in this case, a Micky Mouse cup or a cardboard box). Recorded in 1995. Released Independently in 2000.It was all one track ,and I did my best to seperate the tracks,hopefully ,all is tard!

Friday, January 6, 2012

ONE FELL SWOOP - Crab Medicine

Ed, Joel ,and Chipmonk were joined by guitarist Billy Drake ,the pefect match to spar with Chipmonk's guitar wizardry.And spar they do! Some fine songs are enhanced by Billy's guest appearance ,harkening back to the glory days of the Cat Machine!There is a blow-out Stooges cover (Not Right) ,and it ends with a 12 second hardcore blast ,"Epcot Police State" In between all that though ,you have ace alt-rock ,indie -punk songs ,that the band was always known for. "Minturn ,We Hardly Knew Ye" ,pokes joking fun at Minty ,an older guy musician we knew ,who was arrested for some crap. Maybe a carry-over from Cat Machine's ,"I Hate Vacuums" , the song ,"Ukeleles Suck" is a one-minute blistering blast of anger at the stringed instrument. A few that Joel sings on ,"Lips Of Gods" and "Move Up" ,are true underground alt-pop gems."Born Again Maniac" ,has a tune that will stick in your brain sideways ,like a rotting fish lodged in a dead bear's craw,and will stay with you for days. Don't remind me!


This cdr ,by way of Noah Lyon a/k/a Doctor Ninja a/k/a Rocky Dentist , is a blueprint of the commandments of tardcore punk. This is one of the dumbest albums you are ever likely to hear ,right in the same alleyway as bands on Wheelchair,(Food is sampled several times ,and some of his hits are given remixes) and Sluggisha ,but with a twist. The music is almost entirely made up of samples ,from pop-culture songs ,and punk alike. The vocals are either Noah ruminating on some stupid or crude subject matter or another ,or sampled vocals ,with much weirdness interspersed throughout ,and crazy and funny samples between songs. The final track is a bonus 20 minute live gig ,which is out of this world. This shit is the shit!Noah is having a book launch party ,Thursday, January 12th, 2012, 6-8 pm
Noah Lyon - THE COMPLEXITY OF STUFF book launch (wine, women and booze) at
Printed Matter Inc.195 Tenth Avenue,(btwn 22nd and 23rd St),New York, New York T: 212-925-0325 ,if you are near there you oughta go! His printed zines and buttons are top-sellers at the Printed Matter store.But this music is so retarded ,you might forget that a talented young genius artist ,is behind it all. Thanks ,Noah ,you rule!! from 2001 ltd to 100

HELL GARBAGE - Dishnivacht

More shit-core noise from Dylan ,(also of the pensive acoustic Bloodponies), this time joined by Katter ,on percussion and some keys. Recorded 8/7 - 8/9 /2011 ,and boasting "thousands of trax!no titles!yay!". Their slogan is "Fuck Music!!!" ,but I don't know if it means music you have sex to ,or the actual middle-finger salute in the face of music itself! All the songs are rolled up into one 41 and-a-half minute track.Thinking man's music ,clears the mind ,and opens it again. In the words of the immortal Danny Bays ,"Real Men Listen To Cassettes!" Released on Dylan's own Lady Anthropophagus Unincoporated imprint.