Sunday, September 27, 2009

CROTCHDUSTER - Big Fat Box Of Shit

This is all over the web,and this is for the benefit of my friends who have yet to hear this.A project of Jason Suecof of Capharnum fame(FLA.death metal),Slippery Jim,appearances by John Tardy(Obituary),and other FLA. death metal friends,and Cain,a dog,on drums.This is like nothing you ever heard,as usual,these guys change musical styles on this lp,like most people blink their eyes!About every 10-15 seconds ,the musical style changes!.Very cool,and extremely funny!A life-changing experience,you will listen to this a million or more times before you tire of it.Best song is,"Mammal Sauce",which is the concept this whole thing is based on."Letters to Crotchduster",is a great ending track,with tons of parodies.To read more on the concept click here: Crotchduster @ Willowtip Records
To hear this masterpiece in it's entirety(with one bonus track I found that absolutely has to be Crotchduster,"Push-Ups With Steve",someone let me know if this is in fact Crotchduster!)


Formed around the time of the end of Cat Machine/beginning of One Fell Swoop,this is me,Joel,Chipmunk,and Vance.Songs about a dead friends car,a gumcloud,enviornmental issues,parody of Nine Inch Nails" Head Like a Hole"(Fart Like a Fiend),a GG.Allin cover(Needle Up My Cock),a few other sexually oriented songs,a 3 song Misfits medley,plus more.Not a bad listen ,at all,in fact rather enjoyable,especially to those in the scene.quite a likeable quartet!


A most horrible jam session,band formed around the time of the 4th Cat Machine tape.Band is Me:bass,some drums,some vocals-Vance:guitar-Chuck:vocals-Shane,Billy,and Tony:drums.has a Black Flag cover,and is loud.Hard to split tracks here,cuz it all runs together,non-stop.An early all-star band.Original notes and list in zip.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

THE TOUGHSKINS-bloody fucking oi! oi! oi!

food and co. ,of wheelchair,once again,in a parody/tribute,of oi/streetpunk/skinhead music.hilarious lyrics,almost every song title has oi! in it fave is,"oi! me mates(oi!-l paints)"hard to find ,till now,thanks food!


THE POOPS-sandwich cake glob

the poops from the wheelchair folks in saginaw ,mi,sound like no other band you ever heard(like most stuff on this blog).weird water glass percussion,you don't want to be crankin' this in your car when you're cruising.totally tard lyrics,funnier than r.e.o.speedwagon.i like this,it's weird,thanks food!


PIST MIDGET - Heavy Music Stompilation

This I found in Salvation Army on Nebraska Ave,Tampa,FL. A comp of mostly Florida metal bands,some from Georgia and more.Ulcer and Huge Peter are here representin' the FTM,(Ft.Myers),and there are Bay area bands,Orlando and more.Some Mentors-like tunes,some punk/metal,hardcore,mostly metal tho'.If you like metal ,you are there.

LETHAL PRAYER - Spiritual Decay

This is from 1996,in Pennsylvania,it is early black death metal,and these guys,wait till you see their pics,man are they old!The weirdest thing about this cd is you can hear a fire burning and crackling thru the whole thing!Lyrics,pics,and super secret under the cd tray picture!I've seen this posted on one other blog,from Russia,link was dead,so here it is,rare early black death from the U.S.

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is the first recording ever of the Apocalyptic Centurions.The band was me,Joel Rizzo,Chipmunk,Shane Carwile,and for some unknown reason,Nicholas Dunphee.Some things on here soon changed with the advent of the coming of the reign of the Apocalyptic Centurions.For one,there are some keyboards,a no-no in the greatest guitar orchestra of all time.Second,there are some vocals,next, actual formed songs,finally ,the appearance of Dunphee.When the live shows began,all this went into the trash,so we could be a fully instrumental,all guitar orchestra (with an ever-shifting line-up of guys with guitars ,eager to sign up for the cause!),and of course drums.Chipmunk and I both sing a little,mostly instrumental,with a foreshadowing of the trademark Centurions sound,of guitar noise and feedback,kinda Branca-like in parts.The only studio recording,made in the spacious living room of the old Cat Machine house.And it all began with the picture above,I saw it in Joel's room and said something like,"witness the rise of the almighty Apocalyptic Centurions!"and a new band was spawned!



this little loud ,noisy band was comprised of me,tony rizzo,ron bohn,and chipmunk.loads of guitar,delay pedal,and a crazy sounding drum machine.only 9 songs,but they are long!me,tony,and chipmunk,all take a vocal turn,mostly instrumental tho'.the last track has samples from t.v. sounds like nothing else you ever heard,so it's hard to describe.if you like freaky spacy type bands,this is for you.if you like loud noisy bands,this is for you.if you like the black eyed peas,this is not for you!experimental and joyous,breathtaking and soaring to new heights in rock n roll



Thursday, September 24, 2009

BUTT TOOTH-cheddar cheese steak

this is the world debut of the omnipresent,"butt tooth".a/k/a/'s m.c.jed,m.c.jug,m.c.raj,and iggy.lots of really terrible raps,tardcore and funny.but this is not limited to rap alone.choice covers of,maroon 5(ugh,horrible),public enemy(the skinhead band,not the rap group),a few cat machine re-makes,and a loungy version of a g.g allin tune,ripped straight from the pages of the sacktap style book.also includes some old stuff done with a mr. memory pedal,short little blips of song that pass by like a breeze,specifically the first 8 tracks or so,as well as more short ditties sprinkled here and there.there's much more of this old school rap band to come,try this on for size first.also has a clash cover,a van halen sample gone berserk,a reading of part of the story of o,and more silliness than you'll ever care to hear.this is good!art by my boy eric!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is a precursor to Industrial Belt B-38.just prior to that band's launch me and Vance made this sometimes goofy tape.the most well known track here is,"She Really Gets the Shakes(When I Stomps on the Brakes)",which uses the speech detriment of Jerry Lee as vocals.there is a badly done Birthday Party medley,and glimpses of the B-38 sound.all in all,decent listening.


one of their only recordings,this is live at the draft house.sean burch (monson),billy,shane,and chipmunk,all play.i did not split the tracks to preserve the continuity,also i could'nt find where to split them.there's more tracks than are listed(see zip for list and flyers) but i know there's a descendents cover as well as a dinosaur jr. cover.pretty punk rockin' lively set.most art by billy.
started out as a zine by me,then these guys adopted the name,so i changed my zine(after only one issue,with a run of 13 copies)to mad asshole digest.

CONVEYOR -rare reel-to-reel recording

Just 1 track of Conveyor,rare reel to reel mixed down by Doug Shannon.I think it's Joel ,Billy,Vance,and Dom on vocals.Joel can reveal more in the comments.Got lots more of this band,just no track lists.This is the rarest of all Conveyor tracks.Kinda psych punk,with Jim Morrison's cum stain singing.Art by Billy Drake


Here's the 2 live tracks I promised you.Live at Memory Lane,4-14-95.Off the soundboard,Jo-Ann and the boys kick up a few numbers for your listening pleasure.
click here:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

YOBEL WEENEL-massle quendeal

just recorded tonite,this is hot out of the studio!all new tardcore from me ,eddie and eric,my boys.we used bass,keys,drum machine,sega samples,tape samples,scratching machine,and a harmonica.the name of the band ,the album title,and all the song titles(to you) are made-up nonsense words,that don't exist in your vocabulary.this is the new language,no talking,just mass media relaying info,with a snazzy beat.we'll see how this project pans out as time goes on.collage by the boys.some samples include,rollins on iron man,angela bowie,preacher talking of satanic cartoons like ghostbusters,he-man and the masters of the universe,and tmnt,the hulk(sega),and more.enjoy this,we'll make more!


this is me and my boy,eddie,or e3 as he is sometimes known.we recorded the music on the xbox 360 game "rock revolution".kinda like rock band,but it has a recording studio set-up to write and play and record your own songs!he helped with the lyrics,and we both play drums,guitar,bass,&banjo.only 4 songs,but this is just the beginning!all new tardcore recorded just a month ago!

Friday, September 18, 2009


This is me and Vance in what was supposed to be an INDUSTRIAL BELT B-38 session,but turned into this!Great mid-tempo spooky stuff.Most lyrical content concerns monsters and things out of our control.March of 93 is the time,and we take you on a journey thru time and space.recorded direct to a boombox,no edits or overdubs.The thank you list goes out to:Scary Monsters Magazine,Royal Trux,Manchester,Jah,Boss effects,Joel,Billy,Peavey amps,Yamaha keys,and the Plain Truth.The last 2 tracks are me solo,after the session.Lots of fun to listen to,more fun to be an active participant!Don't let the Rotten Dummies get you!The song"Rotten Dummies"is one of the scariest tracks on here,very foreboding,and atmospheric,hope youse like it!


This band is an off-shoot of the Apocalyptic Centurions.a guitar orchestra pared down to 2 sometimes 3 guitars,later tapes may have more.This is the first tape from Oct. 1992.Tankota is an anagram of a statement on the back of the first Boston album,"There Are No Keyboards On This Album",and there are no keyboards on this album either!All the sounds you hear were produced by guitars,sometimes effected.The 1st track here is Joel,Vance,and me,titled "Trinidad(Boston jr.)"which is a reference to a great 70's movie"Desperate Lives",about at risk kids getting in trouble,and Trinidad is their keyword for herb.The "boston jr."part of the title is because of where I got the name of this fascinating ensemble.The 2nd track is just me and Vance,and is longer by half.Lots more to come from Tankota,See if you can get thru this first!! 


This was part of a split with Girls U.S.A. back in Feb. of 92.Me ,Joel,Chipmunk,Ron and Tony are the participants.The t.v. provides background noise,(vocals?).A 2 song affair which is all it took to move on to the next project.As long as the inspiration lasted,I guess!The music is sloppily put together and someone was messing with the pitch control on track one.Only improved the song,I say.Not long,just long enough to drive you to madness,or the next peanut butter sandwich.You got ganked!Grafitti the pyramids!

Monday, September 14, 2009

20 YEARS OF STUPIDITY-1986-2006 the wheelchair full of old men story,so far!

i pinched some of food's art for this post,the original art is in zip with track lists.zach from troy,michigan,of not very nice records and chaosnonmusica,compiled this with food of sockeye.some great examples of tardcore here.i'd be proud to be the writer of such tunes as,"my life is a piping hot pile of cum"by the metric system,or"sing a song about poop"by the poops!2 whole zips of 42 classic and newer songs from the wheelchair full of old men is beyond talented,he IS tardcore.i see stuff on the web that passes for tardcore in the straight world,and it all sucks.nowhere near as funny as this shit!if you don't laugh,you must be dead.if you don't like it,you must be a top 40 type of person.i generally hate that type,so i continue posting music that those people would hate!fuck 'em all!leave comments you fucksticks!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Nov.9,1991,live at Gramps' house of Cat Machine in the Joelsters room,is the date and location.Band is Me,Joel,Chipmunk,and Ron Bohn.Great songs of murder,killings,Ohio(tequila,sorta),VH,Dio,voodoo,and Cannibal Dope Fiends.I'm from new jersey,and always thought all killers should live in "hack and sack"!Joel takes a shower on tracks 8 and 9,but is back for track 10,the aforementioned,"Cannibal Dope Fiends".Sounds like a fantastic name for a new up and coming punk band!Very much fun here,like nachos and beer,goes down smooth,comes out pasty!
addition to art(and concept execution)by me(funny,huh?)



Jan. 18.1992,live in Joel's room at Cat Machine house,this was recorded.Me,Joel,Chipmunk,Billy,Shane,and Francis"Ron"Bohn,were the band.Just a quick little tape to pass time while waiting for anything.Fair to middlin' guitarin' in the grungy punk style ,familiarized by the Ft. Myers contingent.If you doubt anything you hear on this tape,remember,you were there!Has nothing remotely to do with boogie,woogie,or brainwashing!Scientologists are fucking stupid!Kill one every day!


yes this name has been used by many,but as always,we out do the crap bands who try using our bands names!idiots!this is joel,chipmunk,and mike griffin.they drank rather heavily one day,and decided to do some recording.the results are astounding!great music to drink along to,or to hear when you're already soused!titles of tracks are scintillating,drawing you in closer,to see what is next!i hope the boys leave comments!thanks!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Jumping out of the "Around the USA" Sluggisha bands,and easing back into the local Ft.Myers,Florida scene.And what better way than to post this 4-song demo and a live show at Altered States.Jamie Hake on guitar,Scott on vox,Bishop on bass,and Mike on drums,Jason on drums track 4.Great hard core punk rock,screamo vocals,loud hard music.Someone requested this way back in the beginning of this blog.Well here it is!Leave some comments you fucks!

CHRONIC THRILL-fatalism+live!

these guys are from california.pretty hardcore punk rock,tough guy vocals,hard edged thrashy tinged tunes.they did put out at least 1 seven inch,which i will post when i find a new needle(no needle has been hampering my progress on the vinyl front)anyway,good stuff here from the west coast.the live stuff is at the Spirit,if that means anything to you!


a live recording of some young canadian kids,live at their high school,very melodic pop-punk.they do a great cover of the cheers theme song,and are very energetic.don't know much aboot these canucks,stan sent the tape,thanks!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

THORAZINE -demos and LP

Yes! the great Philly punk band Thorazine!THIS IS THE 200TH POST!HOO-RAY!Jo-Ann Rogan on vocals was kind enough to send me their early demos and lots of pics and news clippings.They were sued by the drug company who makes the medicine Thorazine,into changing their name(didn't happen),and toured with the 2 bands below this post,Dr.Bob's Nightmare and The Stuntmen,as well as playing with many other bands ,I'm sure.their biggest influence is the Ramones,as it should be for any punk band!An interview I did with them for unpublished Rodent Cake Magazine #3 is included,as well as hand written notes from Jo-Ann!Maybe she can give more details in the comments box,thanx Jo-Ann!Great punk rock that everyone should hear.I don't have everything they ever put out,but have also included their first lp.I have a live tape ,but it's lost in the vaults at the moment,I just had my hand on it a month ago!I'll put it up when I find it!


Another Philly band,like the ones above and below this post.A trio with a girl,good ol' punk rockin' fun here.Don't have much info on this band,wish I did


Don't know much about these guys,I was sent this and Dr.Bob's Nightmare,by Jo-Ann from Thorazine,when all 3 bands toured together.Had to make up my own track list,hope the titles are right!Basic pop-punk,melodic and reminding me of a cross of the Descendents and Husker Du.4 song demo,a good listen,dig that crazy artwork!

Monday, September 7, 2009

SAINT JUDY - Triple LP pack- Introducing,A Date With Judy,Live At Woodstock

3 albums are in this zip file, from Ontario,Canada's Saint Judy.Starting out as a high school band,their bass player died young,and everything since has been in tribute to him.The first tape is studio recorded,and has decent sound.I always told singer,Tom Ryerson,he sounds almost spot on like Rik L Rik.He didn't know who that was till I sent him a tape.The resemblance is frightening,vocally.The 2nd tape is live at a high school concert,and finally a live show from a festival which is towards the end of their existence,played slower,due to a brand new member filling in,makes the songs twice as long.My pick hit is,"Prey Time",an ode I guess to their fallen bandmate.Stan Antone,guitarist and bassist,kept me in the Canadian loop with tapes of bands up there.Quite rockin' with lots of notes and pics in zip files.Later on Tom sang for,"Owen",a mellower version of this.Check it out if you love Rik L Rik .


an acoustic duo,consisting of tony boies and bryan richardson,kinda goofy, but maybe not as goofy as,cauliflower ass and bob.taking on english accents,between acoustic ditties,talking like mr.bean meets monty python,and singing of fred sanford,a suckdog cover,let the sun shine in cover,like a demented woody guthrie lost album.some serious numbers here,but still with the between song patter of limeys gone wild!pretty cool for a lazy afternoon,have a cold one and get dizzy and topless,girls!

THE SOMEDAY PEOPLE-the devil's playthings

This from Tony Boies and company of Thought Balloon(masterminds behind the Suckdog and Sockeye tributes found elsewhere on this blog),in Virginia.this thing runs the gamut of who's who,and styles to beat the band.Spoofs/tributes/mockery of the following:Van Morrison and Them,Morrissey and the Smiths,Bob Dylan,Suckdog,Sockeye,Costes(via Right Said Fred),Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction,Rollins(coffee commercial),Petticoat Junction(reggae stylee),mtv,and xmas records.quite a fun time will be had if you download and listen to this.hell burn a few copies and give 'em to the neighbors!much weirdness,and ultimately cool stuff emanates from within.get it now!G O D p.s. tony boies,give us more info in the comments box,thanks!

Friday, September 4, 2009


a comp of bands from the southwest missouri scene,compiles and recorded,mixed,etc. by gabe's the play-by-play:disarm sports a girl singer,and remind me slightly of blatz.the richards sound goofy/political and the singer a bit jello-like,with an absolute trashing of ben e. king's "stand by me".peacekeeper missle is like if g.g.allin was in a hardcore band.boring dog cheese guard are live in concert ,and as weird as their name.the other guyis the singer of boring dog cheese guard,gone acoustic,and is reminiscent of cauliflower ass and bob,supposedly possessed by the spirit of woody guthrie.finally kill the poor,with our compiler,gabe on vocals,do a flipper cover for a live audience who just hate them!this is a fun punk comp,i enjoy it frequently.all notes and list in zip.


Following on the heels of the last post ,here's a compilation sent to me by Sanity Assassins,probably because they and other Conneticut bands are on here as well as bands from,California,Pennsylvania,Indiana,Massachussetts,Virginia,and even Germany and the U.K. Overall good comp,a Ramones cover,some death metal style,some rap?,some hardcore,and that spooky CT.vibe.I bet all the bands there have that creepy sound.The bands are:Sanity Assassins,Jack Tragic and the Unfortunates,Epidemic,F-Defective,Things Change,The Guilt,Dryrot,Couch Potatoes,Poseidon,Malicious Wings,Deslok,Monsterland,and Dead Gods.Someone should write reviews of all my posts,I'm kinda jaded.Get this now,tell your friends.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


From East Hartford,CT,both bands have an eerie horror/goth/dark sound to them.Sanity Assassins is a little more punk edged,while Dispossessed sound like old Alice Cooper band meets later Damned,when they went spooky goth.Sanity Assassins also do a Damned cover,and do a damned good job!Timothy Renner who does their art has a Pushead/Misfits lettering style as you can see.i guess something's in the water in Connecticut!Can't find anywhere on the web,except now,here!I do believe Sanity Assassins did put out a few records,this is early on.First 5 tracks are from demo(pics in zip)