Saturday, December 25, 2010


THE BIGGEST,AND BEST,AND MOST DIVERSE CHRISTMAS MUSIC COMPILATION YOU WILL EVER HEAR!! I was going to title this MUSIC TO WRAP XMAS GIFTS TO,then I was ,in reality,doing so,and decided to re-name it,MUSIC TO UNWRAP XMAS GIFTS TO,then I was actually doing that,so I have now added RETURN,to the title,and it is a multi-tasking xmas compilation,as of now!There are many of my favorite xmas tunes here,all genres,from punk to metal,disco to standards,jazz to country,death metal to children's records,preachers to no-wave,reggae/ska to comedy,and more!Some Sluggisha stuff ,is also in the mix,this was rushed together ,at the last minute,I have enough stuff for at least 10-20 volumes more of this,you will see maybe next xmas!Merry Xmas! G O D .
in two parts!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


10 All new Christmas tunes for the 2010 holiday season!A newly recorded version of THE MONKETY BURPS,"Santa's Balls Hurt",which is a cover of the GUN CLUB's ,"Sex Beat",with xmas lyrics about Santa holding his pee on his long journey on xmas eve.YOBEL WEENEL,which is me and my kids,do a "Chrismis Medlee",there's rap/hip-hop from MC KING CORNDOG & DJ BLUE JELLO and GRUZZLEHAWK ARMY(me and the kids again).There's a blues tune from Stanky Frankie of PART-TIME CRIPPLE, PIL (PRIESTS INJURE LIVES)kick in with a cover of PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED's,"Religion",to the tune of ,"Oh ,Come All Ye Faithful".My kids and I also collaborated on CRAPMASTER,with "Undead Santa",and there's some good ol' tardcore from,THE BLOOD RED OSCARS,and from Wheelchair,BANANA TWINS and BEAVUE CLEAVUE!This is one of the finest xmas comps,since last year's xmas-stravaganza!

Monday, December 20, 2010

ZATH - Zither Away The Holidays

Just in time to bring you Christmas cheer,here's Food Fortunata (of Sockeye,and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men Records,WCFOOM),and the proprietor of this here blog,G O D,with their latest release,Zither Away The Holidays.There are covers of classic xmas songs like,"We Three Kings","God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen","Santa Dog"(a Residents cover),"Santa Entering From The Rear"(Feederz/Fossil Fuel cover),amongst others.There's even a cover of the Angry Samoans,"Right Side Of My Mind".Some punk rock stars are even song subjects.Check out,"Adam Ant's Christmas,1977",or "Nick Cave's Xmas Carol(Christmas Wreath Toilet Seat/Sometimes Santa Heads Must Burn)",and "GG The Scumfuc Reindeer",for proof!There are also songs about: a priest wearing a mistletoe belt buckle,xmas suicide,cookie monster,growing a christmas tree shaped beard,jesus,santa claus buttfucking charlie brown,and more!And check out that fine colored pencil artwork by Food!It's full of Xmas magic!Sure to be the highlight of your 2010 Christmas season.The best xmas album of the year!You heard it here ,first! LEAVE COMMENTS,PLEASE!!!AND MERRY ZATHMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

CAT MACHINE - A Fuck You Christmas With Frank

This is from a portion of Cat Machine's Christmas album,"Poolside Yuletide"(found elsewhere on this blog!),which was unreleased.The Machine,croons and plays,along to Frank Sinatra's ,"A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra",album ,and it is an absolute blasphemy,what those boys ,did to these tunes!Funny,with extreme jamming of instruments.Ed,Tony,and Joel,with special guests,Sean Sommers,and Brian Siders.12/18/1990

LETTUCE VULTURES-Happy Holidaze From The Lettuce Vultures

A silent night it is not,as Food Fortunata,rages ,with great volume,about the stupidity and despair,found during the holiday season.As you can see from the titles listed above,a number of xmas problems are addressed.Very cool thing to hear around this time of year.For more xmas related shit,be sure to check last year's archive.ZATH -Zither Away The Holidays,the latest from Food and ,yours truly,G O D ,will be posted soon,last second tweakings going on.

Hanna -Barbera/Burger King Presents -A Christmas Sing-A-Long

A free giveaway cassette tape,xmas 1989,at Burger King.They were both pimpin' for your business,be it burgers,or a collection of Hanna-Barbers xmas videos,from which the songs on this were taken.In the zip there's a poster,the flip is a coloring/lyric sheet.Trad. version of ,Deck The Halls,with a funky/gospel ,almost James Brown -like, The Night Before Christmas.The best part is Fred Flintstone,announcing the tunes,and the couplet of 2 second advertisements,at the tail-end.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

CAT MACHINE - Suburban Carambola

Ed,Joel,And Tony,are in full force here,with special guests,Billy Drake,And Shane Carwile.The best versions of," Are These Our Children" ,and a few new tunes,at this session,"Vexed",and "Video Christ",all of which were live staples.Another cover of Pink Floyd's ,"The Nile Song" , also a funny number ends off side one ,"Jelly Bull On The Side Of A Muddy Mountain".An early version of "Theme Of Milo & Otis",from the film soundtrack,appears here,only to be re-done,10 tapes down the road,when Billy actually figured out how to play the full song!Another version of,"Queen Turd Of Shit Hill",surfaces,and there are some of our most crude lyrics on,"Roughly Speaking",and "My Encyclopedia Of Bad Taste".The version of,"Rapist With Aids",on this document,is positively hardcore!Ending with another,"everyone read something different ,at the same time",type of numbers,entitled,"The Real Garbage".There are a wealth of swell songs on this one,part of the continuing ,year-long series,where I will be posting everything ever recorded by these underground legends!This is from 12/15/1990,live ,straight to boom box,or ,"suburb blaster",(which is more fitting,due to album title,and the fact that we were in the suburbs!),at Cat Machine house.Be sure to get both parts of this phenomenal release!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A great 7" comp of garage/punk/psych and an awesome comic book in the zip.Nice packaging here,and fine songs you'll want to keep playing,again,and again!I think all these tunes are exclusive to this slab.


Here's the latest from the boys in the Residents Of Mortville camp. Two 15-18 minute songs,of no-wavey noise,from No More 60's Records.The shot above is from a live shoW.Perhaps the boys could elaborate on this band more,in the comments box!

Monday, December 13, 2010


A local Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg band,from 1996.Some originals,but mainly spoofs of:AC/DC's "Back In Black",done here as if O.J. Simpson was singing,"O.J.'s Back",Ted Nugent's,"Cat Scratch Fever",heard here as,"Scratch That Beaver",The Presidents Of America's,"Lump",which becomes,"Plump",in these guys hands,and my fave,Black Sabbath's,"War Pigs",spoofed as,"Bar-b-q-Pigs",all about that backyard grillin' cook-out!After the last track,there are a few hidden tracks,one a little skit,the other a cover of "The Hokey Pokey".Real dumb,almost tard-metal,probably a bored bar band,making up new lyrics to songs they've played for years!Despite the cover art,these fellas sound nothing at all like Insane Clown Posse.

THE WALLER FAMILY- Sweet Disco Daddy

Another unknown group,lays down a funky disco groove,in 1977 (no Elvis,Beatles,or The Rolling Stones!)

UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND -Dance And Shake Your Tambourine

Here's a disco hit from 1976,from an unknown group.Funky disco grooves,man

Saturday, December 11, 2010

CAT MACHINE - The Racket

Simply put,this is the noisiest tape,Cat Machine ever recorded.Ed,Joel,Tony,and special guests,Billy Drake,Ryan(observer),and a real drum set!Recorded 12/11/90,in the front living room at Cat Machine house,it is raucous raccoon,recommended to those who like noise and industrial!There are more versions of ,"Queen Turd",&"Crazy Mary",and 1st versions of the songs,"Vexed","Tradgedy Museum","Are These Our Children",and more,that show up on the next tape,and some became live staples!As a matter of fact 8 of these songs,re-appear,albeit in different versions,on the next release.Very loud,and fun!"I Hate Vacuums",later became a 6th St. Muntus hit! In 2 parts,get both!

INEPT - Straight Outta The Dumpster

Real crusty anarcho-punks ,here!From North Carolina,on A-Team Records.This quintet,has a boy and a girl lead vocals.There is a Doom cover!The guy on the cover ,with liberty spikes and a Germs t-shirt,is totally me back in the 80s-90's.Also you now have a tune to add to your yearly "4th Of July" comp.with a lead-off tune of the same name.Don't forget,"Always Push Back"!this shit should have you starting a pit in your living room! A real Ashey-pleaser!,come get it Chris Macdonald!!

APPLEKORE -Good Things Come To Those Enraged

From CA. in 1993 on Signal Sound System Records.You would think by the name,and song titles,this would be a hardcore punk single.Instead you get crusty rap/metal,with punk moments.I know someone out there has been looking for this,which is why you see it here.Nuff said!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN -volumes 1 and 2

Just a few comps I put together in the midst of 20 degree weather,(I live in Florida!),consisting of covers of the Xmas chestnut,"Frosty The Snowman".You'll hear punk,rock n' roll,country,rap,ska,contemporary,oldies,cartoon,chipmunks and all the chipmunk rip-offs,a spoof of The Gorillaz,"Clint Eastwood",here by Chillaz,"Clint Frostwood",alternative,celebrities,adult themed,weird,Sluggisha artists,and more! 71 versions in all,I know there's lots more,send 'em in to me for volume 3!! & 4!!!



Sunday, December 5, 2010

CAT MACHINE-Tops In Our Field

This tape was Ed,Joel,Tony,and special guest,Billy Drake.Awesome,as usual,the song,"Let Me Be Your Soybean Buddy",is where the name "Sluggisha",was derived from.There is also a swell cover of Pink Floyd's ,"The Nile Song",as well as Tony's hit number,"Yesterday's Bourbon On My Shoes".Joel surprisingly ,does lots of vocalizing on this one."Supernatural Hoax" ,is another one of those"everybody read aloud at the same time",type of numbers,we were famed for.There is also a discussion about flashbacks.Part of the year-long Cat Machine masters series.In 2 parts!

CLAWHAMMER-Double Pac Whack Attack

Another treasure,saved from Joel's record purging,This Ca. band does four covers of:Patti Smith,Devo,Pere Ubu,and Eno/Fripp,on two 7 inch slabs.Great drunken vocals,and suitably noisy music.Thanks Joel!Sympathy For The Record Industry,1990,art by Savage Pencil


A double 7" comp. of lo-fi acoustic,and lo-fi spacey stuff.You can see the talent listed here,and should know what to expect.I don't think you can find these tracks on other releases.Some of this sounds as if the record is dragging,but it's the way it should sound.Volvolo Records.

NAR -Holiday Routine

Fun,pop-punk from Ca.One of the guys in this band,is part of Moo-La-La records,and "Holiday Routine",is a great song,even if you hate pop-punk!Every copy of this single ,had a different kind of wrapping paper,so every single is one-of-a-kind.


Fuckin' extreme maximum weirdness from these Aussie blokes.Side a is almost Chrome-like,while side b ("F.S.W." ,you'll find out what the letters stand for when you hear it!) ,is near hardcore velocity.1990 on Waterfront records

Sunday, November 28, 2010

CAT MACHINE -Tribe Of The Moon

We now return to you the Cat Machine masters series!On this,their 8th foray into oblivion,Cat Machine was,Ed,Joel,& Tony,with special guests,Vance Burdge,and a sampler.Weird recording techniques,lo-fi and over modulation,the sampler on a seemingly retardo-bot trail of oddness.There is a track named,"Mortville",which is about the magical land in John Water's film,"Desperate Living",and features hilarious samples of Edith Massey as Queen Carlotta."Filth Makin' Filth" is here as well as the always gutbusting,"Turtleduck Tears",written about a bleach blond buzzcut,jewish ,nazi ,skinhead girl we knew.Some of the weirdest moments are in the last few tracks,"Octopus Diaper","Frankenstein Biker",and "Millenium's End",where the sampling just goes berserk on overload!Recorded 11/28/1990,in Joel's room at Cat Machine house.Cover model is Kim Falcon,who usually poses for retro-rockabilly bands,in the 50's style of cheesecake photos.In two files,get both for the full 90 minute meltdown.Really cool sound!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Recorde,mixed,and mastered by G O D ,at W.G.O.D.studios,Thanksgiving day 1995.The band is listed ,thusly:Tom Turkey-guitars & breasts,Scralph-laughing and burping,Flip Step-vocals,crib DBS(the brother and sister team)vox,keyboards,guitars,yams, Doogles-laughing,guitar,legs,Kool Breeze-drums and smokes,Garlic Nuts-vocals,Pie Pie Face-keys,pumpkin pie.
A tryptophan trip thru 14 "songs",of turkey,stuffing,pie,and that overwhelming urge to sleep.Parts of this sound like a garage band tuning up,some parts of this resemble The Residents,Throbbing Gristle,Einsterzende Neubauten,and other industrial and electronic giants.Just thought I'd get this posted before the holiday,as I'll be cooking and eating,and putting up xmas stuff ,next Wednesday thru Saturday,so I'll be on a short break.I will try to post a few more things before then!Enjoy this,and ruin your family get-together on Thursday!Just play this tape at any gathering you may have!Guaranteed to seperate the men from the turkeys.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ZATH -Zillions of Angry Tea party Haters

The 4th installment from ZATH ,has arrived!! God and Food play music for each other to sing on,(thru the mail)and this is the best one yet!A swell ,dumb ,brass and woodwinds cover of Dag Nasty's ,"One To Two",songs about Kid Rock,boxer shorts,galumpki's,building bonfires with unpaid bills,Quincy,baseball,a concert report about Ludichrist ,texting with your knees,owls,space,planets,of course a few about the tea party,a great one about poop with lyrics by Regi Mentle,the old school punk from the old days of Hollywood ,was a friend of Darby,and is of Food.Spring him from the joint,been in almost 30 yrs for killing in self-defense!Great stuff here,as always.Xmas album next!


Tom from the band Saint Judy,is still kickin,with his musical partner Stan Antone,up in Canada,and this is a collection of some of their latest,along with a few chestnuts.The disc covers a number of Tom's bands,but certainly not every project he's been a part of.The bands heard here are: Two Evils , Absolute Beginners ,A Date With Judy , Living In Fear , Fancy Dancers,and a few tunes under his own name .Not to distract from the obvious talent,Tom possesses the voice of Rik L Rik,and I imagine this being a lost album from him,when I hear this disc.Even the subject matter matches that of Rik , and Tom barely knows who Rik is,besides what I told him.A great collection of rock tunes,sure to make you swoon.Next up,I want to form a Rik L Rik tribute band,with Tom on vocals!


BIRTHDAY PARTY - Rare,Live,& Demos

There are 3 rare recordings included here.First, "The Black Mass Has Started",which is what Nick Cave says at the beginning of this live recording,right after he asks,"Why are there only 12 of you?",to which an audience member replies,"But we'll make the noise of a thousand people!".Recorded by my old friend,Leo Johnson,when he traveled to London.He said it was a small,almost,cabaret,with cocktail tables in front of the stage,from where he recorded this masterpiece.May 26,1982 ,London,
Hammersmith,Clarendon Ballroom.Most of Junkyard is covered,with a few from Prayers On Fire.And a fine cover of The Loved Ones ,"Sad Dark Eyes".I don't believe either of these live shows have ever been released,in any form.The other live show(as well as the demos) ,"Ready As We'll Ever Be"(something said by a band member right before starting "Rowland Around In That Stuff") is from I believe a boot tape stand that Leo also went to in London,at a flea market,or something.Recorded June 12,1981 ,London,West Hampstead ,Moonlight Club ,mostly Prayers On Fire and earlier,and a few of Junkyard's songs.A few glitches in the tape,but great sound.Missing the last 3 songs from the show."God Damned Demos" follows most of the same tracks as The Peel Sessions ,but 2 songs at the end are different.It's a boot,whattya want for free? And you better be leavin' a happy birthday wish for Sluggisha,in the post below this,if you decide you want to hear this rarity! thanks -G O D


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi,Friends,and fans of obtuse music.Please leave birthday wishes,in the comments box below,and tell me your favorite hing you found here on my blog.If i can get a generous outpouring of comments,I will be posting a special,never heard before post of THE BIRTHDAY PARTY,from early on in their career, 2 live shows,and earliest demos.So it will be to your advantage to wish Sluggisha a Happy Birthday!!!


Most importantly check out the cover model, D'lana Tunnel,(there's more of her in the zip),and hear these great bands,Man Or Astroman,The Hi-Fives,Los Kogars,The Go-Nuts,The Original Car Thieves,and lots more fun,that is not available on any other recordings.There are spoken parts,a phone call,Tourette's moments,and even more wacky hi-jinks.Mostly concerning Goodchoice Grocery,just say no,recycling,and vegetables,and meat.But,most importantly,D'lana! . Dangerous curves,on that girl.


A rather muddy sounding demos record,sounds as if it was mastered from an old cassette tape that was on someone's floor ,after a million rowdy parties,and a million spilled pints.Still an important document of early UK punk.Put out by McDonald Brothers Corpration ,they try to make their logo look like the BBC.Released in 1987 on Jock Records out of England.Rare,and punk rock!

THE PANICS-Push The Button

A seminal Ft. Myers punk band,from the start,in 1980.The singer,Spencer ,was a substitute teacher at Ft. Myers High,and later moved to CA to form The Mutts (more on that on a later posting).The drummer,Jim Becker,is a local news caster.Jason Slaughter,on guitar,financed the whole thing,with his riches.Their only LP,after a few singles,this has great songs like,"Test..Test", "Kill It Before It Multiplies", "Feel For Pop",and more.Kinda 60's garage meets 80's punk/new wave.Good friends of Leo Johnson,from whom I learned of them.I used to hang with my friend's band,Nightwing,in high school,and once they were recording in the studio next to the Panics,and kept teasing them,calling them "The Pancakes"(which is actually a good band name,me thinks!)and taunting them for not playing hard rock.Recorded partially at Soundcheck studios in Ft,Myers.This rules,and is a piece of Ft.Myers punk history,as well.

STIFF POLE RECORDS TRIBUTE-Attack From Both Sides , Welcome To Florida , Gotohells , Gimcrack/The Candy Snatchers

This post concerns the recent passing of Rick Konwinski,founder of Stiff Pole Records.There was also a recent memorial show,wherein all proceeds collected went to Rick's family,and featured some of the bands,on this posting. 
First up we have the "Attack From Both Sides" single which has 2 FL bands and 2 CA bands on St. Pete's own Stiff Pole label.No Fraud,Face To Face(Still sounds like Dag Nasty ,to these ears,and a whole hell of a lot better than what passes for "emo" nowadays)Rhythm Collision,and Psycho Tribe.

Welcome To Florida, (Now Get The Fuck Out,...Asshole),has The Crumbs and Against All Authority from Far Out Records,on the east coast,and from the west coast of sunny FLA,we have Gotohells,and Pink Lincolns,all bashing out previously released tunes,a nice little comp,between 2 labels

Gimcrack/The Candy Snatchers split is a punk rockin' good time.Good listening for early morning work ritual

Gotohells make it look easy,just rock-a punk-abilly,the way they make it down here,in the deep south.


An incestuous bunch of bands,which share members,except for the only band on here I ever heard before,AMQA,there's surf,rock,metal,spoken word, and the lead-off track is a doozy,The Parkland Singers,with their theme,"Parkland Pride".A little town in WA. spawned this oddity.Leviathan is also here,but not the black metal band with Wrest.A funny story about Jim Belushi,too. On Meat Records,and Parkland Co-op


This Illinois trio,play a trio of songs on this 7".the 1st track is a great pop-punk song of unrequited love,for a girl who's too drunk to see.The other 2 songs remind me of rap-metal stuff,but maybe not as bad as what followed.Lyrics are out of the ordinary,on Johann's Face Records,Chicago,1993

THE SHOTDOWNS-This Party Is A Frat House

The Shotdowns were a band that Ben Weasel claimed to have discovered in the backwoods of Maine. In fact, the group was a one-off project with Ben and Jughead of Screeching Weasel, along with Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis, all playing under aliases. They released one 7" on Lookout! Records in 1996.Good,ol' timey,slam dancin',hardcore,punk rock!


This American issued single ,culled from a few of their 12"ers,released in England,is pretty cool.Side a "When I Feel Strange",is said by the band to be a piss-take on a ZZ Top song.I don't hear that at all,maybe you will!One of the band members,later joined the Wedding Present.From Joel Rizzo's eclectic collection.Find them here:


Saturday, November 13, 2010

WCKR SPGT -4 Song E.P. -1991

This has one of my favorite songs on it,"International Church Of Pancakes",which is funny,cuz now IHOP is suing a church for using it in their name,"the International House Of Praise".These guys rule,and have a handle on the weird end of the alt-music scene.From my pal,Joel's collection.You can download 1248 of their songs for free at their website found here:


I think this is his first recording,one of the earliest things done in Noise New York studios,1985.If this is the same Scott who's still playing,he now does everything from opera,to medieval music,to new age.Side a is kinda new wavey,while side b is almost an Irish drinking song!Also of note , Naux ,produced,arranged,plays bass,some guitar and keys,on this here slab. On Double Bill Records.


The first single from these German folk,released in 1989,on X-Mist records.Weird Sonic Youth/Superchunk vibe I get from this.Kinda fits in with the alternative music of the 90's.Bizzare lyrics,about what,I don't know,but a lyric sheet is in the zip.They only did one more 7" split with another band,and 1 LP.Strangeness.

CHROME-Third Seed From The Bud

Helios Creed,with new and old sidemen,after Damon's departure from life.Some say it's not Chrome without Damon,I think it's as spacey as it ever was,no disrepect to Damon.10" clear vinyl.On Man's Ruin,1996.

DISHWASHER-Music to Wash Dishes By -Vol.1

So this guy,Pete,decided one day,to try and wash dishes in every state,in the U.S.A.,and started a zine called,"Dishwasher",one of which is included in this comp.As you can see by the cover,you know what bands are here,all doing songs that are unavailable elsewhere,and all have to do with being a dishwasher,and working in a restaurant.The Scared Of Chaka track ,"Dish Militia"does it for me.And the songs are held together with audio clips from the film,"Mr.Dish Machine Operator",which is stupid funny.Check out Pete's zine in the zip,oh yeah Ten-Four does,"Pete's Theme".I washed dishes at The Clock Restaurant,North Ft Myers,when I was 15.I can relate. On 702 Records,Reno,NV.