Sunday, January 31, 2010


two great black metal bands ,from florida.first up,yboratit,straight on the heels of the gasparilla festivities,and hailing from ybor city,tampa.lord gasparilla on vocals,scralph the pirate on guitars,and xipper xapper on drums,with a low-fi black metal assault,no-one like them in the tardcore bm world!next from greece,by way of tarpon springs sponge docks,it's christo christophoulas,a/k/a,count jerkula.taking a doomy keyboard sound,and making it his own,his ramblings about the state of things,will make you bust a gut!fine,fine,lo-fi tardcore black metal bands,both!more to come?let's hope so!

THE MONKETY BURPS-slaughter in my school today(new version)

yes,the hit off the second monkety burps album(tahiti treaty) was such a rousing success,that the song was re-recorded,in this all-new version,to bring the vocals and lyrics to the fore.a great single,now made better,for radio play.miley cyrus fans will probably hate this,but it's tardcore,whaddaya want?


Thursday, January 28, 2010


this is some rare sockeye,not found anywhere else,with songs you may never have heard.punku boi is a japanese chap,who attacks with his bass-axe,bringing you the previously unheard genre of dust-punk to the sluggisha cannon.this is great!if you love sockeye,you should hear this.if you never heard dust-punk,here it is!on lost frog productions,from japan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

NOISEKILLR-i don't see no broccoli!!!!

after a break of more than 15 years,he is BACK!noisekillr is here with an all-new for 2010 release.some ambient moments but mostly whippet-core ,the stuff trips are made of!NOW! with a sense of humor,judging by the titles of the pieces on this thing.i won't tell ya any tho',just download it,you know you want to!please come back and leave comments,many,many comments!!!!!!! spurred back into action by the recent,"sloprizer" post!thanks,food!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


just got this in the mail today from this band in disko, tardcore,the gospel spreads far and wide!songs about life in greenland,toothpicks are mentioned frequently,popeye,martha stewart,and robots all figure prominently into the lyrical content,as well as polar bears,kruupik kleist(the prime minister of greenland),greenland pride,and other snowy,cold things.this is their first album and the people behind this are:green plopper-vocals,tricky rick-kazoo and harmonica,ess gee-all music,and granma jane-drums and backing vocals.very stupid stuff here folks.if you like anything on this blog,chances are you'll like this too!chocolate babies are greenland tards!

Friday, January 8, 2010

YOBEL WEENEL-plurple gluhooey

the latest offering from the zombie band known as yobel weenel!13 tracks of absolute sound!if you are at all into the boredoms,butthole surfers,caroliner rainbow,the residents,germain hubert ales,or others of that ilk,this is right up your alley!great stuff from me and my sons 8 and 11.also check out the first video from this album(based on the i like turtles zombie kid on you tube)!total avant-garde free-form spazzle!if you download anything this year,make sure you grab this!


This is Food covering some Joe Hill songs,as well as a 76% Uncertain number,and some trademark Lettuce Vultures ditties.Great stuff here,Food's Joe Hill covers are charming.This is something you shouldn't miss along with the Joe Glazer post below this.Joe Hill has been covered by mostly lame-o's in the past,but between Joe Glazer and the Lettuce Vultures ,this is all you need(besides the originals) lyrics and notes in zip.

JOE GLAZER-the songs of Joe Hill

This is great folk music from a labor activist and member of the Industrial Workers of the World(IWW),Joe performed by Joe Glazer,on Folkways Records,1954.Great working class tunes,Food Fortunata says,"Perfecto! I'm now listening to Joe Glazer singing the songs of Joe Hill...would you post this on your blog? It's folk music, but more anarchy than punk for fucking sure!I bought a 10 in. ep of it. released in 1954. Joe Hill is a personal hero of mine.I'll send you a copy,if you're interested. I've covered many of this guy's songs. Framed by the gov't and executed in the early 1900's. what a man!" for more info on Joe Hill check here: and here:
for download,CLICK HERE:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ZATH-Zinc Ape Toilet Hangers

This is the pinnacle of the tardcore scene!Brand new band for 2010,with Food Fortunata,and myself,G O D,with a sound reminiscent of early Doobie Brothers!Don't get scared,I'm kidding!I sent Food some music and he sang on it,Food sent me music ,I sang on it,and we smashed it together for this release.Alcohol was involved.I e-mailed Food a couple words(ape hangers),he e-mailed me(zinc toilet)and we smashed that together as well!This will be an ongoing project,the letters will be an anagram,and have new meaning with each release!22 tracks of zippity dippity fun!vive' le ZATH!Finally a meeting of the kings of tardcore's main movers and shakers.Sluggisha meets Wheelchair!also available thru wcfoom records and tapes and cd thingys.out now!download for free here!with a couple semi-T.Rex covers.

SLOPRIZER-a collaboration of slop cake and mixturizer-complete recordings

A nice noise band from Food Fortunata(Slop Cake)and Manuel M. Cubas(Mixturizer) from 2007.Lotsa noise and stuff,Some also titled in spanish(Manuel is from Spain)and some hilarious titles as well as some serious ones.Compiled from 2 Sloprizer releases.the last 2 tracks have never been released until now!Check out Manuel at,for more Mixturizer,check Food at wcfoom for more Slop Cake.This will make you drunk without drinking.Could kill small children or pets! Notes and junk in zip.A mail collaboration.Track 13 includes texts from Joseph Conrad's book,"An Outpost Of Progress". Dense atmospheric ambient soundscapes,sparse electronic treatments,and downright retched noise from this duo!

Monday, January 4, 2010

THE MONKETY BURPS-tahiti treaty

yes ,fart douche wasabi is back in full force,with this his second release.based on the studies of redd foxx and tahitian treat soda,this is a tardcore mess!one track did not record and it was a big part of this cdr."reddy foxxy",for some reason was not captured on this recording,but will make it to the next.other topics include,cats changing place with people,burl ives and flobby,priesty priests,thick necked pigs,and other dementedness.also the last track is a cover of miley cyrus'"party in the usa",with new,and better lyrics.and a new title.please download this and give me feedback in the comments box!freshly recorded tonite!pic of equipment i used to record this monstrosity,in zip.almost forgot to mention,i recorded this in my bathroom!


Sunday, January 3, 2010


it's now 2010,and the first posting of the year is UNCUT 10.more broken record mantras,from an escaped lunatic who loves destroying ,playing,and recording old vinyl records.each "cut" is an "uncut",just a snippet sample of one part of a song ,repeatedly some cases ,you'll hear more than one sample on an is the case with the second half of this release,an extendo remix version of an uncut from #9,"desperate psychedelic flashback 60's acid mole gravel stomp(all my acid head friends are coming over tonight!)",an exploration of the beach boys covering,"louie,louie",and sounds like the soundtrack to a tripping party!the first half features,kiss,aerosmith,burl ives,hip-hop breakdance beats,as well as the beach boys ,and more!
lots of great uncuts here,and a few more to come,the tapes are numbered to # 14!please some rappers out there ,use my samples,and kick me back some $$,and possibly some work!thanks!