Thursday, December 16, 2010

CAT MACHINE - Suburban Carambola

Ed,Joel,And Tony,are in full force here,with special guests,Billy Drake,And Shane Carwile.The best versions of," Are These Our Children" ,and a few new tunes,at this session,"Vexed",and "Video Christ",all of which were live staples.Another cover of Pink Floyd's ,"The Nile Song" , also a funny number ends off side one ,"Jelly Bull On The Side Of A Muddy Mountain".An early version of "Theme Of Milo & Otis",from the film soundtrack,appears here,only to be re-done,10 tapes down the road,when Billy actually figured out how to play the full song!Another version of,"Queen Turd Of Shit Hill",surfaces,and there are some of our most crude lyrics on,"Roughly Speaking",and "My Encyclopedia Of Bad Taste".The version of,"Rapist With Aids",on this document,is positively hardcore!Ending with another,"everyone read something different ,at the same time",type of numbers,entitled,"The Real Garbage".There are a wealth of swell songs on this one,part of the continuing ,year-long series,where I will be posting everything ever recorded by these underground legends!This is from 12/15/1990,live ,straight to boom box,or ,"suburb blaster",(which is more fitting,due to album title,and the fact that we were in the suburbs!),at Cat Machine house.Be sure to get both parts of this phenomenal release!

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