Sunday, May 6, 2012

GOOBER SINGS - And George Lindsey Is Goober

GOOBER IS DEAD!! First MCA ,and now this!! This is Goober's little known album of classic blues/country/bluegrass/gospel covers ,and a few originals for which George penned the lyrics. The aforementioned songs ,are the best on here ,and you would be wise to skip right to them before taking in the rest. "That There's Big With Me" is one of the best novelty/country songs ,never heard! Sung in the character of Goober ,as well as ,"I Ain't Good Looking (But I'm Mighty Sweet)" ,with a gaggle of girl backround singers cooing the chorus! Another good novelty tune here ,is from when the spin-off of the Andy Griffith Show called ,"Mayberry R.F.D." aired. I guess George kinda had more of a starring role in that series ,and tells you all to ,"Write Me,R.F.D." The rest are covers by the likes of Huddie Ledbetter! ,Nat Stuckey,Sonny Curtis,and others. I had this in a pile of stuff to post ,and ,like Paul a few weeks back,George died before I could post it!He was 83 ,that's pretty old,but I just saw Dick VanDyke the other day ,and he was full of vim and vigor at 86! And his new wife ,while no looker ,is only 40! But Goober deserves to be heard ,the songs I mentioned are some of the best work of his career!R.I.P. Goober!

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Thanks! Imiss the Andy Griffith Show