Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Whatever you wanna call it,it rules!! BACONAISSE , the experimental noisecore band,from the swamplands of Florida,has done 7 one hour split cdrs with 7 bands from the bowels of North and South America.The bands on the splits with BACONAISSE are:
1.KAAGOOTAABAA my friend John from North Carolina,who got started his musical career ,right here on the SLUGGISHA blog,turns in 30 minutes of tuned down acapella and funny samples,courtesy of YIP!RECORDS.
2.S & M HUNTER my pal Fuck Ramone from Illinois ,who recently collaborated on a new band with me ,QUEEF REICH, turns in an audio verite/concrete musique track ,as only he can do it,courtesy of his ELECTRIC HEDONIST BLOGSPOT.
3.ICEHOUSE HAIRSHIRT  a fairly new project from my buddy Dylan of Lakeland ,Florida ,an eclectic young man of many projects and bands,turns in an oral expansion of shitcore expression ,which is funny to say the least,courtesy of his LADY ANTHROPOPHAGUS UNINCORPORATED
4.SHILTH an even newer total carnage sheer noisecore band ,also from Dylan,ranks up there with ASF, and other harsh shitnoise bands,also courtesy of his LADY ANTHROPOPHAGUS UNINCORPORATED
5. ( 0 ) is my compadre Kendall from Seattle,Washington,man of many bands ,with a wealth of styles and experience,with another new sound,the first 10 minutes,almost silent,the second ten minutes is where the action is,the last ten minutes ,back to the almost silent act,courtesy of the label he co-founded with John,YIP!RECORDS
6.TRASTORNOS DEL DESARROLLO or T.D.D. is Carlos, my amigo in South America,did a nice buzzy industrial soundscape of the sort that calms,soothes,and drives you batty ,all in one listen courtesy of his blog at LASERGRIND TRADING POST
7.PSYCHOSOMATIC CONSTIPATION  my bud Joao, in Brazil ,has fun on a spacey shitcore tune,full of vocals,samples,and weird sounds,he recently did other splits with the likes of ASF,HELL GARBAGE,ICEHOUSE HAIRSHIRT,KAAGOOTAABAA,etc,the list rolls on,courtesy of his blog ,UNBEARABLENOISE.BLOGSPOT

All the bands turned in one 30 minute track,while BACONAISSE does multiple tracks on each release,still adding up to that magical 30 minute mark.The BACONAISSE tracks are all over the place,musically,mentally,and spiritually. Veering from actual songs,into sheer harshness,to mellow,to oral reports,to overblown guitars,to humorous visions,to experiments in sound,well,you'll just have to hear it!
Thanks so much to all the bands who contributed,and if anyone else out there wants to do splits with BACONAISSE ,or any of my other projects,or any of the bands featured on these splits,please contact me with info!
There will be 10  box sets made.
7 will go to the bands involved
3 will be for sale at $20 + $3 shipping for all 7 cdrs,with art,etc
1 has already been reserved which leaves
2 for sale!
If you are interested in owning this piece of shitcore history,please let me know,act fast,could be gone when I post this!
BACONAISSE also did splits with FRANK GOSHIT,HELL GARBAGE.and OUAOUARON last year,made a youtube video for "this SUCKS! change IT!" ,part of which is on one of the splits,
and has been reviewed in FOOD FORTUNATA'S scribe,EAR OF CORN!
So here is the cover art,and download links for all 7 splits
Grab your drink and drug of choice,and strap yourself in ,for the most intriguing musical experience you will have in this lifetime!

Please enjoy carefully,don't drive while listening,on second thought,only listen to this shit while driving a motor vehicle!

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G O D said...

Oh yeah! forgot to mention,all front cover art by my sons,Eddie III or Eric!!