Saturday, November 14, 2015


That's right! The Sluggisha Tapes label is 25 years old today!! I started out as a mail order catalog in 1990,thru 1997 ,then moved operations to the Sluggisha blogspot in 2008 (our 7th birthday on the web is today ,too!!),uploading almost the full catalog ,for free downloads! After a mediafire fight a few years back the blog was deleted,but is slowly coming back to life (thanks to James Von Springspinnen!).Any links with the links are valid. The mediafire links are all dead! But ,back to the subject at hand! Please wish us a happy 25th anniversary ,and stay tuned for a special 25th anniversary online release,featuring some of the best moments from the past 25 years!! Thanks to all who follow or will be following soon!!Find us all over the web,just google ,"sluggisha" ,we are on bandcamp,youtube,soundcloud,,,here on this blog ,and other places ,too!!

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