Friday, December 4, 2015


One of the best compilations yet!! guaranteed to bring some xmas cheer and boos (booze?)!!Cover art by Food Fortunata (front cover,duh!) and Gray Meatballs (back cover layout) & Frank Oblak (Sluggisha cat logo). There's punk,noise,parodies,experimental,tardcore,and so much more! A couple of compadres from South America,2 factions of the Canadian Chachi On Acid faction(and more kanucks as well!),some of the Seasonal Men's Wear/Brown Bear Records dudes,a radio dj from Sorrysota,I mean from Florida,to Washington,From New Jersey to Brazil,From the Great White North to the Mid-West,we're all over the map here,as are the music styles! Punk goes xmas with covers of bands like:The Sex Pistols,Flipper,Fang,The Smiths(okay,not punk),The world debut of Grob as Frank Sinatra(kinda punk)The Tijuana Brass(definitely not punk),Wall Of Voodoo (kinda new-wave),and also classic xmas carols barely recognizable,and new carols for the future generations ,such as the 6-pack of new xmas ditties from the tardcore super-duo ,Z.A.T.H.!! The noise scene chimes in with Noisekillr,Baconaisse,Curd,Menso Noise,Waste Of Tape,Chochos Y Moscas,& Pee In Eye.Hopefully to be played on Russ's "Olde Tyme Dricore Show" on WCSB in Cleveland,Ohio,as in the past ,and I have done a cover of "Mexican Radio" ,as "Christmastime Radio" ,(by WALL OF GIFTS) ,with a mention of Dricore in the lyrics!! Download now and experience the best xmas comp this year since Jake Joyce's "NOLLAIG III" was released last week! Enjoi! and Xmas and stuff.


mtlhardcore said...

[Dismounts his Bronto Crane at work] ..

Yabba dabba doo!

Thanks so much Great Gazoo!,

DDspud said...

Awesome friggen comp this year! Wall of gifts is fucking brilliant...oh by the way, Happy belated birthday! you old weirdo!!!!!!!!