Wednesday, March 9, 2016

BLOOD RED OSCARS / Sideshow Bob split cd

Hey hey! I'm back ,Been re-upping this here blog ,little by little (all posts with archive links are active! any mediafire links are dead! soon to be reuploaded!send me your  requests in any comments box ,I will get to your request sooner!!),My goal is to get the whole blog re-upped and active by the end of 2016. More on that soon.....
 This is a split ,from opposite corners of the USA ,Newcomer ,from Washington state is Sideshow Bob a/k/a Damion Wolf ,with a lo-fi ,drug-fueled ,weirdness take on traditional tardcore,and from Florida ,Satan Peabody and his Blood Red Oscars ,back with more stupidity than usual,and kind of a tribute to Sockeye,Food ,and Wheelchair Full Of Old Men ,as they are all mentioned several times throughout (first few tracks are a little garbled,tape problems on the master,but the kinks work out quickly into the 3rd song! ,sorry!).This is from 2015.BRO also released a full length,just after this ,and appeared on a few xmas comps for 2015.Look for him on a split cassette (with Chainsaw Butchery), coming out on You're Not Normal Records ,from Sean Lambert in NY.Damion Wolf has a youtube channel ,and has done more Sideshow Bob Recordings,including some stuff with Food Fortunata,look for that soon!

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