Saturday, November 14, 2020



Yup! so 30 years have passed ,Sluggisha Tapes is still in operation!Sluggisha blogspot has been battered and deleted numerous times,but will eventually be restored with links to everything on the blog,and new stuff coming all the time.Google "sluggisha" and you will find we are everywhere on the web.Been on the internet as a blog for 12 years now!SLUGGISHA:THE BOOK  is still in the writing stages and will be published within a year.I was going for releasing it this year,but many obstacles arose.I will make a concerted effort to restore both the Sluggisha AND  the Mediachrist blogs,in addition to getting a bunch of new releases out ,some which have been in holding pattern for years!.Thanks to all who have supported the label and the bands over the years.And the WGOD   podcast listeners I would have loved to do a    WGOD podcast today for the 30th,but,alas ,i am ill prepared and/or have a lack of proper equipment to do so.Please go to my storefronts online and contribute to Sluggisha! Help us make it for another 30 years!!! Thanks to all!!

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