Saturday, November 14, 2009


more sheep squeeze,this time paired with the fumes,also of california,on recess records.these are my favorite sheep squeeze tunes,"steve's song","suck my ass",and "buddy lembeck",about charles in charge's,scott baio's little pal,willy aames.the fumes are a bit more serious in their subject matter,and are not as interesting(at least to these ears)as sheep squeeze.nice booklet scans and lyrics in zip.this is good!


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gooniestorm said...

thanx for posting these sheep squeezes they were the pioneer of a rather exclusive genre of music known as "redwood city dork core", you should also check out the bands SLOBBER, THE FELDMANS, S.H.A.T. and THE MONROES... my buddy ramus has posted a bunch of this stuff over @

also did you know that the guitarist from SHEEP SQUEEZE was also in SPAZZ but now makes rap beats with GRAND INVINCIBLE?