Monday, February 15, 2010

D D T-broken toy

These guys,from Atlanta ,GA.,1984 are like posi-core,maybe 7 Seconds or Minor Threat meets like Black Flag .Pretty cool,some h/c moments,for sure.Here's a link to their myspace:
and here's a link to the download:


Honquijote said...

An excellent post ! Thanks a lot man... :)

Scum Rocker said...

Hello! The link is broken, would you be so kind as to re-upload this for me?

Scum Rocker said...

Howdy! The link is dead, but if you would be so kind as to reupload this criminally underrated gem, I would be much obliged!

Anonymous said...


Can you re up this album, please, it's very difficult to find.

Thanx a lot