Saturday, August 13, 2011

THE MISFITS - Rise From The Crypt - A Collection of Bands Covering The Misfits

In advance of the Misfits upcoming release ,"The Devil's Rain", I did this comp!You heard all the Misfits covers comps already? Not this one!! I pulled together this compilation from a bunch of mostly unknown bands , and I can almost guarantee that you have not heard these covers yet! The groups on here range from pop to punk , metal to noise , bluegrass to country ,and other genres. The bands are as follows , : .357 String Band , 6 Years Ago , Andy Warstar , Ben Lee , Blue Turtle Seduction , Coaltown Noir , Crapola , Cruela , David Henretta , Devil's Blood , Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad , Dummyroom , Everybody Loves Irene , Gravedale High , Horrodactyl , James Bank , James Hunnicutt , Local H , Mixed With Rain , Mood Cultivation Project , My Morning Jacket , Pinback , Rose's Pawn Shop , Russ Steadman , Sons Of Godzilla , Stutter At 7 , Ted Leo and the Pharmacists , The Fun Sluts , The Whoremoans , and Yonder Mountain String Band !! Some artists do one tune ,others do a few ,but Horrordactyl has the largest set of songs ,some done in medleys! Please leave comments!!! Tell me if you like this comp.!! If you enjoy this ,why not become a follower to this site? Thanks!


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